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  1. Hope they get rid of those crappy blue nets as well
  2. To brave for there own good watch Burnleys goal against us in the 83 quarter final Mick heads the opposition striker to try and stop it. The best Captain in over 50 years watching Wednesday
  3. People like Jurgen Klinsmann started the diving stuff watch the diving get in the 90 world cup final He came to Tottenham scored against Wednesday oooh look he's diving in his celebration the press wet themselves over it Just hid what a cheating git he was
  4. Eat before you go, eat when you get home it's a football stadium not a friggin restaurant
  5. Football is now a contactless sport, its not been said officially but how its now refereed it definitely is, the slightest touch a player falls over free kick given. There used to be an art in football called riding a tackle watch George Best brilliant at it. Modern footballers are killing the game I loved
  6. The team needs to help as well no urgency at all in the first half one shot on target
  7. His Mum looks like Harry Worth one for the oldies
  8. I live on one of the roads off Middlewood road not saying which one but no permits here but with the early kick off residents might not move, just avoid parking below the clearway signs they're ruthless
  9. Our fan base is getting old in 20 years they'll be nobody left
  10. The worst thing that happened to this club is he scored 4 goals one afternoon we didn't only lose 2 points that day, but millions could've been saved if only Reda had have took him out, So it's Reda's fault in my eyes
  11. Watching Pearson lift the the trophy still brings a lump to my throat
  12. We're still the last team out of the top division to either win the league or FA Cup
  13. Apart from Mk Dons fans and Wednesday fans who's going to watch this, sunny bank Holiday weekend people will be out or watching the wawl with Danny Dyer
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