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  1. and what would that be at the moment?
  2. Highbury Owl

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I'd have brought in the Grim Reaper until the end of the season. Then Steve Bruce.
  3. Highbury Owl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Back to the happy days of Ford Cortinas and Neil Diamond!
  4. Highbury Owl

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Luton at home again. Let's do a bit better next time!
  5. Highbury Owl

    Have I missed something?

    Yes I think the OP has missed something. Our new manager can say what he likes when he starts on 1st Feb. In the meantime our current (caretaker) manager (W2, D2) should be allowed to get on with his job until then.
  6. Highbury Owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    That's helpful for season ticket holders who live and work in north London....
  7. Highbury Owl

    Westwood “troll” tweet

    Looking forward to another Twitter free year in 2019.
  8. Highbury Owl

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    Hasn't been easy for him considering the quality of our defensive formations this season.
  9. Highbury Owl

    Fans forum match day thread

    So free season tickets next year then...
  10. Highbury Owl

    Definitely not playing for Jos

    I don't get this "not playing for the manager" excuse. If they don't like the manager they should still be playing for the fans. Especially the ones who went yesterday.
  11. Highbury Owl

    Disgraceful etc etc

    Thank you M'Lord. If the pitch is that good and "terrific for zipping the ball about" maybe we should go back to playing cricket for a few years?
  12. Highbury Owl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Arsenal away. 500 yards round trip.
  13. Highbury Owl

    Where was Fletcher?

    Could of been on the bench and come on instead of Dave.
  14. Highbury Owl

    Anyone know why fox started?

    He had a shocker yesterday. Caught out of position many times. Failed to close down the opposition. First touch was Sunday league. Didn't look interested. Got a well deserved "what wtf are you up to" from Bannon. Is his contract up soon? Hopefully we can offload him to a League 1 club.