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Best Wednesday left back you've ever seen....

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Having currently numerous left backs at the club ie. Reda, Helan, Pugh, Mattock etc. it got me thinking who is the best player we have ever had in that position that I've seen.

I think most people would agree that for right back its an easy answer of Roly ahead of Zico but at left back its maybe not as clear cut.

Mine would be Nigel Worthington and the partnership he had with Kingy worked really well.

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Guest Sweet&TenderOwl

I think our best ever left back is Ernie Blenkinsop just ahead of Don Megson. Best ever I've seen in a Wednesday shirt during my lifetime is Nigel Worthington, though I loved Phil King too and Reda is immense but not in the same league as those.

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Ever seen or ever seen play ? Dad bought me a lemonade at the Sportsman Crosspool, be about the summer of 1957. My dad told me "This man is the best left back Wednesday ever had" as Ernest Blenkinsop stood in the doorway with him, he was then Landlord of the Sportsman.


The best I ever saw play was Megson senior, Don, Garrys dad. They certainly did n't come any toougher or tackle any harder. That 5-4 epic against Manchester United Don had a great 35 yarder chalked off at the Kop end as Johnny Fanthem had strayed a couple of inches offside...Should have been 6-4.

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