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  1. Just an observation about playing FF in the number 10 role, in the hole, regista or whatever. Whilst he will always be available to receive the ball I have 2 major doubts about his ability to play there. First, he is not that effective receiving the ball into feet in central areas. It's congested, it's difficult to turn and he invariably gets out muscled or kicked. Coupled with his "reputation" with referees, he doesn't get half the protection he should. Second, he is too off the cuff. If you are one of two strikers and FF is supplying your bullets, you will end up being disappointed more often than not. He still has a habit of checking out, dropping the shoulder, twist turn and finally deliver the ball. That is counter productive to strikers trying to get the jump on a centre half. Take yesterday's 3rd goal for example, when he received the ball from Nuhiu, he turns and faces up the defender. He has the opportunity to play Boyd or Nuhiu in clean on goal to his left. Simple ball no dramas. I know he goes on a dribble, nearly loses it twice and provides a stunning finish but if he chooses that option 10 times I'd say he converts maybe 2 times. Play the simple ball and gets into the box with Joao and I reckon we convert that 5 or 6 times out of ten. Over the course of a season that mounts up. Like some have said, I'd prefer him picking the ball up on the left, drifting in, taking the full back where he doesn't want to go. Either on the left in a 4-2-3-1 a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 if we've the right central midfield duo and full backs. Its not a criticism of FF, he's our game changer, our grab a win out of nothing. If you want to get out of this division you need to be ruthless. Keep clocking up the chances no matter how they arrive and put them away. Anyways, just an observation.
  2. Nixon

    Watmore would have been a great shout but for his double ACL injury. He's on the mend but a long way off.
  3. Basement Bargains?

    Is there a deadline to announce any penalties for P&S breaches? I know they said they would like to announce before the end of the current season. It wouldn't be fair to a team and against the spirit of P&S to have a club suddenly have their plans change overnight. Clubs should be allowed to plan accordingly. Ball park Geoffrey...how close are we to being in breach over the last two seasons and a projection going forward?
  4. Basement Bargains?

    Che Adams? Would be interesting how the fans would react to that, but in fairness he has pace, power and I could see him in that line of three behind a central striker in a 4-2-3-1. The player I'd like to see us go for is Swift at Reading. We would be regaining that much needed asset of a box to box midfielder.
  5. Basement Bargains?

    I mentioned Nathan Byrne in the op and he's just been voted into the EFL team of the year. Would be a huge improvement on Palmer and maybe 1st choice. Can play wing back too.
  6. Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Boyhood hero before Hirst. Scored some thundering headers, remember one at the back stick against Everton (maybe one of the 3rd round replays) where he got above Dave Watson and thumped it home.
  7. Bearing in mind our supposed financial limitations, are there any players in those championship squads either probably going down or potentially that we could snaffle for a bargain? I think we would all say that Sunderland and Burton are gone, so those two with Bolton, Birmingham, Barnsley and Reading who realistically would they need to offload to balance the books? Is there anybody there playing below their level? Is there anybody who has impressed you this year who would be worth a look at? Any of their loan signings who we could take from their parent club next season after having a hard season/half season in the Championship? I'll start the ball rolling with... Birmingham Harlee Dean Bolton Jon Flanagan (on loan from Liverpool but likely to move this summer) Barnsley Oliver McBurnie (on loan from Swansea) Reading John Swift Struggling for any from Sunderland and Burton to be honest. Flanagan if he moves down to the Championship full time will attract a decent fee. Transfermarkt have him around 2.5 million but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I'd make a bid for John Swift anyway regardless of what happens to Reading, as I would Knudsen at Ipswich. Nathan Byrne at Wigan is another I'd take a punt on. Impressed like hell against in their cup run with the right attributes to play both full back and wing back. Would CC do us a favour with McBurnie if Swansea avoid the drop? I think we will need another CB with Loovens moving on. There is no guarantee we will sign Venancio but even if we did, i'd still go for Harlee Dean.
  8. Commentary said Rhodes made a move to far stick, defender reacted and Rhodes got across him and in front of him. Let's give him credit, it was good movement....
  9. Championship Table

    I'd say Barnsley win, leaves us needing a point. Bolton would be on 39 with three to play. Huge goal difference in our favour means a point would be enough. A draw gives them both a sniff. Saying that, I don't expect Reading or Brum to overtake us.
  10. 4-2-3-1? Reach, FF and João playing behind Atdhe?
  11. Lineup vs QPR

    This for me... I can see so much fluidity in that formation. In possession you can go back 3 and push Hunt up, João in alongside Atdhe, even tuck Hunt in alongside Jones and Pelupessy to make three banks of 3 and find lots of overloads (I live in hope of any Bielsa style tactics). When Bannan is back I'd put him central of the three, FF out left.
  12. Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Yep... Got to agree. If Hutch and Joey are holding, full backs giving width with Reach getting beyond and Bannan higher up I'd be happy. Let's dominate them in midfield, give them f**k all time on the ball.
  13. A few ideas, some on the cheaper side but still improvements on those I'd like to see shipped out. Pearson signed a new contract this year so probably too difficult a target. Likewise Paterson and Brownhill. Nathan Byrne-RB Wigan Gunter-RB Reading Knudsen-LB Ipswich Dean-CB Brum Venancio -CB Us Brownhill-MF Brizzle Pearson-MF Preston Skalak-WR Brighton Paterson-FW Brizzle Swift-MF Reading Maguire-FW Preston Out Wallace Loovens Rhodes Winnall Butterfield Jones Fox Palmer Matias Stobbs Abdi
  14. Adam Reach

    Reach is 3 years younger, made nearly as may appearances. Over the last 3/4 seasons he's been averaging around 39 games a season. He's scored more than twice as many goals than Bannan. I've no idea about assists. Bannan is a better playmaker, better first touch, better football brain (my opinion). Barry Bannan has a poor conversion rate from midfield. Depends on what you're comparing. For me Bannan lacks in certain attributes as does Reach.
  15. Adam Reach

    Depends which bit you are comparing...