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  1. We were poor tonight, no one stood out, just bin it and move on.
  2. Greengrass


    Very frustrating.....too many headless chickens
  3. Greengrass

    19 years ago today...

    I was there, the highlight was going up there in my mates XR2i.
  4. This lad could be the first POTG fan this season..........well done mate.
  5. Greengrass

    Next 6

    Yeah we would all be covered in 'egg'
  6. Greengrass

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    Sounds like the new Top Gear presenters.
  7. Greengrass

    Well this is awkward

    Aye, stains around the groin area.....always difficult to explain.
  8. Greengrass

    Well this is awkward

    Vanilla slice innit ? (same outcome)
  9. Greengrass

    My epic story

    It's good that Nanny's give you the option to eat in or take out.
  10. Seems reasonable for Ingoldmells.....are all the shops and market included ?
  11. Greengrass

    Well this is awkward

    And Sam Hutchinson wasn't even playing
  12. Greengrass

    Well this is awkward

    Why do you think they all stand up near the Lepp ?
  13. Couple of RPG 's and a tank should do it.
  14. Greengrass

    Well this is awkward

    This is exactly the reason I moved to the North stand 20 years ago. Put the little rascals in the NW corner.