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  1. Winning the Swedish league, and being on the way to the Danish title before being sacked by a mad-as-fizz owner is "average"?
  2. Be polite. Be kind. Don’t call other users “thick”. It doesn’t pain you in a good light, and certainly doesn’t help the thread.
  3. Pinned. Where the fizz have you been??! OTO FTCokneys
  4. Chevy has a huge market share in the U.S. and a significant market share in Brazil and China. £64 million year can be justified for those markets alone - they won’t care about Europe.
  5. Club website even has pictures.
  6. Losing 5-1 to Stevenage has to be up there.
  7. When I was a student John Major floated the idea of imposing VAT on books. UEA was filled with hundreds of posters against the idea. My housemate just saw the slogan and went apoplectic - "why should people and businesses in Reading not get taxed. What's so special about them?". He felt a bit of a *** when we explained.
  8. Please do not post pictures of ladies scratching their bottoms on here. Google doesn't like it.
  9. Pinned. UTMFO. HMS wee wee the League is back.
  10. Put him on ignore. If you can’t and feel a post should be reported, do so - but then leave it to the mods. Don’t comment. But if you can’t do that - and want to ask him questions - take it to PM. Other members don’t want threads constantly being derailed.
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