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  1. Youll have to change your username to 2021 aswell
  2. Given the state of the club I personally see them as valid questions
  3. Im looking forward to seeing the list of 200 strikers we are picking from
  4. Knowing chansiri he probably would order euros aswell
  5. Quite honestly if Wednesday liquidate and cease to exist I'll simply become someone who doesn't really support a team. Strangely enough ill probably take my 6 year old son to watch leicester just down the road from where we live which will be probably the most enjoyable football I'll have attended for about 25 years
  6. "My wife let me have a Derby County corner in our bedroom" I assume that was because she was in the process of moving out to go and live with an adult lover?
  7. Dear Customer, Thank you for signing up for SWFC daily (bad) news updates direct from the fishes mouth. Your direct debit of £24.99 has been activated and also rounded up to £25.00 to make it easier when fiddling the books. As loyal customers we are sure you won't mind this slight increase on the sly. Your contribution will be a credit to the football club and we will do our best to show the positive effect this has on our accounts by including the revenue in a year that we think will prove most beneficial. Again, we thank you for your loyalty to this footb
  8. I'm assuming this is made up? The thing is, it seems completely ridiculous and illogical but when it comes to chansiri you could never completely rule something like this out.
  9. You're not allowed to suggest past players returning on this forum. Apparently many believe 'we need to be looking forward, not back' and that means potentially decent players returning to the club that has no money or prospect of signing anyone better are by default discarded. One day people will realise that this club has gone backwards and we are now in a position where it's no longer about signing players we want, it's about signing players who would be willing to risk coming here. Baath would be a good signing for us but I think it would be a struggl
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