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  1. Said it last year too, i'd take Jonas Knudsen, Nathan Byrne as good competition at full back.
  2. Got 10 goals and 10 assists in L1 in 17/18 in a team that got relegated playing as an attacking midfielder mostly. I'd like to think playing with better players somebody like that would be a good candidate to fill a void we most definitely have and not break the bank. We got Kieran Lee at 24 and he went on to become one of our best players as he matured. Similar background, schooled at a big club and dropped down the leagues. I always felt we missed a trick with Ollie Watkins who started off in L2, dropped again before becoming a regular at Brentford. As it turns out we probably didn't have 1.5 million to spend on him, but I thought he was a type of player we were missing. Weeds did it with Roofe. Why do we insist on looking at bigger, more expensive names? I for one would be glad to see us pick up relatively inexpensive players. Good coaches do just that, they coach.
  3. Why? You don't want us to go looking for a bargain. 6 foot 4, runs like a gazelle, strong as an ox but schooled under Wenger at Arsenal so can probably play a bit. Decent age. Averaging a goal every 2 this season, but importantly, most seem to think he's a better bet at CM than CF. Besides, he was heavily scouted by a lot of Championship clubs including Villa last season, probably by the bloke who joined us recently as part of the back room staff.
  4. Sorry, billyblack, forgot to quote... But isn't there a projected set submitted for assessment before that? Would it keep the wolves from the door?
  5. For those who know far more than I do, do the amortised fees we paid for the signings in 15/16 drop off and are therefore not included in this 18/19 accounts? How much would this amount to? Added to what Minton has already said about a saving on Rhodes and Hunt... Wallace, Loovens etc were released. What about bonuses they may have been due elapsing because we never gained promotion or reached the play offs? Would this not push us up toward the spouted 10m figure. With the release of big earners this summer, maybe the EFL are happy we will reduce our wage bill significantly and the projected accounts will look a lot healthier.
  6. I've been critical in the past. I think we're all correct in that he needs to play higher up the park. He invites teams on to us when he drops deep consistently. However, the key to BB is playing intelligent footballers with him. He looks unplayable at times with Hooper in the side. Bannan's problem has been lack of options when he lifts his head. Hooper provides options all over. When he drops into the space, he creates space in behind, he provides a 10 yard pass option knowing he will probably retain the ball and use it well. That way Bannan feels he can advance up the pitch knowing we will retain the ball. I have a feeling all SB will do for next year is provide options for Bannan when he receives the ball. Runners up top, someone dropping deep, runners from midfield, wide players. All very simple stuff. The best option SB can find for next year though is the one that doesn't involve Bannan whatsoever. That way, when he starts drawing opposition attention, which he will invariably do when he is in good form, we can play around him and still be creative. That is where we have lacked so often before. Stop Bannan and the creativity stops with it. It all goes back to what we said after the play off final. We have to work much harder to give ourselves the space and opportunity to play.
  7. Buzzer, floater, spreader, runner. We still lack the runner. Been saying it for nearly 3 years now. Reach can do it, KL can do it, but I'd still prefer a more aggressive central midfielder type.
  8. Chuks Aneke at Mk Dons........you heard it here first.
  9. Everybody quite rightly remembers the goal. I remember Lawrie Madden cooly waltzing up the right touchline, bringing the ball out with seconds remaining. It just stands out as a memory.
  10. Knew what? That he dropped below the standards Watford set? It doesn't mean he wasn't fit for purpose at Sheffield Wednesday. Therefore, in a real simple way, it's caveat emptor I would imagine.... Let the buyer beware.
  11. Maybe if Bannan hadn't been a flash Harry and simply squared the ball instead of a s##t backheel....
  12. Nope, but 2 played anti football, 1 wanted to play him without any supply and Farke stumbled upon Pukki who up until this year had a scoring record like Nuhiu. So I'd say it was a more accurate statement to say that he's not been utilised correctly. It was always my first thought that Karanka bought him to stop any of the other teams around him getting him that January window. I'm not going to get into a slanging match over him, but here's another way of looking at it. This season at Norwich, he averages a league goal every 166 minutes according to Transfermarkt, which was his scoring rate at Blackburn, Fletcher has a slightly worse average than that and Joao slightly better. He's also been in the squad 40 times, so injury free. If he played the same amount of time Fletcher has this season, my guess is he'd be up around 14-15 goals at this stage. He hasn't been used correctly since he left Blackburn. I'm not saying that he's going to be our saviour. Wednesday fans want another DEH, I'd settle for a Micky Quinn if he put the ball in the back of the net off his large derriere 25 times a season.
  13. The OP was IF we had to keep one. As it stands none of the 3 are kicking the door down for a place in the squad. We'll see what happens, I think Bruce will take a look at Rhodes in pre season, but it won't surprise me in the least if we loan him out again.
  14. Don't be sorry mate, it's what forums are about. I completely agree with you with regard to the modern forward. However, I disagree with Udders fans and Blackburn fans assessments. Huddersfield didn't get to see him play in the Championship and if Blackburn fans were glad to get shut of a bloke who scored 20+ goals a season for them 3 seasons on the bounce then they are pining for Shearer and Sutton too much. His mistake was going to Middlesborough, that killed his confidence. I don't care if he never leaves the penalty area. I just want him to rediscover the knack of sticking the ball in the back of the net when it drops to him, its not like we have an abundance of that in the team now or even recently.
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