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  1. Just FYI it's a fiver per bracket
  2. Thank god. Chris Coleman was quite possibly the man at the very bottom of my wish list. Had that flash in the pan with Wales and done nothing else. Pleased to have Monk
  3. This time last season Bolton were midtable in the Championship. This time next year they'll be in league two. But I suppose that's better than where Bury are
  4. Ah ok. Maybe I misread and what Warnock actually said was that he was disappointed he'd left and joined wednesday
  5. Played a large part of his career in the Premier League. There's a reason for that
  6. I thought Warnock had stated his disappointment that he chose to leave Cardiff
  7. I thought the owner was quite clear when he told us it was the fans that were to blame?
  8. I didn't realise it was that good tbh
  9. 10m? What's the number for D-Taxis again?
  10. They are mocking the length of Bannans manhood
  11. I knew if I scrolled down a bit I'd find someone with a brain in their head.
  12. Am I the only one who gets slightly aroused watching Kieran Lee training?
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