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  1. 6-1 Swansea 4-2 Blackburn 5-2 Cardiff to name three
  2. That's a lazy assumption of the Wilkinson years especially the promotion year Wednesday played what would be called a high press game today and absolutely overwhelmed teams with fitness and strength and exciting attacking football. There's a video sometimes put on here of a 4-1 win against Charlton watch it and tell me That's hoof ball
  3. And if you listen to sky Matt Le Tissier was the first to do that free kick
  4. Lockdown ends in June when we can officially stop going to Hillsborough
  5. I don't want to slag him but I think it was time Wednesday and him moved on, it would do him good and us at the same time
  6. I've always said when we are on a bad run we never bump into a team like us
  7. When Wilkinson was in charge he'd pick the team Monday train all week on our plans never once worrying about the opposition, friggin modern coaching complicate a very simple game
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