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    We'll go 1 up, they will equalise. They will boss the game up till half time. We'll get a second around 60 mins and a third near the end. They'll talk about how lucky we were and we will know that this result was never ever in doubt. 3-1 to The Wednesday, (Hooper, Fletcher, Van Aken)
  2. Nigel Worthington

    Had the best first touch of any player that I have seen for Wednesday. That is the most underrated thing in football. Get that right and everything else will be that much easier. 7/10 every week with the odd flashes of brilliance in crossing. We've said this many times before, but its all about the little partnerships and he built a partnership with King that was a greater sum than the individual parts warranted. Two 7/10 players who regularly were 8/10 as a unit on the left. I'll get negged for this, but I've often wondered if on those occasions CC wanted us to be ultra compact and solid whether the same sort of partnership could be replicated with Hunt and Liam Palmer. I'll never know, but if we were playing a flat 4-4-2 then I think it would have been interesting to see. Plenty of henergy there.
  3. gutted

    Been trying to workout how to screenshot that for last 10 minutes. I'm a phone numpty...... Yeah offside. Makes it hurt a bit more.
  4. David Garrido

    Is it me or is Garrido doing his best Glenn Quagmire impression? Giggity Giggity Goo!
  5. Clare

    Till January 3rd apparently.
  6. Clare

    Can anybody with more informed knowledge of Sean Clare say if he may be a decent understudy to Kieran Lee? From the little I've seen (one full u23 game in person and highlights) he struck me as decent box to box and capable of goals. Is that is natural game?
  7. Joost

    Good post and agree totally. Looks to have all the attributes and has shown good parts of his game already. However, he hasn't faced what I would describe as a good seasoned Championship striker yet. I hope in training he is deliberately put up against Fletcher, Hooper and Rhodes to give him a taste of good movement and physicality and what happens when you give them a sniff of a chance. Here's hoping he learns well and turns into a real player. It must give Bannan and Jones more confidence to go 10-15 yards further forward because he certainly can distribute the ball well. I'll be interested to see how forward thinking we are when Butterfield plays too for a spell other than at the harris end of a game. I said just after we deadline day, that playing these two would move us 20 yards further up the pitch without even doing anything as they will look forward far earlier than we had been doing.
  8. Kit Fiasco

    No mate...you're thinking of Bobbar Kit. Kit Fiasco was the undercover FBI agent.
  9. Kit Fiasco

    see other post....
  10. Team 4 Brentford

    Yep, strangely I could see Nuhiu coming in to start alongside Hooper or Rhodes although if we really must rotate I'd prefer Joao. Certainly Hooper always seemed to appreciate playing alongside him. Butterfield for Lee and Abdi (if fit) in for Wallace. Boyd has to start showing something apart from effort. Harsh because the diamond isn't probably best for him but it's not like we're asking him to play full back. Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Jones Butterfield Bannan Abdi Joao Hooper
  11. Joost the right man

    Possibly at fault for the goal? Could have stayed on his feet but looked solid otherwise. Will only get better the more he plays alongside Lees.
  12. Butterfield was second choice

    Does he? My mistake and my apologies to Gary Rowett who it appears is 6ft Crikey he always looks wee on telly. It doesn't change my opinion that it seems bad form. As a lot have said already, it will probably motivate JB no end. He is probably looking for a new club unless Derby change managers....again.
  13. Butterfield was second choice

    Yep got to agree mate. If I'm CC I'm f**king hacked off for the blatant, naive and borderline unethical attempt to unsettle the lad before he's even kicked a ball for us. If I'm Jacob Butterfield I'm now going to show what you are missing you pint sized little scroat because as long as you're at Derby I'm not going to play there again. Rowett just gone right down in my estimation of him. I hope Jacob Butterfield makes him regret his decision to make that public.
  14. When it became apparent we were doing the deal this was my first thought on him. I've always thought of him as a good forward passer of the ball. He is also a more physical midfielder these days, he doesn't get brushed off the ball too much. More physicality than Jones and a desire to pick a measured pass means I think he could turn out to be a better partner than Jones with Bannan. I don't think we will see him doing the tippy tappy intricate stuff on the edge of the opponents area, Bannan is better at that, but I can see him sitting 10 yards deeper and dictating play. Another one of those players that when we have played against him I've thought he would be a decent acquisition. Along with Van Aken (dug out some Heerenveen games online and watched him) I think we have just moved ourselves 20 yards further up the pitch without trying because these lads are going to lift their heads and look for a ball into the feet of the strikers/into space much more readily than Loovens and Jones and the chances are greater of them hitting their targets. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we also see a much greater contribution from our "wide" midfielders who will benefit from better distribution earlier in the play. He's good business. Yes I still would have liked a good strong runner from midfield but Butterfield is a genuine central midfielder with the right attributes.
  15. No live Sky games?

    Funnily enough lads I wasn't aware the Leeds game was on Sky because I'd written that game off because I was working that weekend. I understand we're on Sky fairly soon, but I just wondered with the new batch of games up till November whether our relatively poor start to the season (entertainment wise) had contributed to Sky staying away. It just felt like in the recent past whenever Sky announced their next batch of EFL coverage we would always feature at least once. Happy to be proved wrong...