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  1. Hope we do not get stuck with the ******** up twins as our only option
  2. had to virtually beg them to come watch my lad , yet other clubs sent scouts out weekly
  3. we have an employment stall set up at the Halamshire hospital in the Orthopaedic unit ,
  4. mmmm are they not the team who have gone into admin a few times ,
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstreamja.com%2FR3XvM%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0jjZav2M9WQZpwRAf6uhaEBMaBQmVSp-lng5an_3CL7xaD2FwIpn8Qu8A&h=AT2Ryn8SI-gPu5jVgMGXRp4_zTTGFw3fR2N21ivtjIYgZ8EUFYkyY8F7Te30451V-fDrhJRkUWuk5NLE09HeEnvDzuP1aD94Aym1tkvxlLVdAVFZThi8wobeg4IMPlgPapN2ls0Tikw1jwpRECD9&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT37oUjC3L_empsgYZHKSxdZPFb-VS-IASoO_PLh23zTXd1URzfSsIaJepDPSi6XyPeA95Awv-nq35ftgXWuTq0xjLKfOJ_PPUO6cWQ2OqatABqLjrHBmATSyXXHQ1vh-gQTTuxCaTDRvVxGlaX7Olyui6ZiLGVxPC7csL2BchIc3dxAuTG1LJUGlQBnzw8r3N3CGQ3J1Jo
  6. football is a simple game but is often overcoached , But that said the game changed when playing for the love of the Game was lost and the Era of the big money was ushered in , And sadly that loss affects us all in one way or another
  7. velvet purse out of a pigs ear is not possible ,stick Glitter to a turd and it remains a turd , when i played if you didn't give 150% on matchday someone else got the shirt next game , doing your utmost on the pitch was a given ,this lot do not know what the word "UTMOST" means
  8. mmm can see the court cases being filed ASAP LOL
  9. i thought it was a newer version of the Maxi
  10. never over till it is over , have faith , and if she argues then believe instead
  11. We can beat anyone playing like that
  12. the football was brilliant to watch and rightly so , but seeing everyone on here singing the teams praises for once is great , long may it continue
  13. shop window or not , now they have set the Bench mark , they have to live up to it
  14. did Rhodes not take a big wage drop to come here if so he could do it again
  15. did today what they did in our promotion year, played with Freedom and heart ,nothing is over yet until it is mathmaticaly impossible , great win and hopefully more to come ,
  16. if you lift the ponytail you may find an ******* underneath
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