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  1. What a load of sanctimonious b0llocks. I support SWFC and HAFC and somehow Im not a true football fan?
  2. Should really be University of Sheffield A team v University of Sheffield B team. Since when did they allow the poly team in? Talk about standards slipping. The game should have been moved to the streaky bacons stadium.
  3. Hector is better than Lees when he brings the ball out of defence, except when he attempts a long pass, where he tends to over hit it massively. When Lees brings the ball out he looks like a virgin being shoved into a brothel.
  4. I've risked a fiver at 11/2 that we win by more than one goal
  5. Hutch shades it from Lazaar for a solid performance for the whole 90 minutes. Brilliant !
  6. Also, now that I think about it, we were pretty clueless on Tuesday night with the few corners we had. Didn't look like we had gone to the bother of rehearsing anything.
  7. ^^^ What I was thinking last night when Fessi put a tame effort high and wide.
  8. Spot on until you mentioned the n word
  9. Hasn't managed to pick out a decent pass in the last two games but hey ho...
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