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  1. I know its early days but I'm really enjoying this season so far.
  2. RIP the mighty quinn. What a player cool as a cucumber and gave 100% every game, class.
  3. More positives that negatives. Need to take our chances when they come and not run out of steam towards the end of games.
  4. Some of our fans enjoy being negative. Theyr'e probably not enjoying this game so far as they cannot substaniate their critical views.
  5. Most contreversial player of the modern age. You either love him or hate him.
  6. Cannot understand fans who continue to be negative. Treat it as a new start. We have new coaches, new hungry players and a new enthusiasm Get behind the team be positive and show the rest of the league what we can do both on and off the pitch.
  7. I think his experience shows when talking to and organising defenders and I can' fault that. For me he's no different to the other two in making goal against blunders and repeatedly so.
  8. The thing is the other 2 keepers are youngish and are still learning. For me Westwood's best days are gone.
  9. When he did play last season he made some horrendous mistakes. A lot of our fans seem to overlook this. Basically he wasn't the player he once was. If he goes its not a problem in fact its good.
  10. Shortly after we learned that Eric Cantona had been on trial and not signed we played Southampton away. "Who needs Cantona when we've got Gordon Watson".
  11. Agree with all this. Positivity and unity goes a long way. It breeds confidence and fuels optimism. Ant Middleton of SAS fame has written books about this and he just ignores or shrugs of negativity which in turn helps him achieve seemingly unatainable goals.
  12. The normal Sammy song came first then I remember the chant going up "Sammy took the Shoreham, easy, easy". Absolutely first class pizz take.
  13. I agree with changing it as The Wednesday FC is totally unique. It would also stop those clowns on TV referring to us just as Sheffield.
  14. Exactly. We all have opinions and we are never all going to agree. But to ridicule soneone for having that different opinion is bang out of order.
  15. We should have won every game since coming back. Problem was not taking chances when on top. Even today we should have been out of sight by half time.
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