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  1. This is like on Football Manager when the press ask too many questions and you press any button rushing through your save and you don't really think about it until after and you have made even more questions and you sit there in your room and turn to the window and think 'why me?'.
  2. mrgund

    Why aren't we selling?

    Because we don't need to sell.
  3. Can't believe this is true, nothing on official site yet.
  4. mrgund

    Joost Van Aken

    You know that clubs use the Football Manager database to scout players, right? A valuable and reliable resource. I imagine managers have a special edition and they have it always loaded up on their computer screens in their office at the training ground.
  5. mrgund

    Joost Van Aken

    This is like on Football Manager when you sign a player before fully scouting him but you saw some high teens maybe an odd 20 in there and thought you know what this guy looks good and you buy him and yeah he is a bit expensive but when you get him to the club you see the hidden attributes and some of them are 4's and 5's and maybe a 7 at a push and you think okay that didn't go to plan.
  6. Even this cheeky monkey interviewing him is asking him about Bayerm Munich. What the actual poo fizz cheeky monkey testicles wee wee tail face poopydoo fool is going on?
  7. flipping hell has there ever been a more talked about and dragged out boring story as this Hudson-Odoi transfer testicles? Does anybody care? It's a Chelsea reserve player at the end of the day.
  8. What the fizz was that?
  9. Even the assistant has had enough. TWO minutes. It is never TWO minutes at the end.
  10. Imagine though what might have been had we scored the penalty that never was.
  11. Fox playing everyone onside there with HIS MASSIVE flipping FOREHEAD
  12. What a goal that was.
  13. £25 million for FF. Bankrolled Watford's premiership charge pretty much.
  14. This game as it is now is crying out for Jawow and Forestieri.