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  1. 3 months

    Hav'nt won on a Saturday since Villa away on November 4th
  2. George Boyd

    For the third he waved the villa player past for a free shot
  3. 48 will be enough when we went down in 2003 we finished 3rd bottom with 46 think this season will be similar
  4. Thanks much appreciated I always thought I was rubbish
  5. Just like to say l love this site it's always the first thing I log on to yes I'm pissed
  6. Carlos's first season he came in when pre season was well underway and the signings BB FF etc had there pre season at other clubs
  7. Pelupessy

    What I've noticed about him and it's something he needs to work on it's his eagerness to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible like it's a hot potato,just needs a bit more composure to look for the best pass. an example was Saturday we were on the attack down the left got Swansea a bit stretched ball went out to him and without looking just hit it across the middle gave away possession and put Swansea on the break
  8. 6 weeks takes you to the end of March, 2 weeks to get fit mid April,like I say call it a day for this season
  9. He's a footballer it's not like a normal job
  10. I would say to him the seasons over look to be fit for the start of August
  11. Caption Competition

    You're mine now
  12. Ok, ok....

    Sorry to quote my own post but forgot to put this in remember not knowing which number ball corresponded to which team added to the excitement,number 12 whose that Ted ..... Stoke City feck not them, number 3 please Ted don't say us
  13. Personally I think Dawson is better of the two both great shot stoppers but Dawson kicks better and stronger on crosses, but saying that both are keepers who are going to be a force in years to come
  14. Ok, ok....

    Agree football should look to it's traditions more, used to love the old draws Ted Croker in the middle two crustys from the FA and a man in white gloves passing the purple velvet bag to whoever turn it is. THE DRAW FOR THE FIRST FOOTBALL COMPETITION SHOULD NEVER BE ON THE FECKING ONE SHOW
  15. Well go for the it first time up instead of playing a weakened team he must have known we were there for the taking. Idiot