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  1. We don't need "this is a must win game". We have a free shot at the moment with absolutely no pressure. The reality is that early January we were looking below us. Lets leave expectations at a low level this season and let the squad play in a relaxed mode.
  2. Agreed. DC has learned his lesson employing managers but seems so far out of it still with ticket prices.
  3. Anywhere else in europe there would have been a dual carriageway tunnel built under the penines.
  4. So wev'e replaced one player with zero pace with another who has zero pace. That aside this has to be a definite 3 pointer for us or its goodbye play offs.
  5. Wolves take care of their own. They deliberately give the worst part of the ground for atmosphere (long open side terrace) to away fans. Away fans might be a long way from the pitch at Newcastle/Sunderland but it can be quite noisy up there just like the upper Lepps.
  6. It wouldn't and shouldn't be a promble making the back half of tbe Kop all safe standing. There's already the perfect segregation with the gangway that runs horizontally across.
  7. I think you should rephrase the title of this thread Asteener. What about:- "You gotta be insane to follow the owls"
  8. So we have very few fit forwards yet Big Dave still can't get in the side. I think SB has seen what the most of us have. He'll be sold off at the end of the season.
  9. Wilder stokes the fire up more than anybody. Surely a professional should be trying to do completely the opposite.
  10. So its not rained in Derby? The sheep shazzers should be happy.
  11. Yeh I know that. Understand that if he's still playing but why would you come all this way to watch an under 23 game?
  12. GH rumours aside. Does anybody have any ideas why Brighty would be there? His manors down London surely.
  13. Since Paul Thompson retired there's nobody working for the Star who sticks up for the Wednesday cause. Dom who covers our games is a Huddersfield fan. Its very much the same of RS since Rob Staton has left. Media can influence so many things yet we have nobody who can fight our corner but have many who would do the opposite.
  14. It only holds roughly half as many as when we had a fully covered standing end 1986 to 93 (22k). Even when it was uncovered it held over 18k. Why has this only become a problem now?
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