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  1. I’d love Megson. And the Pulis/Megson combo did well at WBA. Megson then did a good job as caretaker after Pulis left. People have unrealistic expectations. Some even claim they’d be unhappy with Big Sam. Jesus wept, he was the England manager 2 years ago. I know one thing, it’ll be a manager of this type that eventually gets us back to the PL, not some romantic idea about somebody that’ll have us winning 4-3 every week.
  2. Surely the one thing you can’t fault Boyd for was his fitness and work rate? The problem was he didn’t have much pace in the first place and now is a proper plodder.
  3. Selling the ground would have no impact on the number of shares whatsoever.
  4. Whilst I completely disagree with FFP, this is where people get confused. it was never about being fair. It was an ill thought out scheme to stop clubs going into Admin and by and large, it’s worked in that respect.
  5. I think the clue is in the name:- Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Ltd It will be registered abroad.
  6. Some right uninformed rubbish on here. owlstalk Classic. Anybody would think many of you didn’t even watch our play off final against Hull. Anybody could name that back four from that season. Odubajo, Dawson, Davies, Robertson. Where has this three at the back come from? Is it just because you can’t believe Maguire didn’t get in? And as good as Palmer was after Christmas he has never once got to the same levels as a right back as Odubajo has.
  7. Whelan on a one year deal would be excellent competition for Hutchinson. I’d have no problem with that at all.
  8. If their contract says it finishes on 31st June, I expect we can do what we want
  9. Firstly, is that insulting language necessary? secondly, the same principles of negotiating stand. If you want to barter you don’t start at a price that is so ridiculous it will make the other party walk away rather than try and conclude a deal.
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