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  1. Or underwater.... ....Or foot and mouth exclusion zone
  2. FA Cup Third Round

    No thanks...... Newport away. Better atmosphere.
  3. Club has lost 'that' feeling

    Yes second half quite good and unlucky in the end.
  4. I think I'd better bid for Hooper's until I lose a few pounds.....
  5. Post a positive!

    Is it too late to move this thread to NON SWFC FOOTBALL NEWS ?
  6. January

    Too many players on "cruise control" and getting well paid for it. January a good time to move as many on as we can.
  7. The apparent "booing".

    You're not Katie Hopkins, are you?
  8. João - How best to use him

    He will never be a good hold-up player like Hooper, so I think he needs a better quality of ball played through to him to run onto. Like an incisive pass from midfield for example
  9. I had my kindle with me. I was tempted....
  10. So what do you do if you buy anything from the club shop before the game and they put it in a bag?
  11. Bristol City

    For starters, I'm just happy it's a Saturday 3 pm kick-off
  12. Kicking towards the Kop 1st Half

    Knock down the presto stand and Kop at both ends. Sorted
  13. Hutchinson out Indefinately

    It's not Hutch's fault. We knew he was injury prone when we bought him. I'd love to see him as a regular in our starting eleven but that seems very unlikely.
  14. Corrected your typo