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  1. My mistake....thought latest signing was Matias. Looked like a new player last night. Have we had him on our books long?
  2. Half and Half scarves

    And wooden leg and parrot on shoulder. Note wooden leg was not on the shoulder unless photographic evidence exists
  3. Pre match routines

    Was Bully there last night. Usually see him in front if the North doing shooting. Did not see him in handshakes on highlights
  4. Player ratings

    After a tentative first few minutes Fred 1, Fred 2, and Cog the younger looked ok at the back. Fred 1 marshalled the youngsters well. As has been said why have we not seen much more of him? Normally it is a condition of loans that they are played more. Guess it depends who is paying be wages. Presumably Fred 2 and Cog the younger were auditioning for Loovens spot on Saturday. Hunt looked lost playing in a middle 5. In the new system Palmer is a better fit. Fox I can never get, sometime ok then terrible. But we are stuck with him if we are keeping Pudil in a back 3.
  5. Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Renewing his sick note