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  1. roaminowl

    Football heaven

  2. Thankfully, they only had to do half of that round trip on a Monday morning. Otherwise, they'd have missed the game.
  3. roaminowl


  4. Those new to being forced into the Matchday thread... Posts moaning about iFollow are common.
  5. roaminowl

    Sheffield Wednesday Under 18's

    Watching the game.
  6. roaminowl

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

  7. That's Pete but they call him Dicky-do... ...cos his belly sticks out more than his dicky do.
  8. roaminowl

    credit to the ticket office

    I'm getting mixed messages here.
  9. roaminowl

    credit to the ticket office

    If I'd moved to Doncaster, I'd try to forgot that I'd moved too.
  10. roaminowl

    Special delivery

    It's nice of that lad to think of our poor players at this difficult time but he can't spell Fernando very well.
  11. roaminowl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Please tell us his name's Fernando and he'll be 45 next week.
  12. roaminowl

    # We’re F**king Sh*t #

    ...or just let people do whatever the foook they want with their own foookin money.
  13. roaminowl

    Positive Thread alert

    The sooner we concentrate more on what we can/could achieve and less about comparing ourselves to these no-mark clubs the better we'll be.