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  1. Exactly. If the more attack minded wide player is positioned further forward, as a no. 11, there is danger that too much of a gap develops between the two. That's all the space a good opposition winger needs to exploit. What you're looking for is the overlap, the overload on the oppos full back. Think back to Kingy and Irish. Worthington always played more further forward, but King would overlap. Worthington also had the smarts to cover the lb spot.
  2. If we were looking at Bonne, I hope we've been looking at Aneke too. Big, pacey, good technically has played out and out CF, attacking mid, good goals record. I think Bruce looked at him whilst at Villa so maybe we have.
  3. Andy King gone back to Leicester from Derby. Think he's due to be moved on, he'd be a good addition.
  4. They had a top 2/3 manager though for the whole season. That helps...
  5. I heard Aneke was scouted heavily by Villa when Bruce was there. Bearing in mind we now have the recruitment bloke that worked with Bruce, I'd say there's a chance we're looking again.
  6. Surprised Payne got let go at Huddersfield. He always looked quite lively and a threat when I've seen him play. I would have thought them dropping into the Championship would have seen him play more. Probably not what we're looking for but wouldn't surprise me if he gets picked up by a lower end Championship team and makes an impact.
  7. I read somewhere yesterday in some article that one of the PL clubs has there club name tied to the stadium, Chelski I think. If they move grounds, they have to change name. If the fan base had some sort of consultation, could we not have devised similar safeguards? https://www.propertyweek.com/news-analysis/who-owns-premier-league-stadiums/5090883.article Check out the bit about Chelsea.
  8. Best post of the thread. Sorry mkowl, yours are more knowledgeable and informative but you never mentioned passing hairy balls.
  9. I was thinking about this myself. Its not just the sale amount that is significant. Somebody is welcome to come and shoot holes in this but hear me out. IF we sell the ground to DC and become tenants, would it be correct to say that everytime there is a maintenance/development/safety/legal issue, the Landlord (DC) would have to foot the bill for this and not the tenant (the club)? So therefore the daily running and upkeep of the stadium is borne by DC and not the club. Maybe DC can raise outside investment for the stadium more easily if its not "tied" to the club, as most people will readily admit, football clubs are black holes for money. Lots of questions, most will probably be answered by those far more knowledgeable than me in a flash. I think there is a lot of nervousness because its another step into the unknown. We've not seen any positive examples of other clubs doing it. It looks great in the short term, but maybe there are more long term benefits to it. Do all clubs own there ground? Are there any examples elsewhere in Europe where clubs lease the ground on favourable terms? Food for thought...
  10. I said Choudhury earlier on in the season from Leicester, but he seems to have caught Rodgers eye with some good performances in the last few weeks. He is the sort of strong defensive midfielder that we need. He'd be a great addition if Leicester do decide to spend on a more established name, but I rather think the horse has bolted with that one. Same with Barnes I think. Rodgers seems to rate him, so can't imagine they will be going anywhere unfortunately.
  11. Just having a look round too, I'm not sure if the Pope is already dead on this, but there was a report.... https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/05/05/report-sheffield-wednesday-bag-six-figure-bonus-from-jordan-rhod/ that we bagged a 6 figure sum as a result of Norwich going up as part of Rhodes' deal to Norwich. So on top of any loan fee we received and the savings in wages, it has turned out to be a decent bit of business. I know the source is questionable, but they are referencing a story in the Sun on Sunday. Apologies if already reported on a thread somewhere.
  12. On some other thread I dug out a stat from Transfermarkt that his goals to minutes ratio this season would have been good for about 15-17 goals this season based on the amount of minutes Fletcher played and I think that was without the hat trick in the cup. If we get a decent fee for him, then I'd be happy for him to go. Otherwise, I really would like to see if SB can get the best out of him. Norwich struck gold with Pukki, he had his golden season. I think Rhodes went to Norwich thinking he'd be in with a shout of a starting spot each week.
  13. Biggest crock I've heard on here for a while. I'd still go for Zidane because he also led his country to a World Cup and euros, but Beckham was a World class midfielder and anybody saying otherwise is way off the mark. The man was a regular alongside Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Raul, Carlos. Flippin crap weren't he...
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