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  1. Neal M

    iFollow is junk

    I get a black screen when I try and watch on my laptop. Works perfectly via the app on my phone though.
  2. Neal M

    Dynamic Pricing

    At best it’s 100% full.... And the average attendance in 2018 was 37,233. 7th best in the league. Making the average game 74% full. Dynamic pricing works two fold at Coors. 1) It raises revenue when the team is doing well and the casual fans are more interested. 2) It raises revenue when the weather makes a difference. In the blazing summer heat, dynamic pricing doesn’t change the price of seats where you might get sun stroke. But it can increase the price of those much desired seats in the shade.
  3. Neal M

    Dynamic Pricing

    We’ve had Dynamic Pricing at Coors Field since 2013. As a rule of thumb, I’m not affected by any increases, as I pick my games in advance and buy the tickets as soon as the single game tickets are released in Feb. As the game gets closer, I’ve never noticed prices fall below the amount I’ve paid.
  4. Neal M

    Attention Canadians

    Calm down Snowy Mexican.
  5. Neal M

    Attention Canadians

    South of the Eskimo border its on ESPN+ But I'll be at Disney World with the family. Hoping for a blizzard in West London that week, and the game to be rescheduled for sometime in February.
  6. The Football League “evening out” in the OP both intrigues and scares me. But to be clear - I don’t want to spend an evening out with Madine and Ripper Ched.
  7. Neal M

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Pinned. UTO. FT Wigan.
  8. Neal M


    When Hull fans stop banging their family members, I may listen to what they have to say. Until then... We were terrible though. If they want to take the wee wee, I can’t blame them.
  9. 1933. Everton vs. Manchester City.
  10. Neal M

    Lookman deal done....wow

    So he’s cup tied? fizz that. Everton can keep him.
  11. He was a good player, but nowhere near the same league as Waddle.
  12. Neal M


    Black screen of death today when I try and watch on my laptop. Missed our goal weeing about with it. Stream working fine on the app on my phone though.
  13. Neal M


    Working fine for me.
  14. Neal M

    Jordan Rhodes

    FFS, Dutty. The Owlstalk death list comp closed a few hours ago. You’re too late. In all seriousness, let’s not wish actual death on SWFC players. WAWAW?
  15. Neal M

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    He swore we'd played in Division 4. We might be in just over 18 months....