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  1. Seem to remeber us doing the double over Newcastle when they went up. We can beat wolves
  2. Hunts injured. So we're stuffed
  3. At s2 they run on the pitch after winning the 3rd round of the league cup so in general I'd say yes.
  4. Rhodes

    In my view he just did what he's always done. It's just that people normally refuse to acknowledge it.
  5. Gossip

    Av erd they're off
  6. I'm just pleased that our fans could never rightfully be accused of being obsessed with United...
  7. Abdi is a disastrous signing. But imo Matias is even worse. That absolute waste of air has only featured 8 more times than Abdi with a whole season longer under his belt of rinsing this club of a wage. Both of them are a disgrace and I can't wait to see the end of both of them so they can start their retirement.
  8. It is however a place for worship. Messiah! Messiah!
  9. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Congrats to him. I'm currently sat with my little baby girl who was born on Sunday.
  10. Michael hefele

    Erm..its Hefele-lump actually if you don't mind
  11. Michael hefele

    Aww, you'll be greatly missed in the annual summer transfer megathread then
  12. Michael hefele

    Ah! It was you who rang radio sheffield about Snodgrass!
  13. Daily star today

    Of course they will have. This is without a doubt the part of football they do so much better than us.
  14. Daily star today

    Harry maguire has played 30 odd games for Leicester city in the premier league this season. Tom Lees spent nearly the entire season injured at a championship club currently 16th in the league table. If that doesn't go towards answering your question I won't be trying again.