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  1. Ex United manager John Harris did a great job behind the scenes for Big Jack brought along a lot of the good youngsters around that time, even told Big Jack to try Sterland at right back
  2. I live in Hillsborough don't always get to the games can't afford it but get in for the last 15 minutes if I can the people that are walking out with more than, 10 minutes to go well today I hadn't paid a penny but saw the goal, but passed people who'd paid but didn't see it, stay to the fecking end you daft feckers
  3. I've got a big bruise on my knee banged it on the seat in front
  4. Watched the documentary yesterday didn't realise Leicester got rid off him at the same time we swapped Ron Springett for his brother Peter, maybe we should've let Ron go and replaced him with Banks for £50,000 and with him being a Sheffield lad he would've jumped at it, our history around that time might have been different
  5. Looks one or two have got the monk on over this
  6. Should've took it originally he would be available now
  7. When he wouldn't play against Norwich
  8. I think someone simalar to myself already pointed it out
  9. Owlstalk would've been in meltdown in the summer of 84 when Wilkinson replaced Big Jack a fecking ex PE teacher, pity there aren't any Ex PE teachers around today we could hire and make a big success of it
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