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  1. Harthill Owls

    Fairly recently done up. More of an eatery than a boozer now?
  2. Knee Sliiiiiiiiiiiide

    Shine on you crazy diamond!
  3. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    No problem. It is cold and snowy and best not to be waterlicked.
  4. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    Are you fishing?
  5. Interesting to see how Fraser Preston gets on if he's given a run-out. Haven't seen any of the Academy games this season, but seem to remember him developing as a pacey winger over the last two or three years?
  6. Sell 'im t' Blavdes, or loan him t' Rams for a season.
  7. Messrs Walker and Bennett seemed to have done OK?
  8. Young George Hirst

    He certainly seemed happy enough in directors box last Saturday. I really hope it has been sorted at long last.
  9. Unless.... Real news that the dispute is settled, or Or real news that he's off to Leicester, or whoever. All views have been expressed on here for a long time now, but are now simply being regurgitated time, after time, after time. Have watched his development at Middlewood and so wanted him do well for him and us. Until resolved, shut the fizz up and let the two parties sort it out once and for all. PLEASE.
  10. Adam Reach "Forget about Carlos"

    Seems to have warmed to his new, as and when, captaincy role including being not afraid to voice his views when required and these new responsibilities, if anything adding to his good current form. Very pleased for him and us. Keep it up Adam!
  11. Let loose the dogs of war

    Real shame Ross BARKley is no longer with us.
  12. You're right, I thought I recognised the hair! Pearson's replacement - that says it all really. I could go back further than this, but have been advised by the medics not to.
  13. Thanks Neil, I thought I had managed to erase moments like these from my memory, Who was our number 12 by the way - he seemed to be mesmerised by the florist's attacking prowess, just falling short of clapping them while the ball was in play.
  14. New PA bloke.

    I like the idea of Neil filling in as and when... I'm sure he could bring a different/semi-dangerous approach to the job?