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  1. It's not about lacking a sense of humor. If you'd have titled the thread something like "What's next for Jos?" there wouldn't have been an issue. But members are getting fizzed off (and rightly so) with misleading, click bait thread titles implying he's gone.
  2. General guidance (not just to Nev). If you are going to refer to another member, please use their user name. Don’t mention their given name.
  3. Neal M

    If I was SWFC manager.

    What is this? Some Soviet Collective? I wouldn't give a fizz what their preferred position was. I'd play them where I saw fit.
  4. Misleading thread title fixed.
  5. Neal M


    Abusive posts hidden. Hopefully we can get this thread back on track.
  6. Neal M


    Jesus, no. Ask Rangers how franchising their stores to Mike Ashley went.
  7. Neal M

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    We haven't faced Luton in almost 12 years. I'm not sure trends and streaks matter after not playing for so long.
  8. Neal M

    thread for Club apologists

    Credit to SOB there.
  9. Neal M

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Pigs away.
  10. Neal M

    Luhukay Sacked

    Please don't create threads with misleading titles
  11. Neal M

    SWFC Opponents

    Southampton QPR Barnsley Oldham Piggycunts Charlton
  12. Well, we went with self interest in 1992. Got a decent 8 years from it. Then 18+ years of being in the poo.
  13. When the fizz were we ever genuinely part of talks for a Euro Super League? We may have had a great side in the early 90’s, but we’ve never had the elite levels of support of a Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool; or even the support of a Chelsea, Man City, Spurs, Everton, Villa, Leeds, or Sunderland. You’d need to have at least 10 English sides guaranteed to be part of a European Super League for us to even be considered.
  14. Neal M

    Please assist ...

    When I was a kid in the early 80's I played football with Jimmy Sulley (Susan's brother). He was a massive Owl. Hope that helps.
  15. Neal M

    Cost Of Production

    Don't forget. 20% of what the punter pays goes straight to the government as VAT. So the mark up isn't as high as it may appear.