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  1. "the club can confirm that new signing Greg Fee will wear the number 350 shirt"
  2. Just proves what an outstanding contribution the first joke was
  3. Got my Morrisons home delivery last night. Well done Morrisons
  4. Yeah, not caring about why we refer to Sheffield United as 'pigs' is me not caring about the history of our club. I think you'd be right to leave it at that to be honest.
  5. Pros and cons. Good opportunity for players to regain match fitness, especially this time of the season. Chance for fringe players to get competitive game time. Good chance for some clubs to get a win under their belt to try and build momentum etc. On the other side it's a chance to get injured and not many care about a cup they have virtually no chance of winning
  6. I really don't care why to be honest. It's childish all the same. Calling Neil Warnock 'Colin' however is not childish. That's just genius.
  7. Sorry, don't really see how the heritage and 'historic Sheffield culture ' are at all relevent. Like I said, having grown men and women from two sides of a big city calling each other 'pigs' just seems a bit childish for me.
  8. I had the Nuhiu one but lost the figure. Anyone got one I could replace it with?
  9. Agree with this. To be honest I never use any slurs for rival teams. I always refer to our rivals at S2 as 'United'. As a 36 year old I can't bring myself to be using grunters, pigs, blunts etc. Just seems childish to me. But then again, I a miserable killjoy at the best of times
  10. Great result today. Couldn't have asked for more than that could we. I was thinking though. Could the points deduction benefit our performances? Over the past 5 years since DC bought the club the players have had a weight of expectation on them to be challenging for promotion even when they clearly weren't up to that level. A lot of this is due to past comments from the owner stating things like 'if we don't go up we're in trouble' and charging the ridiculous ticket prices which were in some way supposed to be a reflection of the investment in the team and you'd therefore assume quality and higher league positions. But this season, the only realistic goal is to stay in the division. Whilst it's not going to be an easy task, I do wonder if that feels less pressure than trying to compete at the top? Could having the weight of promotion expectation help the players with confidence? Obviously there's counter arguments to all this but that's kind of the point of raising the question. Thoughts?
  11. Great to read and I think his feels towards the club won't come as a surprise to many. Say what you want about his ability but his passion and commitment for the club was never in doubt. There's a few memories that will stick with me. The goal against man city and the one where he took on about 3 players from the corner flag and scored a beauty. Can't remember who against but it's been shared many times. Good luck to him in Cyprus
  12. I'm optimistic for this one. I think we will play better than most expect. Cardiff 2 - 0 Wednesday
  13. Wish him all the best. Can't fault his effort. Hope he does well. But I'm pleased we can finally draw a line under his possible return now.
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