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  1. Denim

    Great album.
  2. Nice way to raise money. Hope it's successful. But I have no idea who any of those people are. (I'm guessing Calum Best is related to George. Or maybe Pete)?
  3. In. But sack him on March 29, 2019.
  4. Living room. Watching on I Follow or ESPN. First few games (1982-83) were in the south. Had a season ticket for many years on the north. Found myself favoring the south again. Then I emigrated and haven’t been back for a decade.
  5. To be fair, I bought two items from Toffs about a year ago. The material was great. But the sizing was flipping awful. The tracksuit top was at least two sizes smaller than described - but the yellow bukta shirt was a joke. Not kidding - I couldn’t even get the collar over my head!
  6. Ordered the Bukta style shirt at the weekend. Not even an email yet to confirm it’s been mailed. And they are STILL charging VAT on orders from outside the EU. Not the happiest “customer” at the moment.
  7. flipping CM and KG. What’s that in proper money? Did you lot vote Brexit for nothing?
  8. Is that what he actually said - or the Owlstalk swear filter kicking in? If it's the Owlstalk swear filter, I've got an image in my head involving Colin and Sean Morrison that I can't shift.
  9. Been trying to checkout from the online store for over an hour now. Keep getting a system error message. Wednesday all over. I’m trying to give them money and I can’t.
  10. Play Up Wednesday...

    He died from suicide at the Wadsley asylum. That’s your gaff, Neil!
  11. Fort Collins, CO 80526 Spring break here was last week. No more school holidays until May. DC out.
  12. That’s really upsetting.... Seeing Barnsley, Rovrum, and Sheffield all described as West Midlands.
  13. The holiday in April (that may or may not have ended by then) is not “half term”.