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  1. We should take a lead from QPR and re-brand Hillsborough for the rest of the season as : SYP LIARS STADIUM
  2. Food, drink, prices and queues in South stand all trubbish, so I just don't use the catering there any more. Pre-match routine is : sandwich near the Lepping Lanes tram stop, have a drink in the Tap, and sneak a small bottle of water into the stadium.
  3. A few more wins and maybe Hughton might get interested again.
  4. I wondered who put up those new shelves..
  5. My misses doesn't know I have a season ticket.
  6. I'd rather we just did First 1 game. And win it. After that, let's see.
  7. I think the heat must be getting to you. I'm sure DC isn't thinking the way you are. Hopefully he will take his time to find the right person and not refer to anything on OT! If necessary, appoint Bullen for a while rather than make a rash decision.
  8. This is a bit confusing I didn't move seat last season and they still sent a new card I haven't moved seat this season and I use last year's card Is this our new plastic reduction strategy?
  9. There are times on OT when I'd like to be able to give more than one up vote.
  10. No need to apologise. A lot of us have been busy at work all day.
  11. This is about you, isn't it?
  12. One year ban. It was an embarrassing and stupid thing to do. And 30 days for anyone who sang Steve Bruce's Barmy Army.......
  13. Yes, and none the wiser. I don't think we are going to get this sorted tonight so it's a bed time story for me and then lights off.
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