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  1. First time going to L**ds

    You old romantic. Get a cab mate, you will be fine.
  2. Course I am.......I can weed & white as well
  3. Think their capacity is around 45/46000. They have been getting around 27/28000 which bearing in mind they have been bottom 3 most of the season ain't to bad. Cant see them giving us more tickets 'to make more of an atmosphere' to help us why would they. The extra revenue for them wouldn't make much difference in the grand scheme of things.
  4. The Sheffield Wednesday Anthem

    Can you sing this and point at the same time ?
  5. Almen Abdi returns to training

    Completely lost track of whether we will see Abdi again. One minute he is a sub, the next injured, then a sub again, then injured......who knows ?
  6. Literally All I care about is...

    Start saving now will hit the Megastore in time for.............
  7. Some SWFC fans aren't sure either. Another player who at times looks half decent, in other games not sure he is on the pitch. Maybe one for next season ?
  8. Not sure they will extend it, be good if they did, most people get paid at he end if the month.
  9. Got a couple of plastic buckets I can lend you if you want to stand outside the Kop and collect before the PNE match. Every little helps.
  10. Another Away game Sold Out

    Might want to put this in the away tickets section mate.
  11. Leeds info

    JV .....can you park all day in that park n ride next to the ground ?
  12. Brilliant team, great memories, don't think Blackburn fancied the second leg because they didn't bring many fans.
  13. Where is this Stadium?

    Quickest thread ever. Was as expecting at least 20 pages.
  14. Can't wait, love jumping up from my seat when we score