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  1. Aye, a lot of them in bottom left hand corner of Kop near south stand. Remember them singing "you're coming back to Roker " nah.
  2. Used to buy now and again A View from the East Bank back in the 90's.
  3. Mark Bright against Sunderland in the cup 90's
  4. Determined not to google this. Need some fresh air. I will leave it as Hirsty scored an equaliser in the 90's.
  5. Stainiforth Arms ? Near the tram tracks, not sure what it is now.
  6. Hirsty wasn't it ? Did a dodgy half baked gymnastic move in front of us then limbs just went everywhere.
  7. I thought we played them away pretty much straight after dambusters, agree, remember there being trouble at ours.
  8. Scruffs were chucking darts at us that day. Man Utd "dambusters" was chaos, think we played them a week or so later a mid week match......no bother. 1991 Chelsea semi coach got Windows put through
  9. Good spot regarding the shadows I would say 3.27pm
  10. Sod the kids, that will keep me occupied while I'm self isolating.
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