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  1. roaminowl

    Ben Wilkinson

    Where and when did he get a degree?
  2. I assume that you mean the person who passed that drivel off as a quote from Mr. Chansiri?
  3. roaminowl

    Could be worse.

    I say, you're trying too hard.
  4. roaminowl

    Players at Preston Station!

    That would indicate that it's at the end of your journey. You can also start your journey there, so I'm out.
  5. roaminowl

    Where are they ?

    Sorry, can't help. I've no idea where people who don't exist are located. Have you looked behind the sofa?
  6. roaminowl

    thread for Club apologists

    What's really moronic, is assuming that if someone has a different opinion to you, then they're a moron. Perhaps it would be better to have a sensible debate, with reasoned arguments, instead of all this name calling, no?
  7. roaminowl

    slavisa jokanovic

    You've lost the plot. Have a Martini and calm down.
  8. roaminowl

    slavisa jokanovic

    I said "Conversation lost already when you turn to name calling." You might recognise that quote.
  9. roaminowl

    slavisa jokanovic

    Conversation lost already when you turn to name calling
  10. roaminowl

    thread for Club apologists

    If you don't think they're out there, why have you started a thread for them?
  11. roaminowl

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    Come in handy after a long winter's hibernation.
  12. roaminowl

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    Viv was cup tied for the League Cup games.
  13. roaminowl

    Dig in

    That's nonsense. He gets lots of credit for that achievement.
  14. roaminowl

    Today's presser.

    There was another user on here who had the same affliction. I'm not saying that this had anything to do with it, but he's dead now. RIP Wolfie.