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Community Answers

  1. It's the approach of an inferior mindset our players our good enough to focus on our own way of playing at let germany deal with our threat the german wingbacks didn't trouble frances' back 4
  2. changing our set up because germany played one good game against portugal.... southgate asking for trouble
  3. Allardyce to take over before the end of the season...
  4. Where is var for that red card? Lol
  5. The Ghana attack was offside anyway, Suarez was harshly treated
  6. Anyone else full time in Prague? Where do you watch the games on sky??
  7. Don’t cry mate, doesn’t hurt to ask Not been able to go to a game since December 2017, can I have your ticket?
  8. Only seen the most recent three on the list. If the vote had been at the end of the play off final season I would have gone for Pudil, that season he was by far the best left back we’ve had since I’ve been attending, subsequent performances have really let him down and his decline as a left back was extreme. Reda gets my vote for being the goal scoring machine and lovable character he was!
  9. Think this is merely putting him in the shop window, enjoy him while we can
  10. If boyd was an animal he’d be put down ffs
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