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    To an extent. I think Forestieri can still be effective from wide because it involves him in the game. I still don’t know where his best position is after 3 years. Because he drifts about it can be detrimental to the front pairing if he plays in a 2. Joao needs to be playing up top with someone else But you’re right about the negating the opposition thing.
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    It’d be higher still if you take off the time he’s messing around playing out wide. Wasted in midfield
  4. MotherGoose

    Adam Reach

    100%. I have no idea what he was supposed to be doing today or has been doing for several weeks. It seems to be do what you want and try to score a worldly.
  5. MotherGoose

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    Perhaps. I think he’ll still start wide in the team that’s been picked -edit you weren’t the OP so might not care about Joao out wide
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    Absolutely. It marked the change in our transfer policy from spending a bit to playing championship manager. None of this is his problem or fault of course. You negotiate the most lucrative deal you can for yourself. But the Fletcher deal precipitated the big wage parity demands and insane transfers that are flipping us right now. Bannan, Forestieri, Lees, Lee, Westwood, etc.. all renegotiated their deals soon after and Fletcher was the new benchmark. Good player yes. But his wages (and everyone’s that followed) are very relevant to the problems the club has right now.
  7. Buy a bag of 300 of these. https://www.thecarycompany.com/plastic-tamper-evident-cap-68w27b And take a pocket full to the game. You’ll be able to seal up your bottle of Diet Sprite dead easy. Fresh for half time. Also, you’ll also have half a pocket full of spare bottle caps which are handy for chucking at players that aren’t trying/aren’t good enough/play for Leeds
  8. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    Football fans in new signing hyperbole shocker. That thread is pretty funny in retrospect - we all thought we were going to tear the league a new one and then the Carlos miseryball began ... and the reality? Much like the Fletcher signing. Promised a lot. Cost a lot. But a disappointing return on investment. I’m not against him by any means. And @Ash76 ‘s post is 100% what I’d like to see this season. He is a Jos type player and if he plays to his potential he’d be a great asset - still. But for me he’s not done enough to justify what we invested in his wages - yet.
  9. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    This I 100% agree. Hopefully Jos gets him to play to his potential and he gets close to being worth what we signed up to paying for him
  10. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    I’m not the sort for look at me rants. But let’s say I had my concerns. And I doubt I was alone on that particular deal.
  11. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    Yeah. About when we announced him on a 4 year deal and my reaction was “fizz me that’s a long deal on a lot of money - hope it works out”
  12. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    Because if he was on a sensible one he’d be gone and we could spend the money on someone else. He’s been very average and we’re stuck with him for two more years
  13. But are there stripes on the back? I demand to know.
  14. MotherGoose

    Harsh on Fletch?!

    Not Fletcher’s fault but whoever gave him that 4 year deal needs their head looking at. £6.2M over the duration if he’s on £30k a week. Rumours say he’s on more.
  15. Rip off merchants. I’ll be staying in Germany and getting it half price thanks very much. For anyone who hasn’t seen it (and if it hasn’t changed) - the quality is terrible. There’s one camera, no commentary and no scoreboard or clock. Utterly rubbish - only possible because it’s a closed market.