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  1. My take on that is DC only given him a short contract and as such is saving money by not having to commit too much. GM has everything to prove or lose with this appointment as he's not actually achieved a top six place. Personally I think its a good fit bearing in mind our circumstances at the moment.
  2. If you hadn't noticed Jos might be Dutch but came from Germany.
  3. For some reason different rules apply at DTBL. Where home fans are allowed to congregate and stand on street corners adjacent the away end and throw ammunition at away fans. Beggars belief.
  4. Not sure thats a good idea. Firstly its turning away money and then we will probably only get the same allocation at their place.
  5. Its a disgrace if this club are allowed to go to the wall. Take a look at yourself EFL and Sky.
  6. I was having a good weekend until this came up.
  7. If you don't like the final choice then accept it and give them a chance. Whoever gets it lets just pull together as a fanbase and get behind them 100%.
  8. The two who don't do it for me are Nuihu and Winnall. Unfortunately they are the players we'd get the least amount for.
  9. Its just not officially been announced, possibly overlooked with all the other shenanigans. He's a 12 month contract. I dare say if he sets off like a house on fire it will quickly be extended.
  10. Any appointments a gamble, some less than others. As much as I like Bully I think we need to keep him for situations like we find ourselves in now and he's also a good coach. As for manager lets not be hasty unless Hughton changes his mind and says yes. Out of the rest that are available Bronkhorst ticks a lot of boxes and you can't compare him to Jos. Look at the success he's had with Feyenord.
  11. He laid his bed. Rather have a monkey in charge than SB.
  12. I must add they also have the hottest chillis in the world, and guess what theyr'e also green.
  13. Think Mexico. High pressing, passionate, always attacking and exciting to watch.
  14. Its gonna be a gamble whoever we set on. Van Bronckhorst has experience he's a relatively young guy but is switched onto the modern game unlike a lot of the old school tripe that are currently on offer. Massive gamble but its a yes from me.
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