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  1. As I alluded to in a post earlier on in the thread... If you've fallen into that hole and feel trapped, then reach out. Plenty of us will jump in the hole with you. Because we know the way out...
  2. Antonio. Pace, power, goal threat both on the ground and in the air, down the middle out wide, hell he even played at wing back for West Ham... Imagine, we're pinned back in our own half like we were against Leeds, somebody gets a foot in, Bannan has possession and drops in a 40 yard pass in behind there defence. One player changes not only our options but the ability of our opponents to commit players forward because with one waft of Bazzas left peg and we're in behind them.
  3. spike1867

    Almen Abdi

    Your prerogative mate. In my opinion he's not a hard runner, not like Carlton was, or in the way Reach can get his head down and go. He has no burst of pace. He uses his footballing intelligence to ghost into areas and drift off of his marker. In my opinion of course.
  4. spike1867

    Almen Abdi

    Sorry mate, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't think he's quick enough, strong enough in the tackle or have the lungs to do that sort of running. Kieran Lee has never burst into space, he's always drifted into positions. IF he was fit, for me, he's still a major threat going forward with his arrival in the box. To play him out wide you lose that. He's never going to skin someone out wide either. You don't drift around the back of a full back the same way you can a defensive midfielder who has multiple things to concentrate on. I'd love to be proved wrong mate, but I can't see him fitting in there. Adam Reach will need a breather at stages and KL coming in with his intelligence and goal threat is a great weapon to have. I think Reach could still learn a thing or two from KL. You look at that chance against West Brom where his chest control lets him down and he ends up volleying over, if thats KL drifting in there his control would usually be much better and his finishing usually much more clinical. Only my opinion mind. Anyway, I hope its a headache Jos gets sooner rather than later because we have put ourselves in a wonderful position early on this season. In the second half of the season to have players like Lee, Abdi, Hutchinson maybe Winnall and Hooper too, gives us serious strength and an element of the unknown because we don't know what they are capable of under Jos.
  5. spike1867

    Gary Hooper

    Fixed it for you. No offence to any Crabs on here.
  6. spike1867

    Almen Abdi

    If, and I do mean if...Abdi returned anywhere near the levels he was at prior to moving to us, then we will be better for it. This is good news if true because this fella can play. I cross my fingers and hope he comes back into the fold injury free and motivated. I do not say this lightly, this bloke could turn us from play off contenders to auto contenders if his form is good. He would contribute assists and goals and make us far more frugal in possession. Its a huge "if" though but for his sake as well as ours, I hope it is something we see. I for one wish him the best of luck. Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Penney Onomah Bannan Reach Abdi Forestieri <-----------wouldn't want to give any of these 3 space outside the box 20-30 yards out. Fletcher Btw, can we stop this talk of Kieran Lee at RB or RWB. The man has been out for an absolute age with a gammy hip/knee and some of you think it would be prudent to put him in a position he hasn't played in years, in his 30s where he has to twist, turn and lung bust up and down the pitch after the likes of Tom Ince, Matt Phillips, Tom Lawrence et al. Do you really think KL is going to be a better option at RB/RWB or is it just ambivalence toward Liam Palmer, who as far as I can see has had a decent enough spell. Good Lord....
  7. spike1867

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    I'm 100% certain this is how the manager sees it too. Small groups of games, small targets. Hit the targets, move on to the next group of games. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we were firmly entrenched in the top 6/auto battle come the FA Cup 3rd round. I'd settle for in the play offs because it will take a run of form like no other to get us up and keep us in the auto hunt, but the motivation now is to keep touch with that top 3-4. Quite frankly, there is very little pressure on us compared to West Brom, Middlesborough etc. We never expected to be here. Forest spent gazillions and I fully expect L**ds to taper off. The grunters? Well wouldn't you like to put them under a little pressure to see if they can walk the walk? Like I said in another thread..."All this is happened before...And it will happen again." Quick question...if we were in the top 6/auto hunt (say maximum 9pts off autos) on FA Cup 3rd Round day, is there any P&S wiggle room to strengthen without getting rid of Reach, FF, Joao, BB, Penney or any other crown jewel? That is a question I'd like to know the answer to. I'm not talking millions, but is there any way we could get a 6 month loan of real quality in? If you were a senior player is there any type of player you would like to see in the door?
  8. spike1867

    Form over last 9 games

    Several comments on here completely back up the sentiments of supporters at some of Jos promotion clubs in Germany. Don't ask for sources, it was just me looking for some positives about him when we first appointed him. IIRC, things like, he just accumulates points, he finds a way to break teams down, slowly but surely, the team gained momentum until you just expected the win. Here's a positive for you. If you think back to last season how he steadied the ship, slowly began to organise, picked up points and by the end of the season we were in good form, some would say top 6 form. Well think about how this season has started, how it's progressing and how in the last 4 games we've showed signs of competing with the top half of the table. We've just done it quicker. To steal a line from the telly... "All this has happened before... And it will happen again."
  9. spike1867

    The new 5 million pound man

    He's had a little dip in form, although that has coincided with playing against two out of the top 4 and Villa. If he recreates his better form against the "lesser teams" ( I use that term loosely in this league) and continues his footballing education against the bigger stronger teams then that is all we can really ask.
  10. No Phillips for them tonight? Was that expected?
  11. spike1867

    World cup bid 2030

    I'd imagine the Aviva would be in there too. If it's a joint bid with Ireland I wonder if those pesky GAA people will open up other GAA grounds like Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Gaelic Grounds and Fitzgerald Stadium and get them upgraded. I know they're not elite level stadiums, but with these bids they always talk about legacy. They are all 40 odd thousand capacity stadiums albeit with quite a bit of standing. Mind you, the Irish bid for the RWC didn't exactly go well. Unless the want a Sheffield stadium as the birthplace of football, I couldn't see us getting a look in.
  12. spike1867

    Team for midweek

    Dawson Lees Thorniley Palmer Penney Hector Onomah Reach Matias Forestieri Fletcher
  13. And there lies the problem with Bielsa in club football...and I'm a real fan of his tactics.
  14. Honestly mate I couldn't split em. Both difficult skills executed to perfection. F**k the Premier League...