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  1. If individual refs tried to actually enforce the rules as written they’d be dropped from the league. There is nothing more infuriating than time wasting to football fans. We’re being short changed. From the top it needs a campaign to stamp it out. And fans, players and managers all need to grow up and support the officials when they do it. Won’t happen though. If it was tried then the media/fan/player/manager narrative would destroy it. We’re all too hypocritical. Happy to waste time when we’re 1 up but not when we’re losing. Controversial (related) opinion: have two 30 minute halves. Game clock on running when ball in play
  2. But may more be a reflection on their owner than the idea. I’d go for it. Assuming it wasn’t £89.99 a month
  3. Hull have been doing this for a while: https://www.wearehullcity.co.uk/tickets/memberships/ Although 2 months notice. I seem to remember their fans hating it. I can see the appeal. But Chansri would find a way to make it prohibitively expensive like he does with everything
  4. Or Bannan’s without Luongo. It’s almost like all the fans were right after Wembley that we needed a balanced midfield rather than buying a whole load of expensive forwards like Fletcher and Rhodes.
  5. It’s the way he goes past people with the ball. It’s very Kieran Lee like.
  6. Don’t renew in March. Lose your seat. Utterly pathetic. The owner should be ashamed of that.
  7. The whole thing was completely rebuilt in 2015 - drainage and all. Only way that goes bad is if it’s not looked after properly. And the root of that will be always money. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/15/silicon-valley-of-turf-uk-perfect-football-pitch?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Good article about how technical it actually is to produce what we come to expect from the top level stadiums. It won’t be the staff’s fault. They’ll be doing their absolute best with the tools that they have. But like everything in the Chansri era lots thrown at the short term not enough on building the long term sustainable future. If anyone is inclined to watch grass grow it’s all on YouTube still.
  8. We did break the bank for Jordan Rhodes. It cost us £40k a week, plus transfer fee, an FFP penalty and eventually relegation!
  9. I bet Leicester’s ground budget will be a substantial chunk of our total operating budget. We don’t spend enough on it to maintain it. Guaranteed
  10. £20M defence you say? What’s Simek up to?
  11. Yes and maybe April would be early. We’ve been conditioned that February renewals is somehow normal. It really isn’t. The worse part of this is that it’s announced with no notice. If you want to do this set out a timetable and let people plan. It’s not fair to drop this on people with zero notice in December or otherwise and then increase the price.
  12. The key is telling the team to be ‘Very Fluid’. Sort it out Moore.
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