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  1. Not sure about the players rankings but in terms of most pointless Owlstalk threads of all time, this would probably make my top 4. I mean, why?
  2. Wilko was a teacher, I like it even more now.
  3. The time not to gamble was when we had cash to spend. I kept saying to everybody we had a two year window to get promoted. If whilst Carvahal had been here we’d had a Warnock/Pulis/Bruce type we’d have gone up. Now though, we are back to being also rans hamstrung by FFP. So my thinking is can they be any worse than the last 20 appointments? And maybe, just maybe, they are the type on an upward progressive curve that can drag this club up with them.
  4. Just looked, it was January 1997 Chip Pan head chip pan head chip pan head chip pan head chip pan head.
  5. It will have been about 1996 away v Carlisle in FA Cup. I think we won 2-0. For some reason it’s always stuck in my mind.... All the Wednesday fans singing “Curly Watts” at a young steward that looked like the character from Coronation Street. Eventually they had to move the poor lad. one of the stewards wasn’t taking it in the spirit the song was intended so then the Wednesday end started singing “chip pan head, chip pan head” at him. He didn’t know what to do..., Never before or since have I ever heard somebody called “chip pan head” Strange how you can remember certain things so clearly more than 20 years later....
  6. First match of the season, they ran out of water in the Grandstand before the match had even kicked off. Product with a long shelf life, loads of matches coming up, absolutely ridiculous. Yesterday, they ran out of water in the Grandstand - again - this time before half time. 3 people on the beer kiosk with queues the width of the concourse. 4 people on food kiosk just stood there with little to do. “Who gives a f00k” is the usual call. The reason it matters, regardless of whether you buy food and drink at the ground, is because it is symptomatic of the amateurish way in which the club is operated. The merchandise, FFP, the ticketing strategy, the catering, the haphazard recruitment, no manager for 6 weeks, the constant Merry go round of admin staff, the boxes fiasco, selling the ground, SAG/North Stand - they all point to a business with no clear direction or coherent leadership and bad management. We might get lucky and get promoted but it’s doubtful. This club is treading water with somebody leading us that is out of his depth. Fortunately, he’s put in his Dad’s money to cover up the cracks. Are we for sale? I hope so. Finding a buyer with the necessary funds is unfortunately a long shot though.
  7. Not that good. You couldn’t get over the first one so you had two more.
  8. Keeper and back four picks itself Westwood odubajo Lees Borner Palmer The midfield is difficult for us to pick without speaking to the players and medical staff. is Bannan 100%? can Lee Play again? Is it wise with Hutch? On balance, we need Lee and Hutch fit for the season. We’ll certainly need Hutch for Preston. I think I’d rest both of them. Therefore Reach and Bannan in the centre for me, with a throw up between Pelepussy and playing Luongo slightly out of position. Round pegs and round holes, I’d go for Pelepussy. I’d stick with Murphy, he needs matches and I’ve already made 4 changes. So Murphy and Harris out wide. For similar reasons to Hutch I’d swap Fletch with Rhodes and pray that Rhodes takes his chance. so in summary:- Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Reach Pelepussy Bannan Murphy Rhodes Harris subs:- Dawson Iorfa Hutch Luongo Forestieri Nuhiu Fletcher
  9. Mine would be:- Enfield Telford Hallam FC WEDNESDAY Hartlepool Harrogate Kings Lynn Boston Wrexham Accrington Stanley Wimbledon Dagenham Alfreton Sheffield FC Chesterfield Dover Workington Stockport Bury Solihull Motors Id fancy us for Champions League football. Plenty of derby matches. Good geographical spread.
  10. You won't need a carer. We will look after you.
  11. Not in a 4-3-3. He's not as effective on the wing as murphy or Harris. He's not as good in the middle as Lee, Bannan or Luongo.
  12. After listening to Bullen's interview after the Barnsley match I don't think there is any chance that he will start Lee against millwall and luton. I think he'd be better suited to the Luton match and we'd be better going with the more combative style of Luongo for Millwall. If Bannan is 100% fit, he'd always get in my team. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Luongo Hutch (anchor man) Bannan Murphy (although I think he'll pick Reach instead) Fletcher Harris Subs: Dawson Iorfa Pelepussy Lee Reach Forestieri Rhodes Look how strong that bench is!!!!!!!
  13. In order to decide on whether you'll be allowed or not I need to know your age.
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