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  1. owler66

    Next season

    We're gunna fecking pish it
  2. owler66

    Surely bloody not!

    I would lay across the entrance of Hillsborough when his car approached to sign his contract, no way could this be true
  3. owler66

    25 years ago tonight !

    Don't think we have recovered from it that moment was the start of the decline which you could argue are still in
  4. owler66

    Is it true?

    They went sh''t cause 1 player got injured fecking luxury I say
  5. owler66

    A year ago today

    Tie would've been over if we had sneeked a goal at their ground but we didn't even try which left us wide open for the eventual outcome
  6. Suppose if the previous coach isn't going to take responsibility you can't expect the players to do it either
  7. owler66

    Nice Words

    Go on then name it and after you name it take a ride to the peak district and go into town and have a few drinks and then tell me it's a shithole
  8. owler66

    Nice Words

    Sheffield is a great city fecking hate people like you who jump on some band wagon because you think it's hip to slag it off
  9. I read as we are going to sign a 33 year old striker
  10. owler66

    Anyone remember this guy

    What a punt you know that place
  11. owler66

    Anyone remember this guy

    Was sat at the next table to him in the gondola on carver Street he was with his girlfriend, wow the lucky sod
  12. owler66

    #SWFC Highlights

    Pelupessy passing back to the keeper without looking again nearly costing a goal, he really needs to start cutting this out of his game
  13. owler66

    May Bank Holiday 2005

    I went to the Scottish theme in graves Park
  14. Is it me all I get from this thread is Brian Hornsbys brother Bruce made one the greatest pop records, or Danny Wilsons grandad is our all time top scorer well confused
  15. owler66

    What stopped us?

    Harry Catterick wanted to sign Joe Baker but the Council wouldn't let him so he left and went to Everton and won the title and FA Cup friggin Council