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  1. clean sheets

    Perhaps they've got smelly bedding in Portugal
  2. Agree put in some poor performances that season MK Dons and Charlton away spring to mind
  3. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    The replica shirt is made by Umbro
  4. In the spotlight

    Tony Kay my old man went to school with him played in the same school football team with him, and still classes him as a friend and still thinks the bribes scandal was a set up,he was the man of the match when he was supposed to be throwing the game at Ipswich,some talent that
  5. You do more backing up than a milk float whose forward gear has broke
  6. I can see you're enjoying this (sniggering behind your hand oh my God I've started another argument on owlstalk)but deep down you know you're a sad Kent
  7. Well said BRS don't always agree with your posts, but you are spot on with this he scored the winning goal in the only time we've won a major trophy in over 80yrs and all they can say is he likes a drink or he's not a good manager fecking shame on em
  8. Now I know who I'm arguing against some kid who knows something funny on the Internet
  9. No you've used what the OP said to get some cheap shots in against a true legend of the club,which I can't let go by call yourself a Wednesday fan
  10. So he's not a good manager why does that bother you,Bobby Charlton was a $hite manager doesn't bother Man United fans
  11. First sentence ok last two no respect, hasn't managed Wednesday so not bothered about his managerial career,and to slag is accent off,feck me
  12. Yes and he didn't celebrate but we were $hite at the time so it doesn't count
  13. Well yes didn't know I had to explain that bit. Great Footballer Past His Best Shows Second Rate Wednesday Team How To Do It