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  1. Is this actually true that we could have points deducted? First I heard all this and what's all this I'm reading about EFL is it because we have billionaires and they are jealous?
  2. Let's have a whip round and get cardboard cutout of Sausage Arms in the crowd.
  3. But even then I knew I'd find a much better club, either with or without Bruce. (Okay I'll stop now)
  4. You were working as a midfielder at Loftus Road, when I met you.
  5. Wait, what. I didn't realise they had a new ground! haha.
  6. Jordan Rhodes will score 30+ goals for us next season.
  7. I read the book about him. Decent read. It's called, The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw: The Robin Friday Story.
  8. Somebody should start a transfer rumour thread.
  9. He's our centre half, He's our number 4 ... To the Virgil Van Dijk Pogues song. Next season. I can see it! Okay maybe not.
  10. The most Wednesday end to a season ever.
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