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  1. Greengrass

    Naughties - The dark years

    Nothing like an upbeat thread to start a Sunday.
  2. Got it........shirts tucked in
  3. Are you more of a salad cream person ?
  4. Went for the Branston and it was nice, think the cheese was a bit out of date though.
  5. I'm pondering whether to put Branston pickle on my cheese sandwich, just can't decide. FFS
  6. Fully fit squad.....nothing to fear
  7. Greengrass

    Away to Wigan

    Boxing Day at the Riverside
  8. Greengrass

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Is it a blue cheese with a vein running through it ?
  9. Wait for Sky to get involved wouldn't get too excited over those dates bound to change.
  10. Greengrass

    Carlos is missing us !

    Think we have covered this before
  11. Greengrass

    1st fixtures

    First home match November sometime ?
  12. I enjoy the World Cup try and watch most of the games if not watch the highlights. As regards England in a daft way it's similar to watching Wednesday, good at times, awful others, potentially with the talent in the team should do much better. Yes I want England to do well but won't lose any sleep if we crash out early. In my younger years watching Wednesday used to hate it when we lost nowadays, just grin & bear it.
  13. Greengrass

    Matt clark

    Stop it Penguin just stop it !
  14. Given the number of penalties so far awarded in the WC should England start practicing them? Can Sterling kick a ball that far ?