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  1. Verbal agreements aren't worth the paper they're written on, we had a verbal agreement with Walter Smith once
  2. Who the feck do the dog gif gang want then as far as I can see no fecker is good enough
  3. Is he any worse than half of them on the list friggin Zola, at least I like Shez
  4. Friggin nobody the only manager the fan base would agree with is Pep
  5. Turned my nose up at nobody just put a name out there who is more experienced than Bullen in management
  6. More managerial experience than Bullen who's in the chair
  7. It's time for him to get the job for me served his time in the lower leagues turned Chesterfield around got to be as good if not better than some on the list
  8. Nobody ever thought Big Jack would come here at the time but we asked the question and to everyone's surprise at the time he came so you never know
  9. Just had to laugh his first job at Newcastle is trying to convince a player to stay
  10. I think we attracted Bruce because we let him arse around with us and he couldn't believe his luck
  11. Remember when we got Varadi from Newcastle who did the geordies replace him with an unknown player called Peter Beardsley as good a player Varadi was he wasn't a patch on Beardsley, wouldn't it be nice for us to unearth an unknown gem that is better than the one we've lost
  12. How can you respect a man that was telling people only last week all this Newcastle talk was news to him when he'd been courting them for weeks
  13. I'd give it him but hopefully the club will look after him if it doesn't work out so we don't have a Dooley situation, but if he excepts it it's a decision for him, would he want to go back in the ranks and work for another manager if he fails
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