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  1. I know for a fact Stockdale and Dawson read the stuff about them on here, and they read it together and have a proper naughty giggle about the stuff we write. I was only on about this today with my source.
  2. Six pointer at the bottom come the end of the season.
  3. Unbelievable you're not gonna believe what's just happened in 7 minutes from this message.
  4. I remember going to the World Student Games, went on quite a few of the event days and also the closing ceremony. If I remember correctly I was walking about with people like Sally Gunnell, Roger Black, Steve Backley,, and erm some others. Always remember they were giving out free stuff and I came back with so many sporting items. Also, they were giving away athletics cards in the style of the pro-set football cards that were popular back then. Equivalent today would be the Topps cards. Had so many packs I would spend hours unwrapping them all when i got back. Strange memory to have. This was the only time the WSG have been held in the UK. Also, we (the city of Sheffield) are still paying for it until 2024, at which point it will have cost nearly £700 million.
  5. Akin Famewo looked good on grass Soon turned out, legs were made of glass
  6. Heard a rumour his knee actually fell off and they had to clip it back on.
  7. Nejc Pecnik has to have been the last Slovenian to play for us.
  8. There might be people alive supporting us today who weren't born when we were a premier league and top flight team, a good one at that.
  9. Stay. Unless it was some kind of NFL style super stadium. (Unlikely)
  10. Err, no. Two different sports.
  11. Probably the best chance since we finished 3rd in the top flight. Or the 91 promotion season.
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