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Community Answers

  1. Most away games are sold out due to restrictions on numbers. Add to that travelling costs etc away games are expensive.
  2. Good luck Makems you got a good manager there. His game plan worked to perfection. Neither of us should be in this league but we are where we are. I'm sure you'll turn Wembley into your own and come out on top against Wycombe.
  3. Its not tonight thats cost us. Its the number of points we've dropped against bang average sides. All those draws at the start and not finishing off teams when we had the chance. Next season we have to get off to a flyer and nothing less than top 2 will do. We will again be the scalp that everyone wants to take so nothing less than 100% every game.
  4. Its all about how we approach the game. If we go to defend and worry about the opposition we will come a cropper. We have to go guns blazing and let them worry about us. Play BB forward with both wing backs attacking and I think we will be fine.
  5. Their luck might run out on Friday 29th when they play QPR away. Here's hoping anyway.
  6. Best bit of football news today so far. Horrible club and fans.
  7. My take on tango. Deep down he's a good guy and has great effections for our club. Enjoys getting the fans going and the banter with opposition fans. I couldn't give a dam if he once supported Wolves, we all make mistakes in life. Problem is he loves to be the centre of attention and does not know where to draw the line behaviour wise. This latest incident may make him think twice and heed warning signs at people having it in for him. Time to take a step back and become less of a target for aggresive and badly trained stewards.
  8. I loved Big Ron. Always told it like it is, gave us Carlton Palmer, a cup and promotion. Wise cracking guy who oozed charisma. What could have been if he had stayed, club wouldn't back him though. Start of our major downfall.
  9. Memories flooding back like it was yesterday. We had worked so hard on totally controlling the game looking forward to the Hillsborough replay then this happens. Never felt devastation like it at the time.
  10. Remember that game ibbo. It was 1967 quarter finals of FA cup. The year we were meant to win the cup and Baldwin scored in injury time, more or less Chelsea's first shot the whole match. Worse than that it hit a divot on way to goal and bounced over Springetts body who would have saved it otherwise. I was also on the shed end early doors too not realising that football violence existed until a load of Chelsea skinheads turned up.
  11. Whenever we went over the hill into bandit territory (west) after the match we would find our way to the same curry house in Moss Side. Not only was the area very very dodgy but also can be said of the meat in the curry. Labeled up as chicken I personally have never seen brownish/red chicken before, dog, rat? who knows. It was as cheap as chips, but the sauce was on a different level heat wise. Vindaloo was standard but the next levels up were Tindaloo and Phal. However after a day on the booze and the wild ride of watching Wednesday anything went. The owner told us uni types frequented it and had competitions who can handle the hottest usually ending up in an ambulance being required. For some crazy reason we enjoyed going there it was exactly the same mentality you had to have following Wednesday.
  12. Saw him last season but not so far this, hope he's ok. Another guy from the Tapton area was Rob Hull. He occasionaly went to away matches before moving to Berwick. Then there was Andy from Worrall, now living in Wales I believe. Foxy went the alcoholic liver disease route and died about 10 years ago.
  13. Yep. There was also a guy called Benbow who occasionally went. He was a bit of an oddball. Had no interest in football unlike the rest of us, he just went for the crack. Apparently he died of alcoholic liver disease many years ago (no suprises there).
  14. Im not who you think I am. Foxy introduced me to Nick I was living in Crookes/Walkley at the time, originally from Penistone area. I think it was that blue peugeot. He had it repaired, new engine I believe and went back to Southend to fetch it weeks after. I think the guy you refer to is Clive, may be wrong though.
  15. Memories becoming a blur now so just know its in there from the mid 70's. Southend away my mate Nick ran a greengrocers in Crosspool so always had to work Saturday mornings. Earliest he could get off was 12pm. Most away matches no problem we can still get there. Come Southend away. What time we going Nick? Normal time just after 12pm. You having a laugh its 200 miles. Its not a problem he says. 12.15pm off we go, put yer seat belts on lads (5 in the car). The dozens of cans of beer in the car helped obliterate the knuckle duster of a ride we had. Arrived in Southend around 2.30pm (i kid you not), car was literally steaming. Straight onto the home end knowing our lot would have taken it as normal. Can't remember the result seemed to think we may have got a point. 5 miles outside Southend on the way back car the car engine blew up, it had literally had enough. To cut a long story short we ended getting a taxi when the driver said where to and we said Sheffield he nearly did a Uturn. Turned out he'd never been further North than Luton before. We considered legging it when he dropped us back home but for a semi cockney he seemed a decent guy and also had a family to look after. How much pal? £120 without tip. How much would that be in todays money? There's loads more stories a lot of which I can't reveal on here as I would incriminate certain folk. Every away match we had a story to tell but always had a laugh and as others have said the comerardarie was second to none. All Wednesday till we die.
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