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  1. owler66

    Chelsea Allocation

    I will be sending a note from my mam is that sufficient
  2. owler66

    Which Kit?

  3. owler66

    Chelsea fixtures

    Yes the segregation will be Chelsea fans sat on uniteds kop if the police have anything to do with it
  4. owler66

    Well done Nuhiu

    He got lucky with the deflection it was going softly into the keepers arms without it
  5. owler66

    #OnThisDay in 1982

    Remember it well Curran scored celebrated by standing on the fence on the kop only for it to be disallowed
  6. owler66

    Chelsea Away

    Oh yeah forgot about that well remembered
  7. owler66

    Chelsea fixtures

    Might play the pensioners
  8. owler66

    Chelsea Away

    Yes remember the draw at Stamford Bridge bringing them back to Hillsborough thinking now it's straight forward to the 5th round hard to imagine now Chelsea were just a run of the mill side
  9. owler66

    Chelsea Away

    25yrs since we last played them in the FA Cup and was disappointed to be knocked out by "Chelsea" how our paths have gone in different directions in the 25 years since
  10. I think watching a Wednesday match then judging whether the referee is good or bad is impossible due to the emotion, better to watch a match between two teams who you are not bothered about then judge the ref personally don't think it's any different to what it's always been like Clive (the book) Thomas anyone
  11. owler66


    Thought it was a Manfred Mann song
  12. Agree these are the weakest set of players I've seen and we're paying top dollar for them as well
  13. They are the most overated set of players in their heads and the fans heads in the history of Sheffield Wednesday football club
  14. owler66


    The vast majority of the players at this club at the moment ain't taking us to the Premier league need a massive clear out and patience, we're at least 2 seasons away from it
  15. At that time yes and the fee proved it