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  2. I'd laugh my ass off if this is true, but wait, That's probably the truth, if there is any truth to this.
  3. In essence, I think, Your bang on. Once you get to a point, that half the teams in the division, cant trade transfer wise to get out of the restrictions. You end up with huge problems.
  4. He’s not fit enough for us just yet. Should be ok for next season.
  5. Cant blame him ? if he is not commited to Sheffield Wednesday and any one else stuff em.
  6. Did this come directly from the EFL.
  7. lost me at high ranking OT poster wtf is there such a thing?
  8. Don't you think Vardy will start or just be introduced from the bench?
  9. He was under the microscope because he lets in two goals a game. Not because he’s not Westwood.
  10. Blaming Dawson for that free kick is laughable... Even for their first goal, our back line did much worst then Dawson. Bloody hell, unexperienced keeper thrown at the deep end at the start of the season doing his best, and did ok to get so much hate from his own fans is simply wrong.
  11. Although it's testicles. Even Vardy knows that if there was one move bad for his career while still in form it would be to us.
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