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  1. How could you not be happy with that . Made the most sense of any manager since..................(insert previous managers name in space).
  2. I was 17 and still leathered from my brother's wedding the day before.......or maybe that was Crystal Palace. Either way the Co91 won 4-1!
  3. Isn't the title of this thread great.......actual options, actual competition for places, choices choices, decisions decisions etc.
  4. Sorry please don't think me rude but if bullen is given the mangers job and fails, stepping back is not an option. No new manager in anything ( business or sport) ever wants the last bloke around. It just doesn't work (read Michael Vaughn's ashes account/autobiography, to get a very comprehensive and blunt summary of the Nasser Hussain issues and subsequent retirement).
  5. So honest and genuine.......and therefore not manager material.
  6. Interesting read. I work with a load of Geordies and not one of them has said a good word about Bruce. Their main focus is on the fizzing Maccam thing and how much they hate him for that, followed by their hatred for MA. They generally all agree Bruce is nowhere near as good as 'Rafa' and that Ashley only wants him to help him sell the club before he is sacked for bigger and better. Good luck Brucie!
  7. Beyond around 10/1 it's a standard list of out of work managers that bookies recycle every time a manager needs appointing, so it's never really worth looking at them. They did it with ugo ehiogu after he had died and admitted it then!
  8. It's my birthday today. Woke up wife and daughter have presents and cards ready, pictures all over them drawn by daughter of 'ozzie owl' and all my presents are blue and white in colour (strong work our lass)......our day today me thinks!
  9. Just checked wiki and even that was Stuart
  10. As I remember he was a relatively good electrician!
  11. What about the use of "the boy Hooper and the boy Winhall"...... Who does he think he is Brian Howard Clough?
  12. Are we missing something here? 38082 v Wycombe in 2012, wasn't a bad turn out!
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