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  1. Championship

    It's definitely for the taking this year it's the easiest it's been for the last 3 seasons all we need is consistency and we'll be in the premier league
  2. But we're still in the championship 3pts behind the pigs
  3. Queen live at Hillsborough?

    That stand looks better than the current west stand
  4. Almen Abdi

    Andy Hinchcliffe mk2
  5. Patience

    You've got to admit if we'd had the exact same start but the pigs are where Bolton are everyone would be a lot calmer
  6. Patience

    Problem Carlos will have this year is the pigs keep winning added extra pressure
  7. Massive Win.

    He was lucky not to get sent off, did a foul in the first half that was a yellow, needs to tackle better
  8. Carlos Out...?

    If it's any help posting essays more than 2 paragraphs loses most people especially owlstalk
  9. Carlos Out...?

    The pigs will come and act the big boys they can't help it,their great start might be a blessing
  10. Massive Win.

    Their manager Warburton was changing everything all the subs were made before the 60th minute, he'll be sacked before Christmas
  11. Ha ha did they alright it's still funny though I bet you negged that as well,but you take the funniest post of the night when you said we don’t lack pace. A team of arthritic tortoise have more pace than us
  12. Come on Ash stop negging thought it was funny especially for me.Carlos ain't bad but neither is he as good as you think and yes we lack pace