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  1. Might be a good time for DC to have another think about it?
  2. Ah well, if suggesting we try and put our own house in order before asking for a handout is sanctimonious, then fine.
  3. Just checking in how many of our senior players have agreed to a pay sacrifice (not deferrals) in solidarity with the situation in our country and in recognition of the taxpayer subsidy that our Chairman is asking for low paid staff at our club? Maybe worth a reminder that these tax subsidies DC is asking for ultimately come out of taxes paid by those working at the moment like NHS staff, unlike our senior players who aren't. (and arguably haven't put much of a shift in all season)
  4. No club should be so immoral to take a taxpayer subsidy to fund the wages of low paid staff and at the same time continue to pay (crap) players tens of thousands of pounds without at least asking them to take a voluntary pay cut to fund this instead. So for those of you earlier in this thread who said well done DC that's why I've negged you.
  5. We're not going to put up with six months of this. People just won't do it.
  6. I don't think you have actually understood what I was trying to say. I'm not suggesting we put anyone at risk. If we cant play until Jan 2021 then we still finish this season.
  7. We finish this season off no matter how long it takes. Then we can think about the next season, or half a season, or even no season. But we finish what we have started.
  8. Where we are now just reminds us the people in society who provide real value; doctors, nurses, carers, those who produce and delivery food etc. Suddenly £100k per week footballers have little economic value. I hope we look at this a bit more as a society when the crisis is over.
  9. Yes, good idea. Let's get lots of old people in a confined space.
  10. So they sue the EFL for how much, and if they won what would they get paid and who would end up paying it. Have the EFL got a spare £100m in their bank accounts to pay them compo? Like that competitive dad in the Fast Show who wants to sue his son over a game of Monopoly!
  11. My wife just did the same this afternoon. We were meant to go tomorrow night but it has been cancelled. We have been to quite a few of their plays and always enjoyed them. They are a small theatre company with a lot of young people.
  12. Just posting so I don't have to look at that dancing chicken on the matchday page
  13. and then it will be "You're not fit to wear the suit".....'
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