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  1. Matias shouldn’t be offered a new deal. It will be a nuhui type mistake. He’s been crocked for the best part of 3 years
  2. DC said himself if we don’t go up this season then we are in trouble. Can’t see anything that’s changed?
  3. Think Rosenior is a good pundit tbf Not got much competition though has he really
  4. Way way too high those scores. Unless you’re marking out of 20?
  5. “Didn’t get the decisions?” Apart from the free kick
  6. No need to dive in on the edge of the box Ridiculous
  7. Apparently the prime minister had called a cobra meeting to discuss fletchers goal
  8. Architects of our own problems Never seen a team give up possession quite like us
  9. Surprise surprise hutch injured. Please get rid of all these crocks
  10. Woeful defending Hector rifles a 10 yard pass at forestieri’ knee and then the rest is shambolic
  11. Maybe hooper has been told he’s off. Therefore no point playing him
  12. TBF he's not only a goal poacher, he's good at falling o'er
  13. Like he says it's got to be more than bad luck. Methods must have something to do with it. Every faith in Bruce to sort it all out
  14. Wonder if he’d have put in a similar complaint if dross was still here?
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