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  1. Greengrass

    Club response required

    Bran flakes mate........trust me
  2. Greengrass

    Name one thing...

    Wondered what the new female Dr Who looked like.
  3. Greengrass

    Forum on 20th

    5 year ST
  4. Greengrass

    Half Season Tickets

    Those prices should be for full season tickets.
  5. Greengrass

    Rotherham United

    Had some good nights out in Rotherham........actually that's a lie. My next door neighbour supports Rotherham.......well I presume he does because he shouts at pigeons.
  6. Greengrass

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    All parking questions need to be vetted by Vulva before submitting.
  7. Greengrass

    Mr December

    La Chambra is cheaper on a Tuesday, three for two...........apparantely.
  8. Greengrass

    Mr December

    That calendar sums up my social life.......
  9. Greengrass

    You could drive a bus through there

    You know the old saying.....you wait for a bus then four come along at once.
  10. Greengrass

    Alan wheen

    Saw Weeny all the time in the 90's at away matches. RIP fella
  11. Greengrass

    Our fan base at the moment

    Me too, very poor.
  12. Exactly mate, bit of weather and the red button didn't put him off. Respect.
  13. Get back soon Harry. May I suggest the club put Harry and a few of his guests in a directors box with all food thrown in etc. When he's better. I'm sure he's put his fair share of cash into the club over the years. Great PR opportunity for the Club to build bridges with the fans. Do it SWFC.
  14. Greengrass

    What's this all about?

    Wrap up pal going to be windy !
  15. Greengrass

    What's this all about?

    Think most teams were doing it, with the rainbow laces on the players boots, definately done at Derby match last Saturday.