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  1. Prutton Away

    Bruce Grobelaar

    I played in goal a bit as a kid and Brucie was one of the players you would pretend to be. (Wobbly legs at penalties etc). I only saw him once at Hillsborough and went to the game really looking forward to some great keeping and if possible a bit of eccentricity...... Wednesday won 3-1 we hammered'em to be fair in a real professional performance. Chris Woods was the only great keeper that day.
  2. I've only just 'cottoned' on that this post is 2 years old. Still interesting historical stuff. Dunsbys grandson will probally do a feature on it in 2067 as part of the 200th.
  3. And pretty sure owl was stiched. Justed googled a picture of it, which appears so.
  4. I have and 'It would return' is big assumption.
  5. Looked like West Ham had Ruddock and Dicks playing that day.......
  6. Prutton Away

    Blast from the past - Graham Hyde

    He was great, but ridiculously my memory of him was on a freezing horrible wet day at home to Tottingham (Ozzie must have been in charge) and he went in for a tackle in front of the crows nest and had his shorts pulled down, revealing purple undercrackers. We won 2-0.
  7. Prutton Away

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Prutton's away shirt from the promotion season. Signed by all the players and the Ginger one who signs off WTID :0)
  8. Thanks Dunsby. Really interesting read as ever.
  9. Dunsby, any idea of the attendance? Final at Stamford was 53k this must be more.
  10. Prutton Away

    Jos needs to be more animated

    Pope might be dead, I can't be bothered scrolling through entire thread, but this man didn't do badly out of never smiling.
  11. Prutton Away

    Any armed forces/sericemen on here?

    Right then, I thought I would let this one run for a bit and hide on the 10th page to avoid the stick I'm likely to get. Yes, 16 years and a DE Rupert.....ITK do your worst.
  12. Prutton Away

    Getting in without paying

    This was a right odd one. I Went to see Wednesday play City at Maine Road in the 90s (mid week when Warhurst broke the scoring record). Went with a mate to buy tickets at the old ticket office....Only cash purchase through a small hatch in the wall etc. We bought a match ticket and a bus ticket total cost about £14 each. No idea how it happened but the women on the counter over changed both of us the same amount to the tune of more that we paid......Both me and me mate walked away scratching heads wondering what had happened, but assuming it was our mistake as both of us got the same amount back so she must know what she was doing.....Right to the point the woman summonses me mate back to say "sorry love I've over charged you here's the rest of your change.......". Proper odd, i think they did YTS then tho.
  13. I also live in the Lincoln area and can get Radio Sheffield in 2 ways one is in the car on the Radio. Don't know why but it is much better reception in the car than on the 'wireless' in the house. If i were to tell you that i live very close to waddo that might give you an idea where best to sit for signal. The other option that won't get you arested for unusual activity near MOD property is to try the radio option on free view TV. Channel 734 has radio Sheffield on it and i am currently listening to the game via that method. ....Pope's dead whilst i was writing war and peace someone else mentioned 734.
  14. Prutton Away

    Have you ever been in an away end?

    Not posted on here for a while, cos if we are honest there hasn't been much to moan about since Mr C arrived in town. Any way this one was a good question...... So, Pigs away in the early Nineties. I'm in the South Stand when Hirtsy scored the equalizer (1-1, Badge Kissing, number pulling Goal), all the porcine types around me seemed fairly safe, and being 6' 3" i'm fairly happy going completely radio rental. To be fair the pork take my celebrations in fairly good humor, I then realize that half of the stand are celebrating too probably explains how they filled the place!!!!! Now the tasty bit.... following season, a mate of mine who has 2 tickets in the John Street (seated bit at the top where the boxes are now) phones and says he and his wife can't make the Derby, no one else wants the tickets "Do I?". With out thinking I accept and me and a mate (Wednesday) find our self in the middle of the Bacon, just on half way. Wednesday scored first (another 1-1 i think) up we both go and then both of us get a feeling of flying, forward about 5 rows. Some smart so and so pig has literally thrown my 16 stone bulk down the stand. I land on the back of some Grannies head, smash her in to the oinker in front, smashing her glasses into her face - claret everywhere, screaming septuagenarian announcing me as Wednesday and I am clearly about to die at the hands of an entire sty full of hammage.....proper baying for blood!!!!!!! Then it starts, the Ham that had shoved me goes down first, someone to my right takes one and then someone to the left goes flying. Me and my mate are stood like a couple of muppets watching as some terminator is literally wading in on our behalf. The porky types are realizing there is only going to be one winner here and it's the Terminator sized MASSIVE fan that is smacking anything Red and White he can get his hands on. Then it all stopped and in a really strange calm, everyone returns to their seats and carries on as though nothing has happened. Terminator leans forward inquires to my health, then shouts at the top of his voice "I'm Wednesday and no one shoves my boys".....Fella, no idea who you are but thank you, I believe you saved me a right kicking that day.