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  1. Pelupessy is so bad, just looks like a little kid who’s won a raffle
  2. I thought the club had already asked the same question, and got the response they wanted...
  3. does anyone know why ifollow isn't showing video?
  4. Zeus

    Djourou DEAL OFF!!

    Probably Chansiri trying to change the deal after it's been agreed...
  5. Please could anyone help me out?
  6. Zeus

    Exeter's Highest Finish...

    That was the season after, away from home
  7. Zeus

    Stream for tonight

    Anyone know if there's radio commentary online at all? I dint have wednesday player player and I'm not in Sheffield
  8. Zeus

    David Jones

    not very good
  9. If they don't like the price for Hanley then I don't think they will like the price for Lees...