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  1. I remember watching 999 what's your emergency a few months ago. They had an elderly woman who had fallen down the stairs. They sent 2 ambulances and a helicopter to the scene. Understaffed my testis
  2. I fully enjoy partaking in transfer talk but events of the last couple of seasons have shown that spending millions on a player doesn't guarantee success and spending peanuts doesn't mean relegation. With Bruce in charge we finally have a manager who I 100% trust to make the correct decisions or at least get a majority of them right. I won't be sticking my nose up at anyone we sign this summer. If Bruce thinks it's right, I'm on board
  3. Worksop. It's a long walk but you don't get jammed in
  4. You must have lost weight inbetween ordering and receiving. No way any one on here could ever be wrong
  5. I didn't try this season's shirts however I did try last season's. Normally I'd be a large but the sizes are really small so I would have needed XL if I'd actually bought one. I assume this season's are the same given it's knitted by the same lady
  6. I remember us playing QPR and Peter Crouch banged in a hat trick. We simply couldn't handle him.
  7. I really hope not. My missus was 31 when I married her at which point she changed her surname. I hope that doesn't mean I'm married to 2 year old
  8. I'd suggest contacting the club but they won't have one. They normally just get a member of the ticket staff to draw one out with crayons each time
  9. Agreed. Talking about the team isn't for fans. We need to just shut up and pay up when required.
  10. I really hope it doesn't say chansiri on it again.
  11. Torres. He lives there anyway so it made sense
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