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  1. If we are asking for 15m and he's in fact worth 15m there would be no issue selling him. Problem is that we probably want 15m for him and no club thinks he's worth in excess of 10m.
  2. poite

    A Challenge for the 5917

    Does this apply to Morgan Fox?
  3. As long as we keep abdi
  4. Or we won't find a side who think he's worth anywhere near the asking price
  5. I like reach. He's a good player. But the fact he is our 'prized asset' speaks volumes about the squad doesn't it
  6. poite

    Club 1867 Launch

    I'm very confused. So when chansiri bought the club he plowed loads of money in on players which gave the impression we were aiming for the premier league. But last week he corrected us and said he plowed all that money in to keep us in the championship. Now we have a new launch of club 1867 which is asking fans to spend a lot of money at a time where the club can no longer spend loads of money on players with the quite obvious aim that we are targeting promotion? Seriously. What the actual **** is going on?
  7. poite


    Spent a significant part of his career playing in the top flight for a reason.
  8. poite


    Did jos see anything?
  9. poite

    DC and Hillsborough

    Funny thing is that doing some of this kind of stuff and making Hillsborough a really nice stadium to visit would actually do more to justify the ridiculous ticket prices than signing Jordan Rhodes
  10. poite

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    I still can't get my head around the whole idea that spending loads of money and having parachute payments will give you a better chance of promotion. Am I looking at the wrong league table when i see Leeds at the top and the grunters in 2nd? Leeds have hardly spent a fortune and the grunters have spent about £4.50. It's almost like having a top class football manager in charge is more important than how much you spend. Can't be that though surely... Definately the money that matters with the 3 relegated teams from the premier league last season sit in 4th, 13th and 15th....
  11. How is buying your own legal goods yourself and giving them away to charity 'money laundering' exactly?
  12. So just when he starts to make some good decisions (sacking Jos and bringing in exactly the type of manager most of us have been screaming for) he comes out with this utter nonsense statement. Ffs
  13. poite

    Can you justify?

    I'd take 7
  14. Simply reinforces the view that although he has the right intentions he simply has not got a Scooby doo how to run this football club. So when he came in and said that the 'AIM' (not guarentee as incorrectly interpreted by many) was to get promoted by our 150th year what he actually meant was 'avoid relegation'