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  1. Bert Trautman played with a broken neck
  2. Remember when his dad had a casebook
  3. Pigs lose tomorrow like us play offs best they can hope for
  4. Love to know where it is now, can imagine someone at the council saying years ago we'll keep hold of this will be worth millions when old Rolf croaks it
  5. JVA his career finished at Hillsborough after the pigs defeat 18 months ago
  6. Did the commentator say Bolton won league 1 title in 2017 pigs will sue
  7. Is the young lad the first in the cults Gary Megson breeding programme
  8. Because scouses don't want to start fighting one another unlike idiots in Sheffield, which makes it easier to police
  9. He was like watching a drunk after eating a dodgy kebab with all the spewing he did
  10. Our first team costs 8.5 million and we are struggling with FFP it makes you want to fecking cry
  11. The one I heard today was we can end their season but they can't end ours
  12. Some nearly were after drawing against Millwall and Rotherham
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