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  1. I back him to have us plunging towards the fourth division and lose Hillsborough. We need Simeone to give motivational talks on how to fight back, and he could bring Suarez with him to explain how to put a bit of bite into the attack. !Viva Atleti!
  2. A straight post adding the word WERE to the OP title, the word ARE would have been a joke given our current plight Even when we were the yo-yo club in the 1950s we were a BIG club, with EXCELLENT players and MASSIVE crowds
  3. Langsett Avenue was fine in both directions - in a car !
  4. On foot Easy going down hill, coming back not so quick
  5. Fortunately for me it was not a dead end but a launching point to Owlerton
  6. Rockley Road is even more important because Ganton Road leads off it and my family lived there for half a century Grandfather followed Wednesday in 19th Century Him, my father and myself in 20th Century Myself in 21st Century
  7. Why are 50 or 60 teams better than us? Anyone else noticed that Patterson is moonlighting for Yorkshire CCC as their captain, where he has a lot of success and team are full of Yorkshire grit, heroic fight-backs every match !
  8. Some people need reminding that it is vital Hutchinson stays with us to continue his kids' education in the area !
  9. Best and most skilful centre half we have had in last 70 years Best ever probably
  10. Yes , It is important that his kids can continue their education in the area
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