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Hillsborough Kop early 1900's

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One for the history books. I came across this photo of the Kop during the early 1900's, not sure what year exactly but I would assume during the 20's? Look at that picket fence and all of those hats!


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38 minutes ago, horny owl said:

I bet the kids peeping through the fence at the bottom didn't get a very good view of the match lol


I think one of them is Penguin, taking a kicking for telling fibs & spreading rumours.

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38 minutes ago, daztheowl said:

How many of you remember the atmosphere we used to have on there in 1970s , pre roof and seating

It was shocking, totally devoid of any atmosphere. It was crying out for a roof. When they put the seats in we almost went back to square 1.

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