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  1. Serfs

    There are times when racist comments are made on Owlstalk. And those posts are rightly called out and reported. This wasn’t one. To throw accusations of racism around without merit is both unfair to the person being accused - and cries wolf by debasing the importance of racism. TLDR. Don’t label other members racist. If you feel a post is inappropriate - just report it.
  2. Neither makes either kit palatable. Especially that flipping abomination of an away shirt.
  3. First game was just over 35 years ago. Not been to a game for almost 10 years though (May 4, 2008). I'm boycotting the club until Bez is banned.
  4. Struggling to think of any other 5’s, but many older fans on here will be able to say at least a couple more of the 4’s. Everton (Hillsborough, Goodison, Wembley, Villa Park). Arsenal (Hillsborough, Highbury, Filbert Street, Wembley).
  5. Roland Nilsson

    My point is - Nilsson won the league in Sweden as manager of Malmö. And was on his way to winning the Danish league before he was fired by a batshit crazy chairman. So would I have him as manager at Hillsborough? Like a flipping shot I would. But apparently he’s not worth a look as he’s never taken a team from the Championship to the Premiership. If that’s your criteria, then your pool is pretty limited. Enjoy your football under Pardew, et al. And frankly of that lot, I’d be happier with Warnock than most.
  6. Roland Nilsson

  7. Derby - 2 tickets for sale

    Post hidden. General reminder to all. Please don’t put your personal contact details in threads (phone numbers etc). If you want to contact other members, use the PM function.
  8. Howard Wilkinson

    Hark at Larry May, here.
  9. Shirt compromise?

    We may have been the first, but haven’t been “unique” since the 40’s. Hartlepool had what you consider *our* kit in the 40’s. Colchester in the 60’s. Wigan very recently.
  10. Warnock

    I'd have him in a heart beat. It amazes me that people can't see past the pantomime and the "I'd get Wednesday relegated" quip. That's exactly what his persona is - a pantomime. But why would he want to leave Cardiff for us?
  11. When I got to my car after work there was a note on the door asking me to call a number. But nobody had hit my car in the parking lot. The mirrors were still there, and the bumpers were dent free. So I presumed someone with impeccable taste had seen my SWFC license plate frame and wanted to get in touch. Sadly not. I called the number and it was a guy trying to get me to repair some hail damage.
  12. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Charles Clegg Nailed on.
  13. SWFC Celebrity XI

    I've heard this guy is a Wednesdayite.
  14. Wednesday or England

    Never given a flying roger about England.