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  1. I believe they are the cost to the club for the season (the clue is with Green). He only joined in January, so more like £10K. Which in the circumstances, could be correct.
  2. Yes, You’ve got to admit, Dave Jones is really good with young boys.
  3. Yes they do. it’s in the public domain. They know about his shareholding in TUC. They know how much he sold it for. They know the date of the transactions. Because that is what happens with major legitimate business transactions, they are all traceable. Meanwhile, nobody can find any evidence of DC ever running a bath.
  4. People still call Chansiri a “businessman”. His Dad gave him a fortune which he has turned into a much smaller fortune. With a “businessman” like that......
  5. Surely the most important thing about the £13m losses is that somebody has to write a cheque to cover it!
  6. We saw 10 years ago how difficult it was to raise £7m. WTID had just about got there with several £500K pledges. To think significantly more could be raised is totally unrealistic.
  7. There is no hope! People still believe Chansiri! Absolutely unbelievable! What does he have to do? Sleep with your wife!
  8. Yep. That was the story given to the box holders as the reason a much needed upgrade to the boxes toilets (they looked like the type you get in a school changing room) hadn’t been completed by the start of the season.
  9. Putting his own name on the shirt and the seats. Then making up some company names to sponsor us. All because a “successful businessman” didn’t have his own business - was a bit of a giveaway in hindsight.
  10. The moment I knew we were f***** was when he ripped up the signed contracts of the box holders when we got to Wembley. Then after we lost, went back cap in hand for them to sign it again. maniac! To this day, I still find it totally amazing that the MAJORITY of posters on here thought that was ok! The money he was spending was acting as blinkers to most.
  11. One of players or coaching staff I’d have thought (or their agent). All the players will have been fed a line by Chansiri - this is probably it. Doesn't hold much water though. If the money is accessible and in U.K., it’d take a couple of hours for his payroll/accountancy firm to get it transferred to the players accounts with accompanying payslips.
  12. Whilst that is true, we have a club that cannot operate without Chansiri writing cheques. It is his model, he built it. Spend as much as FFP allows. If he can no longer write those cheques, we are screwed.
  13. I’m not sure no. But we can lose £13m a year and he can put £7m a year on top in. Plus shortfall from lack of crowds is discounted at the moment. Therefore the only way we have FFP issues is if we somehow are losing £20m a year, or more likely if Chansiri can no longer afford to put his £7m in and we are approaching £13m losses.
  14. It can be both. Creditors can make an application to court - although usually they’d simply issue a winding up petition. A debenture holder can appoint (don’t think we have one, I’d need to check companies House). Or the Directors or shareholders can appoint. (The most common route).
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