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  1. Strange statistical fact.

    I think he's advising us to start booking hotels/trains etc. for Wembley in May.
  2. Carlos Inners!

    About as much chance as seeing Santa.
  3. Now here is a home shirt...

    The sleeves should be all white.
  4. There's a fair bit of conjecture in that post, but I would agree, we are missing certain pieces of the jigsaw.
  5. Wrong. Lots of posts were removed. I already explained to you and Hillsborough Mole that I misspoke in that ONE post...and I apologised (for missing out one word). Again, do we really need to drag this on?
  6. ON THIS DAY 27 years ago

    That warmed us up on a freezing night in Derby. Can't be that long ago though. Surely some mistake?
  7. From the club statement it seems that the beginning of the contract negotiations dates back to some time 'prior to the transfer window in January 2017'. From that point (obviously the contract was not signed or agreed in principle at that time) to the time in August where the club were told 'categorically' that George would not be signing a new deal, negotiations/offers/counter-offers etc. were taking place (no time-line given). 'We have tried over and over again to negotiate to extend the contract of George Hirst but each offer has been turned down.' 'Although negotiations were proving difficult I did not close the door because that is never my style as a chairman. More discussions were held over a period of time...' To me, August would appear to be the end of the dispute, rather than the beginning of it. Most of us can only surmise on the actual time lines and how heated those negotiations were but clearly Hirst Snr wasn't happy, Hirst Jnr wasn't happy and, of course, Mr. Chansiri wasn't happy. Admittedly, I have no idea when Hirst Snr quit (or was he pushed?) but I'm sure someone on here will know (thanks Aero). Was it between January and August 2017?
  8. More lies. I called you a liar because you told lies. I proved it to you numerous times by quoting your posts (you've lied again in this thread too). You then accused me of lying and demanded I answer some unrelated questions. I offered you the chance to provide proof of my lies. You failed to do so (before the posts were removed). Why should I answer your dumb questions? Who the foook do you think you are? All your defamatory posts were removed (not by me). Nobody wants to read this craap but I'm not putting up with you telling lies about me and making defamatory statements against me. This is my last word on the subject. Let it go and lets move on. If you post more of your lies about me, I'll just delete them.
  9. SWFC Chairman

    I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Fulham...
  10. Why?

    ...or we could just try debating without the need for childish name calling. Fun, friendly and respectful of other poster's opinions. That's the Owlstalk we're looking for.
  11. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Isn't he one of those writing things that...erm...end up in the papers?
  12. SWFC Chairman

    Pathetic comment.
  13. Why?