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  1. I've recently canceled my ifollow subscription. And I'm now being bombarded with Google ads that tell me there will be commentary in 2018-19. Still not signing back up.
  2. Neal M

    Two days to go...

    First game - WBA away.
  3. Hopefully all you annual subscribers are receiving reminder emails. BUT - don’t forget... The service will automatically renew UNLESS you email ifollow@efl.com to opt out. I had until July 11 to opt out, but that date may differ from subscriber to subscriber. I’m going to try a season away from it. I wasn’t overly impressed with the product and I’m hoping that ESPN+ will carry enough of our games to keep me satisfied (those games wouldn’t be on ifollow anyway). ESPN+ subscription is just $40 a year. Ifollow is $140. Suck it ifollow.
  4. A day late, but....
  5. That was under Carlos.
  6. GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL We are all Shi'a aren't we?
  7. It is in Russia. History shows that Germany will start well, but quickly find themselves in trouble.
  8. Q7. “Top of the fair play table” Is that the worst team in terms of discipline? Or the best?
  9. I'll be entering today - been away this week.
  10. There’s a food truck in Denver that says it sells Pasties. Utter flipping poo.
  11. Neal M

    World Cup question.

    The player who scored just before joining us was Dan Perescu (1994). The other question is stumping everyone.
  12. Son of a *****!!! Sorry everyone. Bad luck Daz. Congratulations @hirstyboywonder
  13. Neal M

    World Cup question.

    He never played in a WC whilst on our books (injury ruled him out).
  14. Congratulations, Daz. Thanks for playing everyone.