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  1. Is it that bad?

    No. It's all brilliant. We're fantastic and Carlos is the best manager we've ever had. We play brilliant attacking football and look like winning most games 6-0. Clap clap clap clap
  2. Wouldn't blame anyone for leaving if they get the chance. The players look totally shot of confidence and desire. They look totally bored. And I'm bored watching it.
  3. marco matias

    He's not the worst based on his ability. He's the worst based on how much we spent on him and how much he's played i.e. his contribution
  4. Carlos is the football manager equivalent of the TV show Lost. It was good at the beginning and you thought it was going to be amazing, but 3 seasons in and you can't wait for the damn thing to end.
  5. marco matias

    Unlike "managed moronically" like the rest of them
  6. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against

    It's the most boring football I have seen us play. Carlos simply has to go. The sooner the better
  7. To be honest I was so bored i had to punch myself in the face to stay awake.
  8. marco matias

    Is English your second language?
  9. Heard summet

    If I was struggling for money I'd definitely spent 8-10m on Jordan Rhodes to make me feel better
  10. marco matias

    I literally can't believe that people still mention this utter waste of air. Has to be one of the worst signings in wednesday history. I don't even class him as a player
  11. No they don't Carlos. They have the odd bad game. Not period
  12. There's only one change I want to see, and it isn't on the field
  13. Bristol City

    Hi Carlos