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  1. How many have you got? Asking for a friend.
  2. roaminowl

    What we could do with

    Knowing us, we'd bring back Jack and George...
  3. Did we need this manger for the Nativity play or did we find another use for it?
  4. roaminowl


    I remember getting paraded around the Pompey ground to escape the rain. As we got near the home end, the Wednesday players were coming out of the changing rooms to get on their coach...that's how long we waited in the rain. Lots of cheering though. The least said about the naked blokes on the train the better. I can't afford any more therapy.
  5. roaminowl


    Bernard. After the nightmare train journey back from Pompey, we went on the coach to Brighton...it broke down near London on the way back.
  6. roaminowl


    Agreed 100%. Was at all those games and many more. Could have sworn the Brighton game was 3-1 though.
  7. roaminowl

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Good job a few individual's opinions are not everybody on owlstalk's opinions.
  8. roaminowl

    U23s at Hull

  9. roaminowl

    U23s at Hull

    Thanks to you too for posting their updates.
  10. roaminowl

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Obviously not...that's we have 3 or 4 of these (same) threads after every game.
  11. roaminowl

    #OnThisDay in 1992

    I told my wife/partner that I was just "popping out" and turned up 4 days later having been to Germany.
  12. Whoooooooooooooooooosssssssshhhhhhh
  13. roaminowl

    Not quite in the top 5 yet.

    You need a bigger screen so that they'd be able to fit more teams on there. Oh, and your battery needs charging.
  14. roaminowl

    Commercial department missing a trick

    That would be WPVD, no?