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  1. My local team are dem blades watched them last night....loved every minute.
  2. Ball moves quicker over the surface, for 'slick' passing. Man City go through 48 billion gallons per match.
  3. Think someone mentioned the other day that Hutch got annoyed at his secret Santa pressie.
  4. Roses are red Violets are blue We are Sheffield Wednesday So sod everyone else
  5. To be fair Utd were unlucky there should have been 17 minutes of injury time, been awarded at least 6 penalties and Wolves should have had 8 players sent off.
  6. Wonder which body part they are going to chop off next.
  7. Would have thought Bale would have more pressing things to do rather than this.
  8. Decent chap. Hope he doesn't stand in front of me at away matches.
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