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  1. Chelsea v Liverpool in May. Went on a lads weekend to London and got tickets for the Bellew v Haye fight at the o2 on the Saturday night and Premier League game on Sunday. I have three days completely missing from my memory.... Ps... No one mentioned it having to be a Wednesday game...
  2. spike1867

    If you HAD to choose...

    Hirst was my hero, I absolutely idolised him as a player. However I'd go with Waddle and here's why...when he won the football writers accolade in 93, there wasn't a finer footballer in the country at that time. I don't think Hirst could ever say that.
  3. Wasn't a clearance but Roly's at home to Blackburn was a bit odd to say the least!
  4. IF we have money for fees then Knudsen at Ipswich and Byrne at Wigan. Venancio would be welcome too. Depends on what people see as priorities. I like the look of George Saville at Millwall too but he's probably out of reach. IF we can offload Abdi, Rhodes, Fox, Winnall, Jones, Palmer and possibly even Boyd or Fletcher I think there maybe enough freed up to bring in a couple of decent signings. Knudsen would be my first choice. Solid dependable Championship left back who unfortunately has been named in the Denmark World Cup squad so his value may rise. With Penney as understudy and Reach as back up, Hunt and Byrne on the other side, Venancio, Lees, Van Aken, Thorniley, Hutchinson with Neilsen as understudy at centre half I reckon that should be enough in defence. If we got Saville or somebody of his ilk, Pelupessy, Lee, Bannan, Reach, Clare?, Hutchinson as back up in the middle of the park I'd be happy with centre midfield. Start the season with Hooper, Joao, Nuhiu, Fletcher and FF as the options up top. Keep Matias because I think with a proper pre season Jos might get something out of him and besides coming into the last year of his contract he's either playing for a new one or for a decent move away.
  5. I posted this a while back. I think it was a clearance from Lawrie Madden if memory serves. It wasn't me but it still is the funniest thing I ever remember at Hillsborough. He had a tendency for the stupid too. A couple of years later we were playing for the school side and he comes thundering in back post from an inswinging free kick. Rocket header into the far side of the goal back across the keeper, as he landed he turned to wheel away and ran straight into the far post. Fair play though, he played the rest of the game with a cricket ball size lump on his forehead. Every time he got up for a header (centre half) he winced. He reckoned he couldn't remember anything of the next few hours. After the game we "signed" the lump with black marker for his MoM performance. Back to the OP...no after Dean's poor showing and the grief he got afterwards I decided discretion was the better part of valour and attempting headers in the crowd was not for me. Since then, like the lottery, never got close.
  6. I love Bielsa, I do. Anybody who watched his Chile side will know that that is how you want to play football, what you want to watch and what you don't want to face in a match. They were absolutely incredible. Like wasps round a bin at Alton Towers. The high press, the triggers, the fluidity, the pressure, the effort, the commitment to the brief the coach had given them was just first class. Coupled with above average players the only thing that Chile didn't do was achieve any notable silverware. However, as much as I love the genius that he has brought to the game, I do agree with what Quist has said to a point. HE does cause upheaval, he is as mad as a bag of frogs and he has no experience of managing in England. I think it is harsh to say his reputation is based on comments by Guardiola and Pochettino. I personally was aware of Bielsa and his methods long before Pochettino came to the fore. I wasn't aware Guardiola was a Bielsa follower until much later. I had always assumed Guardiola got his schooling from Barcelona. In short although I love the fella and what he has given the game, I think his legacy is defined by those that have openly taken his ideas and adapted them to the present. Pochettino, Guardiola, Klopp, Sampaoli, all successful managers who have taken pieces of his genius and created their own great teams with their own philosophy.
  7. spike1867

    Starting XI

    Not looking for an argument mate, but you want to move Kieran Lee, with his gammy hip, from centre mid to wingback? Where he'd have to get up and down the line and deal with nippy, agile full backs and quick and nimble wingers who turn on a sixpence? Meanwhile Kieran Lee turns like a poorly maintained Robocop, who 'by all accounts' has come close to retiring... I have an image in my head of bits of KL flying off as he gets going, like young Forrest Gump running from the bullies... Sorry I'm being flippant. I think it would be a wrong move. Both for us and Kieran Lee.
  8. spike1867

    Starting XI

    Not with a dodgy hip, getting turned and twisted by some nippy winger. Still, when fit the best box to box midfielder we have. No more square pegs and all that...
  9. spike1867

    Full Backs Needed.

    Byrne at Wigan, Knudsen at Ipswich.... Please.
  10. Byrne at Wigan, Knudsen at Ipswich, depending on whether Clare signs and Lee being fit the box to box is more difficult.
  11. spike1867

    Wednesday in debt

    Sounds about right, I think I got it the wrong way round when I tried to explain it.
  12. spike1867

    Wednesday in debt

    In no way qualified but is it not just the registration of a charge against a mortgage? Similar to the way a building society/mortgage lender would register a charge against your own mortgage/property so that legally they can recoup their money if you get into difficulty/sell up? These things can take forever to appear and file. I wouldn't panic, my first thought is that the financing company who financed works at the training ground have correctly registered their charge/vested interest in the buildings that they financed.
  13. Just an observation about playing FF in the number 10 role, in the hole, regista or whatever. Whilst he will always be available to receive the ball I have 2 major doubts about his ability to play there. First, he is not that effective receiving the ball into feet in central areas. It's congested, it's difficult to turn and he invariably gets out muscled or kicked. Coupled with his "reputation" with referees, he doesn't get half the protection he should. Second, he is too off the cuff. If you are one of two strikers and FF is supplying your bullets, you will end up being disappointed more often than not. He still has a habit of checking out, dropping the shoulder, twist turn and finally deliver the ball. That is counter productive to strikers trying to get the jump on a centre half. Take yesterday's 3rd goal for example, when he received the ball from Nuhiu, he turns and faces up the defender. He has the opportunity to play Boyd or Nuhiu in clean on goal to his left. Simple ball no dramas. I know he goes on a dribble, nearly loses it twice and provides a stunning finish but if he chooses that option 10 times I'd say he converts maybe 2 times. Play the simple ball and gets into the box with Joao and I reckon we convert that 5 or 6 times out of ten. Over the course of a season that mounts up. Like some have said, I'd prefer him picking the ball up on the left, drifting in, taking the full back where he doesn't want to go. Either on the left in a 4-2-3-1 a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 if we've the right central midfield duo and full backs. Its not a criticism of FF, he's our game changer, our grab a win out of nothing. If you want to get out of this division you need to be ruthless. Keep clocking up the chances no matter how they arrive and put them away. Anyways, just an observation.
  14. spike1867


    Watmore would have been a great shout but for his double ACL injury. He's on the mend but a long way off.
  15. spike1867

    Basement Bargains?

    Is there a deadline to announce any penalties for P&S breaches? I know they said they would like to announce before the end of the current season. It wouldn't be fair to a team and against the spirit of P&S to have a club suddenly have their plans change overnight. Clubs should be allowed to plan accordingly. Ball park Geoffrey...how close are we to being in breach over the last two seasons and a projection going forward?