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  1. Nuihu Header

    Proper centre forwards goal. Give me that over a poxy long shot everyday......
  2. January

    I reckon Jiri Skalak at Brighton would be a good addition. Certainly an upgrade and competition for Wallace.
  3. Right...Team for Saturday

    What 4-2-3-1 was that because as far as I can fathom it was a 4-4-2? The problem for me and it is a huge problem is the speed with which the ball comes out of defence. Loovens and Lees are desperate at shifting the ball out of defence. The argument for not playing Van Aken was that he made defensive errors. Well our much vaunted senior centre halves were error strewn all game last night. Loovens was lucky to be on the pitch after 10 minutes. Lees should have felt the full force of somebodies wrath at full time for what was the most lackadaisical trot back into the box for their second. I mean there wasn't even a sniff of urgency. For that alone, he should be dropped. I can take errors of positioning, I can take getting done by a talented player, but that was absolute garbage. You are only as good as your last game. The problem is, that we haven't blooded Venancio, so you can't drop both Loovens and Lees with any degree of confidence that Venancio is capable of taking over. So on that and I hope someone has the strongest of words with Lees that it is unacceptable for that to happen again, give him the chance to rectify his poor performance and play him with Van Aken I'd go with 4-2-3-1 but CC will not. Going on our 4-4-2 I'd go with... Westwood Lees Van Aken Hunt Fox Butterfield Bannan Palmer Reach Hooper Rhodes
  4. The memory that takes you back....

    The smell of embrocation and rubbing oils coming up from under the old South....... Ahhh, matchday. I'm a wide eyed kid again wanting to head it like Chapman, hit it like Hirst and cross like Marwood. Is that a bit weird.....
  5. Team for Ipswich

    Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Butterfield Lee Wallace Bannan Reach Hooper
  6. What would you like him to say?
  7. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Left field again but Hirst v West Ham 1988. Cannot find footage but from the goalkeepers punt upfield it took one bounce, Hirst swivelled and smashed it from around 35 yards. Just an ordinary Saturday 3pm kickoff Division 1 game (remember those?), So no huge importance but it sticks out for me. I could be remembering it all wrong but without footage I'll claim old age if I'm wrong! In terms of importance, at the time, regardless of the ultimate result, Hirst in the FA Cup Final. Had the Brazilians or Barcelona or Man Ure scored that it would have been described as an all time great Cup Final goal. What was it 22 passes?
  8. Seriously...? Plan ahead, find a solution. The Club are alerting you to the new security measures, deal with it.
  9. little bazza

    Jude 1:10 my friend....
  10. little bazza

    Completely agree with the first part of your post. He is an attacking midfielder and is best employed higher up the pitch. The link up play with Hooper that was evident on Saturday (and was a major feature of our play in 15/16) is quite reminiscent of Sheridan and Hirst. He also has that annoying "fly round s**t" aspect to his game that opposing midfielders hate and that again is best employed further up the pitch. His lack of goals is his weakness. IF CC could address this, he would be worth another £5m. Interestingly I wonder if Butterfield will end up being a better foil for him in midfield than Jones and Kieran Lee. Butterfield does not drift forward and into the box in the same way that KL does and that allows Bannan to get further up the pitch without worrying he's leaving gaps in behind him if the move breaks down. With Reach contributing goals by getting in and around the strikers, I think we could have stumbled on a better formula without Kieran Lee for a flat 4-4-2. I certainly think that Butterfield has more about him than Jones. I also think that we will see Palmer employed more in the 4-4-2 on the right either as a straight replacement for Wallace or coming on late in the game. Without harking on about the 91 side, King and Irish were essentially two full backs employed on the left and to a degree so were Harkes and Roly on the right. There is nothing wrong with it if the creativity is coming from elsewhere.
  11. Always a worry for me. It's why I favour 4-2-3-1 or even 4-1-4-1 (My Lord...in deference). Put the bodies in midfield, dominate it, let Lee and Reach get forward to support late into the box.
  12. Thinking about it the other way, I'd want JT marking Hooper. Drag him out of the defensive line (which JT is excellent at martialling, always has been). If he doesn't follow them Hooper gets a lot of freedom. Rhodes on the other centre half, looking for space in the box. Saying that, giving Bruce something to deal with that we haven't thrown at him in the past two seasons would be prudent. Step forward Matias? Can't think of anything out of the box unless we change formation.
  13. too funny

    More please, every game.
  14. My starting 11 would be.... Wildsmith Lees Van Aken Hunt Fox Hutch Lee Matias Butterfield Reach Hooper But it won't be, it'll probably be... Westwood Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach Wallace Lee Jones Bannan Fletcher Hooper
  15. 2 years ago today

    Not splitting hairs Sir, but I always saw Lee as playing the box to box role as part of the double pivot set up. The triangles that we played when employing this formation is what gives it away as 4-2-3-1. The main thing to guard against when playing 4-2-3-1 is not for it to become a 4-5-1 and isolate the striker. Joao Helan Bannan Wallace Hutch Lee Pudil Hunt Loovens Lees Wildsmith I still see this as the best set up for us. Play a left back and Reach in Helans place. Either Joao up top with Hooper at No.10 or Hooper up top with Bannan at No.10 depending on opposition. Alternatively switch Reach to LB and Bannan to left of the 3 and add someone like Butterfield at No.10 for more solidity and to close out a game. Anyway, horses for courses.