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  1. HirstWhoScoredIt

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Paul Warhurst Letting David Hirst s**g his Mrs.
  2. HirstWhoScoredIt

    How many changes does Jos make?

    And formation
  3. Everybody says he constantly changes the formation, constantly changes the personnel but does he? Here are the number of changes he has made for every match:- Wigan N/A Hull City 3 Brentford 3 Millwall 4 Ipswich 2 Reading 0 Stoke 1 Forest 4 Villa 5 Leeds 2 WBA 4 Bristol City 3 Boro 2 QPR 5 Birmingham 3 Norwich 2 United 4 an average of 2.94 changes per match? Is this a lot? Last season, the most average changes in The Championship was 2.8. So it seems it is, we are averaging more than anybody did last season. In fact it’s more than any League One or League Two club did. Only some of the top 6 clubs in the PL do more. Presumably because they have the biggest squads and have European football to cope with. Last season, the clubs that made less than 2 changes per match were:- Villa Bristol City Fulham Derby United Wolves Boro Millwall Theclubs that made the most changes were (2.7 or more):- Bolton Hull Ipswich Norwich Wednesday Sunderland The changes could be because of injuries or poor performance. But apart from the PL where the results seem skewed by the resources of the top 6, teams that make less changes do better than teams that make lots of changes.
  4. HirstWhoScoredIt

    So which one is it?

    It’ll clearly be a mixture of most of them.
  5. HirstWhoScoredIt

    The Big Issue.

    Liar. Guardiola and we are all on board.
  6. HirstWhoScoredIt

    The Big Issue.

    It’s not the biggest issue though, it’s not even a tiny issue. The reason being that it doesn’t matter one jot whether fans are willing to give time or not because they are not the decision makers. If Chansiri and Jos have agreed on a strategy and Jos is judged by Chansiri to be carrying out that plan to an acceptable standard then Jos will be given the time to carry out that plan. If the strategy was to get promoted at all costs, I would say Jos is on borrowed time. If the strategy was to stay up, whilst at the same time blooding youngsters and trying to get a big transfer fee from somewhere (Reach and Bannan?) - then Jos would be doing perfectly well. But pretending the fans will have much of a say is a nonsense. A good job bearing in mind the vast chasm of opinions and lack of foresight on here. I must have said on here ‘we have a small window of opportunity’ 50 times in the last three years and was called a doom-monger. And pointing out we clearly had one of the biggest wage bills in the division was shot down in flames, simply because the historic and out of date accounts didn’t back that up. Telling everybody there was no evidence that Chansiri had any business experience at all - how dare I? Or that much money - shocked outrage. And as for trying to explain why the three year season tickets indicated problems ahead..... So when 99% of us have so little foresight, it’s probably a good job it’s not us deciding because that really would be a big issue. Chansiri had all of this info at his finger tips and still managed to put us squarely in this massive hole that some of us could see happening from a mile off. Therefore, I’d say the biggest issue is that we are relying on this same person to dig us out of this mess when there is no evidence he has the slightest shred of business acumen or experience. In fact, quite the contrary....
  7. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Birmingham City U18 0-3 Super Owls

    League table https://www.premierleague.com/tables?team=U18&co=7&se=223
  8. Another comfortable win for our youngsters by the look of it today. Lets hope we have a few that will make the step up in the next few seasons.
  9. HirstWhoScoredIt

    To the Jos out brigade

    I agree. But I think it was almost a free roll of the dice on Friday because it kept coming back anyway.
  10. HirstWhoScoredIt

    To the Jos out brigade

    Set up well but the game was there for the taking in the last 10 minutes. Couldnt believe he didn’t bring Joao on. Very negative.
  11. Everybody knows we are going to keep our first clean sheet of the season. And I can’t see us scoring less than six. EasyEasy Easy
  12. HirstWhoScoredIt


    Le Tissier’s problem was his career overlapped with Gascoigne, Barnes, Waddle, Beardsley and Sheringham.
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/college-field-study-YJjvTqoRFgZaM
  14. HirstWhoScoredIt

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    Did you see I wrote it in January? And you start every post by reading the last line?
  15. But harsh but made me laugh