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  1. Highbury Owl

    The future of Joao

    He's got talent. Hopefully Jos can develop it.
  2. Millstone round our neck. Can't wait until he is no longer associated with our club. £40k(?) a week....I'm gutted for him.
  3. Highbury Owl

    Van Aken

    Has anyone asked Carlos?
  4. Highbury Owl

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    Nice to see my daughter's old alma mater seeing off the dunderheads from the "poly"
  5. Spurs have been bottling semi finals for almost a century!
  6. Highbury Owl

    Well well well

    I was hoping this might be a tribute to the 'Well reaching the Scottish Cup Final. But it wasn't even that clever.
  7. Highbury Owl

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Thankfully I'm in Beirut at the moment. Otherwise I would have been in Shepherds Bush.
  8. Highbury Owl

    Good news for ALL Wednesday fans

    Was he tweeting his wife?
  9. Highbury Owl

    Safe Standing gets rejected

    It's political madness not to allow it.
  10. "2 weeks" + swfc = Season
  11. Highbury Owl

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham match day thread

    Youll be a bit late...
  12. Highbury Owl

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    I'll be in the Tap tomorrow. More interested in getting my beer fast!
  13. Highbury Owl

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    ? Since when was 9 meg "lightning fast."
  14. Like he's an android that's got a fault.