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  1. Can someone explain the PPG system? Must have missed it
  2. I know... I'm stating the obvious that Vaughan is stating the obvious. Its so obvious, obviously
  3. Thing is we've never really been in a lockdown. We called it that but it wasn't Other countries first phase of coming out is akin to our fully blown lockdown.. Football won't start up. Particularly in the EFL PL will no doubt give it a go until something happens, which is inevitable, then it'll be off again.
  4. Scariest thing is he was chosen out of 200 CB's scouted... We must have been scouting the Meadowhall league
  5. Of course they are resourceful. They develop complex mechanisms to trick the cell that they are a welcome visitor.. Then they create carnage. Hence the wolf in sheep clothing.. Speak to any scientist about how resourceful a virus can be. Doesn't imply an active mind, that's silly. It's the behavioural mechanism
  6. It is active. It becomes virulent once it enters a cell. And they are extremely resourceful in the methods they use to disguise there purpose. Hence why they are difficult to identify and control.
  7. Best way to describe a virus is it's dormant. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing. It becomes active when it attempts to enter a cell.. Once the cell let's it in that's it, comes to life
  8. Bring everyone else down to our level.. Like your thinking
  9. Really? Speak for yourself?! EFL and PL better brains...Pfft
  10. Man Utd ordering overseas based players to return to the UK this week... What would you do if you were one of said players? i know i would tell them I'm staying put until i'm 100% safe to travel. Can they force them under a Pandemic to return?
  11. Didn’t know you could cancel football? How’s that work?
  12. Thing is about sky is you can’t cancel just the football. I would if I could but I keep it for cricket, golf etc Don’t even watch MOTD anymore. I watch Wednesdays highlights () that’s about it
  13. I left kit man off... Replace ballboys with kit man... Who also needs to be fitter than a butchers dog by the sounds of it
  14. The desperation of the football authorities holds no bounds it seems. They don't care about fans, we know that. Now it seems they don't care about the rules of the game, just changing them to suit. Nor do they care, it seems about Players, Coaches, Ground staff, Coach drivers, Doctors, Medics, Physios, St John's ambulance, TV cameramen, Radio & press reporters, Referees, Linesmen, 4th Officials, Ballboys etc etc
  15. The lengths they are going to just to protect the finances. Fans don't even come into the thinking.. - Players tested twice a week. - Have to train in masks - Must arrive in their own kit washed... - No food on premises. Food must be delivered to players cars.. - Only specialist medical treatment allowed - No team/tactical meetings - No showering (not sure if they can go for a waz or a crap) All for a game of football
  16. Won’t stop thousands of fans turning up whatever the venue. Certainty this will happen, then they will have to scrap it. Reporting now that next season will be played behind closed doors, TV revenue drastically cut, no transfer fees will be spent and clubs will have zero match day income. Football is going to have to reinvent itself. Finally
  17. You’d like to think so but hard to be sure with footballers
  18. Exactly but those are the only places in the world that are free of it. Either he wasn’t being serious or he’s as thick as
  19. Gary Neville now suggests they fly all the PL clubs to a Coronavirus free environment to finish the season.. can’t work out if he’s being serious. i think there are 3 Pacific islands that have remained virus free, and I doubt Antarctica has the playing surfaces to accommodate 20 PL clubs... They are so desperately embarrassing. 26,000 dead and all they can think about is the integrity of a football competition. It makes me sick to the gut
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