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  1. Basically what I meant to say was there should be one price. No magic carpet deals, discounts and bundles. Stuff like that drives away the average punter.
  2. Going to the match is just not something on my radar any more. Sure I can afford it but it feels like a total waste of money. Having said that I am going to the Ipswich game, got a free ticket.
  3. I would pay £25 a game max, pay on the day. To sit in any stand I like. And that's pushing it. Would rather pay £20. English football needs to restructure its ticketing policies on the German one.
  4. mrgund

    George Boyd

    This is like on Football Manager when you download a new tactic and all the players are at the most light green or orange in their positions but you play them there anyway cos you really liked the reviews of the tactic.
  5. News Keiren Westwood would like to speak to you regarding his lack of recent games at the club.
  6. Can I do this on Football Manager I wonder?
  7. What a load of shiyte. Was thinking earlier, might wander down to the game today, but then the realisation of the matchday ticket price hit me and I thought fizz that and stayed at home instead. Feel sorry for anyone has paid to watch this.
  8. This is like on Football Manager when you have an established keeper and then you get a couple of youth prospects further down the saved game and their stats are all good, lots of greens and maybe shot stopping at 19 and say the other one has aerial ability 18 and you're thinking hmm what if I give these guys a run in the team every now and then, and you do and they do okay, the odd bad game in there as expected but their stats keep gradually going up and you know they gonna be good, but you rotate them in in cup games and the odd rest for your main man. But then disaster and your main guy goes down injured and the two youth players step in more and more and do well and then fast forward a bit more and the main guy is back in contention and clubs are sending loan offers for your young guns like mah mah let me have player on loan I want good goalkeeper young I only play him as backup and you're like err no bithcch go away. So you play your youth players and the main guy wants to speak to you and you're like omg, it's a long season, stay patient you'll get your chance but he's like no wai am I just going to stick around here I am da bes and am not happy with this situation either you play me or I ask for a move and you sit at your pc desk and ponder what hand life has dealt to you and you put your arms behind your head and lean back in your chair, let out a sigh and realise it's 4 am so you go to bed to think it over.
  9. mrgund


    There's nothing in the original post but I am assuming it is Cazorla and Villareal and yes as mentioned he played in the friendly that was televised on their channel. Bizarre.
  10. mrgund

    Special delivery

    Or that little motorbike FF got for his birthday last year!
  11. mrgund

    Daniel Arzani - Man City

    Hi couple of ppl on the owlboards said that we wanted to sing a new player from the Man City cos need a winger and then someone said about a transfer embongo but wtf I did a google but not much info, there really is not much info out there so can someone explain what a transfer embargno is from what I read is related to money but not sure, is it where the loans all end up? Once I got an mail on the board saying 'dude we are in a embargo can't buy him or anyone noob'. Now when I click to show messages on him it says u cant have infromation on this [person wtf did he get removed for sending illisid messages? really makes you thing. and you cant search for his name either. But yeah, can som eone please explain in English terms what the embargo means? this is very strange and is making me very curious about this embargo when we need to buy the new player I thought in this game you could buy who u want. Definatly thing we should buy another 4 players, maybe loans? thanks in advans.
  12. mrgund

    Dingle Mick

    I thought this was going to be about some Barnsley fan on praise or grumble.
  13. mrgund

    Where were the loans?

    Cos it's still a transfer.
  14. [Aggressive] That simply put, was not good enough! Show me something else in the second-half!
  15. That's enough football for the season for me. I'm out.