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  1. I agree. They just don't turn up these days. Pathetic
  2. Well as I said he was a manager that I would have liked when Bruce left and certainly would have been preferable to Monk. But at the end of the day it's was extremely unlikely we would be getting an in work manager so obvious why we went for someone like Monk. If Johnson wanted to come here and he were in a comfortable position to get him then yes if have him in place of monk.
  3. It's a yes from me. He was the manager I wanted here when Bruce left. Although I'll for some reason never forget that bizzare comment he made on the BBC radio Sheffield pre-season managers session where he said "sometimes you have to cheat to win"
  4. A good natural captain is something we have missed since loovens left.
  5. Like this? Don't worry, it's not an ID for tracking any illegal streaming. It's just a draft version of next season's squad numbers that Chansiri is working on
  6. Would be a pretty stupid signing that we don't need on crazy wages. Putting a bet on it now. I need a good win
  7. The pitch has players on it that want to be here and want to play for this club. The ones who don't want to be here are out. It shouldn't be surprising that the performances are better when the players on the pitch are the ones committed to the cause.
  8. I don't care if he never played another game. I'd want him at this club to show all up and coming players how you need to apply yourself in attitude and professionalism to deserve to play for this great club.
  9. He's always been better than Dawson. Been said many times before
  10. Isn't this in reference to his racism charge?
  11. Unless you're manager who's desperate I can't see why any would want to come here right now
  12. My favourite player to have played for the club since waddle to be honest. In his prime he was as good as any midfielder in the championship and whilst I'm not 'ITK' I think its fair to assume his attitude is perfectly placed. Never heard of any nonsense demanding more money etc when he was top of his game. Monk has an issue with players with attitude problems and K. Lee obviously ticks the right boxes. Seems to love the club and I'd love for him to be one of those players who ends his career here. His injuries are now an issue and I think under normal circumstances he'd be let go and replaced but fortunately for players like Lee the owner has dismantled this club into such a state that we are literally in a position where we have no option other than to keep the current crop who don't cost the world and want to play for this club. I know we want players who don't cost the world and want to play for us obviously but hopefully you get what I mean. We cant go out spending to try and upgrade in quality
  13. Which is why we will get smacked hard. At the end of the day we have found a hole in the EFLs model and they have now realised it could open this door to everyone to stick two fingers up at their incompetence
  14. Quite honestly, I think previous form goes out the window. This is like a new mini-season and everyone has a clean slate when it comes to form (obviously I understand that it's not clean slate in terms of points and league position). Be interesting to see who has coped and done the right things during this lockdown. Which teams are going to be fit? Which teams will be returning mentally tuned? It's an unprecedented situation and I genuinely think - within reason - anything could happen.
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