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  1. A new manager would be able to use existing players to better effect.
  2. From a great viewpoint 400 miles away I can assure you it was a red card, nearly cut their player in half.
  3. We are certainly Stuffing the opposites this season, so maybe Paxo has Moore influence ?
  4. Will it be Patterson who prints these off, enlarged in full colour, and posts them about the dressing room?
  5. They did well today : they beat Glamorgan by 23 runs!
  6. Patterson, by a whisker ! Always my MOM, as it used to be Nuhui. Commitment and entertainment guaranteed.
  7. Could this be the moment for the women's team to step forward?
  8. Moore isn't really a coach but we are stuck with wot we got
  9. Pigs have been slaughtered 0-1 at Watford this first day of August. After just one game they have nul points and no goals. Rejoice and be thankful all ye faithful Owls.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDd32K-mOVw The real Cash and he is not singing about the ref.
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