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  1. Worth it for the proximity to Four Lanes Chippy.
  2. Yeah. It was Wednesday February 4, so would all have been at school the next day. Though weirdly my memory of it for all these years has been seeing it on TV at my Grandma’s house in Gloucestershire. But I wouldn’t have been there until half term, which was another week or so away. Funny how your mind plays tricks on you.
  3. We should have fizzed him off when he refused to travel to Norwich. fizz him.
  4. Never understood the love for #2. The whole point of the minimalist owl - is that it’s minimalist. When you clutter it up with a shield, date, etc. it just looks poo.
  5. Incredibly, next April will mark TWENTY years since the Honolulu Wednesday game at Carrow Rd. Feeling old?! What are your memories? Got any pictures to share? I left it too late to get an away ticket, so ended up in with the home fans. The atmosphere from the away section was electric. The Norwich supporters thought it was brilliant. I was so jealous that I couldn’t be in that stand with my fellow Owls.
  6. The hearing is set for July. It is yet to even happen. Any “news” before that is pure speculation. Unless it comes from an official source.
  7. It’s confusing. The first words say “unanimous agreement”. Then Hearts release a statement talking about expulsion and “taking legal advice”
  8. This was my last ever game at Hillsborough before I emigrated. Going into the game we had to win to guarantee safety - and did so in style. Though from memory other results went our way too. Big crowd. Great atmosphere. Only sullied by Ched fuking Evans playing for Norwich. Couldn’t have wished for a better last game. Just wish I could get back to see another at some point.
  9. Used to work in Josephine’s so: Waddle, Wilson, Walker, Palmer, Hirst, Watson and loads more from that era. Also remember players from other clubs used to be fairly regular. Bryan Robson. Dominic Matteo. And I kid you not - Matteo’s tipple of choice was a double Metaxa and babysham in a pint glass. I can still remember his drink from 1995, but I can’t recall whether I took my meds this evening.
  10. Seems like the EFL is trying to cut its losses. It can’t just drop all charges as it will enrage Boro and Hull. But equally if it can’t win, it won’t want a defeat on all counts. So better to drop some of them now.
  11. Sounds good in theory. But the NFL and NCAA are indicating it’s likely that Covid-19 will still be an issue in the autumn. Next season could be fizzed too.
  12. Since his refusal to travel to Norwich his best position is at any other club stupid enough to have him.
  13. The 4-0 away loss to Colchester that saw Sturrock sacked was my worst. Midweek game. Very poor Wednesday side. Bleak.
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