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  1. way he just stood up like terminator arnold from film if that many us on night out head but and ambulance to hospital for stitch up that we what happen in dewsbury I can say so as happen to chicken shop Hutch is hard but may be we say good bye now it has been good
  2. god bless I so tire and feel sad but we need to get on with our things see you in Aug
  3. Yes it is sad he does go this summer and he will do well next leegue up
  4. Please we all stay Calm to night It was there time and they play for 4 times in the third level. You wake tomorrow and only then it go's numb. But by Friday night you take a beer and then after 4 or 5... A bit like Maurice... "Let's get some fried chicken" The world then comes better and you take your girl to bowl or see film in Meadow Hall on saturday Lee will stay (He tell Maurice) for next season but Barry will go back up and good look to Barry offer already made Our GK go back Leeds but Shrewsbury GK you know he is very good and he comes as well so good sign for us I want to say thank you to my friends on the kop and to see you in Augusta Sunnderland well done to you I see net flicks and nice box set From all at Dewsbury Chicken see you soon and have good summer
  5. Only way to go up is not be CHICKEN like when play HULL and then the game play HUDDERFIELD when the £12 million man say "no i do not want to take penalty" this next game for MAN ONLY. FREEZE and be the little chicken in the burger bun or play good BE THE MIGHTY MIXED KEBAB choose care fully
  6. stop be bent and see the point made you race ist
  7. This is true but club not size of history crowd figurs or size city near by ---- called haning on to coat tails Maurice say in chicken hut
  8. So you now i do not post a lot but still hundred over years so Maurice knows lots and this important,.. : Sunderland come and "park bus" and happy for strong enuff for 1-0 of our misteak So Maurice got word of coaches all across north and they not comming for two goals. This mean surly we need to get the 2. Big issue here - 4 3 3 ??? We freez and we spend next year in the DIV-3 Problem I see was like when played HULL and we were like frozen statues /chickens this is good informaytion and yet not know by club. but what ?? ?
  9. he ride his bike a lot at Sheff And my frend at Eccelsall Road chicken say he like a lot Did this why he go big? Not the same thin man as we see him now you see ??
  10. so to not give Darrin chance is like. Always chop and change the coach ASWFC got nowhere and always change and chop coach relax now the Moore is not chicken!! ? Stop the chop! Stay calm and be better
  11. my say is this. Shearer would eat beans and chicken befor game so chicken give proteen and hear Dewsbury chicken we have lot And deal with fries and drink Up OWLS and get proteen some time chicken or drinks as well
  12. Start now What you hope for second harf of season ?? I think play off is real but that if not new 3 player this month we will not win and be 3 div down 2022-2023 how long you wait ?? ? do we new need CHANSIRI OUT - you all go quiet just as we be in top ten of league three how sad this is
  13. I just ask maurice and he say modest should have been sprinter and was involve in athletics as kid would have made big sucess
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