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  1. Mountain Owl

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Good point that. Every game wev'e won so far has been by the odd goal. I suppose its the Wednesday way, we never make things easy.
  2. Mountain Owl

    Joey p

    To an extent I agree as he wouldnt be the perfect captain however out of the present squad to me he has to be the best choice. Also a better option than Lees who's poor at communication and not a leader.
  3. Mountain Owl

    Joey p

  4. Mountain Owl

    Kop & South Stand Early 1960s

    The bottom photo shows a big mistake and its nothing to do with the disaster.
  5. Mountain Owl

    The Olld Lepp Shed in Colour

    Great photo Dunsby. Again its a new one on me. Would have made a great home end in the 70's if they hadn't demolished it. Bad decision by the club in 63/64.
  6. Mountain Owl

    Leeds fan in peace

    A lot less than last season then. Hope were billing them for this. If this wer our fans we would also be fined by the league and sent a warning about future conduct.
  7. Mountain Owl

    Outside View

    He won't have long to wait till his own team are playing here. That does not mean I think we are going up, but its almost certain Newcastle will be joining us next season.
  8. Mountain Owl

    Leeds fan in peace

    Firstly you come across as a decent sort. Yes we have some proper idiots but its a very small minority. Every time your team come to Hillsborough we are left with extensive damage in the toilets and to the seats in the west stand as well as the damage to several trams last night. My impression is its not just a few. I worked in Leeds for a number of years and was left a very bad impression of your general support who would always condone football violence as though it was an accepted thing.
  9. Mountain Owl

    Isaac Rice

    Apparently its his 18th birthday tomorrow. He captained the under 16's season 2016/17.
  10. Mountain Owl

    Leeds fan in peace

    You are blind and very naive my friend. The vast majority of your fan base are absolute morons and any half decent football fan would not follow a club like Leeds.
  11. Mountain Owl

    Last nights ref

    You can also add to that the linesman first half south stand side who was not up with play and basically clueless.
  12. Mountain Owl

    Leeds fan in peace

    Leeds fan in peace, now there's a first.
  13. Mountain Owl

    Hillsborough - home Of SWFC

    Love photos like this, keep em coming. By the way, has Dunsby been fired?
  14. Mountain Owl

    Safe standing

    Easy to do at Hillsborough. Back of kop above gangway which goes from North to South side make safe standing. Front remains seated. People given a choice and atmosphere improved overnight. They cannot treat us any different to any other club. This has got to come as every ground now has unofficial standing areas which are not as safe as they would be were they official safe standing blocks.
  15. Mountain Owl

    Villa on Tour Vid

    Always liked the Holte end. Proper home end and when it was covered terracing it was really something special with 23000 on it.