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  1. Absolutely baffles me that people continue to defend Chansiri He's an absolute cowboy.
  2. Excuses nothing. We nearly went up and didnt. It's his job and his responsibility to ensure our spending remains sustainable regardless of how much people and he wants promotion. He splashed money around like a madman and has tried to compensate with 'tricks' to get us out of the mire. Heard it said many times on here that 'the people complaining should get real because it was worse before he came etc etc..' Well my response to that remains the same. Chansiri will put us back in the position we were in pre-Milan. He is and will destroy us.
  3. It's the default accusation to make mate. Apparently anyone who could see this coming (and said so) is now currently sat in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne in their hands getting off on how right they were all along. Total nonsense. I (like you) get absolutely no joy whatsoever with this state of affairs. Similar to when you make a prediction that the manager has lost the plot. By default you are accused of enjoying seeing the team lose just so you can prove your point. It's ridiculous
  4. Not sure. But you're assuming that all those situations are exactly the same. I'm not going to act like I know any of the details cos I don't but maybe the paperwork and value of derbys stadium adds up and makes sense? Maybe they've looked into ours and found all sorts of issues and a value etc that doesn't hold up. I don't know
  5. Getting exactly what we deserve. Anyone with an ounce of sense could see what a mess this was going to turn into. Dunt matter though. Chansiri is a fantastic owner for this football club. Hes spent loads on players and when he goes on holiday his son wears a Wednesday kit. Sure we'll be reyt
  6. That song is about size. Not quality. With villa back in the prem I'm struggling to think of a club with a bigger stadium than us...
  7. Atmosphere has been rubbish for years. I recommend taking your headphones and listening to artificial crowd noise during the match.
  8. Take it personally? I'm not Westwood and it's not a personal attack? You've completely lost me. I was merely commenting on your post and the logic around it.
  9. This confuses me. Here's Morgan Fox, a player who for a large part of his time with us has been nowhere near good enough, finally proving his doubters (plonkers) wrong with recent performances - judging by your comment. But you then go on to continue to slate a goalkeeper who has been incredible for the majority of his time with us. A keeper who has (admittedly) seen some faults recently but at the same time has by far won us more points than he's ever conceded. Its strange logic.
  10. Don't want to be Mr Negative but it always makes me laugh when our fans complain about time wasting. I genuinely think we're awful for it. Mainly because we can never win a game by more than a goal and are always scraping to keep it.
  11. Wouldn't work with all the TV coverage etc. 100 matches all ending at different times. Jeff sterling would be in tatters
  12. A proper leader. That voice that rallies the team and keeps them focused. Especially when you're a goal in front with minutes left on the clock. Tom Lees isn't one of those guys. Neither is Bannan. When was the last time we had one? I can't remember.
  13. This. When every striker you bring to the club turns to poo overnight you have to start looking at the root cause of the issue.
  14. He's not the best, but to call him sh!t is a bit harsh. Our fans aye...
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