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  1. He will be gone by Christmas that is for sure. But which year? Given Chansiri's record that will be next year 2021
  2. The Dog and Duck and The Red Lion are both very well run. And their managers are proper managers who do the basics of their job correctly. They know that placing square pegs in round holes means the beer will go flat !
  3. Actions speak louder than words: Topping up furlough for employees. Monk getting his staff. Signing players. Spending hundreds/thousands/millions...
  4. Do not care how we score on Saturday! Off the head, off the knee, off any part of the body would be great.
  5. I am very disappointed to report that our George did not make it off the subs bench. However Richard Wood, who did actually play nearly 200 games for us in the Noughties and now 35, his age not his shirt, did play the whole game.
  6. I am also following closely the Rotherham game to see what time he comes on as a sub !
  7. There was also talk by me, and others, of us being in play-offs particularly if points restored. Automatic a bit optimistic
  8. Mark Pancho Pearson signed from Man Utd to replace injured John Fantham. Saw him score twice (Layne 2 also) to draw 4-4 at Stoke after being 1-4 down with 20 mins to go!
  9. Hillsboro' Missing? Maybe it's been sold ? So someone's come and taken it away!
  10. Cheers! He remains our top scorer in the Premiership, I think. And a good guy.
  11. Why are you saying Bright was rubbish? Because I am certainly not, I certainly remember him as being good and having a good partnership with Hirst, which is why I named him and Hirst and certainly Bannister and Varadi, both partnerships way beyond any recent ones. I also remember Bright having mastered the art of heading just the wrong side of the post, very frustrating! And his ex-partner Wright always scored against us ! But that was not Bright's fault.
  12. Great at repeatedly heading just the wrong side of the post from scoring opportunities, but good overall.
  13. Complementary heading skills. Hirst for how to head a goal. Bright on how to head past the post. Both expert !
  14. I do not rate any of the current ones. Fantham and Layne - but never had time to develop. Bannister and Varadi - the great partnership.
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