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  1. Yeah. That’s a minimum 48 hour ban.
  2. Neal M

    York’s v Lancs

    The apostrophe in the thread title is bad enough. But the inconsistency between York’s and Lancs is even worse.
  3. Neal M

    Fans are the last to know

    F off, Bez.
  4. For all the attitude on here, parking rules are in place for a reason. If you feel certain restrictions are unjust, talk to your Councillor (or PM Bez). Cars that are half on the pavement, block the pavement for pedestrians - including the elderly, disabled and parents with push chairs and prams. Cars that are parked on double yellows can hinder traffic - including paramedics and fire engines. It's not nuclear physics. Don't park like a cheeky monkey, and this car won't catch you.
  5. Neal M

    Ricky Moate Update

    Please don’t post personal contact details (phone numbers, email addresses etc in public threads). You can use the PM function to give those details to other members.
  6. Neal M

    Ricky Moate Update

    I was going to delete this. But thought I’d leave it up - let all members see your delightful personality. This is a community. We should support each other, not act like dicks to get a cheap laugh.
  7. It’s also nothing more than Trigger’s broom. For such a historic, old, stadium how much of it is more than 50 years old?
  8. Pretty sure we don’t have to spend big to replace the names mentioned in the OP. We’ve done ok over the years picking up some decent players pretty cheaply. Lee, Nuhiu, Westwood, Hutch, Bannan, Pelupessy, Lees, Joao. How many of those broke the bank? As for age, Waddle, Viv, and Trevor were all in their 30’s when they rocked up at Hillsborough. Don’t look at 30 as a best before date. It’s simple really. Utilize players while they are useful to the team. Don’t be concerned about cashing in.
  9. Neal M


    Pinned for a couple of hours to help shift the final prints. Remember - the Children's Hospital benefits from these sales. And it's a great piece of art.
  10. Mexico through. Pressure on for the Hun now. They have to win or they are out.
  11. I've recently canceled my ifollow subscription. And I'm now being bombarded with Google ads that tell me there will be commentary in 2018-19. Still not signing back up.
  12. Neal M

    Two days to go...

    First game - WBA away.
  13. Hopefully all you annual subscribers are receiving reminder emails. BUT - don’t forget... The service will automatically renew UNLESS you email ifollow@efl.com to opt out. I had until July 11 to opt out, but that date may differ from subscriber to subscriber. I’m going to try a season away from it. I wasn’t overly impressed with the product and I’m hoping that ESPN+ will carry enough of our games to keep me satisfied (those games wouldn’t be on ifollow anyway). ESPN+ subscription is just $40 a year. Ifollow is $140. Suck it ifollow.
  14. A day late, but....
  15. That was under Carlos.