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  1. we're like a parody of ourselves not even listening to it, can't bring myself to turn the radio on.
  2. No chance. CC will still be in charge whatever the result. And rightly so.
  3. Not sure if this is parody or not. What the roger did I just read.
  4. Liam Waldock

    Stating the obvious perhaps but this has clearly been at the back of people's thoughts this past week. Tonight I played football with a youth team player at a local club. Afterwards we were talking about George Hirst and then he mentioned we have also just signed perhaps one of the brightest young prospects in the game in Liam Waldock. He will be premiership standard at some point most definitely he said. We have to give these youngsters a chance at some point!
  5. None of the top 7

    Would just like to make clear I'm not clapping or anywhere in my post did I think that we'd be in the top 7. I think we're bobbar and I don't even go to the matches any more.
  6. None of the top 7

    Is it really though?
  7. None of the top 7

    Oh yeah well where did you get your clothes from? at the clubshop?
  8. ... will be in the top 7 at the end of the season. Was just looking at the table and thought this. So I'm just putting this here as a placeholder/reference point for later in the season. It's a long season.
  9. After That Press Conference..

    What happened? What press conference?
  10. The young lad Brookes

    Will sign for Spurs no doubt.
  11. Wadsley Bridge Banner

    Sorry but ... That's proper tinpot.
  12. Looks like an UBER. Perhaps the driver was rubbing out his signage.