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  1. Can't see much point in playing the "blame" game here Problem: Fitness in the squad Solution: Jos to get on with sorting it out and decide which crocks to get rid of. I think he is the right person to do it. Hopefully we will start to see a difference at the beginning of next season
  2. Resting players

    The two goals conceded were due to sloppy defending more than team selection.
  3. Few things we learnt tonight

    Watching Boyd tonight, he knew he was rubbish in that position. Felt sorry for him. Fox is rubbish. No sympathy.
  4. Stobbs

    No having that. One of the few players who tried to move the ball forward and run at their defence. Not greatly succesful but at least he tried more than most.
  5. Not for me. I tend to take up divots with every mis-tackle so I think I'll avoid desecrating our hallowed desso.
  6. Quite right too. 5 years of joy and happiness instead of to two weeks of hell with the wife and kids!
  7. I'm a "part-timer" and I'll be there. Also bought a ticket for my daughter. See you tomorrow night too.
  8. Championship Table This Time Last Year

    Totally this. Be interesting to see if other clubs copy their strategy in future years.
  9. Obvious song for Clare

    Showing your age. Not a lot will get this.....
  10. Stewards on Bridge

    Yes, I had this at the Brum game too. I'm sure they are not doing this for their own amusement but for genuine security reasons. I hope the bloke behind you got jumped by the troll.
  11. Maybe, but might be better to precis it all into one paragraph.
  12. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    I'll be looking out for you. Are you wearing the pink carnation?
  13. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    It's mental night on Owlstalk. Think I'll watch the footy on C5 and go to bed.
  14. Not Good Enough

    Happy to pick up a point while we wait to get a few of the first team back.
  15. We need to address the past by learning from it, not whinging about it.