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  1. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    To a certain degree nail on head. I have said it all season we are not a fit team and are unable to play for ninety minutes. It all goes back to CC saying hr found it unbelievable that our league demands teams play 2 games in a week but they need time to recover. Bottom line is we are nowhere near fit enough and lack both pace and power in the side.
  2. All well and good. The problem is he doesn't just mention it once, he's making a meal of it in every press conference as much as to say thats why we are where we are and not at the top. To me Its an attempt to cover up the negative style of play and lack of goal creating chances just about every game we play in. Its also a poor manager who constantly blames the officials or bad luck.
  3. Bannans Comments / Atmosphere / 442

    Your'e joking the pig fans are much worse than our fans when things are not going theyr'e way look at the managers they have hounded out.
  4. Bannans Comments / Atmosphere / 442

    We might all be armchair football managers but not ALL of us are clueless. Some of us have played the game. Not only that there are ex wednesday professionals who agree with the majority on here that we are dull and negative.
  5. Bannans Comments / Atmosphere / 442

    He wants to join us in the stands and try watching dull negative play every 2 out of 3 games. Its enough to send you to sleep. The fans will raise the roof if they see fast attacking football which is creative and leads to us having plenty of shots on target. Failing that with the dross we are watching most of the games its suprising the fans are even turning up.
  6. All about the refs again..

    Plain and simple we should not gave to rely on penalties to win games. I judge a performance on overall play, chances created, shots on target etc not on penalty appeals incorrectly not given.
  7. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    I fear some of the players are as frustrated with the tactics as much as the fans.
  8. Can somebody please explain to me ......

    Its all about going out not to lose. Extreme caution must be shown by all players. There is no sense of adventure, pace or creativity in the side. The fear factor was obvious "Brizzie are a very good team and we must stop them". How are we expected to win matches when we are so negative. The top 2 places have already gone and if by some miracle we dragged ourselves into the play off places again where the other sides are obviously very good teams its obvious to me what the approach and outcome will be. We need a total change in direction and that will only happen with a change of manager.
  9. Chris Jenkins Stocksbridge Owl RIP

    Yes it was Dave. I was there he had to have more than 100 stitches in 2 massive slash wounds down the full length of his back. He could quite easily have died. Now who could have done that? Surely not those innocent scousers!
  10. Chris Jenkins Stocksbridge Owl RIP

    Used to know most of the Jenkins clan. They were all fanatical owls. Had a lot of bad luck that family. I remember Lorraine with fond nemories who cruelly died in a car crash when she was only 19 I believe. RIP Chris
  11. Depends what kind of first team wage. We have FF, Fletcher and Rhodes who reportedly are on in excess £30k a week and then on the other side of the scale I would imagine Palmer, Fox, Hunt etc are probably on a third of that level. We have taken loads of gambles (mostly failed) with players on reportedly extortionate levels of wages yet a home grown player with obvious potential we are not prepared to do that. This will come back to bite us I just know it will.
  12. This is bad from every point of view. The lad has obvious potential not just at championship level but also as a future international as indicated by his inclusion in England sides. We have to presume wednesdsy have offered a poor contract and so that has led to a stalemate situation. Considering the money we have wasted on dross signings Matias, Abdi, Urby and others to not offer the lad a much better contract is criminal. He might not make it however he might and in a few years he could be looking at sale value of £20m +, who knows? I also think if he had been at bumhole lane Wilder would have had him in and around the first team squad. I sometimes shake my head at the disbelief how our club is being run.
  13. Do not accept any of that. Its a bad manager that blames the officials. All things even out over the season. We were played off the park by Brentford yet we were lucky and won. Can you not remember them hitting the post in the very last minute? What about the fluke from Reach against Barnsley?
  14. Villa fans talk nonsense.
  15. F.A.O John Terry

    Shocking attempted tackle, could have broken a foot with that.