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  1. Had a couple of hundred quid worth of stuff in basket on online shop. Emptied basket in frustration as it wouldn't log on, it logs on with client ref id for tickets but not on main shop site. How can in 2017 a website need multiple logins to essentially do the same thing? What a load of poo .
  2. A Bristol City view

    I like trams.
  3. Did I ever tell anyone about the time I predicted the attendance to the EXACT figure a few seasons ago? I probably have. I even tell people I meet on holiday.
  4. Not really though. Maybe back in the 70's and 80's. Greatest way to stop the 'fear' of terrorism. Turn off the news. Don't read certain newspapers. Easy life.
  5. I'd be more worried that a bee would sting me and I'd die like in My Girl than a terrorist killing me.
  6. Don't forget this is the equivalent of an artist's impression. Chances are it will look nothing like the designs. Probably have a 3D ELEV8 logo in bright purple and green on the shoulders or some bobbar.
  7. The old club shop

    Well I remember buying a 93/94 home kit from there so must have been after that!
  8. Fickle Fans!?!

    Nobody ever wanted CC to be sacked did they? Crazy talk if so.
  9. Because I'm a masochist.
  10. I voted back him. That is all, thanks for reading.
  11. it is an odd number running into an even, just like this season.
  12. Where are you?

    I thought the Carlos out thing was just an Owlstalk parody. Nobody really wants him out. It's just an inside clique joke. Amiright?
  13. Already down near leisure centre. reyt queue