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  1. For many decades there was an Abergavenny Thursdays FC.
  2. On a more serious note, the most surprising thing for me in the first week of the invasion was to learn that Kadeem Harris had ended up in Ukraine. Believe he’s now on loan in Turkey.
  3. Remember Chris Waddle? He left Marseille and ended up at Sheffield Wednesday. Crazy ********.
  4. Did you find that by typing “twins” into xnxx.com?
  5. Top 10. But nowhere near the best. He’s not even close to Waddle and Nilsson in my book.
  6. Don’t think that’s true. Wembley is 115’ by 74. Adams Park seems to be 105’ by 65’.
  7. I’m a huge Felt fan, so got a kick out of Cherry Red’s sponsorship of Wycombe.
  8. Think about how your hand is positioned around the handle of a saw, and the motion of your hand as you use one. Then think like a sex obsessed Italian making up slang.
  9. Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins dies while jaywalking across a freeway in Florida.
  10. Any Blue Jays fans want to talk about this uttercunt?
  11. Enjoyed that opening ABQ - OKC game, though the loss was a punch in the testicles. Strong 5 innings from Feltner, then Jordan Sheffield fizzed things up. Thought we might snatch it, but OKC won with a walk off home run. Disappointed with the loss, but baseball is back.
  12. And here I am at the Ogden.
  13. Don’t forget AAA ball begins on Tuesday April 5. Full slate of 15 games. For me, the MILB app (First Pitch) is better value than MLB TV.
  14. I am now intrigued as to who this ******** is.
  15. Going to say no. Mainly because that’s not how you spell Neal.
  16. Doesn’t look very green in those pictures.
  17. Anyone new want to join the league??
  18. Is that what resulted in him wearing a shirt with no name or number? Only saw the goal and was confused by the shirt.
  19. Great manager for us, but “pc brigade”? Doesn’t matter what you may have previously done for black players. Use a phrase like “f****** thick, lazy n*****” and your career as a pundit is over. You are a racist if you use language like that. Period. Only has himself to blame.
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