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  1. good record of video thanks could you do film for if we get Jack to my chicken stop take away ? ?? not mine but where work
  2. NO but if did then chicken would be happy ! !! Maurice would say .. . "HAVE FREE CHICKENS BANKQIT" Dewsbury Chicken Stop for all your fries! If here then please come
  3. if you think hard it is only the FEW THAT BOO but BOO can be loud from few who BOO never the same and some times referee cause players think we BOO him when game end THE FEW THAT BOO (may be they BOO - HOO) ?? !!! (CRY!)
  4. you get 13 or 14 goals from Paterson not enough no. That why only finish 10th-15th this new league. big strugle
  5. so the scan is not showing good this from Maurice
  6. this is bad loss this going to make things dificult any injured and the squad is no back up
  7. new kit is only small different to the one you see now Maurice has seen you see soon
  8. This windass injury last thing needed today hard to find front man who want play League 1
  9. I found on Prado Beech in 1998 to be very nasty Run through Marselles after and glass drop from flats 1 mile to metro stop we run hard Maurice was slow then
  10. So if we make the one million what should be done with it ? This move must be surprise for player ?
  11. squad so thin Delfone still thailand says "only no transfer fee" also say "play no earn more over £8,000 in week"
  12. yes i go as dewsbury not far so night from chicken shop look forward to see and see the owl
  13. to head goals is best head so one man CHAPMAN had trouble wife
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