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  1. Now everybody, make sure you do a through virus scan of your pc/laptop/phone/tablet (*delete as necessary), never will dirty L**ds TV be on again! I feel thoroughly unclean after allowing that on my device....
  2. Team for Villa

    Dawson Baker Venancio Pudil Hunt Fox Pelupessy Clare Reach Nuhui Rhodes Wildsmith Palmer Abdi Loovens Jones Boyd
  3. Don't do Facebook. Any other way of viewing it...
  4. Team for Millwall

    Wildsmith Venancio Loovens Pudil Hunt Fox Pelupessy Clare Reach Nuhui João
  5. Young George

    Grand... we can do a swap for young Kluivert....
  6. Ok, ok....

    I'd pay to get a week away from mine... They drive me crackers! Only kidding, but seriously, a week? Christ I've known chaps (and chappettes) deployed for 9 months or so, before Skype and Facetime. All you got was a bluey, from the wife to say she'd run off with the milkman....if you were lucky. Snowflakes... Or am I being whooshed?
  7. Ok, ok....

    Somebody might have said it but I wonder if the Chairman will fork out and let the team travel down to the Swansea area on the Sunday after Villa and stay there for the week. Away at Brizzle on the Saturday after so it might create a bit of a bubble, a bit of esprit de corps and see us through both games.
  8. Any ideas what this is

    Like a spook from JSPI....
  9. Any ideas what this is

    Pitch is too worn....
  10. I love the movement he showed for the second. After spreading the ball out to Pudil, his first thought is to run into the space between. He gives Huddlestone the right run around. Joao drops into the space in between centre half and dcm and when Joao strikes the ball, Reach is level with him meaning he's occupying the other dcm. So instead of one dcm (Ledley) standing him up and the other dcm (Huddlestone) nipping in and robbing the ball, Joao has only Ledley to make a mug of. It's really basic simple stuff but without the midfield 'runner' it's difficult to do. Said it ages ago, midfield needs a buzzer, floater, spreader and a runner. For ages and definitely without KL, we were missing the runner.
  11. I don't do I told you so but..... He doesn't have the physical attributes to be a real threat out wide. Full backs are too quick and nimble mostly. Against slow CM'S/DCM's though he will run past them all day. Said it a long time ago he should have been KL's understudy. With regard to Bannan, we will now see what appetite he's got because his place in the side is no longer certain. I would love to see him further up the pitch, I think he does his best work there.
  12. Lucas Joao

    Definitely put some good weight on...
  13. RIP Georgia Rae

    The tiny footprints of an infant make such deep impressions... RIP Georgia Rae
  14. Brilliant my liege...