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  1. owler66


    Yes to right Big Jack and Terry Curran were always arguing even had a fight so did Big Ron and Sheridan but these 2 managers knew how to manage players
  2. owler66

    To the Jos out brigade

    We got a point but it was a tough watch wouldn't mind taking them on next time
  3. Not listening to the half time pundertry watching the women's 20-20 world cup
  4. Enjoying this in a funny sort of way come on Wednesday feck off United
  5. If Wilder himself could've picked the Wednesday team himself couldn't have done much worse than Jos Hope I'm getting ripped to shreds for this later
  6. owler66

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Just let it go
  7. Are you sure he can see it doesn't give the impression that he can
  8. owler66

    Unholy Trinity

    In the years I've been going since the early 70s we've only had 3 good managers the rest
  9. The whole friggin coaching staff need kicking out Bullen included how the feck is he still at the club and we gave Grey his marching orders
  10. owler66


    He wouldn't get in any league 1 side
  11. owler66

    Chansiri kicking off

    No he isn't he just had more money
  12. owler66


    The best player I've seen in this role was Carlton palmer