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  1. poite

    Stuck in the middle

    Surely this thread should have been called deja vu
  2. Sure it makes sense to out idiot owner
  3. poite

    Walk Out Music

    I don't agree with people walking out. Support the players until the end no matter what. Walking out to music is just salt in the wound. It's a big no from me
  4. poite

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Love how people are taking this thread seriously
  5. You could have given carlos a list of 5 players who would guatentee promotion endorsed by God and he would still have managed to get it wrong.
  6. poite

    Nando car accident

    Must admit I was terrified opeing this thread. Thank God it's just a joke. I'd have been devastated if a car had crashed into Nandos
  7. poite

    Nando car accident

    Farted? When was this?
  8. I don't remember chansiri saying his ridiculous pricing structure was based on us having a 'reasonable' squad for the division and some decent players. It's ridiculous
  9. People say this like it's a fear for the future. I see absolutely no justification for sky high ticket prices with the squad as it is. It's simply no where near good enough to charge the prices we are having to pay. People can't seriously be willing to pay £30-40 a ticket at the moment cos we have Forestieri and Bannan in the team.
  10. Breaks every two minutes. Lol. You know nothing about ice hockey so you.
  11. A better comparison would be NHL players. Those guys play 3 periods of ice hockey 3 times a week and they have to travel all over USA and Canada to do it. Ice hockey is every bit as straining on the body as football. If argue it's far more. Never any complaints from those guys. To be fair though. I haven't actually seen any complaints from the club regarding these fixtures but just saying