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  1. It's their way of getting back at you for the misery you have caused. Living in Leicester I often ask my son if he wants to go to the match. Oh the little spark of excitement I see on his face is incredible, especially as I trick him by taking the detour past the King Power Stadium. "Vardy, Vardy!" He screams with joy. But the realisation passes as quickly as our Nissan Quasquai leaves the stadium in the dust. As he realises how evil his father is no more words are shared as the car approaches junction 21 of the M1 North....
  2. I want us to give him time. I'm sure most will but I'm nervous about our next two away at Ipswich and mid-week at Wigan. Both very tough games. Saying that, going and getting 6pts from those games would be typical Wednesday wouldnt it
  3. Stop talking nonsense It will never gel. Not with a pink away shirt
  4. Means nothing. Still a fantastic manager. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. No idea what else is happening at the club. I remember people saying "God no!" at the suggestion of David Moyes being our manager. Not that it was ever realistic but you get the point.
  5. To be fair, that's why I said I didn't remember them. I didn't say they didn't happen
  6. Our pitch was that bad 3 seasons ago let alone 50 years ago
  7. It's a very different game these days. In the 90s I don't remember all the midweek games as well as the weekend ones. Disagree with the fitness bit. Players are far fitter these days. In the 90s they players had a pizza and 6 pints after the game. It's much quicker now
  8. God no. I'm looking for every 3minutes
  9. Ah, the excuse my Leeds supporting mate used to give everytime they lost. Sorry but it's a ridiculous excuse.
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