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  1. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    That's the other Neil. I'm just as tubby. But a bit younger and with more hair.
  2. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Pinned. UTO FTB
  3. Calm down snowflake. This has nothing to do with over sensitivity and everything to do with protecting the site from the prospect (however slight you may think) of lawsuits. This is a thread in the public section of the biggest and most widely known SWFC forum on the internet. Things that are posted on here are very public and open to scrutiny. I quite like the site and don't want it or Neil put through unnecessary hassle.
  4. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    On the couch with some Cocoa Krispies. Kick off is 6:15 am.
  5. Yep. And not ridiculous. Agree or not. Like or not. Evans had his conviction overturned. He is innocent of the crime for which he was charged. Direct references to any of the reported actions that night (especially references to or allegations of criminal culpability on Ched's part) are unacceptable. TLDR. Don't make specific allegations about his conduct that night. Vague, unspecific, nicknames such as "Ripper" are less of an issue. Specific accusations aren't on.
  6. Which areas are Wednesday

    80526 is pure Wednesday. Did once bump into a middle aged, obese, Leeds fan in the Loveland Home Depot. That was unpleasant.
  7. Steel city derby stats thread

    The grunters won't like that stat. TBF, the 141 games include a few wartime matches. Stick to league games and major cups and the S2 flaps are slightly ahead. But while they have that, we have the warm glow and inner happiness that comes with not being incest loving tw@ts.
  8. Football Rivalries

    Talking of one way rivalries, nobody has mentioned Brighton yet. But they seem to be obsessed with us.
  9. Football Rivalries

    Why the roger people seriously consider Barnsley, Rotherham etc as genuine rivals baffles me. Other than geography they are an irrelevance. Dem pigs and Leeds are obviously the top 2. After that I'd go for Forest. Reasonably local, decent size club, similar size conurbation, and we have a long history - we've played them over 140 times. And they are all scabs, obvs. Seriously. Rotherham? In our 150 years we've only played them 30 odd times.
  10. Forest's bogey team

    If you include all competitive games the series is tied. 48 wins each and 44 draws. But that includes tournament games during WW1 (which we generally won) and our very first meeting in 1891 - a charity cup game that again Wednesday won. Take those games out of the equation and United have the slight edge.
  11. Forest's bogey team

    This. 8 wins in a row against Norwich between 2005 and 2009.
  12. 1876-77 Fixture List

    FFS - posting fixtures will get us into massive trouble with the FA. Doesn't help that Charles Clegg is a bloody solicitor too. That'll be a minimum 3 guinea fine for Neil. You are putting his new fangled telegraph network in jeopardy.
  13. Pinned. Come on you blue and white wizards. Michael Praed. Kevin Costner. Errol Flynn. That Australian convict fella who pretended he was a Gladiator. They know the truth. Robin was from Sheffield. UTO. roger the legend stealing scabs. (Who annoyingly I've always thought were actually ok - thank you Brian poopydoo Clough).
  14. Nilsson won the Swedish league as manager of Malmo, and was on course to win the Danish league with Copenhagen when he was sacked (despite sitting on first place). Crazy politics going on there. I'd take him in a heart beat.
  15. Wednesday, Like watching Twin Peaks

    F.ck you, Albert.