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  1. Enjoy Wembley. Quite a few hotel rooms have just become available in the last hour.
  2. Tough watch tonight. Ball spent more time in the air than on the grass. The one bit of quality we scored from. Rest was garbage.
  3. All to play for. Sunderland let us off the hook. Bring on Monday.
  4. I think they have only mentioned it’s a record attendance 53 times.
  5. Poor. Cant string any passes together. Row Z Hutch next time.
  6. Probably be closer to 80,000 46000 Sunderland 33500 SWFC
  7. Good. Its a sign the club is doing well when there is a big queue for tickets. (obviously 33000 used the internet)
  8. Just needs a flare on the pitch and it would be perfect.
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