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  1. Hearing that Leon Clark might not play is the equivalent of us not having Nuhiu available. And that harsh on Nuhiu
  2. Clarke broke his toe in the process
  3. You can buy it here: https://www.itfcdirect.com/PagesPublic/home/home.aspx
  4. Nigel Worthington

    Those stripes tho
  5. Reading through my post I'm struggling to find any part where I say I want anything at all.
  6. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    That's just an old picture of Abdi with FFs face photoshopped on top
  7. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Well I think the point he's making is that when the club says nothing it's natural for fans to start jumping to their own conclusions. If the club was upfront (and ok I agree theres reasons why they don't spill information on everything about) it would stop fans guessing and making their own ideas up
  8. Shiney Dockers.

    As always I'll be wearing my best overalls. (Note: that isn't actually me. Purely for representation purposes.)
  9. One thing holding us back

    Problem is that Carlos doesn't seem to want to exploit gaps as a result of the opposition pressing forward. He just seems to want 10 men behind the ball defending for their lives. I think he would see joao or Matias as detrimental to the defence
  10. Wasting my time trying to explain a point that's not black and white. A fairly impossible task on owlstalk
  11. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    Need to keep him fit. To vital
  12. David jones

    Amazing how so many players get better when given a chance to settle in.
  13. I take it that reading isn't one of your strong points. It's Ok, it seems to be quite common on here. I specifically said that i felt we needed a change but out of respect for what Carlos has achieved I didn't want to see him sacked. Just because you don't think a manager is the right one doesn't mean you don't support him. I don't think Teresa May is the right person to lead the country but while she's in the seat I'll support her in trying to do the best job she can for the country. Anyway, I've written a lot again and the content of this post is exceptionally complex so I'll leave it there. If you don't understand, fair enough.
  14. I was very much in belief that we needed a change. But it's difficult because I like Carlos and didn't want to see him sacked. I thought not offering him a new deal in the summer would have been the right way to go about it. Thanks for all you have done Carlos but we're going to try some fresh ideas. I thought that would have been a sensible and respectful way for him to depart. But it winds me up when people like the OP seem to believe that wanting a different manager means you don't support the current one. Even at times of wanting a change - past, present or future - I will always support Carlos in the hope he can change my mind. I'll always want him to succeed and I'd never do anything to lower the chances of that happening. So, was I in the Carlos out camp a couple of weeks ago? Probably. Did I stop supporting Carlos? No.
  15. Championship

    Agree. And that's why it's so great