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  1. I'm not sure would be allowed to do that.
  2. As well as the big dead wood clear out maybe we should negotiate our points deduction now so we can clear it this season.
  3. At least the pigs should have gone by the time I get home...
  4. Iorfa. The only player with any hope of playing in the Premiership.
  5. We should be allowed to compete on a level playing field with clubs on parachute payments.
  6. Unfortunately it will be the council tax payers who would ultimately pay for this. The only way the councillors will suffer is if they get voted out at the next council elections. Unless a tree falls on them before then.
  7. Not Bannan. We need a midfield, not a quarterback.
  8. If you are thinking of the goal he scored that I'm thinking of, it would be brushing aside Andrew Robertson. 4th round. It's better to be a dreamer than a cynic.
  9. I dont know the answer to this but on balance I'd rather we made season tickets cheaper.
  10. Why not play a full strength side? Is it because we'll have no supporters going there hoping for a win? Why can't we win the FA cup? Wigan managed it recently. Your post just sucks the life out of football, and being a Wednesday supporter.
  11. If those are the choices how about Godber?
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