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  1. Mountain Owl


    Don't listen to owt cockneys tell you, especially the ones from Chelsea. Most of the time its complete b@llox.
  2. Mountain Owl


    I'll make my view simple. Not good enough and wanders in and out of games and sometimes is hardly noticed. We need better.
  3. Mountain Owl

    credit where it's due.

    Since the start of the season when to be fair he looked appalling Fox has improved immensly. He's been hammered by the fans for past performances, give the lad a chance he now looks solid and ain't too bad going forward either. MOM today, Fletch by a country mile he's been excellent since old Jos left and deserves a lot of praise.
  4. Mountain Owl

    2nd half - 442

    Against Wigan should be all out attack. They are probably the worst side thats been to Hillsborough this season, they offered absolutely nothing going forward. With the players we have currently 4-4-2 also suits our style until we can sign a couple of pacy strong wing backs. First half MM and Boyd were hardly effective although 2nd half Boyd improved immensly.
  5. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    About 7/8 of the box's are being utilised on match day. Because of the lack of tacke up they are now being sold as one off matches and also the community side use them. Believe me the staff are not stretched on the 3rd floor match day but there is limited activity.
  6. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    You obviously are not aware how it works. For a start they now eat in the box's served by one waitress. The drinks allowance is £75 between 10 people that doesn't go far at hotel prices. Security, cooks and waiting staff are already there being paid so no extra wages. They just have to work harder for a change.
  7. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Give over. The only thing theyv'e been concerned about is lining their own pockets.
  8. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Most but not everybody.
  9. Mountain Owl

    Can you justify?

    Now why didn't the chairman think of that before he came out with last nights statement?
  10. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Yes I know but some fans still don't get the fact that DC is pulling the wool over their eyes by saying the box's were making a loss before he came in.
  11. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Thats my point. I think its called arrogance and look where its got us. The only advice he does seem to listen to comes from the con men at Doyen.
  12. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    The box's are already set up with table and chairs. They just need plates, cutlery and the lights switching. Each box has a very young waiter/waitress to serve them who is on the minimum wage. The food is bought wholesale and mass produced. There are no more overheads, its a very simple thing to set up. The club also make a heavy mark up on drinks prices which are additional to the cost of the box. The point is if you sell the 30 box's at lets say 25k (thats about 60% less than what DC wants for them) thats an income of 750k with further spin offs from good business people.
  13. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    You have to admit DC just doesn't get the fans at all. He also throws more curved balls than anybody Iv'e ever known, talk about changing the goal posts at the drop of a hat. Its a pity somebody didn't give him some advice before issuing this silly statement.
  14. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Great post pal. If we can persuade DC to hand over the decision making whilst still investing money would you be willing to take the role?
  15. Mountain Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Bang on. It was not just the overpricing of all this but he just didn't see the off spins of having a load of corporate people there on match day. Any successfull business man will say you have to find the highest level at which things sell, not go way beyond it and drive people away.