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  1. A12 saves the day. Thread pinned. This is the official thread. Snooty is dead to me now.
  2. Anyone else having issues watching the game? I’m getting a 6 second advert for PlayStation - then it kicks me straight back to the home screen of the app.
  3. The dinner thread died when Gordon did. Coincidence?
  4. Thought about hiding these, but decided against it. If you are going to double down on your story then everyone should be able to see what you've said (with no evidence) about a dead footballing hero who can't argue back.
  5. Yet people moan when we get dinged by the EFL for FFP. Wednesday’s revenue is wee wee poor for a club of its size. Perhaps if more fans bought stuff from the club we wouldn’t be so quite in the poo. I say that with the caveat that I’ve not been to Hillsborough in 12 seasons. So you tightwads need to make up for my lack of custom.
  6. Winning the Swedish league, and being on the way to the Danish title before being sacked by a mad-as-fizz owner is "average"?
  7. Be polite. Be kind. Don’t call other users “thick”. It doesn’t pain you in a good light, and certainly doesn’t help the thread.
  8. Pinned. Where the fizz have you been??! OTO FTCokneys
  9. Chevy has a huge market share in the U.S. and a significant market share in Brazil and China. £64 million year can be justified for those markets alone - they won’t care about Europe.
  10. Club website even has pictures.
  11. Losing 5-1 to Stevenage has to be up there.
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