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  1. Actually that’s incorrect. They weren’t saying the pies were raw they were saying that we told them they were hot but they were actually frazzled and then allowed to go cold. They now accept that whilst they weren’t hot we didn’t deliberately mislead them because we thought they were hot.
  2. I hope so and we certainly have the best sports counsel available on it. But top barristers will find it relatively easy to demonstrate reasonable doubt that the EFL were deliberately misled. They may find it more difficult to demonstrate we haven’t breached FFP. It may well be that the EFL think our ground was over valued and/or that the transaction was not in the accounting period that we claim BUT they accept that they can’t prove that we deliberately misled them in this regard.
  3. That was what the potential extra 9 points were for (my understanding). A breach of FFP still has a maximum penalty of 12 points. im not saying this isn’t encouraging but we are far from out of the woods. 9 points puts us in the bottom 3.
  4. Proving a breach of FFP is pretty straightforward. Proving somebody deliberately misled somebody has a very high burden of proof. People are getting far too excited about two charges that are certainly not intrinsically linked.
  5. People need to be clear on this and most of you aren’t. The charges against the club are for breach of FFP. i cannot see how this changes at all with this statement. Maximum penalty 12 points. Additionally, the Directors and the club (and I cant remember the exact phrasing and terminology) were also charged with basically trying to deliberately deceive the EFL. For which we could’ve got an additional 9 points. Youd think their case in that regard is possibly weak as they’ve dropped the charges against the Directors. we could still easily get up to 12 points. Indeed we may have made a deal in this regard.
  6. Worse case scenario The way we are playing, we get relegated WITHOUT the points deduction. Then start League One on -21 points. pass me the wine!
  7. The only place for the scout to eat was Pizza Tut. He did find some Pharaoh Rocheo though.
  8. Is he looking to sell? will he entertain offers? Will the price be realistic? I.e. the club is now worth less than what he paid.
  9. This is the least I’ve ever wanted to actually attend the matches. i don’t want to support those players and I certainly don’t want to support Chansiri. I feel ripped off, cheated and angry with myself for committing to next season already.
  10. We're not that lucky. The first thing Ashley would do is sort out FFP, get an experienced CEO in and a strong football manager. Stability and strong leadership instead of a complete shambles. The only criticism Newcastle fans have is that they are not spending more than they earn. We can only dream of such a common sense approach.
  11. Some people on here Mike Ashley has put far more money into Newcastle that Chansiri ever will here. Mike Ashley has a club that is highly marketable to investors. They are in the PL, he has kept the tradition, they own their own stadium, they are solvent and comfortably within FFP. Mike Ashley appreciates that he needs good people to run a football club and has always ensured he has a good CEO and a good football manager. Mike Ashley is a highly successful businessman. Yes the Geordies want him to chuck hundreds of millions at which he isn't going to do but trying to say you'd rather have our power crazed, egomaniac with the business acumen of a locust and the business experience of Vicky Pollard is quite frankly ridiculous.
  12. The only challenge Chansiri is now bothered about us seeing how much of his money he can get back. Which means keeping us up by hook or by crook. If I was him I would’ve started by making it free tickets anywhere in the ground on Saturday for anybody that has attended a previous home match. An extraordinary gesture for an extraordinarily bad run. Try and create some goodwill, a buzz, some atmosphere. Instead it’s £33-£39 for non-members. clueless!
  13. I think you can. There is a rule that says something about a circa £7m limit per year. As long as you are under that total amount, I think they let you put in whatever you want. Even if it’s more than the market rate.
  14. Really And he’ll write the cheques to claw back whatever he can. But the investment has stopped. He’s now trying to spend the minimum possible. There’s loads of stuff he could’ve done outside the scope of FFP. As I’ve said all along, there is zero evidence that he has the cash for a sustained tilt at the PL. Yes he had more than us and yes he had enough to give it a bloody good go for 2 years. Beyond that, keep kidding yourself. Its now about clawing back what he can.
  15. My take on the man is that he’s a complete and utter shitester. i told everybody this the year we got to the play off final. i told everybody that he tore up contracts of box holders and that he didn’t have a clue what he was doing and had zero integrity. Everybody didn’t give a poo because acting like that didn’t count if it was against “10 bob millionaires”. as I said at the time, it was a sure indicator of what was to come. I told everybody that his initiatives to boost cash flow that had no bearing on FFP made no sense. No credit for box holders, 3 year season tickets, club 1867 etc etc Anybody can see it and anybody with a brain could see it 4 years ago! And some people still actually believe he has loads of money to invest and only FFP is holding us back
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