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  1. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/287000-bazza-bannan/
  2. No, it wasn't. He did get one goal though. FA Cup[edit] Main article: 1987-88 FA Cup Round Date Opponent Venue Result Attendance Goalscorers 3 9 January 1988 Sheffield Wednesday A 1-1 33,304 Reid 3 (rep) 13 January 1988 Sheffield Wednesday H 1-1 (aet) 32,935 Sharp 3 (2nd rep) 25 January 1988 Sheffield Wednesday H 1-1 (aet) 37,414 Steven 3 (3rd rep) 27 January 1988 Sheffield Wednesday A 5-0 38,953 Sharp 3, Heath, Snodin 4 30 January 1988 Middlesbrough F.C. H 1-1 36,564 Sharp 4 (rep) 3 February 1988 Middlesbrough F.C. A 2-2 (aet) 25,235 Watson, Steven 4 (2nd rep) 9 February 1988 Middlesbrough F.C. H 2-1 32,222 Sharp, Mowbray (og) 5 21 February 1988 Liverpool H 0-1 48,270 [1]
  3. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/286972-owls-in-south-africa/
  4. Yes, that's the game where Sharp got a hat-trick and it was 5-0 at half time (3rd replay in FA Cup).
  5. It was 1-1 at half time so not correct at all.
  6. Lineker only played for them in 85-86 and in that season they beat us 5-1 at our place (September 3rd). Don't know the half time score though. Edit: Found it on wikipedia. Lineker scored twice but it was 1-1 at half time.
  7. If anybody was doubting the veracity of the first part of your post, then the last part certainly confirms it. Are you going to stick the heed on him?
  8. Really? Jan not the best time too business? The month when the transfer window is open?
  9. I didn’t say that. Read the thread again.
  10. We were discussing Westwood...so, yes, he did.
  11. So, after being written off, he didn't come back into the team in December of last season and play a major role in us turning things around then?
  12. The problem is, that there are just as many examples of 'upcoming promising' strikers who have also failed to deliver.
  13. 100% record speaks for itself. Thanks for proving my point.
  14. That's quite the crystal ball you've got there Alfy. Have you ever used it to get the winning lottery numbers?
  15. I'm not sure that we deliberately went down the road of finding someone who fails to deliver but, having said that, Steven Fletcher meets your first 2 criteria and turned out OK.
  16. I seem to recall you saying the same thing about Westwood, Hutchinson, Lee etc. last season. I can only suggest that you must like egg on your face.
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