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  1. Thankings for good comment. Now we move up. Please I say maurice gave this log in to me so that why change and yes I practise here to make my comment Maurice involve with food for club
  2. It was best football in 20 year. Yes he left but because like girlfriend from school say "Come on leave you fat wife and 4 horrible kids" " Cone with me" So you like her at school and she not gone like size space hopper So you go. Then this happen... You eat chicken fried and of course she go to gym and say "I like new one" You say " oh no" Ok ...then I go back to my space hopper wife and 4 horrible kids So what I say is this.. TIME TO BRUCE COME HOME PLEASE. Bounce if like (space hop bounce yes)
  3. things not good maurice says talk of next transfers but wage limit was hit summer ok so what then? to me .. ... sale of Barry. to see new DEFENCE midfield please. solid. power. tackle and pass. Some in east europe i say. and also -- Norway and Sweden. I can name and only they earn,,, £2,500 for the week. to play proper left back and stop change players even when win stop this strange pass pattern and make new structure must play two in front line and not one ok so please thoughts and not shoot at me and say "bad english " i learning it 3 time week now as well as chickens shops 3 now Maurce own
  4. To late now s.tick fans chose their seats. Nice idea to late. Yes late late show you say
  5. What you want from DC. Magic? Acabrer debacare?
  6. we smack them and we rise up wait with Lincoln and get ready as 5000 of them and we make best claps i make new song ready for IMP ok? speak as soon
  7. this nice blok pave i know also veyrgood blok pave as well chicekn so message me if need pave or nice chicken Dewsbury
  8. i now lincoln and trhey just got water and broad internet so speak well they bring 5 thousands they good club i used to work on potatoe farm there where i met Maurice and he take me away game we all wensday are nt we
  9. WE speak as 1 WE ON WAY BACK yes be touf but we do it. And if need chicken come Desbury shop now
  10. We back on way i went Wigan Maurice drive they did better but this is winning games get us back where belong to premier league we are on our way on they way
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