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  1. With the experienced Garry at our helm, we will be fine!
  2. Chansiri is indeed quite a chancer. EFL have turned a blind-eye to the invisible fleet of D(oyen)-Taxis !
  3. Not enough points, which is why they are getting relegated.
  4. Perhaps it is the dubious Elev 8 that support them. Chansiri sowing confusion?
  5. Our Jimmy Seed exactly! He was captain of our most successful team ever, winning the First Division for two successive seasons! He then went on to manage Charlton Athletic for 23 years. So both clubs are joined at the hip. Nightmare thought : our beloved Garry might be here till 2042 !
  6. Them, thanks to our sanction being deferred, unlike that of Wigan (who should stick to Rugby anyway).
  7. We are Massive. We have a right, as is well known, to be in the Premiership let alone the second tier!
  8. So have we, even worse this year than them, thanks to our beloved Garry!
  9. I was replying to another poster who suggested that the panel thought the offence merited a 12 point deduction but not automatic relegation. Hence the deferred penalty. My personal supposition is in line with your logical reasoning that the sanction was deferred to avoid our likely appeal, too late or so late, that it would have caused chaos for EFL not knowing which team in which division. All supposition till we know written reasons for sanction.
  10. You are right that the two cases are different, Wigan : 12 point deduction and consequent relegation. Owls: 12 point deduction but deferred to avoid relegation. Very different! Be interesting to see, if/when we are allowed access, what the written reasons for the sanction reveal !
  11. That's possible but Wigan, for going into admin, got automatic relegation through their 12 point deduction. Why not us? Garry Monk's Birmingham might have got relegated through their 9 point deduction but avoided it through their own effort, not someone viewing relegation as too severe! I still favour the idea EFL wanted to avoid causing themselves chaos with an Owl appeal leaving them not certain of who was in which division. If and when the written reasons for the sanction are revealed maybe this will help clarify the real reason, or maybe not! We were so much rubbish in 2020 that we are lucky if the panel were so considerate.
  12. But the problem is the "how and when" of the sale, not the sale itself, in principle ratified. Being unlawful and being against EFL rules are two different things. Okay, have to see if Chansiri appeals, and on what grounds, and whether Charlton pursue EFL in the courts.
  13. Perhaps our accountants should have been aware of EFL rules. Did SWFC not sell Hboro to a company that did not exist on the date of the sale?
  14. Chansiri's lawyers have done well that we were cleared of "breaching (our) duty of utmost good faith to the EFL by deliberately concealing information", given that inaccurate accounts were submitted relating specifically to "how and when" the sale of Hillsborough took place. Chansiri might prefer not to appeal, so as not risk the full 21 point deduction which might have hit us. Brought an ironic smile reading that it was "Garry Monk's Birmingham" that got the 9 point deduction. Much as we can blame him for, certainly neither deduction was his fault.
  15. True. As it is a forum for discussion, my original post offered a potential reason for the deferral, that it was to avoid the chaos that an appeal against relegation would bring. Birmingham 9 point penalty was imposed the same season but did not relegate them
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