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  1. They should deduct all points off everybody apart from us.
  2. The only thing that will result in the results being void is if Bolton go into liquidation (wound up) not if they go into Admin. Wont happen, at least not this season. If it came to it, the FL would help fund the next 6 weeks to get them to the end of the season rather than compromise the integrity of the results.
  3. Keep it simple. Dont change all the other parts of the team that are working. Pelepussy or Jones come in for Hutch. But don’t worry, Hutch will be fit.
  4. Norwich and Leeds play with tempo and try and go forward with every pass. We aimlessly played it around the back four before getting tackled and the opposition having a shot. The only similarly aimless approach I’ve seen this year is from Swansea. A better coach would have that Swansea squad top 6 no problem.
  5. I think we’ll need to win every home game and two away matches. We can maybe only afford one draw and one loss, so it’s a massive ask. Beat Stoke, then two cup finals against Villa and Forest. Winning those three is a big ask and even then we’ll still have a tough job on.
  6. Could be. With our goal difference, I’ve a feeling we might need 73 or 74 though. What we’d do now for turning one of those draws into a win. We could have so easily beat Reading, Derby or Millwall.
  7. Not a hope in hell. with our goal difference you then need everybody else on 67 or less. Not going to happen.
  8. You just don’t know what will happen, we could be out of it by the time we go to Leeds. Similarly, by the time we play Forest, Bristol City and Preston - they may have nothing to play for. Even Leeds may be effectively out of top 2 race but safe in play offs. You just can’t tell. The important thing is to get a win at Stoke which will set up a massive game with Villa. Don’t look beyond that, it’ll give you a headache.
  9. Spot on re. Top 2. But a definite chance one (two at a push) of Villa, Preston or Wednesday could end up in play offs.
  10. Stevie Fletcher He earns more than Wilder He earns more than Wilder He earns more than Wilder 40K He earns more than Wilder
  11. Stevie Fletcher He’s more hair than Bannan Hes more hair than Bannan Hes more hair than Bannan Stevie Fletcher Hes more hair than Bannan
  12. I am predicting we will not have a negative goal difference after today.
  13. Boo!!! Probably for the best. The conditions would have acted as a great leveller for Coventry.
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