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  1. Why give them an advantage that the extra allocation might bring? It’s a home game for us. Not them. Sod the extra income. Keep them quiet.
  2. Bez believes in equivalent value. He will offer you a K on IR for all three.
  3. No fancy Dan’s these days. He’d do well.
  4. The Palestinian fella? He wouldn’t get a work permit.
  5. Tha what? This shirt was excellent.
  6. This. The first and second rounds were split into northern and southern pods for decades, but that practice ended in the late 90’s. We could play anywhere. From Hillsborough to Devon to Kent to Northumbria.
  7. Gruden resigns as Raiders HC following reports of racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comments.
  8. Offer Urban Meyer a lap dance. He’ll sort you out.
  9. SOFI stadium has a roof. But the Chargers-Raiders game is delayed by lightening. Country down the crapper.
  10. Neal M

    MLB 2021

    Love the name change. We’ll do that. And I really thought you were going to catch me. A really close end to the season.
  11. Colin in a heartbeat. But not Wilder.
  12. To enter Hungary you need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel. https://london.mfa.gov.hu/eng/page/koronavirussal-kapcsolatos-informaciok Hungary is on the “ok” list (former green and amber countries), so from October 4 you won’t need to test in Hungary before you fly back and your day 2 test in the UK can be a cheaper lateral flow test rather than a PCR test.
  13. French Field, Fort Collins. Shared use - American Football, athletics, lacrosse, and soccer. Go Lobos.
  14. Ok. This may be a moronic question. If so, apologies in advance. Is the roll out of 5G causing poorer mobile connectivity for 4G phones? For context - My phone mainly uses AT&T and T-Mobile masts. Prior to the 5G roll out, connectivity was pretty good. Now, my 4G coverage is getting very patchy. Is 5G taking bandwidth from 4G? Or are they completely different parts of the spectrum? I guess it’s possible that the companies are prioritizing work on 5G masts and putting 4G repairs on the back burner. But the poor coverage has been around for about 9 months now.
  15. Oh, yes. It’s set in Alabama. First episode includes desegregation. As you might expect. Dule Hill (West Wing and Psych) plays the dad. Don Cheadle narrates.
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