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  1. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    No it's not because of the blunts. And there isn't a "meltdown" either. Try Chernobyl for that. We have played 12 games and won 4. We are inconsistent and mediocre. We like our manager as a person but we don't think he is going to get us into the top two. That's frustrating but it's not a meltdown or down to the blunts.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Probably. But I've only got to page 6 so far.
  3. Strachan or Moyes to the end of the season would do for me. It's not going to happen though.
  4. Referees are killing us.

    Pointless complaining about refs. Leave that to Arsene Whinger etc.
  5. Wildsmith

    Didn't see yesterday's game but his distribution against L××ds was very good. Still a young keeper on the up, I hope
  6. Wednesday or England

    Wednesday Then Scotland
  7. Frederico Vernancios Picanto

    Maybe he can drive it into his paddling pool?
  8. Justice for Wildsmith

    More games in the first team should help with that, so hopefully he will feature more often. His distribution yesterday was noticeably better than we get from Westy.
  9. So better than Dean Smith. But not as good as Lee Johnson.
  10. When do we write off the season?

    Impossible to predict but I'll be writing it off if we lose on Sunday
  11. He’s not going to make it is he?

    Corrected your formula for you.
  12. So what's wrong? Have a look at this

    Well that's tethering the goat to the stake.....
  13. Carlos Views on Tonight

    Perhaps you should elope together?
  14. Hooper

    He was our best player on Sunday too.
  15. And thank you for the punctuation as well....