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  1. Waiting for someone who didn't see it to say, "best first half since Blackburn", erhm.......
  2. I agree he's heard it somewhere, I wondered if it was fitness or something. But getting up to speed sounds about right.
  3. What is this volume of which you talk? I heard Moore discuss the matter in an early season post match interview. 'Good volume this' and 'need more volume that'. Intrigued I started a thread - No one replied.
  4. How times change, when I were a lad it were all Carlton Palmer and his marijuana. Now look at you young'uns with your Facebooks, and your YouTube and your designer drugs.
  5. In theory as a sports club I'd say yes, 201 today. To be fair there are a number of football clubs around the world that claim linage back a long way based on originally being a 'sports' (be that cricket, rugby, athletics or that Spanish game where you use a bicycle mudguard to hurl a ball against a wall).
  6. Just read his wiki page after ready some of the earlier posts.......sounds like a right rum 8ugger.
  7. I have arrived 20 minutes down the road from KL and this greeted me. (Circled is his Red Devil tat) Neil please delete the thread and no one need suffer the memory of this filthy team again.
  8. I was at both the home and away matches versus the Kiaserslautern Olympic diving team and some 28 odd years later it is with some bizarre twist of fate that I am currently in transit back, to take up a new job in a small town just outside the said kings river. Thus I was wondering if I should adopt them in some some way as my new 'team'. Thankfully the thought passed within half a second when I remembered they play in red and white and are a bunch of cheating bar stewards. No further comparisons to be made thank you.
  9. Simple question. DM keeps mentioning player volume. I assume he means fitness rather than how loud they shout?
  10. There is no wonder the population is falling if the youth of today spend their lives in such trousers.
  11. Ahhhh the smart trainer no doubt similar to the ones now sported in the SNCOs messes of the Light Blue Breathern.
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