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  1. John Terry

    For what its worth Terry refused to go leave the ground with the rest of the Villa players after the game as he was in his own car and he was afraid of the hostile reception waiting at the players entrance/exit. He was sneaked out via another exit towards the kop where he had someone waiting with his 4 wheel drive. He was spotted by half a dozen villa autograph hunters who politely requested autographs/photos. He brushed them all to one side and to put it mildly was a complete dikk. One of the Villa fans quite rightly took offence to this and along with a load of abuse ( 110k a week and you treat us like this or words to that effect) gave his car a bashing. The guy is an excuse of a human being.
  2. Ross Wallace

    Been a good servant to the club. Sorry to hear he's injured and wish him a swift recovery. If I were him I would consider dropping to league 1 next season as time is catching up with him. Having said that the way things are going and lady luck has completely deserted us we may end up in the same league next season.
  3. Where's this come from? Can't find a thread about this anywhere.
  4. I'm ok with the starting lineup

    I don't think we can comment on this until we see what happens. Yes it all seems kinda crazy but what do we know? Lets look at the positives and I can only think of one, Millwall will not be expecting this so they will be as confused as what we are.
  5. Family Area - Grandstand

    If your'e 15 to 17 and go to matches with your mates you'll probably want to go in the NW corner of the North stand or Kop, not the quitest part of the stadium.
  6. Westwood was not playing particularly well before he got injured. For me its now Wildsmiths shirt to lose. I can see Westwood coming back, being unable to get in the team and leaving in the summer. This area is the least of our worries as we probably have the three best keepers in the league on our books.
  7. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Thats my point. Personally I can't be doing with all this fantasy stuff ( each to his own). I'm just the same about Star Wars which a lot of people rave about. But at least we agree on the Sean Bean thing.
  8. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Same here mate. Some of it is just too ridicolous. If theyd tried to be a bit more realistic like the Vikings series it could have been much better. Having said that I did enjoy seeing another death of Sean Bean.
  9. BBC biased highlights.

    The guys a total pain in the ass. He's spoon fed on premiership football. He must have fought hard not to be assigned our game yesterday as he looked extremely unhappy to be there. I might also add I find him very arrogant, to add insult to injury he's also a manure fan.
  10. The drinking possibly explains why he's one of the worst players Iv'e ever seen in a wednesday shirt. No bottle, no fight had grest technique but hardly ever used it. Stood in midfield and watched the play go by most of the time.
  11. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    If its the cup game you refer to where we lost 3-0 there were around 500 of us trying to get on there (Fulwell end) but only around 100 managed to get through the turnstiles before the cops arrived. They chased the rest of us off with horses leaving the 100 to get a bit of a battering inside.
  12. I walk past here to all the home matches following the Lane then down Foxhill. The view starts from just before the dog kennels which are now non operative. It takes me 40 minutes or so and just about the whole time I get some view of the ground magnetising me in.
  13. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Forget about the by pass. However I think the bypass is higher than the old line so a further bridge or tunnel wouldn't be out of the question. Going via Barnsley is a hell of a long way further round even though it currently has a line.
  14. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Yes it would. Most of the old line has now been turned into a bridle path but the tunnels still exist and you can walk through (not sure about woodhead though) as they have a lighting system.