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  1. Mountain Owl

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Is this a comedy thread?
  2. Lets give Palmer a chance this season before slagging him off again. Its a new start, the players look fitter and we need to get behind the team as pulling together should fuel confidence.
  3. Mountain Owl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Age is also a factor. I would have no hesitation on letting him go. For me he's way down the pecking list.
  4. Mountain Owl

    Back from Lincoln

    I read it as referring to Carlos. It was he who was responsible for the lack of fitness levels and creating long term injury problems. Add to that not playing or trying youngsters.
  5. Mountain Owl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Have to disagree. He's good in the air but has very little skill on the floor and for that kind of money we need much more. He's also seen his best days and is now injury prone.
  6. Mountain Owl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    My feelings exactly. Its not easy having to reverse out of all the crazy deals we made 2 seasons ago. Good luck fletch but simply not good enough for a Championsip promotion chasing side.
  7. Anyone born in south yorkshire automatically qualifies to be a wednesdayite. The rest is by invitation only which you will become aware of at a very early age.
  8. Mountain Owl

    Nando & Johnny Compilation

    Absolutely brill has to be good for the camaradarie.
  9. Mountain Owl

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    You missed my point which was they should not have stopped him playing. Blame lays on both sides.
  10. Mountain Owl

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    Spot on. Chansiri and the club are as much to blame as anybody.
  11. In my view. There should have been several options of kit. This should have been put on the official website and supporters asked to vote on which they prefer within a specific time slot. That way the majority win and so do the club who sell more shirts. As it is this shirt will sell much better than last seasons effort.
  12. Half way to being a proper shirt so I'll give it 5 out of 10. i also believe chansiri has gone part way to keep the fans happy but why not go the whole way. Back and sleeves should also have been stripes..
  13. Tosh. Its not the tory's who run sheffield council and that is where the problem lies.
  14. Then through Greno woods as far as Wharncliffe craggs then back to the training ground.
  15. Good luck AR. Given great service to the club but we all move on at some point.