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  1. For a long while now, our most natural formation has to be 4-2-3-1. Which of course morphs into a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 or even a 4-4-2 if you've got the right player in the number 10 role. Play one box to box in Luongo and play Lee in the number 10 role. In the tougher away games play Hutch and Joey, make a solid base and play with creativity from wider areas. Whilst we haven't got a natural strike partner for Fletcher, play Lee in behind him, let him pick up the spaces behind the opposition midfield. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Reach Lee Harris Fletcher Get an attacking LB, dominating midfielder and a genuine strike partner for Fletcher in January and we'll be there.
  2. Bannan can't lecture anyone. Allows runners off him on a regular basis. Personally don't agree with BB having the arm band either, never been captain material. The amount of times he manks and moans, loves blaming others for his own misplaced passes. So as for a mardy arsed reply from Palmer, meh. I said last week I'd rest Palmer. Should have been Odubajo at RB against Cardiff. I wanted Lee instead of Bannan, but we all know that wasn't gonna happen. As the post says "your" team v Stoke... Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Hutch FF Luongo Lee Harris Fletcher
  3. And I prefer that to "good game! good game!".... Sorry... 7.45 can't come fast enough.
  4. Me neither, but Palmers playing a lot of football and one of our most consistent performers recently. Just hope we don't break him....
  5. Westwood Iorfa Borner Odubajo Fox Hutch Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Fletcher Think he'll rest Palmer. Hutch in for Joey and although I'd prefer Lee, GM will stick with Bannan.
  6. I agree a to a certain point. The two wide players in the 3 in a 4-2-3-1 need to be disciplined when out of posession and "explode" out wide when we gain possession. I'm not sure about FF's ability to do the disciplined bit, Reach does. I think his work ethic is what makes him more suitable. With Reach its the exploding out bit. He's a bit one paced, albeit when he gets going he's tough to stop. FF's obvious strength is that he will burst past someone or do something completely left field which as I've said before, is a strength and a weakness. It all depends on what GM wants. With regard to BB, I used to think he'd be better suited to the CAM role. He's not, what BB doesn't do and Kieran Lee does very well is find the space on the half turn and then continue his movement after the pass. BB wants the return most times, he follows his pass. The CAM also needs to be able to get in the box, sometimes ahead of the striker or arriving late. BB does the edge of the box thing well, but not the 6 yard tap ins, getting across the front post etc. I like BB, I really do. But he's not the complete midfielder by a long shot and I think he can slow us down. We can't keep adding players to the midfield or wherever to make up for his shortcomings just because we love the way he gets on the ball and looks busy. He's at his best when he's forced to move the ball quickly and from much higher up the pitch. Getting him there is the hard bit without compromising the balance of the team. I personally think he misses Gary Hooper playing up top, who he linked with superbly. Just my opinion.
  7. I stand by with tin hat at the ready.... Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Luongo Lee Reach Harris Fletcher Rest Palmer who's had 180+ mins when everybody else has rested plus a trip to Russia. Fox has a little more height too which bearing in mind Cardiff's centre forward and centre halves, will come in handy. I'd go with Hutch in the holding role and play Luongo and Lee. If those two can occupy Cardiff's defensive midfielders, it puts a stop on them cutting off supply to Harris and Reach. I'd back Harris in a foot race against most full backs and he'd have Fletcher with Luongo, Reach and Lee all capable of getting up and supporting. I like Iorfa and Odubajo as a pair on the right of defence. When Odubajo ventures forward to support Reach and give an overload, Iorfa has the pace to get across if they hit it into the right back channel. This isn't the game for Bannan, I agree with what someone else said about bringing him on if we need control later in the game and you just know Colin will have a plan. There is more than enough ability in Luongo and Lee to move the ball around quickly in midfield and get it out wide. Its their movement after the pass that we need on Friday night, not Bannan's vision. Saying that, we all know BB will start and probably Palmer too. Which isn't really bad, I'd just like to see Lee gets some minutes and I just think the late movement into the box means Fletcher is less likely to get isolated.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Luongo could step in for BB and I don't think we'd lose anything. The replacement/competition/alternative for Fletcher is far more important. As is a dominating midfielder. Its important to get Winnall and Rhodes shipped out, but we'd want to be pretty certain of our targets beforehand.
