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  1. Nah, Dan Walkers from the same cut as Lineker. Can say anything and it gets pushed aside.
  2. George Best died 15 years ago today. Some party they will be having.
  3. Paterson looks like a character from Blackadder goes forth.
  4. This is how bad its got.....L**ds next then the scousers. Nowt else to do.
  5. Bowen is quality. Haller although he has scored looks half asleep. As for the opposites .....meh
  6. Decent choices but.......Owen Hargreaves ?
  7. The Smiths....Heaven knows I'm miserable now.
  8. Aye, Dover have got a right "crew".
  9. It's got to the stage now for me that I dont really care how we play. I just want us to win matches whether the style of Citeh or Wimbledon in the 90's. Just put the ball in the net more often than the opposition.
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