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  1. I suspect he’s spoken to them. It always happens. We’ll only receive an ‘approach’ if they pony up the money.
  2. I’m sure that the wanting to spend time with his family and the promise to his wife was genuine. But I’m also sure that contractually he wasn’t allowed to work until then. It was convenient for both parties to big up the family first thing rather than acknowledging that he was trapped in his Villa contract until after the transfer window closed.
  3. I wouldn’t bet against us holding him in his contract and paying him on gardening leave for a year. It’s not like we don’t have form for nonsense like that.
  4. Completely set up by Leicester and unscrupulous ‘agents’. Was persuaded to go and gamble his career on this ridiculous escapade. Leicester whispering sweet nothings into his ear about how great he is (whilst simultaneously doing the same to 7 others..) and his agent who’s supposed to be protecting his interests just bothered about trousering a % of his deal. I almost feel sorry for him. Stupid.
  5. Not out of contract for another 12 months- isn't he?
  6. Devils advocate: If we could sell Forestieri and use the funds to pay for two more years of Hooper - would you?
  7. They all are. We will probably need to be in even better form than we currently are if we even stand a chance:
  8. Not many. By all reports our squad is one of the highest paid in the division and one of the top performing ones we ain’t. I don’t blame them for being well paid individually or collectively but the way we’ve collected highly paid and (in many cases) injury prone players isn’t good football business. No particular beef with Fletcher but his signing started the transition from a squad that was quite cannily put together (e.g Pudil, Forestieri relatively cheaply, Bannan and Wallace on a free, etc) to the big wages and starting to do mad stuff like signing Jordan Rhodes at 11pm on deadline day after already signing Winnall.
  9. Long term critic of the value we get from Fletcher. For the money we’ve paid and will pay in the future he’s doesn’t represent value for money in my book. He’s not a bad player but he’s on a 4 year contract on big money and it sums up the quality of our cost/value in our recruitment and why we’re in the poo with FPP. That said I think I’d probably still start him because on the field he’s the least of our problems
  10. With the way that Forestieri plays I’d expect it to be more 4-3-3
  11. I’d like to see Fletcher and Joao together. If there is ever a chance to take it to a team away from home this is it.
  12. Said it before. Reach isn’t the player to do that central ‘free role’. It takes a very special player to do that. And I think it takes away from our overall play. When we play this free floating thing we have no structure to our play. Nobody knows where anyone is or is going. When we play with two up top (with Joao supporting Fletcher) we know how to attack. Ball to Fletcher. Support from Joao. Out wide to and back in with the midfield supporting if we want to come back inside. The Fletcher up top with three behind doesn’t work for us because we don’t have the players to make that run from midfield to pass it though the defence 4–4–2 might not be fashionable but it works at our level. I don’t advocate it against top sides away from home like last night (or even top sides in the Championship) but against most we’ve got more than enough talent just to keep it simple
  13. Willian is class. Imagine him 1:1 every time with Fox and Palmer if we’d have ‘gone for it’ and played Forestieri and Joao
  14. Not that I condone chucking stuff but I had to laugh at in addition to the swimming goggles and coins that someone was throwing fun size Snickers and Mars bars (in their packets) and about 4 packets of half open mentos. It was like someone was chucking the pack up that their mum had made for them.
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