  9. Exactly, 5 in defence, 5 in attack. I know you're having a laugh, but you've hit the nail on the head.
  10. Reminds me of reading a few interviews with the Everton team that won the league in the 80s under Kendall. They talked about triangles all over the pitch. I suppose what they were getting at, is what coaches/pundits etc all trot out these days as "the overload", creating the 3 v 2 situations. The central midfielders would put themselves in positions to create triangles with full back and centre half, full back and winger/wide midfielder, centre forward and winger/wide midfielder, etc etc to give the impression the other team was always getting outnumbered. Real basic stuff, but how often has it been said that the basics executed perfectly will triumph over the more complicated stuff. More importantly I suppose and something we've all mentioned on here is round peg, round hole...square peg, square hole. In 87 they won it despite tons of injuries and obviously squads back then were much smaller. All because they always played with balance. They replaced like for like, not with the most talented player. When I see that positions map, I see triangles all over the park. More importantly, he replaced Hutch with Joey, not Luongo. Like for like. The substitutions were like for like. I get the impression that Monk, as Lees has apparently said, likes shape, likes order, likes discipline. I hope it continues, we've had some odd line ups over the last few years. A word of caution for those who think FF will slot back in after his suspension. I don't think Monk will trust him with a starting berth until he is satisfied he can fulfill one of the roles necessary to keep the teams shape and balance. I've always said it, FF's weakness as well as his strength is his unpredictability in a given game situation. Still, I look forward to his return. FF in full flight is something to behold. I even had an interesting pint discussing the merits of seeing us line up with a front three of Harris, Reach (or Murphy) and FF through the middle, just for the giggle (Holmowl...keep your powder dry fella). Another time perhaps, another few pints perhaps. Monday morning waffle over. Have a good international break.
  11. Folk on here will think I'm staunchly anti Barry Bannan, but that's really not the case at all. However, the problem stems from BB not having the right options in front of him. Put a quick Vardy, Gayle type forward up top, which forces the opposition defence to drop 5-10 yards, and BB gets more time, more space to advance into, or space for someone to occupy and receive a pass. Put an athletic midfielder alongside him who will advance and move opposition midfielders around and same outcome. He needs someone to play off, it used to be Hooper, who at times he linked superbly with. That's the only time he gets into advanced positions. There was an example on Tuesday night where he played the ball in short and Winnall wanted it into the channel. He wants the return pass, probably because it encourages a runner to give him a target. While ever he has this desire to go back and collect the ball off the back 4 we are struggling. I'd agree with the 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 type formations, but without BB. Have Hutch or JP as the holding midfielder, but the other two have to be capable of getting up and alongside the central striker. It has to be that way otherwise the striker becomes isolated. I've said this before, you need to engage with a 5th attacker, otherwise its too comfortable for the opposition. Now we have wingers, I'd be loathed to see them trying to get to close to Fletcher as we lose our width. We are pretty much set up to play 4-2-3-1/4-3-3/4-5-1. Westwood Iorfa Borner Odubajo Palmer Hutchinson/JP Lee Luongo Reach Harris Fletcher Just my opinion, but don't try and squeeze in a second striker if we are losing the midfield battle and don't squeeze in BB because the balance of the team isn't right.
  12. We've been here before Fred. You want a bloke who has had serious hip injuries over the past 2 years to play at full back against quick, agile and tricky wide midfielders/wingers/full backs? Apart from the fact that on his day, he's our best midfielder, probably best footballer at the club. I'll wait for the Barry Bannan fan club to wade in here and tell me I'm deluded, but we've struggled without Kieran Lee in the past. The one midfielder so far who can take up the spaces between opposition midfield and defence and look comfortable. The one midfielder who shows a desire to get alongside and beyond the strikers from central midfield. It'll take a suspension, because at the moment, Monk favours Hutch and BB, but my guess is once he's back in the side and gets a run of games, he'll be tough to shift.
  13. What? Like Fulham's front three had too much for us? 1-3 tomorrow, Fletcher, Reach and Luongo.
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