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  1. (Passionate) Go out there and do it for the fans! (Assertive) I have faith in you, show me what you've got. (Cautious) Please don't lose.
  2. mrgund

    Red Button Coverage

    Those cheeky shits haha
  3. mrgund

    Red Button Coverage

    Can I access the game via red button with my Now TV sub? How does it work in that respects?
  4. How did we lose that game?
  5. TURN THE flipping PICTURES BACK ON SKY SPORTS YOU flipping BELLENDS tail tugging tuggers flipping wee wee tail SHITS
  6. mrgund

    Get through this season..then?

    We best go up, when we do it will forever be remembered as the 200/1 season.
  7. mrgund


    I've told loads of betting buddies about that 200/1 They've all been putting £25, £50 each way on. They're convinced it was a mistake and the trader meant to price us up at 20/1
  8. mrgund


    Points deduction That's not gonna happen.
  9. mrgund


    Brentford are 9/2 Did I wake up in a parallel flipping universe or some poo? What world is this?
  10. mrgund


    That's a novel way of doing it. An each way but includes the win and place part. Should have just done £5 each way.
  11. mrgund


    I've just put £100 on us to win the league. Easy money.
  13. Can't help but feel Joao would have slid that home.
  14. Stream is garbage, like watching on a spectrum zx.