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  1. Ended up with a broken nose at this match whilst celebrating our second goal. Due to someones stray elbow at the back of the Kop. God I miss those days.
  2. Not bad. Thought it could have been funnier in places. Sets up for a second series.
  3. Rubbish tonight. Best part was the Icelandic scenery.
  4. Ahhh...Wimbledon the crazy gang. Nearly every goal they scored was inside the 6 yard box. Stood on that terrace a few times.
  5. Nice tribute. The one they did a few years ago for Colin McRae was also excellent (albeit different presenters).
  6. Cracking game. Dont think the Stockport manager appreciated the pitch invasion. He was caught on camera being a bit potty mouthed.
  7. But we are SWFC we always enter the FA cup in January.
  8. Win this and we are in the playoffs. Top 2 here we come.
  9. Its Albania ......ffs Like Man Citeh vs Maltby Miners I'm enjoying it.
  10. Hope he has some coin, because he is going to get charged for those.
  11. Agree, going to be sore that in the morning. Could have pulled his hamstring.
  12. Not sure Ant & Dec will be happy about this appointment.
  13. Every f*ckin week, every f#ckin week. Absolute garbage.
  14. Just seen them on the M25 between j27 & j28.
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