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  1. He's poo and has been for ages. Before that he was overrated. Will that do?
  2. Spineless team Can't score goals Sadly not
  3. I'll watch it until Brentford take the lead and it's game over and then something on Netflix.
  4. Apparently in talks with Celtic..... FFS!
  5. Two local down and outs have told that there will be news later tonight on a new signing called Godot. Hopefully worth waiting up for?
  6. Hopefully this. Nothing wrong with getting another offer to help in negotiations if he really does want to stay. Especially if our initial offer was a bit ******** poor.
  7. I think we need at least 11 points if we want to start edging out of the drop zone but with five away games and most if them tricky it would be an ok month for us if we can
  8. 8 games scheduled for February, 5 of them away and most of them look difficult fixtures. Will be a tough month. Realistically maybe looking at around 11 points?
  9. I'm watching SSN and when our score comes up on the right hand side I rub our 0 to see if it will turn into a 1. Yes, I am that desperate.
  10. Also, the right man to get us back up from League 1 at the end of next season.
  11. So, you're an Archeologist then?
  12. There is a fair chance that we need QPR or Brum to finish below us if we want to stay up. So I wouldn't be doing anything that might help either team.
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