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  1. I predict a big win for the barristers. At least £,£££,£££.
  2. Nice lad. Be happy if my daughter brought him home for dinner. Although he is about two foot taller.
  3. Not for me. I like the sheer injustice of rubbish decisions and watching everyone running about like mad things whingeing their faces off...
  4. If the contract was in place before the 2018 accounts were signed off by the director, are we not actually required under accounting rules to adjust this in the 2018 accounts on the basis that it is a material post balance sheet event? I'm sure the real issue here is about the valuation being being at arms length.
  5. Yes, but that isn't the topic of this thread. With Rhodes in the team we have no chance of being in the play offs. He was good five years ago or more. (Like a few others in our squad.)
  6. Me too. Thought it was another SAG directive. As a Chartered Accountant I'd need to remember to take them out of my pocket before coming to the game. Otherwise who knows what might happen when I got to the turnstiles? Carnage!
  7. He does get a rough ride. But his worst enemy has always been himself. Still like him a lot ,and hopefully he can make a major contribution to our season, once he has served his suspension.
  8. Well this is not a surprise. DC has obviously paid well over the odds to buy the stadium. For the same acreage it's probably Fulham prices and he's done it to try to get round FFP and financially support and protect our club. I've never understood the point of FFP because it only seems to exist to protect the interests of richer clubs (and Steve Gibson). At best the EFL is incompetent. If they have any integrity, I'd like to know what it it is.
  9. Who said I was upset? It was a simple question. Are you too delicate to understand that?
  10. Why is anyone still buying food in the stadium? I get a sandwich from one of the bakeries outside the stadium and that does me until after the game. If you're daft enough to want to buy the overpriced inedible poo they serve there, then sort yourself out ffs and stop whinging.
  11. I'm not confident we are going to get much out if him going forward.
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