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  1. Second cup game in a week. Wembley awaits. 2-0 Wednesday
  2. Thought this was a cup match then realised Cambridge are in our division. ffs.
  3. Finished it last night, was expecting a bit more storyline. Sets up for a second series hopefully with more 'games' 6.5/10
  4. Always been a fan of the 'hoof' tactic. Gerrit forrard, put laces through it scenario. Far better than the send you to sleep Citeh tactics of 900 passes per game.
  5. Supposed to be the longest 007 film ever.
  6. SWFC fans coming back from Ipswich ? Seriously team USA were miles better in every aspect. Lowry, Garcia & Rahm turned up. Thought one of McIlory's family had died when he started crying in his interview.
  7. Missed a header last night....should have scored...point blank straight at the keeper.
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