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  1. Agree with no fans allowed every game should be available, just shows what they really think of the fans
  2. I don't know why clubs don't get together and say we're not paying agent fees anymore, you the player employ them pay them out of the massive wage we're going to pay you
  3. Agree it's like buying a house and getting the people you're buying it off pay your solicitors fees
  4. And no one can tell you he wouldn't have either
  5. Did he always thought we got promoted by the players he brought in
  6. Rotherham go up with one set of rules while they could replace us playing another set of rules
  7. My wife isn't from Sheffield when her family and friends visit they think Sheffield is great,you'll find it's moaning Sheffielders that slag it off.
  8. Felt like that in 1990 when someone said Derby had equalised
  9. I bet he said that to all the birds he took home after a night out
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