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  1. If we bring other sports into it this is the team for me. Check out the history, colours, tradition, name of one of the roads outside the ground.
  2. Only support Wednesday. I like to see certain clubs do well because their fans are friendly, you can have a laugh with, have impressed me or the club stands for something. Clubs fitting this description are Rangers, WBA, Wycombe, West Ham. On the other hand teams whose fans come across as arrogant and vile are the likes of Pigs, Leeds, Liverpool, Derby, Celtic. My one and only passion is Wednesday.
  3. Would have been great in a quality team. Unfortunately we had the opposite. He could run midfield but had no forwards creating space or providing movement. The John Sheridan of his day but no team to go with it.
  4. JVA is supposed to be a defender. He has no strength, weak in the tackle, slow and caught out of position most of the time. His biggest assett is when going forward but that by no means makes up for his hopeless defending. Fans saying give him a chance, not in the championship as we need to set off like a house on fire next season, no time for taking risks.
  5. Off all our long term injured players for me KL is the exception. Give him a one year deal on a reduced contract with play as you earn bonuses. Before he was injured he was still improving and one of the best utility players in the league.
  6. And there lie part of the problem. I don't think even the ones making the rules have thought it through or know the answer.
  7. Ok I'm sort of not answering the question but I'd get rid of all 3.
  8. Perhaps we should kick up a fuss about the unfairness of parachute payments. It will probably effect the pigs season after next.
  9. Matias has had ample opportunities to prove his worth. He has one good game every blue moon. Wanders in and out of games, bad positioning sense, lack of a football brain, passing all over the place. Sorry but its a move him on from me.
  10. Was outside the South stand main entrance after the match. I began muttering as I walked past him.
  11. Feel gutted for you and your son Hootie. Crime is getting out of hand. Wev'e had 4 burglaries at Grenoside in the last week. There are still people out there wanting to take a softly softly approach. The do gooders do my head in. Either flog the barstewards in public or bring back the stocks.
  12. I'll add to that. Semedo played the ball forward and wasn't reliant on Bannan being in the side to pass to. Pelupessey seems a good guy and always gives 100% however he's simply not up to this standard.
  13. Its been the same since the 60's. The club have never grasped the idea of loud vocal support. From not putting a roof on the kop until 1986 and then being forced to seat it in 1993. Look what we do with the away fans, we give them a stand that has the best acoustics in the ground. Wolves have it spot in. Away fans are given a long bottom side terrace which is hopeless for generating atmosphere. What used to be the South Bank is now a fantastic home end with low roof perfect for acoustics.
  14. Should have put it to better use and whacked that Villa fan that ran on the pitch.
  15. Depends where you draw the boundaries. Long time ago I used to travel frequently to Dudley (don't ask). Massive support for Baggies. Its still Birmingham area albeit the black country along with wolves.
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