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Community Answers

  1. Pelupessy isn't anywhere near the standard. Reach into the centre for me
  2. Yeah, no chance for us. The EFL/FA/Ref will sweep it all under the carpet and continue to ruin the game
  3. Celebrates a 100th minute equaliser in a local derby. String him up FFS. One of the few players who actually put a shift in and got kicked all over for his troubles too.
  4. On a serious note glad the Club is starting to do this - trying to sell more sponsorship, pop-up store in meadowhall. Perhaps the commercial and retail side is slowly moving into the 21st century.
  5. You haven't been on Owlstalk long have you - as if anyone has any idea around here :D Maybe I've seen so many utterly poo refs at Hillsborough that this one approached competent
  6. and he gave us 11 minutes extra for our money
  7. Everyone knows the problems. But for most people it's trumped by the £20 ticket. You pays ya money.....
  8. I didn't hear any boos at all from the Kop. I think I must have blanked the handball out - I do vaguely remember some shouts a few times. But despite you view that the ref was awful, there's been no thread until today and no clamour from the Owlstalk meltdown crew. FACT
  9. He did have a lack of yellows - but rather that then ruin a game with so many cards. Gace us loads of decisions that were 50-50. Can't remember the 2nd half penalty shout tbh - only the first half one. So you list of 3, 1 is dubious and the other subjective. Also you sit in the south stand.
  10. We play so much better with Hutch in the team. We haven't got anyone else who can effectively play his role in front of the back four. Without him, Bannan ends up back there all the time
  11. I think we have playes in the middle and up front who are comfortable on the ball - we we don't have the players to play out from the back. I'm happy with that. Nice to see a well thought out reasonable post from a fan.
  12. I thought we got everything from the ref yesterday. Makes a nice change. Maybe why I thought you was ok! Agree about the linesman though. And not seen the penalty claim we had when Reach was through
  13. The most consistent thing about Wednesday in the last 15 years: Owlstalk Wednesday Win = we're gonna win the league Wednesday lose = uncontained meltdown
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