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  1. Ridiculous. Why would anybody play a gerbil up front when we need more bite in midfield?
  2. We wouldn't be able to field a 5-a-side team.
  3. Who is going to sack him exactly?
  4. Anybody reckon we'll get into double figures for possession percentage? Wonder what the record low is.
  5. ...don't think much of our new striker either.
  6. This is mind blowing. I thought ANDY was one of the older folks.
  7. That 78/79 season though. Played 9 FA Cup games and didn't get past the 3rd round.
  8. That was my first game too. Jim Holton was their player who broke his leg. He ended up signing for us in 1980 (ish) but never played due to injury...some things never change.
  9. No, the whole of OT has these contradictory positions. What he seems to have conveniently forgot is that he's also a member of OT.
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