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  1. Early April is a strange time for me as it sees my father's and maternal grandfather's birthdays. Both dead of course. They started me off on the path. The Path. Both my grandfathers we fanatical so I must assume that at least one of their fathers started the tradition. We all call SU pigs. In our house they were the Spite team. Only formed to spite us. 1880s One grandfather was a tram driver and the family story (clearly not true!) I assume, was that on passing Bramall Lane he would stop the tram, get off, spit on the gate, get back on the tram and drive off. Clearly I do not condone such actions. So tomorrow 4th and 5th generation will be taking our places in the N stand.
  2. Got there just in time to hear the FA expert telling a couple of people that Piggies won cup in 1935. Had to correct and reprimand him
  3. On holiday at present so missed the game. Read this and thought of the Rugby position "First five-eighth " Any help. Did Bazza do any "play action fakes " NFL just asking
  4. He will be telling the new loan players that they are not good enough to get in the team next.
  5. Forever And (Nottingham) Forest Heart (of Midlothian) (Woolwich) Arsenal
  6. In the first half rather than give the ball for a millwall corner, walked slowly up and put it on the corner quadrant. Wrong place obviously.
  7. Clearly we do not choose Wednesday, Wednesday chooses us.....and only the strong survive
  8. Some of his corners we actually inside the quadrant
  9. Pleased to say that Jack Earp was a name taught to me on my Grandfathers knee.
  10. Shows how much I know but I thought that we had an option to buy Fred if we wanted. But that the fee had already been set last year at £2.5 million
  11. Good to see that we have a Schindlers list
  12. Are we anywhere near an embargo or is this rubbish. If so we need to sort out the Winnall/Butterfield situation first. If we want Venancio we need £2 million. Do not renew Wallace and Loovens contracts. If we could sell 2 and keep 1 of Rhodes Fletcher Winnall. I am really not sure. It is by no means certain that Hooper will play again or as well as previously. I read that Kieran Lee may never play again. If this is true we should be careful about discarding the number of players that people are suggesting.
  13. Just the childish bang when their goalie took goal kicks
  14. Don't laugh but a few weeks ago this game would have been called a 6 pointer. There were a few knocks and this manager is cautious with injuries. Palmer for Hunt to be careful One of Fox's better games so if he is fit play him, otherwise Boyd (is he injured?) The Hutch, Bannan situation may need Jones/Butterfield (an I really suggesting this?) Joao and Adthe should start or rest Adthe and give Rhodes a run (am I really saying this?) FF will be on the bench to replace Rhodes on 60 minutes.
  15. Actually it is who we get OFF the payroll. I can see Loovens, Wallace, Winnall/Butterfield going. Possibly Westwood & Fletcher. That should free up a bit of cash We only have Fred on loan so may need to buy him. Feel a bit sorry for Winnall who signed and the a few days later we signed Rhodes. Never got the chances that Rhodes got.
  16. It was 2-1 2nd leg. But Neilsens amazing (!) Sliced back pass that hit the post. On the kop seemed to be in slow motion.
  17. Used to play for Pigs. Ran rings round Swanny. May be past his best. Doubt if he could do a job for us
  18. Kosovan..... He has a shirt and goal to prove it
  19. We are away. Let's not get carried away. Jos will play another defender Louvens or Thorniley at the expense of Nuhiu or Joao
  20. So on the first day Jos arrives and says to Bully tell me about the players and what they can do. Bully says well this is Nuhiu the fans call him Dave because they cannot pronounce it spell his name. He cannot run Cannot shoot Cannot head CC used him as plan B. Do you have a plan B in Holland? Anyway the fans love him. Jos says good enough for me
  21. Does someone post this after every game?
  22. Not 18th April 1903 v West Brom? Won 3-1 Won the league Featured on Murdoch Mysteries.
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