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  1. I must be a strange animal because I’ve not found us awful to watch at all the last 4 matches. Highly organised and working our balls off - I like it. without the two early sendings off - which were beyond the managers control - I’m sure we’d have got a better points return too. A very tough match against Norwich, then we have a run of matches where the same level of organisation and work rate will see some wins and everybody will calm down.
  2. Didn’t he have to sell Bamford, Traore & Gibson?
  3. I know. Kind of my point. I was saying the type of manager that gets you promoted. From my list, Pulis was the only obtainable one.
  4. Bruce is unobtainable. Pearson has always been 100% clear - he lives in Sheffield, he wants to continue living happily in Sheffield - he has zero interest in ever managing a Sheffield club. McCarthy is under contract elsewhere. But yes, I’d have been happy with those too. Although, I think it’s rounduns to say that any of them play decent football- they play effective football.
  5. You know odds. Other clubs do try it. Some work, most fail. Experienced Pragmatists get you success in this division. Warnock, Pulis, Bruce, McCarthy - they are what is required.
  6. Not sure but if Pulis is in charge until the end of next season I will give you two guarantees:- 1. We will not get relegated this season. 2. We will be nearer the top than the bottom next season. From where we currently are, I will definitely take that.
  7. Typical delusion. I’m not sure which fans are more deluded, Boro or Wednesday. play offs equals failure.
  8. His record says we are incredibly lucky to have him. The first manager that has actually had success in the top tier since Big Ron. Most hopeful I’ve been in 25 years. I’m Chansiri’s biggest critic, but credit where it’s due, he’s pulled off an absolute blinder.
  9. Best appointment in 30 years. Well done Chansiri. Ignore the moaners, they’re under the illusion that the football has been anything short of terrible for the last 25 years.
  10. That’s all Pig fans because they know he’ll sort us out.
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