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  1. I must be really thick because I always have these problems when others don’t but I can’t figure out how to renew the season ticket if my Dad and two sons at the same time as me (or at all). im sure it could be far more user friendly. If it was I’d have already done it, as it is it’ll have to wait until I have time to figure it out.
  2. He knows League one players for a start - which is where we need to be recruiting from. At some point, this club has to stick with a manager, back him and give him time.
  3. When I see one large paragraph like that, I can’t even be bothered to tackle it.
  4. not only do I know we will win But as I look into my sons refrigerated Cadbury’s Easter egg whilst accidentally breaking off and eating a bit - I have had the confirmed vision, that for the first time this season - We’ll come from behind to win. Derby will score first and we’ll still win.
  5. A 12 point deduction making it almost impossible to attract players in the Summer. A 6 point deduction remaining after the transfer deadline. 6 different managers (I think ) during the season. Players wages apparently late every single month. Key players missing nearly the entire season. Despite all of this, three teams have won less points in the pitch than we have this season. We are a better team than Derby, it is that simple. We will win tomorrow, we will stay up. Be positive. Come on Wednesday!
  6. The total time to amass 4 victories was 31 years. Therefore you would anticipate, the next 2 victories would come in 15.5 years. our last victory was 2006, therefore I would anticipate our next victory will be about half way through 2021.
  7. The odds of stopping up with a draw were remote. Needed Derby to actually lose, rather than not win for a start. It’s beyond me how anybody could see that as anything but “must win”.
  8. If you think Sheffield United have a better squad than us you don’t understand football.
  9. I believe they are the cost to the club for the season (the clue is with Green). He only joined in January, so more like £10K. Which in the circumstances, could be correct.
  10. Yes, You’ve got to admit, Dave Jones is really good with young boys.
  11. Yes they do. it’s in the public domain. They know about his shareholding in TUC. They know how much he sold it for. They know the date of the transactions. Because that is what happens with major legitimate business transactions, they are all traceable. Meanwhile, nobody can find any evidence of DC ever running a bath.
  12. People still call Chansiri a “businessman”. His Dad gave him a fortune which he has turned into a much smaller fortune. With a “businessman” like that......
  13. Surely the most important thing about the £13m losses is that somebody has to write a cheque to cover it!
  14. We saw 10 years ago how difficult it was to raise £7m. WTID had just about got there with several £500K pledges. To think significantly more could be raised is totally unrealistic.
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