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  1. Good atmosphere and everyone was having fun. Would you rather have fans scrapping each other?
  2. We don't have to go around hating everyone. It may be a minority but some clubs and fans are worthy of respect.
  3. Basically theyr'e only happy when theyr'e moaning.
  4. Goes without saying that Ann and myself are very gratefull for this thread and the subsequent messages. Both lads were as passionate about Wednesday as any fan out there. They died at a very young age just following their hearts and beloved team. Thanks again, Paul and Ann (Shaun's parents)
  5. So we could and should have had Peter Beardsley. We had Jamie Vardy but let him go cause he was also considered too small. Should have signed Eric Cantona but we hadn't seen him play on grass so peed him off. I just wonder how many other world beaters weve let slip through our fingers over the years?
  6. If we had set Warnock on when MM was here I firmly believe we would now be in the prem. Problem is part of our fanbase can't see beyond him being a pig fan and take his banter totally the wrong way.
  7. Easy to do at Hillsborough. The kop is split in two by the gangway which runs from North to South. Back half make safe standing and in front keep it seating. As already stated the bottom Lepps could quite easily accomadate safe standing. Spurs new stadium already incorporates this behind both goals.
  8. I must admit if we were gonna do it, this would be the way. Massive winning run finished off at Wembley in style.
  9. There's been far too much negativity recently. For once lets look for the poistives and work around that.
  10. Agree with putting away fans on lower Lepps, trying to bring home fans closer to the pitch will make no difference on the other two.
  11. I was right Davey Boy answered the question. Not the first time he did it, slippery as an eel that lad.
  12. Its mainly what used to be the old south bank. Its just a nice size. Wolves are good with things like this, they knew what they were doing giving the away fans the front side terrace miles from the roof, it killed it for away fans.
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