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  1. I read the book about him. Decent read. It's called, The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw: The Robin Friday Story.
  2. Somebody should start a transfer rumour thread.
  3. He's our centre half, He's our number 4 ... To the Virgil Van Dijk Pogues song. Next season. I can see it! Okay maybe not.
  4. The most Wednesday end to a season ever.
  5. This has got 7-0 written all over it. Or 5-4 or 5-3 Something like that.
  6. I remember I was flying to Fuengirola from Manchester sat waiting for our delayed flight and seeing the entire squad walking past in their official tracksuits as they waited for their flight to Ibiza. What a time that was to be alive, sat waiting in the bar with all your heroes (at that time).
  7. I call bullshit Bookies have a maximium payout no matter the odds I think skybet is the worst, the max you can win on there is 250,000 Think bet365 is £2 million Everything else is somewhere inbetween.
  8. OP I was actually thinking this earlier today. There's definitely that kind of deflated but optimistic feel to now and looking beyond to next season. I get where you're coming from with the 1990 feel. Good times will be back soon. For now I'm going to squeeze into my early 90's home shirt, don my Sheridan bucket hat and smash THE WILL TO WIN VHS into my tape player and get ready for the fireworks while getting goosebumps at that Hull City home game and Hirsty's goals. * stands from chair, punches curtain with a fist pump and shouts BARMY ARMY BARMY ARMY at a stranger walking past the house *
  9. Is it young Stoke City under-23 captain Steven Airshow?
  10. Not been a full-time attending supporter since the Dave Jones league one promotion season. That was the last season I had a season ticket and would get myself to nearly every away game, often driving to the games on my own. Ever since then I've very much been cherry picking what games I get to. I would love to commit to a season ticket but a different job meant working in the week and I didn't want to miss out on the night games. It's a lot more expensive since then and being a tight Yorkshire get means I often just don't bother any more. Quite sad really. If there was a monthly package I'd definitely look at that as an option that might motivate me to get to the ground more. Make it so you can pre-load a season ticket card with games. That has some appeal most definitely.
  11. I've got that shirt and shorts. Probably in the same size as well. Wish it still fit me.
  12. Still there and reyt nice fish and chips. Fishcake butty is also top notch.
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