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  1. But even then I knew I'd find a much better club, either with or without Bruce. (Okay I'll stop now)
  2. You were working as a midfielder at Loftus Road, when I met you.
  3. Wait, what. I didn't realise they had a new ground! haha.
  4. Jordan Rhodes will score 30+ goals for us next season.
  5. I read the book about him. Decent read. It's called, The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw: The Robin Friday Story.
  6. Somebody should start a transfer rumour thread.
  7. He's our centre half, He's our number 4 ... To the Virgil Van Dijk Pogues song. Next season. I can see it! Okay maybe not.
  8. The most Wednesday end to a season ever.
  9. This has got 7-0 written all over it. Or 5-4 or 5-3 Something like that.
  10. I remember I was flying to Fuengirola from Manchester sat waiting for our delayed flight and seeing the entire squad walking past in their official tracksuits as they waited for their flight to Ibiza. What a time that was to be alive, sat waiting in the bar with all your heroes (at that time).
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