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  1. We were no better than ok. If it wasn't for the fact Reading were awful we could have been in trouble. We played at half pace and cantered home. I was suprised at Readings lack of fight and urgency as they are still in a dogfight but they will probably just survive. Forestieri was the major difference and hopefully we will get a full season out of him next time round.
  2. Olive Grove in colour

    Excellent. If its ever possible to go back in time one of the first stops for me would be match day at Olive Grove in the 1890's.
  3. Couldn't agree more add on the fact Richards came across as an arrogant sod who put himself before the club.
  4. Westwood in demand?

    Possibly. However he made errors which cost us goals and the two lads we have are good enough to replace him in my opinion.
  5. Bannan is our engine room which is why without him it doesn't work. Good journalist is Chris and tells it like it is unlike some who tend to shy away when the awkward questions need to be asked.
  6. Westwood in demand?

    Let him go. He wasn't playing well before he got injured and we have two of the best up and coming keepers in the league. We can spend the money on what we do need in the side and thats some strength and pace.
  7. Safe standing petition

    My thoughts exactly. Fences and other contributory factors caused the disaster. Almost all clubs unofficially overlook the fact that they have sections of any game which continue to stand. Standing in seating areas is nowhere near as safe as standing in official safe standing areas. Our fans stand at every away game as do other clubs. Its become acceptable so why not make it safe.
  8. Dink

    Can't agree. The 1991 final was against a bigger club and meant we actually won a trophy.
  9. Dink

    Keeps reminding me of the best day ever following my team.
  10. This is gonna be one of the most interesting close seasons for a long time. We are desperate for some pace and strength in the side and that means a big outlay or taking a chance on lower league players.
  11. Is something not right about Jos?

    It worries me when the manager says "he doesn't know what happened in the first half". There are many aspiring managers on here that can tell him exactly what happened and went wrong. I was sat on the fence till this latest comment but am now beggining to doubt him.
  12. Complacency

    A lot if ifs and buts. I'm with Asteener on this as we're old school so r fully aware that everything is possible when Wednesday are concerned as we've seen it all before.
  13. Reyt view of the Wednesday ground

    Well worked out that. Looks like Neils not had much to do today apart from going for a long walk and catching a tram.
  14. 66 semi final against Chelsea. I was only young so cant remember exactly but something like 5/6 hours. The final there was no wait as we were told to clear off as all the tickets had gone. It was a complete scandal that very few tickets made it to a general sale. Typical of how the club was being run at the time.
  15. Coukd have turned into a horror movie that Neil. Crossing whilst still on red and then almost walking into a lampost. Like the bouncy bit coming over the bridge tho.