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  1. I could tear that apart but I'm about to go out. I'll see if I can be bothered tomorrow.
  2. People are spouting some rubbish on here. The biggest one being that £20m is too low and/or it wouldn't work unless the PL followed suit! Of course it would, market forces would take care of it. Players would either have to accept £20K a week in the Championship, find a club abroad that would pay them more or sit it out on their current contract. It really is that simple. Then ultimately what would happen, is if a PL club had a player on say £35K a week that they couldn't get rid of they'd either keep paying it or they would let him go to a Championship club and they'd have to pay £15K per week of his wages. The other classic was that clubs would just get around it by giving players in things like cars and houses. Again easily solved, the limit includes all benefits that go on your P11d. So unless people are seriously suggesting that clubs will deliberately embrace tax evasion there isn't a problem there either. This is a much better and easier to police policy than what we have currently. I do agree though, you can't exempt relegated PL clubs from it. They just have to be cleverer with their contracts or the £20m only applies to a squad that each club announces. Therefore if a PL club comes down with a £30m wage bill and they can't offload you don't punish them. They just have to not include £10m worth of players in the squad they announce at the start of the season. Therefore you'd just end up with a relegated club having players they couldn't play. Again, market forces would take over. They'd pay some of the wages to offload and going forwards clubs would write relegation clauses into the contracts. This is how a free market works people, it adapts!
  3. To be fair, stats of late subs always looks better because the 90th minute gets recorded as one minute when on average it is actually 4. Plus it is a statistical fact that more goals are scored in the 76-90 minute then any other period in any event. Plus, how many goals have we conceded in those 228 minutes?
  4. It is no coincidence that the highest finish since Nuhiu joined was the season he played the least. Thats my opinion.
  5. I am aware of that. They are just two subs performances that stick out in my mind.
  6. He’s not good enough. i find it amazing that he is getting credit for losing his balance and falling on his bum. i assure you, I could cause equal confusion if that’s what it takes. Trevor Francis was in a completely different league as an impact sub. Gordon Watson was also a good one. As was Mark Chamberlain. not forgetting Jemson v Man Utd and the cameo from Larwie Madden at Wembley
  7. Watch 2nd half again and tell me how many times he needlessly gave the ball away or made the wrong decision. Thought we played Well though today so don’t want to sound negative Id agree that he worked hard and his movement is always excellent. He was very good when he didn’t have the ball. Very indifferent when he did.
  8. I thought he was our worst player. constantly made the wrong decision second half. Funny old game!
  9. But if you were in the public eye and you wanted to use Twitter for sport or news, just have an anonymous account. But they don't, they all like to plaster their name all over it. When they do this they know for a fact they will get abuse from some troll. And then they complain about it. Why do they do it?
  10. Personal abuse unacceptable. However, if anybody doesn't do their job properly, they would expect customers to criticise their performance. That is more than acceptable. As ever with this type of debate, I have absolutely no idea why any public figure would think it a good idea to engage in social media. And if they do, don't be offended by the results because one thing that is 100% certain is that the abuse is coming.
  11. Small minded Sheffielder's out in force again I see. If we'd have appointed him years go we'd probably have played PL football by now. "But he supports United. Wah! Wah! Wah!"
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