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  1. Are we missing something here? 38082 v Wycombe in 2012, wasn't a bad turn out!
  2. Prutton Away

    Hutch's salute....

  3. Prutton Away

    IF..You were selling the club...

    Probally didn't put it across very well. He could possibly give/loan the money to the balloon man to go in with him. Probally really dodgy financially, but all sorts of weird stuff like this goes on in big business to make tax laws work for you So why not with FFP.
  4. Prutton Away

    IF..You were selling the club...

    No but he'd get £100m or even£50m..... especially if it's from the balloon man (mate of DC's?) who advertised on the fancy hoarding on match day. Apparently, part ownership is a way round FFP. Again another theory that seems fairly credible on another thread. The Chansari family have done pretty well with this tuna business thing a value of £7 billion doesn't just happen by luck and he will have someone lined up to step in.
  5. Prutton Away

    IF..You were selling the club...

    You would if someone else had offered it up.....see other threads, makes sense. Chansari ploughed a fair wedge in prior to buying the club. Mandric took it as part of the due diligence (best phrase I can think of).
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    Geoff? Thought he managed a Sports shop?
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    Bruce Grobelaar

    I played in goal a bit as a kid and Brucie was one of the players you would pretend to be. (Wobbly legs at penalties etc). I only saw him once at Hillsborough and went to the game really looking forward to some great keeping and if possible a bit of eccentricity...... Wednesday won 3-1 we hammered'em to be fair in a real professional performance. Chris Woods was the only great keeper that day.
  8. I've only just 'cottoned' on that this post is 2 years old. Still interesting historical stuff. Dunsbys grandson will probally do a feature on it in 2067 as part of the 200th.
  9. And pretty sure owl was stiched. Justed googled a picture of it, which appears so.
  10. I have and 'It would return' is big assumption.
  11. Looked like West Ham had Ruddock and Dicks playing that day.......
  12. Prutton Away

    Blast from the past - Graham Hyde

    He was great, but ridiculously my memory of him was on a freezing horrible wet day at home to Tottingham (Ozzie must have been in charge) and he went in for a tackle in front of the crows nest and had his shorts pulled down, revealing purple undercrackers. We won 2-0.