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  1. WTF how is he still playing I thought he was like 36 or something.
  2. This print at home ticket system is a joke. Does somebody have to manually send the email? Been waiting for 2 hours for the ticket email to drop in the inbox so I can print the tickets off. You should be able to access the tickets from your account page and print them off yourself. I'm having a right proper flounce here.
  3. Has to play a full strength team. The players are still getting to know each other and with us having a break after this game, it makes sense to give them all game time.
  4. I'll stick to my original home shirt from that season that I got handed down to me. It was way too big for me so I never wore it but now it fits like a glove and is almost like brand new. Wonder how much it would be worth, would never sell it though.
  5. That's like a hymn from one of those church book things. What about. Ooh eeh oooh ah ah Lee Lee Lee Lee Gregory. Ooh eeh oooh ah ah .....
  6. I read this on Tuesday and it just clocked, so I came back to give you kudos.
  7. Didn't realise he had got the Braga job. That's some job that is.
  8. Can't believe it, seven pages and nobody said it. Av heard it's off.
  9. Think of it as extra reserve games for the players to show what they can do and gain extra match fitness for when and if they're called upon in the season.
  10. Kamberi has been one level of quality ahead of some of the others with making runs and flicks. The one where he peeled off their defender and Hunt hadn't even thought about the pass yet. Later on in the season that will click, hopefully.
  11. Yeah Adeniran's just PM'd me saying cheers mrgund mate.
  12. Loving Adeniran in that midfield, looks solid and wins free-kicks.
  13. Would like to see Corbeanu on for Green second half. Magic Johnson as well maybe fresh legs for Brown or Palmer.
  14. Ooooooh Betty the cats done a whupsie on the carpet Betty.
  15. Can just imagine CHANSIRI rocking a stage in front of south stand singing GOING ON OUT ON THE P!SS WITH CHANSIRI wearing an AC/DC t-shirt
  16. Not having mid-table with this team. Top 2 or bust for me. Don't want none of this playoff knackers either. Straight up, all done and dusted with 5 or 6 games left. Yes please.
  17. Was gonna say can try their ticket office/window whatever it is, see if any returns. Does that even work anymore? Rare occasions maybe?
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