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  1. I think Mandaric has probably lost the pace to play on the wing nowadays
  2. You do realise this is a 10 year old thread?
  3. McGeady requested to be released so he could go to the Irish camp for the Euros didnt he?
  4. There may be a few like this today
  5. When there are two different threads happening in one thread
  6. When you spend 15 minutes reading all 9 pages of this thread
  7. Pretty sure anyone can get a license from the club to use the logo on merchandise. Costs over a grand though
  8. Apart from a friendly with real costs about 8 million quid
  9. Wearing the same clothes I wore to the semi, along with my lucky Polish scarf
  10. I'm the only bloke in a team of 12 at work, and none of the women like football. I have literally nobody to talk to about how stressful this week is
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