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  1. Have you sent that anywhere? Seems like you should be representing the club here!
  2. With the ground on your left go to the first set of lights (about 1/2 mile) turn right just before lights into social club Free parking and decent beer. Easy get away too.
  3. Because of something that happened 30 years ago? And we've had 30 years of safe events ever since? Big sell out crowds, derbies, euro championships, why 30 years on is it a problem to SYP?
  4. Who is responsible for Crowd safety at the club? Whoever it is should be all over this. Maybe they are? Silence is golden and all that but i doubt it. At the end of the day SWFC are responsible for providing a ground that is safe for supporters, however perverse the criteria set by SAG or whoever. We should be proactively banging on the door saying what do we need to do. Let's hear it... For me 2 simple solutions. 1) Keep away fans behind for 15 minutes. 2) House the away fans somewhere else. Every ground you see on TV there isn't a separate stand for away fans. Look at Villa. When we went last year i was sat with a steward next to me and a villa fan next to him. Banter yes but nothing violent. At the end we exited the same stand as villa fans and just walked back to the car. It's so easy it's untrue. Why are we so very different.
  5. He's saying it was no different for HIM, That doesn't make him a liar or suggest it was just as normal for everyone else.
  6. Maybe a meeting is the best for all concerned. If wednesday need to do something to improve the perceived danger of the lep exit from the north then they'll have to do it. Otherwise they will shut the north. No doubt about it. I suggest putting the away fans somewhere else. Then there isn't a problem
  7. Maybe we should have turned up for the meeting.... Hopefully we have some seriously good legal minds all over this.
  8. Please tell me he's ours and not on loan...
  9. Just shows what a good team of scouts and a recruitment network can get Cheers Brucie
  10. Lee is clearly being managed properly from the sports scientist.. Just glad CC didn’t finish his career
  11. Going to bed happy toneyt Unusual when we’ve played at home on a Tuesday night or what
  12. I know what you’re saying but hughton can fornicate right off
  13. Christ 2nd time I’ve agreed with you this month...
  14. What will happen is we will scare them sh!tless with our pace and power out wide and the drive and skill of our midfield supported by a rock ***** solid defence
  15. Be the Wednesday way if we’ve given him a year!
  16. Makes up for sat thats football play well - lose play iffy - win
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