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  1. Mablethorpe will do Nev you can park in our drive
  2. bet the chief inspectors a pig and the SAG mate stands next to him
  3. we know it's a café just outside Chapel st leonards , Linga Luongo , I went past yesterday
  4. jesus iv'e just developed a lump on me back
  5. with all the inevitable brown stuff thrown at us every season we have earned automatic
  6. left over 30 years ago, miss the ground and the games and the fantastic Wednesday fans, visit my sister in woodhouse now and then but that is it
  7. that was one of mine sod D'eangelo he accused me of lying down on the job ,which I did it was easier than standing up
  8. not signing him as well are we Charlie
  9. yep ok at present Tim thanks, daughters been down so been grabbing a bit of free time fishing ,
  10. wish I could + that some more Hoots
  11. no one can predict anything remotely like that ,if they could they would win the lottery every week
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLpQMskLK2M
  13. a German team that is a tad better than Burton
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