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  1. If he’s good enough, he’ll be fine. Just like Brunt, whelan and Antonio were
  2. Clearly I’m not technical..., .... but you’d think they might have seen this one coming.
  3. I just get this. Ive unchecked the box that it says. i give in. Never had stress like it trying to watch a game of football.
  4. Can somebody please post a link to the page to sign in? i realise this makes me incredibly stupid but I just cannot find it. i feel like chucking my phone out of the window.
  5. I’m so terrible with technology. after trying a couple of times I can’t even find the sign in page now. i just keep getting to a page telling me what the bloody subscriptions are or telling me to redeem the code. tried googling I follow log in and I just go to the same dead end. technical f***tards like me don’t stand a chance.
  6. Anybody else had this problem? redeemed code created account wont let me sign in. wont let me create account again because it says my email address is in use. Which it is, it just doesn’t work.
  7. To be fair, I’ve been sent my code, despite registering at 6.15pm. well done to somebody.
  8. How come it’s too late for me to receive a code for tomorrow for a season ticket but not too late for me to watch it if I pay £10? weird
  9. I only registered for mine at 6.15pm tonight. I assumed in today’s digital age I was doing it early and not leaving it to the last minute. Seems I’ve actually left it too late. They need headlines specifying the deadline for me to notice things like that. oh well, I’ve not missed it one jot for two months, I’ll cope with another week.
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