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  1. owler66


    Ryan Giggs will vouch for that
  2. owler66

    Lincoln away

    Spoons near the stadium, sex before a game wow sort this out at Hillsborough Mr C
  3. Is there a 125 page thread on the Basingstoke fans website telling him to feck off the greedy get
  4. owler66

    Chris Turner 1991

    Woods was absolutely shocking the both times we played united that season the reason there did the double over us
  5. He's 19 how dare they
  6. Hope so there's a heatwave coming
  7. I don't know who are you
  8. One thing we should all remember about this is David Hirst is a legend of the club but he isn't a supporter he was brought up a Barnsley fan.
  9. Took 2 days to think of that answer
  10. I might be a bit thick about this but doesn't the name Hillsborough originate from Northern Ireland and isn't an original Sheffield name
  11. My Grandad always called it Owlerton
  12. It'll snow in January, February will be fine
  13. owler66

    Weirdest Wednesday goals

    Steve Gritt best volleyed goal I've seen Wednesday score shame he was playing for Charlton at the time