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  1. Obviously multi year season tickets will be a massive issue if you start messing around with the prices new people are paying
  2. I reckon they'll try to average it out for how much people have in the bank after iFollow. So that on average they won't be asking for more and on average they won't be doing refunds. As getting more money out of people will not go down well at all. But if you've already spent it it'll feel more palatable to just cash it in. I wonder how many people actually bought early bird.
  3. fluffy cloud me this club has sunk to some depths before but this is probably a new low.
  4. Specifically for this club: - Stop using my loyalty to bleed every last penny you think you can get out of me. I expect it from Vodaphone. I don’t deserve it from my football club. - Come clean on why refunds are taking so long. £90 is neither here or there. But if you cared about what I thought and didn’t think I’m not going to stop coming then you’d properly staff the refund programme. If there is a cash flow problem say so. It’s fine. I don’t care. I don’t like being lied to though. - Stop charging premium prices for rubbish. (See point 1) - I want and will go back. But I resent the club how it’s taking us all for granted. Others who may marginally able to afford it won’t.
  5. What upsets me the most is that it’s not https://shop.swfc.co.uk and that awful medocmall thing instead
  6. Made in better times. So much promise and we’ve fizzed it Fun watching it with hindsight Some great players in that video who actually achieved something from years gone by. Then we come to the 2016 team that were so refreshing and exciting and fell just short. Now our insane Leeds 2002 era spending will fizz us for years to come.
  7. I bet we’re using it for training. Which won’t help
  8. Buy-to-loan. It’s a right scam. Outbid the clubs that want them, and loan them back out to same clubs to make a nice little profit. Completely agree about number of loans allowed.
  9. Bright spark in a terrible time. Good on the lad. Hope he continues to do well.
  10. Fits our criteria to a T. Also see: expensive
  11. Not really a goalscorer though. And I imagine expensive. Still, couldn’t be worse than current.
  12. They get some stick but we’ve been lucky with the Radio Sheffield presenters over the years. Lots of them go onto bigger and better things (and Hull). If you listen to state of some other local bbc radios and you really see actually how good they are. I guess having 5 teams probably helps too
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