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  1. U23s away at Watford

  2. U23s away at Watford

    Watching his son play for England.
  3. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Would it be OK to pretend to be a Nuhiu hater just to get the chance of puckering up to your delectable hairy ass? Asking for a friend.
  4. Knee Sliiiiiiiiiiiide

    How much? That's 2 bob.
  5. Optical Illusion

    * grey Foookiin colonials.
  6. Ticket issue

    Did he ring the doorbell or was he knocking?
  7. Points needed

    I remember us having 55 points going into the final game a few years ago...and still not safe. I think Peterborough lost their last game and went down with 54 points. We won't get any where near those numbers this year.
  8. Points needed

    No, it means that one of them wins 5, and if that team is Burton, then it's 5 from 10.
  9. 9 games left

    It's been out injured for most of the season.
  10. Before I left the U.K. I said...

    I said that in May 2000.
  11. From the horses mouth

    Who is OT?
  12. Yorkshire post

    "Sounds like someone has broke rank and told the story about what's happening with the injury situation"
  13. Yorkshire post