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  1. Thank god Daves gone. About 2 weeks worth of worth learning that one
  2. It's awful. I was looking at the away shirt and it looks a completely different colour to the one the players wear
  3. Put it this way. This owner has destroyed my football club and in the process has destroyed a significant part of my life. I'm literally at the point now where I don't care what happens to us. With how things are going with Chansiri I'll just be grateful if the club even exists in the next few years. I feel this way as a life long fan, nevermind a player who's only real connection to the club is a contract that has hasnt even been fulfilled by the club's side at times this season. How could I expect them to care?
  4. Based on his 18month contract bid expect him back in around 17 months
  5. Apart from a couple of covid tests the players had done
  6. Oh and one more thing. Do you not think it's a bit odd that you've used the line "...I'm not allowed an opinion" within a thread created by yourself for moaning about 'armchair football managers' i.e fans, having an opinion?
  7. I'm apparently saying you're not allowed to have an opinion now am I? Thanks for proving my point.
  8. Social media and fans forums etc aren't for you. I'd just go back to reading newspapers. Unfortunately none of us on here are professional football managers or players (I assume) but this is the whole point of this platform, for people, no matter who they are to come and discuss our football club in any way we choose.
  9. Marketed as a season where we will get to watch a team fighting for promotion I expect the prices will be almost identical to current season
  10. We absolutely without a doubt deserve it. There is no bad luck to speak of. It's literally a case that we have the most disastrous ownership of any football club you will find and a team that is absolutely shocking.
  11. Yes. I'd have kept him even if he'd had both his legs amputated.
  12. Why are the pictures of the kits so shyte?
  13. Well no, a 3 year contract or a 4 year contract says nothing A 3 month contract on the otherhand speaks volumes
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