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  1. I am pretty sure that the profit is as I described it, sales price less book value in accounts. Unless there is an exemption somehow, I believe stamp duty would be 5%.
  2. Derby's ground was also valued for far less in their accounts. The WHOLE POINT of the transaction is that you sell it for far more than it is valued at in the accounts. That is where the 'profit' comes from - the difference between the price paid and the value in the balance sheet. An independent valuation will have taken place that will go something like - Wednesday sign 10 year lease to rent the land at £4m (made up figure) per annum. Therefore value of ground is 20 x the annual rental income. Therefore valuation in at £80m. Chansiri buys the ground for £80m which creates £55m of profit to go through the P & L.
  3. At the same age, almost to the day, Tom Lees has made 166 professional appearances. There is no comparison. Ill be proved right in time, but I hope I’m wrong.
  4. We’ll agree to disagree. And the fact you think he needs protecting from his other centre back and a defensive midfielder proves you’re not really feeling it either. i hope I’m wrong but I suspect in 5 years, we’ll look back and see a steady League One or Two centre back.
  5. Unfortunately, Thorniley doesn’t have the physical attributes. Height, pace, strength. Whilst the likes of Carragher have proven that it’s possible to reach the top without these attributes, you have to be outstanding and therefore the odds drastically reduce. Therefore, whilst I think Thorniley will have a professional career, I am struggling to see that being at Championship level or above. He has certainly not yet shown that he is ready to be a first team regular at Championship level. Also, this isn’t some young pup, he’s 23 in November.
  6. How do the Scots get to the English leagues in the first place? What about all the terrible English players we’ve signed?
  7. Probably right. i think Pompey have already made the fatal mistake of letting him only have 12 months left on his contract.
  8. I think it’s on this thread (or at least this site) somewhere that Wednesday had offered close to that but Fulham were expected to also go in for him. Plus it seems unlikely they would get much less for him after the season he has just had.
  9. If Portsmouth get more than £3m (rumoured starting price for Hector) for a League One Centre half that wants to leave I’ll be amazed.
  10. The number one target for us should be Matt Clarke from Portsmouth. He’s easily the best centre half in League One. 22 years old, left footed, aggressive, strong and he gets it down and plays. Clearly still some improvement to come. Some Championship club will get him and make a fortune, probably somebody like Bristol City. This should be the type we go for rather than Hector with a big fee and big wages.
  11. Sounds like a Labrador I know called Madine. By the way, never get high on adrenaline after a football match and name a dog after a footballer.
  12. I have severe reservations about selling the ground. However, let’s be correct, this is not cheating our way around FFP in anyway. It is playing within the rules. The fact that the FL clearly need to amend those rules and close a massive loophole is not our fault. The morale outrage should be no greater than the unfairness of the rules in the first place which are completely weighted towards teams with parachute payments. The Parachute payments were put in place by PL clubs to protect themselves. The PL then has the FL clubs over a barrel because if they try and fight it they reduce the trickle down payments. It is this that has forced Derby and Wednesday down this road and any morale outrage should be focused solely and squarely there.
  13. Don’t know why people are laughing at this. Based on actual performances at Hillsborough he is right up there. His performance for Everton was stunning, one of the few times in my life I’ve genuinely seen one player win a match on his own. If he was English it would’ve been fine.
  14. I suspect £2m will be reasonably tempting. if we keep Rhodes we are looking at an approximate £2m cost (£4m/2 years). Plus approximate £2m salary cost. So £4m in this years accounts plus probably £4m in next seasons if he sees out this year. if we sell him for £2m, we’ll get a £2m hit in the accounts this season but no further wages and no further hits next season. So we’d be £2m better off this season and £4m better off next season. That £2m saving for this season may not sound much but from an FFP point of view you could instead:- Get any available PL youngster on a season loan and still have plenty of change. Buy a player for £3m on a four year contract (£750K hit per year in balance sheet) and pay him £1.25m per year in wages (£25K per week). I know this is a weird concept for people to get their head around if you don’t understand accounts but it is likely that selling Rhodes this season for £2m would allow the purchase of a £3m player this season (Hector?) and a further £3m player next season (from an FFP point of view). Although the past few years don’t suggest Chansiri fully gets this.
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