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  1. spike1867


    Hughes probably finds it difficult managing any team when he's still trying to work out how to get out of Pearsons back pocket. It's been nearly 30 years since and he still looks bewildered.
  2. spike1867

    Just seen the goals - Pathetic

    That is a classic symptom of over coaching players, believe it or not. They're so wrapped up in following instructions they're not watching the ebb and flow of the game.
  3. spike1867

    thread for Club apologists

    Couldn't agree more. That's just the nature of society these days though, you're in this group, you're in that. We aren't the only club like this, so its not particular to the Sheffield Wednesday fanbase. I will support the club till the day I die and in that lifetime I expect managers, players and chairmen to come and go, as they always have done. I will not apologise for my support of the club I love no matter who is in charge. In my eyes, the op is wrong, they are entitled to their opinion, but labeling fellow club supporters is a cowardly way to get your point across. Stand up, debate, accept differing opinions and encourage others to have an input. It is time for Jos Luhukay to be removed as manager of our club. Its probably time for the Chairman to have a long hard look at what his plans are and be honest with the supporters. If he wants out, then fine, lets make best efforts to ensure that is as trouble free as possible. If he wants to stay and finish the job he says he came here to do, then it starts this evening with the removal of those around him who have so badly advised him in recent years and start afresh. If he wants to feel the support of our brilliant fans, he has to do no more that come out publicly and say he has got it wrong, its time for change and it starts now.
  4. spike1867

    January Transfer Window

    Without knowing for certain how much we have to recoup/trim/recover in pounds and pence to satisfy P&S, it's impossible to know who will have to be sold/released. Without knowing who has to be sold/released and for how much, its impossible to know our predicament and whether we are likely candidates for the drop. So stop the droopy b**locks moping and support the players. Personally, if £15m is the required amount which seems to have been bandied around previously I'd be looking at FF and Rhodes, plus one of Nuhiu, Joao, Winnall or Fletcher in addition to the deadwood(Boyd, Abdi, Jones etc) being released. I'd consider bids for Penney, with add ons, because unless he realises his potential, he is just that. I honestly believe Dawson, Hector, Lees, Thorniley, Bannan, Reach, Winnall and the rest are good enough to keep us up. I'm not saying it'll be fun, but there is enough there if we can get some loans in. If somebody can tell me what we need to save, I'd feel a lot better because the position becomes clearer. However we all know that won't happen because that tips off other clubs. So for me, we need to accumulate as much as possible points wise between now and end of the transfer window. Withe February, March and April to go, we'll have a much clearer picture of where we are at and what we need.
  5. spike1867

    A Conspiracy of crap

    Nowt wrong with Delerium Tremens.....
  6. spike1867

    Sanctuary Thread

    Last time I said that she charged me £80 an hour...
  7. spike1867

    Sanctuary Thread

    Sounds like the version Jos recites to the players before we play. It certainly can't be the St. Crispin's Day speech otherwise we'd at least see a bit of courage.
  8. I love free flowing attacking football, but I get the same buzz from direct route one, flick it on and finish. Its football, its tactics, what's not to love? As long as there is attacking intent and the direct stuff is thought out and not just lumped up there I couldn't give a Castlemaine XXXX.
  9. spike1867

    New Owls Fans TV

    Many a drunken night been spoilt by a 'fall' down a 'hole'.... Problem is sometimes you don't realise until 9 months later.
  10. spike1867


    Err... thats the 3-4-3 we adopted against Villa, arguably our best performance this season. I'd always play Lees down the middle, he's not so good covering the wide areas and doesn't like receiving the ball there. Thorniley or Pudil to the left, Hector to the right. Reach and Matias playing not as wide men but cutting inside and bursting forward. It effectively can make a 3-6-1 which a lot of German sides messed with about 5 years ago. I think even Klopp played it successfully. Anyway, just saying...
  11. spike1867

    Team for Derby

    I am the night shift manager...
  12. spike1867

    10 men for the good of the game?

    Somewhere in the distant past there was a trial of only having offside in the last 30/40 yards. It might have been in the US. The result? Less congestion in the midfield, more goals and better decisions from linos who had a smaller area to cover. Teams couldn't play a highline. Of course it was ditched, I mean why would Fifa want better attacking play and more goals?
  13. spike1867

    Team for Derby

    Surprisingly for me I'd move away from my favoured 4-2-3-1 and in to a 3-4-2-1. Dawson Hector Lees Thorniley Palmer Pelupessy Bannan Penney Reach Forestieri João On my last night shift I deliberated on a front two of Matias and Forestieri in a 3-5-2 as a means of having a threat in behind and intelligent movement from two technically gifted players. It'll never happen but I'd like to see it even if it was for twenty minutes with Bannan, Joey and Reach as the 3 men in midfield.
  14. I reckon... Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Baker Pelupessy Bannan Fox Reach Penney Fletcher
  15. Can't believe the defeatist attitude on here before a ball has been kicked.