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  1. We were on top tonight, the win was there for the taking and then an unnecessary penalty. Against Forest Odubuajo cost us 2 points. We will never know but we "could" have had 3 points tonight. Odubajolost cost plenty of points prior to lockdown. I dont want him to wear a Wednesday shirt again. 7-2 was the odds tonight for a Wednesday win, at least I got my cashback when I saw him in the starting 11.
  2. A lot of our first team wont get paid anything come 30 June when their contracts run out.
  3. Would anyone on here take a pay cut because a customer of their employer thought they were getting paid to much? He is worth what he is worth, if we cant afford him then we should let him go, if we can then we should ensure he stays. If he goes and we save £2m a year in wages we still need someone better than we currently have so what do people suggest - go out and pay for someone new? Get someone good who is out of contract? How much will that cost? Lets keep Fletcher
  4. Their goal yesterday came from Reach doing a pretend tackle and getting beat on the D. He is a bottler.
  5. Rotherham's New York Stadium is landlocked and exits everyone on to the same concourse which are then exited by just two entry/exit roads. Surely this is more dangerous. How do SYP manage it here. Unless its a size issue Wembley Stadium exits on to a concourse and then the majority of fans (from both sides) exit along Wembley Way in to the Tube station. How can The Met manage it here.
  6. Benefit of living in Rotherham and being a Wednesday fan is that I easily got tickets for the game. If you see someone jumping up and down in the Family stand every time we score it could be me.
  7. VAR takes out the skill of a defender with a nudge here and a pull there. It gives another skill to the attacker of falling over correctly as we saw in the world cup. Personally I prefer the old method of defender gets under the attackers skin with all his tricks rather the attacker knowing he is untouchable. It is another step of taking the tackle out of the game. OK SH gave away the pen today but who doesn't love seeing him diving in and winning the ball.
  8. I read pages 1 & 2 and then fortunately flicked to P6 where there is some reasonable responses. Tactics were spot on, keep it tight and hopefully have one or 2 chances and if we are lucky convert one. Reach had the first chance, without VAR we would have had a pen. We could easily have gone one up if it was our day
  9. We have to wait for Lee & Hooper to prove their fitness first. Why would we committ to paying 3/4 more years of there salary if they aren't going to be fit. Just because they are at the end of their contracts doesn't mean that they will hold us over a barrel, we would just have to pay market rate, the same as any other club would pay for them. If they are getting regular first team football then they would likely stay unless they got a chance to play in Prem which neither of them is good enough for.
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