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  1. Moore talks so much rubbish, he seems well qualified to join Johnson's cabinet as Minister of the Lottery
  2. If we get Moore out there will be even more in ground.
  3. Moore certainly deserves to go hungry as he is starving the Owls of good football.
  4. This is all a plan by Mystic Moore to confuse the opposites. Only problem is our own players are even more confused.
  5. Moore missed out on a basic nursery education, where you learn round pegs go in round holes, square pegs in square holes, and you get taught your left from your right. We go again!
  6. Win this and he still needs to leave 'by mutual agreement'.
  7. He would only get a game if his squad number was drawn in Moore's lucky dip, probably at left back
  8. George Hirst, as he has not scored a single goal yet, despite being a Massive favourite with Owlstalkers
  9. It is because of Trump's fake news: he successfully confused people with the help of his advisor Bannon !
  10. Not a mythical creature, he was called Peter Swan !
  11. Very disappointed to see that this fred is not about the one and only 'Big Mick' - Mick Lyons !!!!!!!
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