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  1. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Wednesday v Leeds (Leeds’ fans ticket free for all)

    I wasn’t saying you have changed policy. i said that for a few matches per season you have no priority to the season ticket holders that have been to the most matches I.e. all season ticket holders go at the same time. This is the first such match of the season. I was saying it to illustrate how it differs to our policy not to illustrate changes in yours.
  2. We had a lengthy debate about ticket priority for away matches last week, hence me bringing this up. No idea whether this is a good idea or not but Leeds appear to have an interesting take on it. For most matches their away priority works in a similar way to ours. For a few matches per season they abandon their priority system and have a free for all where all season ticket holders have the same priority - first come first served. As a result you had the chaotic situation of 4,600 tickets selling out in 30 minutes this morning. Some fans who’ve been to most matches will have missed out. Others, who usually can’t get tickets will have got them.
  3. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    Good call, I bet it is.
  4. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    I’m obviously being a bit dumb. What is ‘percentage of xG saved’?
  5. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Blame for their goals

    That’s probably a fair point.
  6. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Blame for their goals

    For the first goal what about Thorniley and Lees Just watching Afobe run beyond them? And Penney for letting Ince turn him so easily and then not taking a yellow and giving a free kick away? You can’t give Palmer some responsibility for that. For the second goal, I disagree that it was anything to do with Bannan and Pelepussy. They were goal side of all three of their centre midfielders. Behind them was our back four against their three forwards. Ince got into the pocket and wasn’t engaged. In that scenario, either Thorniley should have gone with Ince (no Stoke player outside of him, just Joao) or Thorniley should have come a yard or two narrower and one if the centre defenders should have engaged Ince. For me, both goals were of a direct result of defenders not tracking forwards properly when the defenders had the numerical advantage.
  7. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Realistic goal targets?

    Maybe a better way of doing it is total goals by position rather than individuals because the output of an individual will depend on how many matches they play and was the main limiting factor last season. So far I think it is Centre Defenders 1 Centre Midfielders 3 (including Reach when he was playing support role) Wide Men 4 Centre Forwards 3 (Forestieri scored 2 when we were still playing two up front, though you could argue he was playing the ‘Reach’ role by the time he scored at Wigan)
  8. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Matt Penney Goals for SWFC

    Does make you wonder if he’ll end up playing in a more advanced role.
  9. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Realistic goal targets?

    The wide men have to score far more than that (in a 4-3-3). it obviously depends on how many matches they play but if Joao plays 40 matches wide I’d expect at least 15 goals. Same for Forestieri. I think Matias will get double figures if he gets the game time.
  10. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team at Forest

    Don’t change a back four that is conceding goals at an alarming rate? We are picking up points in spite of our defence not because of it.
  11. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team at Forest

    I’m really not sure about that. our back four were poor for both goals yesterday (Palmer was blameless). Thorniley, Penney and Lees should have done better. Palmer, Dawson and Van Aken were culpable at Wigan. Our back four was cut to ribbons against Hull (1st half) and Brentford. Tom Lees was at fault for the Reading goal and the Millwall goal. I really don’t think many of the goals have been due to the midfield. Maybe they could have done better at Brentford and Wigan but it’s mainly been pretty poor errors from our defence.
  12. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    Thorniley was poor for both Stoke goals. penney and Lees weren’t great either.
  13. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team at Forest

    He needs to change something at the back because our defending has been awful. i think he’ll give Penney a rest and put Thorniley to left back with Hector coming in.
  14. This is what the offside law says:- Offside offence A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is touched or played by a teammate is only penalised for committing an offside offence if, in the opinion of the referee, they become involved in active play by: Interfering with play playing or touching the ball passed or touched by a team-mate"[ Interfering with an opponent preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or challenging an opponent for the ball or clearly attempting to play a ball which is close to him when this action impacts on an opponent or making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball Gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar, match official or an opponent been deliberately saved by any opponent In addition to the above criteria, in the 2017–18 edition of the Laws of the Game, the IFAB made a further clarification that, "In situations where a player moving from, or standing in, an offside position is in the way of an opponent and interferes with the movement of the opponent towards the ball this is an offside offence if it impacts on the ability of the opponent to play or challenge for the ball."[1] ———————————————————————————— No idea what is going on with my font But in the Liverpool match you can clearly see that Sane plays the ball and this was in the line of the keeper. Therefore this was definitely correctly ruled offside. I would say yesterday’s is a more difficult interpretation and under the current laws I’d expect the goal to stand.
  15. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Away games, a closed shop?

    Well what is clear is that we are easily going to sell out for the next away matches -at Bristol City on a Sunday and QPR in midweek. Because these thousands of fans that so far haven’t been able to get an away ticket are going to snap them up to increase their TPP’s. Aren't they?