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  1. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Number of pre-season fixtures...

    More time for proper fitness and stamina work. Difficult to do that whilst playing matches. The danger is for the first few matches we are not quite as sharp but should feel the benefits as the season goes on.
  2. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    £5 off every home match and £10 off some home matches?
  3. It’d be great business if we bought Messi too.
  4. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team vs Lincoln

    It’s like join the dots on here tonight
  5. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team vs Lincoln

    The lifting of the embargo.......
  6. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team vs Lincoln

    Most likely because he doesn’t want to weaken his hand when negotiating further sales I’d have thought....,..
  7. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Team vs Lincoln

    We know we were going to be very close to FFP because Chansiri told us. we haven’t signed a single player. And It appears that 25% of Championship clubs are under one - so hardly without substance.
  8. I get that. But they are a lot more dangerous to the club than equity. And when they get to a level that the loans are of a higher value than the clubs worth, they become a potential time bomb. Totally dependent on the attitude of the Director, obviously.
  9. I have no idea whether this is correct or not but I am not seeing any evidence of this. The last accounts seem to indicate that he hadn't introduced owner sponsorship up to the levels permitted by FFP. Additionally, schemes to improve cash flow which have no bearing on FFP (i.e. multi year season tickets) will always get the alarm bells ringing amongst the financially savvy cynics amongst us.
  10. Directors loans can be written off if the Director in question agrees. Otherwise, they are legally due. And is one of the main reasons football clubs have gone into Administration previously.
  11. I’m sure that evil, I’d choose the £10 and then give it to the Children’s Hospital.
  12. HirstWhoScoredIt


    I think the answer is that it’s f0000ked
  13. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Our star players are ageing....

    Surely the only way to not age is to die. i vote they carry on ageing
  14. HirstWhoScoredIt

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    To be fair there is no legal reason why Wednesday couldn't get the paperwork in order so that people can have a beer whilst sat in their seat. It is only for football matches taking place within the stadium that UK law prevents alcohol consumption in view of the pitch.
  15. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Initiation - best one yet?