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  1. Highbury Owl

    Big Sam anyone?

    I'd go for a Mick McCarthy / Roy Keane partnership. Might not last long but it would be interesting.
  2. Highbury Owl

    Just got back

    I think you must have left after 5 minutes, so I'm guessing you're in Aberdeen now?
  3. Highbury Owl

    Flag Surfing Today

    Yes. It was cringeworthy and whoever was in charge needs re-training.
  4. Highbury Owl

    Joey Pelupessy

    Indeed. If we learnt anything today it was 1. Thorniley is a much better prospect than Fox 2. Joey's days in the first team are numbered 3. Matthias may not score many but it will still might be more than Fletcher ! - who should have scored at least one of his three chances.
  5. Highbury Owl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Av heard its aff
  6. Highbury Owl

    3/1 to win today

    You've nailed it.
  7. Highbury Owl

    3/1 to win today

    4.1 for an away win still available on betfair if you move quick.
  8. Highbury Owl

    Season Card

    Reality Buy Pass
  9. Highbury Owl

    Programmes 3 quid

    Don't blame the bloke selling the programmes just because he might wake up everybody in the south stand. Shoosh...
  10. Sky will move lots of games to awkward times to make it more difficult to get to them.
  11. Highbury Owl

    1st fixtures

    So where is it then? It's almost mid-day.
  12. Indeed. They have a policy of cutting down trees so you can park your Jag on the pavement.
  13. Highbury Owl

    New kit

    How about not starting a thread with the words "new kit" in it until the new kit is out?
  14. Highbury Owl

    The future of Joao

    He's got talent. Hopefully Jos can develop it.