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  1. Follow on from the Shirty thread got me thinking about football boots and I must admit these were my favourite loved wearing them
  2. Yes that film was from the BBC programme steel city blues
  3. Might have beat Arsenal back in 93 if him and Pearson had been fit don't call them lucky Arsenal for nothing
  4. Woods the start of wasting money on players we didn't need 1.2 million
  5. Is it only me who doesn't give 2 Donald Ducks about what Mr Chansiri is doing or thinking in this present Corona virus climate
  6. If the pigs hadn't formed all those years ago Sheffield would be a one club city with a hard core support of 40000 what a powerhouse in modern football that would be
  7. He might as well because he picks the team because no right thinking manager would pick the teams we have done the last few matches
  8. Yes can you imagine Mick Lyons marking Neymar
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