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  1. I have read the thread a few incidents and if I'm right they blame plastic scousers not from Liverpool you're initial post was about not daring to walk around the city of Liverpool in a Wednesday top for fear of some sort of retribution scare mongering at it's best
  2. Wife's from Liverpool been going to the city for the past 25yrs wore a Wednesday shirt had a sticker in my car not had one issue in all that time they do not blame Wednesday fans so get over yourself
  3. I think it's Torquay in the cup January 83
  4. Remember Souness did him in the league cup went off had stitches put in through his sock then came sprinting back on, imagine that happening to neymar
  5. In the Wilkinson era the team was virtually the same week in week out and Wilko worked them harder than any team around that time
  6. Can I just point one thing out you've already got wrong it's Weston Park
  7. Pele although in his later career he had less wood than David
  8. And in that photo he looks like Jim Kerr, Eric Taylor promisers a miracle
  9. I'm old enough to remember him playing good player as I remember but the team was poor, a vanity project for the man in charge roll on nearly 50 yrs it seems like Wednesday as usual has blown our load on one player to the detriment of the team
  10. That is Sheffield FC they were the oldest football league club which they are no longer in
  11. Managed to get a photo of the plane and pilot
  12. Our lass didn't have her glasses on but she thought it said why aren't the trams running
  13. Didn't go to the match but saw it the feckin plane was struggling to pull it at one point thought the Anderson shelter in the back yard would be useful at Last
  14. If that had had happened all matches would've been postponed this weekend out of respect to the British monarch
  15. Planes arrived fecking tin pot or what
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