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  1. There were more than that. About 20 of us on their end which was the side terrace till we scored and it kicked off. We then got marched round to the away end where there were about another 100. Bristol Rovers I would say about 200 or so.
  2. But fell way short. If it wasn't for Dave Jones taking over we would not have been promoted.
  3. From what Iv'e heard they have a police room at the ground where fans can be charged and action taken at a later date.
  4. How do you know he wasn't charged and then released?
  5. Wilder would only come with the sole intention of taking us down. It would have been different with Colin but half of of our fanbase just couldn't see that.
  6. I am undecided on this which is why I have not voted. However I firmly believe you cannot play tippy tappy football to get out of this league. Its more about fitness, strength, and a lot of really hard work.
  7. Spot on there. Its about battling, closing down, fitness, roughing up the opposition and route one. The percentage game works in this league as more mistakes are made in defences.
  8. Club spent more money on players under his managership than the rest of our history added together. That will never happen again as we gambled and failed. League 1 is about fitness, dogedness, battling and digging in deep every game. It takes a certain type of manager to get out of this league and my examlpe is Paul Sturrock who worked with hands tied behind his back but knew how to work the magic with average players. Carlos does not fit that I'm afraid.
  9. I was talking specifically about the players mental approach to games. The fans hype can have an adverse effect on their commitment and focus on matchday by convincing them next game all we have to do is turn up.
  10. My opinion for what its worth. The impression is that the hype so far has done the team no favours. In respect we think we are better than most of the other teams. When your'e a big club this is a horrible league to get out of as proved in all our other previous attempts, irrelevant of how far back that was. We should know from previous experience nothing less than 100% every single game will do. Every team is looking to own the Wednesday scalp, its their club's two cup finals. Unless we become fully focused and 100% commited every game Saturday will become a repeat scoreline.
  11. I believe they are where the old press box used to be. More or less in the middle of the lower tier at the very back.
  12. Bad news. Not a good away end. Open to all the elements and no roof to create an atmosphere. https://footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/league-one/crown-ground-accrington-stanley.html
  13. Ok take your word for that have not seen the replay.
  14. Kamberi is gonna have to watch the line more. I actually thought the goal was well offside. With a lower standard of officials decisions like this will enevitably go for us some weeks and against us others. However being in the right place at the right time for both goals is goal poaching instinct and something we have lacked for years until now it seems.
  15. Yep was there. The train was literally steaming as loads of stripped males hung their super wet clothes from the overhead racks. Think we arrived back at Sheffield midland in the very early hours of Sunday morning.
  16. Can remember trying to get on the Fulwell end before the game. Around 100 managed it before the rest of us were charged by police on horseback. Those 100 were totally outnumbered and took a hammering. After the match whole hell was let loose with both mobs causing trouble. Our coaches were sitting ducks when they crossed that bridge near the city centre a lot of coach windows went through.
  17. Progress. I know nothing about him but youngsters with potential and a point to prove is the only way now. We have burnt all our bridges with other types of signings. Lets hope he proves good, we have to have faith in DM making the right decisions, its a new begining.
  18. It was needed. It increased the noise level and amification to a different level. I was talking to a Chelsea fan about this recently. He said there was (and I agreed) very little singing and noise came out of our uncovered kop, it was all over the place. He explained on the Shed end which only covered the back third of the home end everyone used to cram under the roof for the echo effect and I must admit from the away end it always sounded very loud.
  19. Not sure mate. Point is the fans have driven into a corner of either renewing or potentially having to write off their already spent money.
  20. How much new money though? I would be very suprised if there are any new sales amongst that lot. If you have not had a refund and are due monies the easy option is just to renew as the money was spent a year ago. Bearing in mind with DC's stance on refunds the only other alternative is to take legal action against the club.
  21. Not sure he understands that football is different to every other kind of business. Its a massive gamble, you roll the dice and can win or lose big time. However you should only put in what you are prepared to lose as the assets become practically worthless if defeated. The chances of recouperation are practically nil.
  22. Netflix missed out bigtime when they decided to have Sunderland as the team to do a "Till I die" documentary. Our story is far more outrageous. As bad as it is for us suffeting souls the average footy fan would find it compulsive viewing.
  23. I'm in total agreement. A lot of our fans take the bait not realising Neil's one of the best wind up merchants going. Its a pity there's not more personalities in the modern game.
  24. Remember Chester. It got pretty serious esoecially when a couple of fire engines turned up outside. The view from that home end wasnt too bad if I remember correctly. Agree with what others have said about Luton. What is now the home end was an open away end with shallow terracing and massive fences blocking the view. Also Millwall in the corner shared by a massive pylon and a third of the pitch obliterated by a supermarket at Bolton.
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