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  1. Actually it is who we get OFF the payroll. I can see Loovens, Wallace, Winnall/Butterfield going. Possibly Westwood & Fletcher. That should free up a bit of cash We only have Fred on loan so may need to buy him. Feel a bit sorry for Winnall who signed and the a few days later we signed Rhodes. Never got the chances that Rhodes got.
  2. It was 2-1 2nd leg. But Neilsens amazing (!) Sliced back pass that hit the post. On the kop seemed to be in slow motion.
  3. Used to play for Pigs. Ran rings round Swanny. May be past his best. Doubt if he could do a job for us
  4. Wednesday Youth's Derby Day Success

    Harsh but fair
  5. Big Dave taking us to Wembley!

    Kosovan..... He has a shirt and goal to prove it
  6. Team For Boro?

    We are away. Let's not get carried away. Jos will play another defender Louvens or Thorniley at the expense of Nuhiu or Joao
  7. Fvcckking Rubbish Nuhiu!!!

    So on the first day Jos arrives and says to Bully tell me about the players and what they can do. Bully says well this is Nuhiu the fans call him Dave because they cannot pronounce it spell his name. He cannot run Cannot shoot Cannot head CC used him as plan B. Do you have a plan B in Holland? Anyway the fans love him. Jos says good enough for me
  8. McLaren

    Does someone post this after every game?
  9. New manager...

    Combi bothered
  10. Hillsborough 1903

    Not 18th April 1903 v West Brom? Won 3-1 Won the league Featured on Murdoch Mysteries.
  11. And a knock on effect is giving Palmer more freedom to get forward. He kept popping up in their box to support the forwards. The Palmer v Hunt debate will rumble on but Hunt did not look at ease against Carlisle.
  12. Seasons is over

    He probably said get out of the division
  13. Jones

    I have never been a Jones fan. Best get that out of the way. But last few games he has really played well. Closed to MOM today. New manager new instructions new attitude. Wallace is at risk to the New Dutch Wunderkid.
  14. Venancio

    Amused to watch him and Pudil debating who was the senior defender and giving the instructions! Also Pudil seems to find playing in this formation a lot easier than at LB. Could be the lack of pace.
  15. Today’s line up

    Nuhiu and Matias are unlikely to start after a full game in Tuesday. Dodgy conditions and Matias got a couple of knocks in 2nd half. Pelupessy unlikely to have trained this week. Maybe Monday in Holland but not here. Impressed with Pudil in back 3 but Fox is still a bit of a problem. Maybe if things not working bring Neilsen or O'Grady in and move Pudit to LWB. Boyd will be on the bench as will Matias.