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  1. While ever SAG /SYP are floating around how are we ever going to get our fans in the West stand to 'create an atmosphere' ? No chance of away fans being allowed in the south either.
  2. So basically we are after a striker that every other club in the league is after, not going to happen.
  3. Broadsword calling dannyboy Broadsword calling dannyboy......
  4. This is a real dilemma now for Vulva, firstly parking issues, I mean you know his views on this. You really don't want to be parking far away whilst having to carry 3 chutney jars into the ground. Cold weather means 'big coat' & hat so should be ok.
  5. Hope Bannan & Harris can swim.
  6. New contract, unless a massive bid comes in, DC might cash in.
  7. I was thinking this on Saturday when they announced the attendance against L@@ds. Not sure we are going to see north of 30k in Hilsborough again.
  8. It must drive the local residents nuts.
  9. Apparently the Stoke physios ran 23 miles last night
  10. Poor game. Happy with the three points. You have to question an English team singing a Tom Jones song though.
  11. Always good to hear God save the Queen sung in Wales.
  12. Cheadle vs Alderley Edge is a right naughty derby.
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