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  1. Complacency

    Now we have Westwood, Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Abdi, Matias, Hooper, Forestieri and Fletcher all fit to play 90 minutes every match - we’ll win every match anyway.
  2. Complacency

    We are safe. we don’t even need another point.
  3. I know. cant believe he didn’t get a few quick loan signings in to make up for the fact that he was probably only left with Lees on the pitch that would have got in their team.
  4. Naah then Colin!!

    I can’t believe that any Wednesday fan that has watched the absolute dross we’ve put up with for 20 years would want anybody but Warnock Managing our club. Time and time again he proves he is the manager that gives you the best chance of getting out of this division. But some Wednesday fans wouldn’t have him because he sometimes teases us and makes us sad because we are big girls.
  5. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    What are you on about? i am saying Van Aken has done nothing to suggest he’s good enough to play centre half at this level.
  6. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Not really. ive got a mate who is brilliant on the ball. Can do keepy uppies all day. Dream of a left foot. Problem is he can’t run, has no strength, no pace and can’t tackle his way out of a paper bag. If you can’t defend you’ll not make it as a centre half.
  7. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Or in training he’s defended like he did before he got injured. he looks decent on the ball but so far he’s shown absolutely nothing to suggest he’s going to be able to defend adequately at this level.
  8. Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Just been told lineup. chapman and Varadi start.
  9. All we need in summer

    We definitely need a centre half. God knows what some people think is wrong with Hunt.
  10. Maybe he’s already seen the specialist several times? Maybe he’s seeing the specialist to see if he can start training next week? it doesn’t have to be negative
  11. So you’re not criticising Jos but you are saying that you know more about how a player should recover from injury than Jos. Despite him having a full coaching and medical team behind him and presumably much more experience than you. You also suggest he has no common sense. All of this whilst citing the comments of Tom Lees to back up your argument despite the fact Tom is clearly being critical of Carlos whilst singing the praises of Jos. like I said, you have verbal diarrhoea.
  12. Absolute verbal diarrhoea. Forestieri and Van Aken both featured in the last U23 match. Tom Lees praises Jos for his rehabilitation program yet you are criticising based on absolutely zero knowledge of the facts.
  13. ENGLAND vs ITALY - Matchday Thread

    Not with Adam Reach in the starting line up.
  14. Pretty sure the coaching staff will realise this. Also think they’ll know exactly where each player is regarding their fitness. And also think that they’ll be pretty keen to get the first team squad fit. Why do people come up with this diarrhoea.