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  1. Defeats the whole object of having a squad of players. Pathetic.
  2. Jordan Rhodes ruled out

    This is like on Football Manager when a player gets a virus it says do you want to treat him at the club by the doctor or send him home and if at the club it takes less to recover but if you send him home it reduces the chance of the virus spreading so you send him home and this is what has happened Jos has pressed to send him home.
  3. Predicting attendances

    Did I ever mention that time I predicted the attendance of one of our home games to the EXACT figure? Yep, I'm retired from predicting now as undisputed World Champion but I'm available for motivational speakings and business events and such. Contact me via PM for more details. edit. It was 2014/15 season. Wish I could find the thread, I would print it out and frame it. Limited edition signed copies would of course also be available for those interested.
  4. You see those banners on the lamp posts ..... I've got that Bobby Moore one. Looking at it as we speak. My dad was one of the workers tasked with taking them down and, ahem, one of them went missing.
  5. FFP

    FFP should be banned. It punishes MASSIVE clubs and the ABSURDLY WEALTHY.
  6. George Boyd

    you flipping want some m8 you got no fans
  7. Well Done Atdhe

    On Fox Sports Alexi Lalas called him Big Dave and explained in detail why he is a legend at Sheffield Wednesday. What a dude. Alexi Lalas secret owlstalk account?
  8. Quake

    Thanks. Got a friend who has broke 3 ribs is all. Wondering how long he'll be out of action for.
  9. George Boyd

    Fantastic today.
  10. Quake

    How long did it take you to recover from the broken ribs matey? Asking for a friend.
  11. Fantastic 0-0 victory today, well done lads.
  12. I like how he says touramant.
  13. We will finish mid-table, win the FA Cup and next season win the league AND go on a European tour where we beat AC Milan at home in the semi-final leg but lose at the San Siro to a dodgy referee decision sparking Owlstalk rumours of mafia collusion. However, the Championship trophy and the Premier League more than make up for the pain of losing to the Italian giants.
  14. Sean Clare first league start

    Also shows well for the Nike Academy as such a fantastic vehicle for young players in this country.