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  1. Back on the market sounds like Del Boy with some dodgy gear to sell
  2. owler66

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    And could you see Turner or Pressman buckling under a Andy Linighan header no neither can I.
  3. owler66

    Chuffin great game

    If we'd had held on we would've won it in 85 as well as 91
  4. owler66

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Agree 1.2m thrown down the toilet, should've spent that on a couple of outfield players we may have won the league
  5. Can you imagine today's footballers surrounding him to tell him he's got it wrong
  6. They were football referees now they think they are some form of celebrity
  7. Both Jeffs soughted him king and Johnson
  8. Pat Partridge let us kick Sabella all over Hillsborough without 1 yellow card
  9. owler66

    17 Years ago today

    Remember with it being the day after 9/11 there was talk of not playing it as a mark of respect I think some played some didn't
  10. owler66


    Why did they get rid of them personally I think they were better than the modern ones or was it just that my eyesight was better then