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  1. Blew for what though? If they had been us we'd all be shouting we'd been robbed
  2. Good performance. We had a plan and played to it. And we looked organised. Effort. 100%. Goal was excellent. Clearly something straight off the training ground.
  3. It's odd. I want to see us back in the premier League playing the likes of Man U, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool etc. But premier League football bores me to death. And VAR is the worst thing implemented into the modern game. I couldn't have imagined how bad it would be. It's not the technology, it's the usage. The use when there has been a clear and obvious mistake is simply ignored and it's destroyed the game completely. I hope it never makes it into the EFL
  4. I get virgin with phone, broadband, all the normal tv, all sky sports and all bt sports for 73 a month
  5. Narrow minded view to be honest. People aren't suggesting he's earned his chance off one goal. They think he should be given a chance as he's been part of the team that has rarely won this season, seemed to have a good partnership with Windass and in terms of competition we are failing to see the alternative who is banging the goals in. So more to it than one tap in mate
  6. I remember when he scored the hat trick against forest and Monk said this: Monk said everyone at Wednesday "knew he had quality" and praised Rhodes for setting up the Yorkshire club's ninth win from 10 games against Forest. "In the last couple of seasons and into this season, it has been tough for him," said Monk. "But I spoke to him when I came in and I just asked him for hard work. I understand what he is, but he has had to be patient. "I told him he would get his opportunity and, when that opportunity came, that his hard work would pay off.
  7. So basically Tony Pulis has instantly improved the side in days. Is it possible that we now have a manager who can handle the players and their personalities?
  8. Mate, I'm talking about Garry Monk successes here. I'm obviously going to have to clutch at some serious straws here
  9. Getting shut of FF was possibly Monks finest achievement imo
  10. Can't say I always understand the amount of criticism thrown at him. He was a poor player in a terrible side. Hardly surprising he was no legend
  11. Didnt he keep them in the prem for years and then they got relegated after sacking him?
  12. Didn't expect him to pick Rhodes's alongside Windass? Well hopefully given that we now have a manager who understands football might pick those two alongside eachother given that they are our most effective pairing upfront.
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