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  1. Future England left winger........ Very good for a Monday....looking forward to Tuesday's shizzle.
  2. Well we have had a few crackers to choose from.
  3. As long as Huddersfield finish below us fine, wish him well seems decent. I suspect some of his players will be put in detention this season.
  4. Dont like graphs they remind me of Brexit polls, prefer a good pie chart.
  5. Why couldn't we play in our home kit today ? Great header BTW.
  6. Agree, hate winning 3-0 against a prem side in front of a full house. Much prefer 8500 against Gillingham.
  7. Was there much pointing ? Did Morgan Fox get booed before kick off ? Did we have to leave via Penistone Road ?
  8. Went in Wednesday lunchtime to get Everton tickets put on ST card, hardly anyone in, but Russ Abbott was stood in front of me........
  9. Start of a new chapter.....get behind em.
  10. Not forgetting the great Iain Dowie.
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