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  1. Folks, I've pm'd Hugeowl with an apology. I took offence to something that was posted. I should have phrased my reply much differently. My apologies.
  2. Mate she says that most nights, nowt new there, I'd say no too. I wasn't threatening anyone. See my latest post. I commented that I doubt you'd do that face to face, to anyone really. Or maybe folk do. I took offence, I made that clear. My bad.
  3. Fair do's. Seeing as I've been advocating leaving Bannan out in favour of a different midfield three, and, at the time when I posted I was the only one hinting at it again, I thought the comment was aimed at me. Whether it was or wasn't, "mugs" for me, is a bit much. Call us daft, tactically naive, had too much to drink or even a closet truffle hunter if you want, but I took offence to being called a mug. You've said you stand by it, fair enough. It seems cos we're online the normal rules of society don't apply, because unless you like looking for trouble, I doubt very much you'd say it to someone you don't know if you were having a debate about it. In my opinion, they'd get p**sed of about it and call you out. Let's get one thing clear, I'm not intimidating or threatening anyone. I ain't big enough and my days gobbing off at anyone ended when I was about 14. What I said, if you read it back, is that if you go around calling people a mug, you'd better be prepared for the consequences of that, whatever that might be. Personally, I'm gonna call you out on it, because last time I checked it was post, not poster. How you take that up is your business. Finally, I've never said "Bannan is poo", or anything remotely like it. To the contrary, I've commented that I like him as a player. I wish he was more productive, but that's more to do with what's ahead of him and around him. I'll be honest, I'm a little perplexed by the Bannan love in, but hey, each to their own. I certainly wouldn't call them mugs or any other insult. Anyway, it appears I stirred a hornets nest. Like I said earlier, I apologise. If my back chat was a bit abrasive, I apologise for that too, but intimidating, threatening... Give over.
  4. No mate not at all. Just calling it out. Have banter, have a debate, have a laugh. Not much need for calling those that have a differing opinion "mugs". If we all did that, then this site wouldn't function. It wouldn't be a forum. See what we did there? We had an exchange of views and nobody got offended. It's what separates us from Captain Caveman. If it makes you feel better..... Hugeowl, I apologise for being a big girls blouse*. *other gender garments are available, in varying sizes....... Back to football eh?
  5. That it was mate, with about 40,000 in the stadium in midweek in the Zenith Data Systems Cup. It got back page headlines in a cup that barely got a mention most of the time. Least that's how I remember it.
  6. Careful mate. I'm a fair bloke and like the banter, but don't get personal. You want to call someone a mug, go and do it up to them face to face, that way you can also face the inevitable consequence of your action. My guess is you wouldn't have the bottle. Friends?
  7. Try sudocrem*, alternatively just remember that it's Wednesday you support and you will spend half your life mildly irritated at something, generally the truffle hunters. *other creams are available, always read the label.
  8. You want criticism, here's a small snippit and highlights my problem with FF. Shortly after coming on, he has nice little exchange with Bannan on the left, the ball settles nicely for him to drive into a lot of space on the edge of the box. Instead, he tries another flick to give it back to Bannan and between Bannan not expecting it, the defender being well positioned and it being wayward we lose the ball and invite the counter attack. So from potentially nestling in the top corner, we've gone to defending again. I've banged on about this before, and bearing in mind he is more than capable of putting it in the top corner, why the show pony stuff? I highlighted it a few years ago when he chose the more ambitious effort against Reading? Where he got off the deck and smashed it in from 25 yards, rather than playing a simple 5 yard pass to anyone of two players on the overlap in on goal with two in the box. Ahh, picky sod I hear you say... Well I would hazard a guess and say if he tried that 10 times, he'd score once, maybe twice. My point being is that if you tot that up over the course of a season, you might be looking at a difference of 6-7 points. To top it off, if you are the strike partner, you'd be doing your nut. When do I run, where do I make my run, will he release the ball, will he shoot, will he check out and do summat else. The very unpredictability we love is also his greatest downside. Hooper, a real intelligent CF couldn't form a deadly partnership with him, I don't think it's worked with Fletcher either. Can't give him points for pulling wide left when they lost their right back, bloody 12 year old would do that. How's that? Wouldn't want you to think I hide away. Good to see him back though.
  9. I think some need to understand that it's about having the right balance, the right dynamic. It's also about understanding that if everything goes through BB, not only are we predictable, the stats will obviously show him to be our most effective midfielder. As for taking my head for a wobble, I will when you can tell me what makes Bannan undroppable. Tell me what he does that nobody else can. Head for a wobble...
  10. Must. Stop. Myself. B.. B.. B.. B.. B.. B.... Its no use, drop the lot of em. Play FF, Harris, Reach and Murphy with Rhodes and Winnall up top. Back 4 of Palmer, Fox, Odubajo and Thorniley. It'd be interesting anyhow.
  11. I need a rest cos when I read that it came out all wrong. I blame Barry Bannan, it's only fair, I blame him for everything at the moment. Sorry Bazza...
  12. Nah sorry, I couldn't just sit there.... Why? What is it about BB that makes him undroppable? Is it his goals? His defensive and organisational ability? His leadership? Maybe his ability to play penetrating passes? Set piece excellence? His running off the ball? I've got it, its the way he grabs the game by the scruff of the neck and dominates it... Your right HO, let it stop. This pre conceived notion that he is instrumental in all the good that we do is skewed by the fact that EVERYTHING goes through him. You're a stats man, going right back to the first time we lost Bannan to a red card in CCs first season, how have we done when he's been out for a couple of games? I'm not saying bench him indefinitely, but we're back to plan B territory again. We look better with Luongo in there, but we need more than one central midfielder getting around our single striker. I'll be fair, it's not really his fault. He doesn't have a striker spinning in behind. He hasn't got a ballsy midfield runner making space and dragging markers. Harris and Reach aren't coming ofc there wing on the diagonal too much either. We're so reliant on Harris or Reach to get us up the pitch by carrying it into advanced positions that it's back to that age old discussion about the effectiveness of wingers and how easy it is to cut off supply. We don't have naturally overlapping fullbacks to overload the opposition. So I ask again, what exactly does BB give us in this team? Answer, a selection headache because he's "undroppable" and the team needs more dynamism than it currently has. If we get a quick Vardy type striker in January, or a marauding midfielder, or a couple full backs who are comfortable and offer threat getting forward, I pretty much guarantee that we won't be having this debate, because then the lad would have better options. FFS let it stop is right....we won, I'm delighted because like I said, I'd take a 1-0 over a 5-5, but we have to offer more going forward and if we are going to play the single central striker, we have to get more bodies around him. We need to kill teams off because we will come unstuck otherwise. Rant over, my meds are kicking in. 3rd place, bring on the dirty weeds for a try at top spot again.
  13. Play Fletcher, Harris and Reach wide and FF in behind Fletcher? I suppose you'd keep Bannan in midfield too? I'd pity our other midfielder, he'd need three shredded wheat to cover that lot.
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