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  1. In my opinion the reason we had so many injuries was because the players were totally unfit. Like him or loathe him Jos was correct on identifying that straight away when he took over.
  2. Pompey was a nightmare to get to in those days. Remember one game setting off at 11pm ish Friday for a 3pm kick off next day would have been sometime around 1970 to 1972. Took around 7/8 hours to get there due to lack of motorways etc. Everyone got off the coach in Portsmouth absolutely famished and thirsty. Pints of milk and other goodies were fast disappearing off doorsteps until the pubs opened. Pompey fans ran across the pitch to get at us and a brave few stood at the front wall repelling boarders. Couple of coach windows put through coming away from the ground and another long journey back. It was all worthwhile as we won 2-1.
  3. When I was a young teenager late 60's nicking scarfs was rife. First massive fight I witnessed was on the kop against Leeds in 68. I think there were about 180 arrested that day. There was always trouble when Man U came as well in 60's.
  4. It was easy. The Kop exit gates were left wide open during the week daytime as construction deliveries were frequently being made. I sat many times in the North stand during that summer watching the different stages of progress.
  5. It was crying out for a roof if only to increase the volume and unify the singing etc.
  6. As you say what a crazy free for all. At worst it should have been for sale on a weekend at 8am. I would have queued up all night such was my enthusiasm for Wednesday. None of my family or friends obtained one. It seemed like Everton had the vast majority of support that day and its always puzzled me why.
  7. Probably explains why I couldn't get one for love nor money. Managed to go to every round apart from the final. What did he actually do that there were hardly any tickets left for supporters such as myself who had not missed a game that season?
  8. I don't think many, if any of the part time, match day staff are reliant on their pay to get through this. In most cases it will be pocket money.
  9. North Stand was the place to be late 70's and early 80's. It created the best atmosphere by a mile. Many moved off the kop once a singing section was formed. That was before the roof was put on the kop in 86.
  10. Very close call between 1 and 2 but the "dink" gets it.
  11. Good shout that he were bleeding useless.
  12. Over the time I have watched Wednesday. Terry Curran Willie Henderson Paulo Di Canio Benito Carbone Chris Waddle Jermaine Johnson Those are the players that when they received the ball you were on the edge of your seat anticipating something special could happen. Its called flair.
  13. Has to be success. But sometimes you can have both. A good example was the team under Ron Atkinson.
  14. Another massive match where our fans did us proud. The support that day was 2nd to none similar to the play off final against Hull. The team just didn't live up to expectations and another big let down.
  15. I agree with you about Big Ron. However Ron had Wednesday playing the best football Iv'e ever seen us play. Bruce had everything to prove with us still and left in a really short period of time. I'll sit on the fence with this as I have my doubts it would work with Bruce second time round and he and his team of coaches don't come cheap.
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