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  1. I'm in total agreement. A lot of our fans take the bait not realising Neil's one of the best wind up merchants going. Its a pity there's not more personalities in the modern game.
  2. Remember Chester. It got pretty serious esoecially when a couple of fire engines turned up outside. The view from that home end wasnt too bad if I remember correctly. Agree with what others have said about Luton. What is now the home end was an open away end with shallow terracing and massive fences blocking the view. Also Millwall in the corner shared by a massive pylon and a third of the pitch obliterated by a supermarket at Bolton.
  3. Was that the Boleyn pub on the corner Andy? It has a fierce reputation however just like you I found in general the West Ham fans to be a down to earth knowledgable lot who I could easily relate to, unlike most other London clubs (Brentford also excepted).
  4. We're in agreement Simon. At some point in time we have to stick with a manager. We have no real idea how this appointment came about but for once we seem to have done our homework and got it right.
  5. Or westwood who's 100% fit all the time?
  6. Agreed, keep politics out of it. We all probably have different political views but happily talk to each other about football. This is about whats best for the club, nothing more.
  7. Without stability we are not gonna get any kind of success. You can live with a manager too long as we did with CC in my opinion. However on the other side chopping and changing all the time does not work either as each manager has his own different views on how the game should be played. Hopefully our chairman has learned and even with relegation almost confirmed we have to stick with Darren as I firmly believe he will get it right eventually. The outside influences of you know who are the biggest problem facing our club and any manager we have.
  8. Iv'e always said we don't play to his strengths. He's a goal poacher who needs plenty of crosses to feed off. His percentages on scoring from crosses out wide must be pretty good I would have thought, but far too often we don't play that way.
  9. Ridicolous. He had his chance and blew it. He had a deluge of money to back him first time round which he would not have if there is a second coming. Also we need a positive manager who plays attacking football, not someone who goes all defensive when the pressures on.
  10. Bang on Neil. I think when Pulis got the push and NT took over he just took the shackles off the players and let them go for it. The players obviously responded positively and were in a much happier frame of mind. Since then and more observant than ever on saturday we seem to be far more worried about the opposition, whoever they may be. This has resulted in a much more defensive application and to a degree the shackles have gone back on. We need to have a freedom to play attitude with the players which may be more risky but something I am sure the players would welcome and ma
  11. Its there. You just have to register first. Make sure its talksport 2.
  12. Fulham have a lot to put right after that game at the sty. They should have won it easy with the chances they had. Lets hope they make up for it tonight.
  13. It would be crazy to bring in an outsider with the way things are running at the moment. Golden rule is not changing something which aint broken. Add to that the squad look happy and are playing for NT.
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