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  1. Anyone else in London today? This stadium is top quality all round
  2. Got tickets for the Bears Raiders after going for the first time last year to Chargers Titans Can't wait to experience the Spurs stadium. Anyone else going down this year?
  3. Anyone know when the London tickets go on sale? Watched the Chargers and Titans last year, fancy a go at Spurs new ground this year but assume will have to get in early due to the capacity.
  4. If I buy the remaster of the original, can it be played in horizontal split instead of vertical? Original was vertical only.
  5. Or we're just not as good as Pep?
  6. mosleyowl

    FIFA 18

    Pro Evo is by far a more satisfying experience these days in terms of gameplay, where even being beaten can be quite enjoyable
  7. I think Mandaric has probably lost the pace to play on the wing nowadays
  8. mosleyowl

    FIFA 18

    Wasn't goeven my to even bother with the 10 hour trial but Daves passion has inspired me to try a manual Career
  9. Just noticed at the tower near Cayde there is a sign which says "001 days since last accident". If you kill yourself and go back it's changed to 000.
  10. Currently replaying Borderlands 2 for the 4th time, completed once with a mate, once with the wife' once on my own and now doing it with the wife again.
  11. Staff are more important than players imo these days
  12. I did it properly, though I did try to use the ropes and failed everytime
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