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  1. Assistant to Bullen? Cos I'm not sure I'd want him as manager.
  2. Crikey, I hope Sol Campbell odds don't start tumbling in the next couple of hours....
  3. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but if we must play 4-4-2 then it has to be at the expense of Bannan. Dawson Moses Lees Borner Palmer Hutchinson Lee Reach Harris Fletcher Rhodes But I hate 4-4-2, we still don't have the athletic, cover every blade of grass midfielder to do it. Besides Barnsley play a 4-2-3-1 with good little triangles. A flat 4-4-2 just isn't the answer. Personally I hope we just match em up, 4-2-3-1 which as we know is a 4-3-3 in attack. We have better players in every position. Go and prove it.
  4. So, according to Owlstalk, in a division with no easy games, away from home, with a new central defensive partnership, against a striker who scored 15 last season, WE restricted Reading from creating much, against a "bottom 6 side" who we have struggled to break down in recent history, with no manager, down to 10 men for nearly 20 minutes, playing only one up front... We won 3-1. FFS, roll on Barnsley is all I can say.
  5. Its never the way is it though mate, they always play a blinder! FFS
  6. You're a glass half empty sort of person aren't you? Daft, arrogant comment. Well done.
  7. We can agree to disagree, but I don't think the Championship has moved on in two seasons to that degree. Look at L**ds last year, arguably the most expansive team, coached by a bloke who preaches attacking football. They mostly got done last year by teams playing 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 with two solid, competitive DCM's. Don't get me wrong mate, I'm no great lover of 4-4-2 for all the reasons you've outlined. 4-4-2 requires a balance of skills (as I've harped on about before, buzzer, spreader, floater, runner) and we don't quite have it. Cut to the chase, I don't think 4-4-2 is redundant if you've got the players or you've got a clear plan to exploit the opposition. I think a midfield of Hutchinson, Lee, Harris and Reach, with Fletcher and Rhodes up top would be good enough to beat a lot of Championship sides. I think its imperative with that side to play Iorfa or Odubajo at RB to provide the pace on the overlap for Reach. Harris I think is capable of going past a man no bother. To me, there is still threat in that side. Harris beating the full back, Reach cutting in, full back overlap and Lee getting into the box, all with two central strikers both of whom are pretty good in the air. I'd still prefer 4-2-3-1 (4-3-3) mind, with Hutchinson and Bannan at CM, and any combination of Harris, Reach, Lee, Joao and FF in the three behind Fletcher.
  8. But that would be because the balance of midfield would not be right. Play a two up top with Rhodes and two creative wide players, but make sure you play two very competitive central midfielders. Funnily enough, isn't that what Hughton did with Brighton the two years we locked horns with them recently. Sidwell and Kayal I think in centre mid with Knockaert, March, Skalak etc out wide. They played with Glenn Murray up top who isn't too dissimilar to Fletcher, maybe a bit more prolific.
  9. Its annoying and appears to be incredibly unfair, but remember the regulatory commission will have just as many lawyers on it. I doubt they'd leave themselves wide open. We'll have to wait and see what happens at the appeal. However, a good manager, good leaders will use this to build a siege mentality. I hope as it stands, between Bullen and the senior players, we have enough leadership to build up the walls and use it to make Hillsborough an unpleasant place for the opposition. Its only a sliver of comfort, but hopefully the squad responds with the right attitude and sticks two fingers up to the FA by gatecrashing their little elitist club.
  10. Look I hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me if this happens. First Nixon reporting this sort of like he did with Carlos. That makes me a bit nervous. Now the good and bad. Yes, he's never managed before. Coaching/managing a club day to day is in a different realm. However, he has spent a considerable amount of time as assistant to Jose Pekerman. In fact he's about the only bloke he's ever worked for. For those who aren't football nerds, in Argentina there were two competing philosophies of coaching. One preached fluid, free flowing attacking football as practiced by Luis Menotti. The other, the win at all costs, gamesmanship, anti football as practiced by Carlos Bilardo. Born from Menotti was Bielsa, born from Bilardo was Diego Simeone. Well Jose Pekerman was borne from Menotti, in fact he recommended Bielsa for the Argentine national job. Bielsa has his disciples like Pochettino and Sampaoli, I suppose Nestor Lorenzo would be a disciple of Pekerman. If you can follow that, well done. I suppose it's feasible that they looked at L**ds attacking style last year and wanted to see if there was something similar to Bielsa without breaking the bank. Maybe they asked one of Bielsas 'disciples' in Pochettino and that's the answer he got. Apparently Lorenzo speaks fluent English, knows a bit about the English game and was invited over by Benitez to sit in on the barcodes training, so he's not completely alien to the British game. But my god, no thanks, I hope we have learned our lesson. After all, as good as dirty L##ds were to watch at times, they're in the same division as us this season.
  11. I agree with this 100%. My only problem with Hooper and his comments on twitter did nothing to dispel that, was that he was a billy big b###ocks. I don't think he had the work ethic to go alongside his undoubted ability. Don't get me wrong, he knew the dark arts of being a forward (JT on his harris springs to mind), but I don't think he would run himself into the ground. Fletcher on the other hand and Nuhiu to a degree (and don't forget Hooper said he loved playing up top with Nuhiu), will run themselves to a stop and create space for others. It already looks promising between Rhodes and Fletcher, in the same way it did with Hooper and Fletcher. The difference this time is the supply is going to be better in my opinion. The one thing that gives me encouragement this year is that there are options. Whoever the next manager is, if they get the balance of the team right, we have a very good squad. And...as much as it pains me to say it, Old Cabbage features left us in a damn sight better position than before he arrived. We have a little pace throughout now in Iorfa, Odubajo, Harris, Joao. We still have intelligent players in Bannan, Fletcher, Lee, Reach. We have an exciting option in FF to slot in where we can, when needed. Like every team though, we are looking for someone to make an unexpected contribution (like Pukki last year). Whether that be Rhodes, or FF finding form again, or Harris tearing full backs a new one, every successful team usually has one.
  12. I think Southampton had or have that model, Les Reed wasn't it who did an interview all about it. I'd be surprised if most other clubs don't too. Edit.. Wilyfox beat me to it!
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