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  1. I thought this was going to be the unveiling of a new channel 5 programme
  2. Can you hear that mouse? Or is it a rusty door? It's neither of those, it's just a squeek It's Steve Bruce's premier league tour
  3. Somebody read Ryan Giggs' autobiography? Are you his editor by any chance?
  4. As I said in another thread, people still riding on this myth that spending money equals success. United don't have poo players. They have good players who have all been brought in with a clear vision and strategy in place by an exceptional manager. Football's a team game. We on the other hand have had no vision or strategy and have instead worked under the assumption that spending a bucket of cash on a few players who don't fit into a system or didn't actually improve us would somehow get us promoted. You need an excellent manager. Not buckets of cash. We finally have one thank god
  5. But yet everyone still believes in the myth that only the teams with buckets of cash stand a chance of success. A crap manager spending 60m on crap players will result in a crap team. A good manager spending 200k on good players will be....good.
  6. Is it possible for us to have a song that doesn't mention the scrubbers at S2?
  7. That's quite an intelligent joke. Has your account been hacked?
  8. I know both of them. They were three cells down from me
  9. ...could we be instrumental in getting the piggy scummers back into the premier league automatically? Let's face it, we're ruddy fantabulous now and I'd fancy our chances of at least getting a point off l**ds and Norwich. If the playoffs are mathematically ruled out for us by then I say we field the under 12's as part of their future development.
  10. It's nice to have a manager who can speak English
  11. Personally i think the playoffs is out of reach. But, the thing that really concerns me is our part in helping United gain automatic promotion. With Leeds and Norwich to play, neither will be looking forward to playing us in the form we are in under Bruce.
  12. Ah, so your the one she calls 2-inch Tuesday. I'm 5-inch Friday btw
  13. Fernando can go for me. 2-3m is all hes worth these days. Hasnt done anthing other than show glimpses of brilliance since the first season he was here. Who is buying Jordan Rhodes? Hes worth about 2m absolute max now. Can you imagine the meltdown when all the fans who have written him off then go apes*** when we dont sell him for 10m. Hes going nowhere.
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