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  1. mrgund

    George Hirst

    I've heard it's off.
  2. Reyt player. I seem to recall a fanzine printing a big number 6 card on the back of the issue for the home opener against us. It was a really big thing that GASP! a real diver had joined the English game. In reality he was just world class and perhaps ten years ahead of his time.
  3. Do refs have special watches with multiple stopwatches running? I have heard it before that the ref stops his watch for time wasting and subs. But he must have two watches because surely he needs to keep track of the official game time. At sunday league I once got roped in to reffing a game as the ref didn't turn up, it was only a pre-season friendly but all I used was my wrist watch and halfway through I forgot what time we kicked off so I just guessed the actual time played and when players started asking me how long ref as half-time supposedly loomed near I just winged it and said couple minutes player, and then blew the whistle for half-time about 3 minutes later. fizz knows how long we actually played.
  4. mrgund

    New Kit

    Kit B but with a garish purple yellow and pink sponsor that covers most of the front of the shirt.
  5. I seem to recall at the 66 or 1970 world cup a game was whistled for half-time a couple minutes early. I saw it on an old video when I was young I'm sure I did. Or did I dream this?
  6. We're good at spoiling promotion parties. Remember Pompey away? That springs to mind.
  7. mrgund

    Made my mind up

    How do you come to such a conclusion?
  8. mrgund

    Kid-friendly songs

    Horrendous? It's one of the all time greats!
  9. Can you actually do that to yourself? With the pipe thing up the bum?
  10. mrgund

    Joey Barton

    I thought he'd actually retired. Don't even know who he plays for.
  11. mrgund

    Will there be a time...

    Haha, no. I think one of them is on here but I forgot his username.
  12. mrgund

    Will there be a time...

    It's good when you're playing something like Football Manager to stick a twitch streamer on and watch him on the laptop as you game on your rig. It's like a community thing. In a way, like talking to a group of people in the pub. I know a good few streamers who will pocket about 2 or 3 grand a month just in tips. And that doesn't include the money they get from amazon and twitch subs. Video games/twitch are where the money is at.
  13. mrgund

    Will there be a time...

    Some e sport superstars get paid more than the average premier league player. Big business.
  14. Not get a bean for a fit Winnall? Are you having a laugh?