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  1. Are you his son, Neil? Just looking at your location (Seattle) and remember hearing about him playing/coaching out there.
  2. Did you read the OP? Clue: Bruce is the Wednesday Manager.
  3. Tbh surprised you didn't understand this post!
  4. Has this rumour been started by some giza down the pub?
  5. So Reginald is actually called Andrew. Does anybody else feel really let down by this deliberate deception?
  6. Your own post on page 2 for starters.
  7. Back Row (L-R) Carl Shutt, Mark Smith, Kevin Pressman, Carlton Palmer, Niclas Alexandersson Front Row (L-R) John Pearson, Gary Megson, Mick Lyons, Lee Chapman, Gary Bannister Missing from picture, Derek Geary (sent off).
  8. Spurs were playing away at Ajax in that game.
  9. What the pigs do is irrelevant to me. If we do the reyt things, then we'll be reyt.
  10. He isn't ours to lose. He could stay with Chelsea or move, permanent or loan, to another club and there's very little we can do about it.
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