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  1. Agree broke my arm playing football i could not move never mind act like that
  2. He's not a quarter of the player his dad was at 22
  3. He's upgraded to Artillery shell see thread somewhere else on this site
  4. I hate when they say this it's a totally different game
  5. Just watched the documentary about Nottingham Forest winning the European Cup really enjoyed it, what brilliant manager Clough was
  6. Great venue remember seeing Pulp in there just before they made it big
  7. I think we'll look back on this week as a turning point for us and the piggies
  8. Northern Ireland have won 11-0 with Rachel Furness equalling David Healys Northern Ireland goalscoring record according to the BBC, no she hasn't
  9. Just noticed Belgium women beating Armenia 11-0 after 38 minutes
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