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  1. sweetsheri

    Over paid and under performing

    In a word Yes. Don't they all...
  2. sweetsheri


    He's made of crumbly biscuits with the heart the size of a gnat Get rid
  3. sweetsheri

    Summer Sort Out

    I'm not saying there isn't a role for hutch but he's not the athletic, box to box player we've been crying out for He's more someone to sit and protect the back 4
  4. sweetsheri

    Summer Sort Out

    Exactly what we've all been saying since 2016. We need a box to box beast. Hutch isn't the answer with his injury record
  5. sweetsheri


    We just need to get to 50 points, breath a massive sigh of relief that we aren't in L1 and then get rid of the deadwood and start over
  6. sweetsheri

    Summer Sort Out

    Thank god
  7. sweetsheri

    Summer Sort Out

    I thought Abdi signed a 4yr deal?
  8. sweetsheri


    Abdi has another year left doesn't he?
  9. sweetsheri

    Credit to Steve Bruce

    And the fact is we've created loads of chances.
  10. sweetsheri

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    They didn’t when we beat them last week
  11. sweetsheri

    Hooper and Lee ...

    Agree unless we offer a pay as you play contract, if they still exist. I'd be tempted to keep Lee in the set up working with the juniors. Hooper will probs go to the MLS or China.
  12. sweetsheri

    A Look To Next Season.

    Added to which Hutch is good for about 15 games a season with injuries and suspensions
  13. sweetsheri

    Getting Carried Away

    Millwall away was criminal. Then came Swansea and the stain.
  14. sweetsheri

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    Such a breath of fresh air after listening to dumb and dumber the last 3 years
  15. sweetsheri

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    You might be right although new rumours are saying 336 hours
  16. sweetsheri

    Play-off push

    50 points is the only target i'm interested in. Because in mid December i would have said we've no chance of getting near it
  17. sweetsheri

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    I heard Hooper was actually 14 days
  18. sweetsheri

    Steve Bruce in one word

    The only thing I’ve got against Bruce is he once signed John Terry.
  19. sweetsheri

    Bruce on........FERNANDO

    Thing is with FF he scares the opposition into having 2 or 3 players concentrating on him. Creates all sorts of problems.
  20. They'd be buying potential. Not sure what figure that is but in the business world companies are bought for 4 or 5 times market value because they have potential to grow.
  21. sweetsheri

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    We’ll see
  22. sweetsheri

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    Half the clubs in the championship will be under umbongo next season mate
  23. sweetsheri


    You’re on your own then
  24. sweetsheri


    6 weeks ago who’d have thought we’d be 13 points clear of the drop zone.