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  1. If only we had a player now with his kind of talent. People moan about the atmosphere at Hillsborough, bring in another Paolo Di Canio and we would have bums on seats and a quadruple of noise.
  2. I know he"s stubborn! Eventually he will stop throwing good money after bad. You can only receive what the market value is and at the moment we are worth spaff all due to ongoing heavy losses.
  3. He may get to the point where he says thats it no more money. When has the club ever been run at a profit? If he refuses to fund any further losses he has limited options.
  4. His way out is to sell us for next to nothing and write off everything else as a bad business venture.
  5. When you have several players on £2 million a year wages and a total wage bill in excess of £42m. Add to that the exortionate running costs of the ground.
  6. Scouts motto " be prepared". I believe our club is cursed, every fookers against us you might call it melodramatic but look what happened to poor old Bury. If DC leaves were up the creek without a paddle.
  7. If worst comes to happen and we go to the wall then we start The Wednesday FC from scratch and watch it mince through the leagues one by one. It would be a supporters owned club similar to Wimbledon or FC United of Manchester. We would do things our way.
  8. Whilst our chairmen has always had good intentions for the club his actions have been nothing less than naive and ameuterish. He should have known by breaking FFP there would be consequences. He tried to fix it by selling the ground and backdating the sale. I fear we will get a severe points deduction. Stubborness and refusing to sell players means the situation is ongoing as I can see further significant losses in this years accounts.
  9. He was a far better goalkeeper in his younger days. He was kept out by Shilton who was one of if not the best at the time.
  10. He won the league cup with forest having played every round and the final. He was second goalkeeper behind the fantastic Shilton at the time. I agree he was good at Norwich too.
  11. Could somebody explain how this is supposed to work. I expect the worst when we a goal up with just minutes and injury time left.
  12. You mean forest which was probably in his prime. I can only judge on when I saw him play for wednesday. Not the worst goalkeeper wev'e ever had but nowhere near the best either, average would be putting him in a good light.
  13. Firstly my take on Woods. He was slow, cumbersome and flapped a lot albeit a good shot stopper. Overrated as he was in a very good team. Problem with Westwood and Dawson they both share the same weaknesses two being they do not command their area and distribution is poor. They are both excellent shot stoppers. On that basis I think GM will stick with Westwood for the time being. Personally I believe Wildsmith is a better all round goalkeeper than both these two.
  14. We are in good hands here. Its unfortunate he's never gonna have the same money that was available to Carlos. I'm sure he knows what we need in January but he will have to wheel and deal to get it. Add to that we never have any luck and I'm sure the club is cursed.
  15. Couple of things. To a degree he has been dealt the short straw with previous clubs. Either poor chairmen, points deduction, or not backed properly. With regards to the youth, most are struggling to jump the gap from under 23's, under 18's to first team contention. Although impressed when Iv'e seen him I understand Thorniley made a horrendous mistake for Burnley's equaliser earlier in the week. We can't just put kids in the team for the sake of it as proved under Jos. I agree the squad does need freshing up with some youth though but I think we will have to wait until January unfortunately.
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