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  1. spike1867

    What the f*ck was that?

    Someone skirmish those teddies... I can't be arsed.
  2. spike1867

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    Gelatin is for the joints... Alarmingly I think these types have pork gelatin. Maybe we should insist on pork free sweeties...
  3. spike1867

    The goal yesterday

    For me the significant thing is, last minute and Joao, Aarons and Onomah are in the box, Bannan is lurking at the edge and Palmer was in acres for anything half cleared. Including Reach that's 6 players getting forward, in injury time. That's a change of mentality, of confidence, of willing.
  4. spike1867

    Reality check

    Maybe I'm a simple son of a b**ch but isn't that the job of a coaching staff, to coach, to train, to improve. Everybody is so obsessed with acquiring the complete finished article. You can improve full backs, you can make Reach physically and mentally stronger. Given the correct service and plenty of it, at this level, who knows what Fletcher might score, or even Nuhiu. They might even develop into the perfect foil for Joao to become prolific. He's already stated his intent to improve the fitness. I grant you he can't make Bannan taller, but he can put him and coach him into playing in a position where he is more potent. What I do expect from the staff is if they can't be improved, coached or moulded into better players, that they are cut in the summer. Regardless of who they are. That's a manager. Just sayin...
  5. IS THAT IT? FFS, a perfect opportunity for questions about will there be any movement in or out of the club today? What are your priorities for the team? Backroom staff? What has he learnt from SA and SC short time with the players? Style of play? Any recruitment priorities? Honest to God that has to go down as the worst unveiling of a new manager I've ever seen. Fans finally have something to get behind and the local journalists are about as inquisitive as a dead sloth.
  6. Dont think he was Japanese...
  7. spike1867

    Our Complete Lack Of Any Pace

    Had this conversation last year with somebody and the only team we could think of was maybe the German national side from about 2006. There wasn't really any express pace in the German national teams round that time, they just shifted it quicker than everybody else. Which goes to show if you are devoid of pace, you'd better have bloody good footballers.
  8. spike1867

    Our Complete Lack Of Any Pace

    That's not pace, it's mobile, it's energy. What we lack is someone with a turn of speed. Quick over the first 15-20 yards. A Vardy type striker, a Dwight Gayle etc, a quick winger or a marauding centre mid who runs in behind. Any one of those, preferably the striker or midfielder would drop the opposition 5 to 10 yards and give Bannan more space to play, allow Reach to take up positions 25 yards out, allow full backs extra time to play a better quality ball in. The opposition have to drop back because of the threat of getting caught out with pace. In an ideal world, you have at least two out of those three. However, that costs money...
  9. spike1867

    Forestierri 14m

    And you just know that he'll be motivated tonight... And therein lies the paradox that is FF. Personally I hope he has a barnstormer and we sell him for a better fee.
  10. spike1867

    Dynamic Pricing

    Why not? Starting price at 15 and 20 quid, goes up 1 pound per league position. 24 league positions means if we're top you're paying 40-45 quid, which means there is a higher chance you'll see goals and wins. The better we play, the more money we earn, the worse we play we might attract a few more stay at homes because its cheap to boost attendance, atmosphere and get behind a struggling team. Easy this business stuff, I'm wasted in my current position as night manager of nothing.
  11. spike1867


    Pure fantasy it may be, but if the likes of Palmer and Fox have a dream 90 minutes and look the part, with a few days of the transfer window left, we might move them on. I personally hope Winnall plays and does well, it might generate some funds.
  12. spike1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Give em the lower Lepp. Opposition fans would be livid with 3000 screaming carpet commandos below them...
  13. Roly did it better against Blackburn in the semi final 2nd leg in 93. Only mistake he ever made he was that good.
  14. Agreed its not quite the quality I had in mind, thats not to say that I think we can afford or attract top championship quality at the moment.
  15. I wouldn't have a problem with Fletcher, Winnall and Joao being fed quality crosses. Joao and Fletcher are good in the air, Winnall too. There is hold up play there, mobility from Winnall, a bit of trickery in Joao. I think we could benefit from a smaller, quicker forward who plays off the last defender and gets in the channels. However its the speed with which we move the ball forward that will determine how successful it would be. When Bannan et al look up, they have to have the options of into feet and hold, player spinning off the centre back, the option out wide or runner from deep. Reach gives you the runner from deep, Fletcher can hold up the play. I'm not convinced about us having a player who plays off the last defender and gets into the channel between centre half and full back and obviously we don't have any "wingers" who deliver quality. I said before Hogan went to Villa he was the sort we should be looking at. Its still the sort of forward we should be looking at.