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  1. Someone who can drink his weight in ale.
  2. Newcastle still trying to shift 11500 season tickets, the fans aren't happy. Even talk of boycotting the first home game.
  3. Can't be the same Owlsman who posts in the fishing section he writes some right guff.
  4. Sports Direct are already amongst our fans......bit like Spectre in James Bond.
  5. Mmmm......Thomas Cook in trouble.....related to buffet eating ?
  6. Nearest I got was a Double Decker.......evening S73
  7. Bit of Carol Decker.........or SB doing karaoke ?
  8. It's only 10 minutes from Sheffield to China.
  9. Wondered how they did that 'jelly stuff 'around the edge.
  10. Depressing reading all this. Typical Wednesday, could only happen to Wednesday, best manager we have had in years blah blah blah. Hope SB tells the Mags to foxtrot Oscar.
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