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Community Answers

  1. Haha I read a tweet that said 'the difference' between the two sides on Monday was that one roared their team on all night whilst the other held a lights show. So there you go. If you'd left your ruddy phone in your pocket we'd all be planning a trip to Wembley right now
  2. You've definitely found one thing that ALL owls fans love though. A good old fashioned slag the fans off thread on owlstalk
  3. I have fine picture but some stuttering audio issues.
  4. No matter what, losing is obviously never positive, but if i put myself in Sunderland's shoes I'd be feeling pretty nervous coming up to Monday night. I wouldn't be feeling massively confident with a 1-0 scoreline in front of a packed out Hillsborough. If either side scores early I expect that team to go on and win the tie
  5. The awful decision are infuriating but for me it's still better than the absolute farce that is VAR. I would take the odd awful decision, even if it loses us the match over having goals disallowed because someones toenail was offside
  6. Totally agree. Tuesday will be tough but we can do it if we play to our potential. I just have a feeling that the top 6 will finish as it is now and we'll just miss out but as you say ATM it's in our hands
  7. We need to get rid of him and Bannan before we have any chance of success.
  8. Yes for me. Need stability and Moore has started to get us going. We looked nowhere near a top 6 side for alot of this season and he's started to get the team to gel. Stick with him but expectations will be that next season we are right up there from the get go.
  9. When they say "...and potentially more" I assume they are waiting to see how this season ends before giving Darren a call?
  10. Personally I agree that, had he stayed, Bruce would have proven himself to be our best manager in a long time but I can't vote him above someone who got us to the playoff final and semi finals in consecutive seasons based on what I believe might have happened. Could have been doesn't cut it for me. On that basis Carlos has been the best
  11. It's results like that, digging in deep and getting the winner at the death that define promotion teams
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