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  1. For a Man City fan you have a hell of a reputation on here with +14k rep
  2. Totally agree - I dont want Bullen as manager either.
  3. To be fair, I spend way more time on here than I do on my missus. Not by choice
  4. Ok...Bournemouth and Arsenal joint top then
  5. On the 11th August ill be hoping that arsenal top the premier League table by the largest goal difference ever
  6. I'm usually one of the people perfectly happy to blame chansiri. But not this time. Bruce knew what he was facing when he took the job. He was aware of the financial position. Chansiri has to take the blame for many of the issues with Sheffield wednesday. But not this one.
  7. I know there's so many reasons to disagree with what I'm about to say but I genuinely don't think the fans would. If bullen was in charge and the results were miserable I think Wednesday fans have too much respect for him to ever turn on him. Similar to someone like solskjaer at man u. Secondly, I genuinely don't think bullen would ever let it come to that. The man has far to much respect for the club and himself. He'd simply put his hands up, say he's not up to the job and keep going whilst a suitable replacement was found. I honestly believe that
  8. I really hope not. That Wales success was just a flash in pan. Just recently been sacked in China
  9. There's nothing wrong with going for a currently employed manager. It's the way you go about it. If Newcastle had asked to speak to bruce, we said yes and then they came back and said we want him would you accept this much in compensation and we agreed, jobs a good un. It's the way they have gone about it and the way Bruce has acted thats the issue.
  10. I'd have been annoyed if we'd have paid 2m for him.
  11. Megson Pulis HE comes second to no man
  12. Exactly. It clearly says that the kit will be 'initially' available without sponsor. Meaning that one will be added in the near future
  13. Wagner has a 3year contract at Schalke No way on earth he's coming here.
  14. We should be pointing the finger solely at Mike Ashley. We shouldnt be naming Newcastle United collectively in this - its disrespectful to their fans who are as much against this move as we are.
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