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  1. Highbury Owl

    The elephant in the room

    millwall, preston, brum, hull, blackburn. fair enuf you can only beat what"s in front of you but there will be harder games coming up for them
  2. Highbury Owl

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    wonder how many Saturday 3pm games we will play this season? or should we not care (as Owlstalk says) it is a useful form of income for the club?
  3. maybe its because football used to be on at 3 pm on Saturday and it was less complicated to make plans to be there?
  4. If they want to demolish the Leppings Lane stand free of charge I'm not going to stop them.
  5. What's wrong with young people these days? You used to be able to give them a quid to look after your car and you never had any problems. (as long as you paid) Sitting at home playing video games probably.....
  6. one if them had a moustache like Salvador Dali Surreal......
  7. Highbury Owl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    unlike Pelepussy who has no touch and makes an arse of everything
  8. They had about 40 police around the tram stop and there wasn't as much as a dangerous fart there
  9. First class "man spreading"
  10. My daughter went to Sheffield Uni to study Engineering in 2013. I suggested we go to a game as I'd always had a soft spot for Wednesday. It was the 13th game of the season against Reading and we hadn't won any of the previous twelve, but you can probably remember the result that day! I've been a season ticket holder for a few years now.
  11. Highbury Owl

    What do you think about this?

    Probably just wont renew my season ticket as not enough Saturday 3 pm matches to go to.
  12. Highbury Owl

    Caption this

    What did I just sign ?
  13. Highbury Owl

    Wednesday In One Word

  14. Highbury Owl

    Paul Lambert

    Like L**d* you mean? Hmmmm.......