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  1. As in Stirling Albion? Or did you mean sterling?
  2. I've got Sky and the game is on in the front room but I'm in the kitchen with the missus supping a Lagavulin. I was there on Saturday but couldn't relax until we scored the fourth goal. I love football but hate these important games.
  3. The Barry Bannon pic taking the corner is brilliant Thank you
  4. Yes that could be. I remember Hull. Didn't even fill their end. Fizz......
  5. If we make it to Wembley it might look a bit one sided in the stadium unless it's Sunderland
  6. Yes. Unfortunately only 2 out of the last 6 games are at home.
  7. Especially if you are in the stand at Gillingham or have compressed vertebrae in your lower back.
  8. People from Sheffield who complain about ticket prices should stop moaning.
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