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  1. I never got out of the country till I was 20. That was 1973.
  2. Not such a bad thing as JVA is good at pinging a ball forward half the length of the pitch.
  3. Everybody's view of who is the best is different and there lieth the problem. It would be a strange world if the fanbase were 100% in agreement.
  4. That would add up with why it didn't happen immediately after the Millwall game. In fact whats been going off all day today?
  5. Quite simply we have nobody else who can continually drive at the oppos defence. He's a very similar type to JJ but not as good as.
  6. As the old saying goes you never miss something till its not there.
  7. Good idea this. Not forgetting we once released Jamie Vardy.
  8. The noisy minority can be very damaging in many sutuations not just football. Having said that we seem to have more than our fair share of moaning minnies.
  9. I think we have to take it in the context it was probably meant. We are nowhere near a big club at the moment but what he should have added is that we have everything to be a big club again in the future. The potential of this club is never going to go away the problem has always been transferring that into action and achieving that goal.
  10. Carlos would have been informed what market we were shopping in. It was down to the chairman to then agree a fee and contracts etc
  11. No doubt about it the chairman sorts out who the next manager is gonna be taking advice from others shall we say. Which players the manager wants has to be down to him, the contractual side is sorted by the chairman and agents.
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