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  1. Vote of confidence

    I love the "I've lost confidence in Carlos now" posts... as if it foookin matters.
  2. Vote of confidence

    Ignoring your petty little snipe at our Chairman, how do you figure that giving CC a vote of confidence would be an admission of 'getting it wrong'? The opposite, I would say.
  3. BELIEVE!!!!...

    We don't have any vacancies.
  4. Don't give them another penny!!!

    You just need to describe the money you spend as 'hard earned' and that will be the perfect rant.
  5. Delphon Chansiri : no action

    Swift action on kit suppliers.
  6. Shirt compromise?

    Yes. It's almost midnight in Sidney.
  7. Football was RUBBISH in the 1960's

    There's the proof, right there. 1960's kit - rubbish 1960's boots - rubbish 1960's ball - rubbish 1960's pitches - rubbish 1960's refs - rubbish 1960's rules - rubbish ergo...1960's football - complete rubbish.
  8. Perhaps the questions posted on here are going to be/have been submitted via the club but they've been added on here as a discussion point. Summat topical to talk about on a fans forum...who'd a thunk it.
  9. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Not me. Justice for archieswfc.
  10. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    How come this response on Saturday didn't win?
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    It's very impressive that you can keep track of everybody's posts on such a busy forum.
  12. Sold out. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/october/owls-sell-out-bolton-allocation/
  13. T'other way around, I think. We lost at home to Chelsea before losing at Arsenal.