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  1. Bad Language in family stand

    Constant swearing shows a limited vocabulary and intelligence. F***** Joao though!
  2. Was this a penalty?

    The Rhodes was pretty blatant. ive not seen it on TV but the one I was most convinced about during the match was the Hunt one.
  3. Was this a penalty?

    No Would’ve been soft. No softer than the one Derby got against us though I suppose.
  4. Not had a penalty in 17 games

    Their player didn’t get near the ball. Bannan didn’t lose control of the ball. Hence, if he wasn’t fouled why would he go down? But live I didn’t think it was a pen. You can’t tell from that angle.
  5. Man of the match - Player ratings

    God knows why Loovens and Lees got stick today. The back four was the least of our problems. Youd think people might have figured out by now that when Loovens plays we keep clean sheets. When he doesn’t, we don’t.
  6. Man of the match - Player ratings

    Westwood 7 Hunt 6 Lees 7 Loovens 6 Fox 6 Wallace 5 Butterfield 5 Bannan 6 Reach 5 Hooper 6 Rhodes 6 Joao 3 (what the F00k was that!?!?) Lee 5 Fletcher 6
  7. E-cash

    If that remains the case it turns this thread into a bit of a non-event.
  8. E-cash

    @bigdan2003 its not not completely clear but to me that reads like they are removing contactless.
  9. E-cash

    I’m still not seeing how it’s easier for me to add funds to a season ticket than just use my contactless. And I have to put say £50 on it months before I’m going to spend it all. I prefer the money in my bank account rather than somebody else’s. Or I just put £10 on and have to keep doing it and maybe run out mistakenly. i suspect I just won’t bother. I’m not an habitual spender on the food and drink. Occasionally I fancy a beer or a Bovril and I therefore buy on a whim. The hassle will probably put many off.
  10. E-cash

    What about the ones who aren’t regulars?
  11. E-cash

    I don’t think people have a problem moving forward and removing cash. But surely this is a step back from contactless card payment?
  12. E-cash

    You might have nailed it. They’ll get charged every time somebody pays with a bank card.
  13. E-cash

    I hope so
  14. E-cash

    ‘Supporters can also make purchases within the stadium using debit/credit cards/contactless payments and cash until we make the full transition’ I think it reads as though they are stopping card payments. Although it could mean they are just stopping cash payments and not be clearly written.
  15. E-cash

    I must be missing something. How is e-cash quicker and more convenient than a contactless card payment. Isn’t this a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist? Or quite possibly I am missing the point? As Hillsborough heads toward being the first cashless stadium in the country, supporters in the Grandstand can continue to trial our new E-cash system on Saturday when the Owls host Bristol City. E-cash is the quick and easy way to pay for food and drink on the concourse as we aim to improve the matchday experience by reducing queue times and speeding up the payment process. The process is simple: hand your Team Card to the sales assistant and they will debit your card with the value of your purchase. Anyone with a Team Card (Season Ticket holder, Member or Owls Foundation Member) is already registered for E-cash. Topping up and checking your balance is quick and easy at the designated E-cash loading stations within the stadium. For Saturday’s fixture, we will have our designated top-up station in the Grandstand. Fans will be able to top up their Team Card from that station. In due course, the system will be rolled out across the stadium. An application is currently being developed so fans can register online and top up from a debit or credit card and view their E-cash balance. When fully up and running, loading stations will appear in the follow locations: Owls Megastore, Ticket Office, South Stand concourse, Grandstand concourse, North Stand concourse and Kop concourse. Supporters can also make purchases within the stadium using debit/credit cards/contactless payments and cash until we make the full transition. Ultimately, we aim for Hillsborough to become completely cashless for ease of purpose and to enhance the whole matchday experience for supporters.