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  1. I think Mandaric has probably lost the pace to play on the wing nowadays
  2. You do realise this is a 10 year old thread?
  3. McGeady requested to be released so he could go to the Irish camp for the Euros didnt he?
  4. There may be a few like this today
  5. When there are two different threads happening in one thread
  6. When you spend 15 minutes reading all 9 pages of this thread
  7. Pretty sure anyone can get a license from the club to use the logo on merchandise. Costs over a grand though
  8. Apart from a friendly with real costs about 8 million quid
  9. Wearing the same clothes I wore to the semi, along with my lucky Polish scarf
  10. I'm the only bloke in a team of 12 at work, and none of the women like football. I have literally nobody to talk to about how stressful this week is
  11. Bomb explodes, canister just pours out smoke? Also, vuvuzelas are amazing
  12. I am wearing exactly the same outfit as I did at home v Brighton. Everyone needs to do the same
  13. But if people who only went to one game had the sense to buy a membership to potentially guarantee a ticket to a Wembley final, why would people who have gone to 20 games not have done the same? 1-0 to forward planning
  14. I have been to Cardiff and Brighton. Got two tickets from a Charity auction for Cardiff, then bought a membership and Brighton tickets to guarantee seats for the semi and final. And on Saturday Ill be at Wembley
  15. You can't have paid on tbe gate everytime, so wouldn't you now have a client ID that you used for Cardiff and Brighton and use it to get a general sale ticket?...
  16. This is my second game of the season, after the Cardiff game. 1-0 to working in England
  17. Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff City PAUL TIERNEY Paul Hodskinson and James Bell Fourth Official Peter Bankes
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