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  1. spike1867

    Team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Hutchinson Lees Thorniley Baker Reach Bannan Penney Preston Fletcher Matias
  2. spike1867

    Call to arms

    I prefer "give them nothing, but take from them, EVERYTHING....." and its no Tim Collins but I like the sentiment. Fair play though.
  3. spike1867

    Our stockpile of strikers

    Play 4-2-3-1..... Westwood/Dawson/Wildsmith Palmer/Baker Lees/Hutchinson Pudil/Thorniley Fox/Penney Hutchinson/Pelupessy Bannan/Hunt? Joao/Matias Hooper/Winnall Forestieri/Reach Nuhiu/Fletcher Each would know they are competing directly with the other for the shirt. May the best man win. Don't present a problem without giving a possible solution otherwise its just whinging... Only messing btw, if we took FF out of the equation because he's better on the left. Matias because he's never there, Winnall because hes coming back from an ACL injury and I wouldn't contemplate playing him until he's had at least 3-4 U23 games under his belt then it looks easier to manage.
  4. spike1867

    Team v Hull

    Westwood Hutchinson Lees Pudil Palmer Pelupessy Bannan Reach Joao Forestieri Fletcher
  5. spike1867


    god no...
  6. spike1867

    Had some bad news last night

    You're lucky, my wife is so round when she rolls out of bed she ends up in Sheffield... We live in Ireland.
  7. spike1867

    Team v Hull

    Assuming you have placed Lees on the right hand side of that three, the only change I would make is Hutchinson to the right of the 3 for his mobility and because he's more comfortable receiving the ball in that position. I seem to remember him hitting some good cross field diagonals a couple of seasons ago from there (away at Newcastle?) so the ability is there. I'd maybe toy with the idea of Joao down the middle and Matias out right.
  8. I would too. You may not replace a player of FF's skill set for a fraction of the price, but you probably would Bannan's. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they would be as good or experienced, but purely on skill set then maybe you would replace Bannan easier than FF.
  9. spike1867

    So we've wrote this season off?

    Another way of looking at it would be that we replaced the 3 with Baker, Neilsen and Thorniley and we are unable to strengthen a squad that finished with 2 defeats out of 10. Just sayin'...perspective.
  10. spike1867


    Not sure if it is, but someone mentioned Amanda Staveley. That may or may not be her in the centre of the photo? Who the hell knows, Nixon could have been looking at it from a Wigan point of view.
  11. "So how come the EFL allowed Wolves to buy so many players knowing they were breaking the rules? There is obviously no club in the EFL who has an income of £67m over 2 seasons without parachute payments". I believe it has something to do with the rules regarding assessment that somebody posted up a good breakdown of the other day. Wolves had not posted a loss in previous accounts so they passed the 1st stage of tests. This meant they were immune from the second and third tests which are the ones regarding losses over a 3 year period.
  12. spike1867

    Forestieri the Striker

    I agree entirely with Holmowl. FF is not a striker, a regista, play in the hole No.10. He is too off the cuff to build a partnership with. Out left he can pick the ball up, he has options to drift inside, somebody getting on the overlap (it doesn't have to be a full back), shoot, 1-2, little through ball but most of all he can do it with relative impunity.
  13. spike1867

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    I'm fairly certain that during the early 90's Hallam FM used to do the commentaries. Someone with a better memory will know.