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Best Wednesday left back you've ever seen....

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Agree - my dad always said Blenkinsop was the best and I would go along with Don Megson in terms of who I have seen.

Sounds just like my Dad, althugh he admitted that there was very little between the two, and of the one's I've seen it's got to be The Don.

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Guest clumber58

Don Megson was captain and left back when I first started watching Wednesday, but he never stood out for me. Perhaps I was too young to appreciate him.

Rushbury and Grant were decent left backs, but we were in the lower leagues at that time.

Nigel Worthington is the best left back I've seen in a Wednesday shirt, although his IMO his best performances were as left hand side of midfield (alongside John Sheridan) interchanging with Phil King at left back.  Can't remember which manager wouldn't give Irish an improved contract and then let him go to Leeds, but it was a terrible decision. We never replaced him.

As for the "classy" Andy Hinchcliffe. Atkinson (?) signed him after he failed a medical at Spurs. He spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch during his time at Hillsborough. Massive wages. Massive error.

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I was in a crowd of over 60,000 in January 1953 when  Wednesday lost 2-1 to Blackpool in the 3rd round of the F.A. Cup. Norman Curtis hardly allowed Stanley Matthews a kick that day.

We used to enjoy it  when he cut the winger off at the knees and then offer his hand to help him up. We called it Curtissy.

Best left back? Hugh Swift. 

saw that match. What an example of man-marking on the Maestro.No wonder he didn't like playing in Sheffield.

Thought Swifty was an excellent LB, but a little limited.Unfortunately, don't think he'dhack it today with his favourite Slide-tackle.

Still got to be The Don.

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