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  1. I'm not counting the points deduction. If the 12 points makes a massive difference to my end of season table then I will take it to the human rights court.
  2. Would love to read a review of that truck stop breakfast.
  3. Penalties to be taken at the M6 end by commentator's request.
  4. Remember when we were conceding very late goals? Hope we've sorted that out.
  5. He's developed nicely and put in some good performances in Germany. Has to be first choice left back now.
  6. Bit windy on the M6 today. Just putting the info out there in case there are any curtain-siders on there at minute.
  7. Far too many to go into great detail. Might have to compile a great roads thread but the Atlantic Highway A39 through Devon and Cornwall has to be in the top three.
  8. Good effort Penney. He can strike them as we know from the Hamburg derby.
  9. The M6 motorway is the longest motorway in the United Kingdom.
  10. I've been loads of times to Walsall but can't recall going on the M6. Think I went down A38 and it took me straight there. Good route to be fair.
  11. There are people watching this on the television.
  12. Exactly this, with all due respect to Walsall (and they'll probably beat us now hah) but you have a striker who needs to rediscover his goalscoring form, you're playing a team from a lower division who haven't played competitively since March and they have quite a few academy youngsters in the team. You've got to pick Rhodes for this, experienced striker and chance to score goals, crazy.
  13. This is like on Football Manager when you hit 'select team' and it picks a random selection and then you think what and so have to delete all and then start again but instead Monk has clicked on 'play' instead.
  14. My world champion Kung Fu Ducks are having a terrible season.
  15. Genuine question. Are there any other sports that reward teams for failure in the same way that the parachute payments reward relegated clubs? It needs scrapping and the sooner the better. Instead, when a club is relegated there should be some kind of salary cap that kicks in so the club don't have to pay premier league wages. Make the salary cap league wide. I know the salary cap has been mentioned before for the championship. I just can't get my head around the parachute payment structure. Another reason to hate modern football.
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