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  1. We're doing very well with our budget, I have no complaints. We've progressed on last season, some people on here are so deluded it's unreal. Do people really expect us to go from finishing 16th in the Championship to finishing in the play-offs having spent the grand sum of around 800k? Unbelievable Jeff.
  2. This just proves my theory that the majority of Wednesday fans are thick as poo poo.
  3. If I had a kid he'd never walk around in a football shirt. Hate him to turn into one of the adult shirt wearers.
  4. This is why birds should be banned from football, Elaine u daft tart.
  5. When you've got arms like that you can do what you want.
  6. He's scored 4 free kicks in the last 11 months?
  7. Maguire has had good and bad spells this season, he's playing out of position though you have to remember that. I get the feeling Maguire will be the scapegoat this season.
  8. Basically the majority of ethnic minorities are glory hunters and support the big 4 clubs, they tend to know very little about football too. No racism intended.
  9. The streams are pure garbage aren't they? Could only watch for about 45 seconds against Cardiff because it kept breaking up.
  10. It' the part timers who don't go the games who think Nuhiu is crap, us true fans understand how important he is to the team.
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