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  1. My daughter once had a potato from there that had mud on it gits
  2. They've done 3, 12th 13th and 14th the photo is the13th
  3. Look what some absolute idiot has done to three greens at birley
  4. Sheffield Wednesday the best in the business at losing 2 goal leads since 1966 The year I was born I'm a firkin jinx
  5. A young player or what we'll win
  6. Brian Cox in goal (not the professor) a wonder what was wrong with B Bolder
  7. This all started with Barcelona and there tic a tacker or whatever it's called, I always found them boring and they had world class players, so league 1 players trying it it's like watching paint dry
  8. You know Wolves will take him back loan him to another league 1 team and he'll take the league by storm
  9. Yes I think it's the early 80s since we brought through a decent generation of players then we had Sterland, Smith, Taylor, Williamson the Shirtliff Brothers ,Pearson
  10. Another manager who got scared of every team we played and set up accordingly oh for a manager that goes for it
  11. Watching stuff like this is like sitting there hitting yourself over the back with barbed wire
  12. When Owlstalk can pick a better team and knows the problems better than the manager that's the time to go
  13. Ryan Lowe for me and I think he would come if offered the job
  14. owler66


    Yes we've all played in those games at school remember our PE teacher being a lunatic in the football games
  15. Wednesday must have thrown away more 2-0 leads than any other team in the country
  16. Because we're in the same league, stop being a football snob we hardly warrant it
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