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  1. Rotherham must have Furloughed some of its players and coaching staff during the first lockdown. It received £404K in Furlough Grants in the first 3 months of lockdown. The ground was funded to the tune of £5m from the Rotherham Council Tax payers but is owned by the Directors rather than the Club. The Directors Company makes a tidy profit by leasing the ground to the club.
  2. Chansiri owns it in his own name. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/02509978/persons-with-significant-control It is a criminal offence which may lead to a prison sentence of 2 years, if it is false and/or not updated within 14 days of any amendments.
  3. But your link is to when we were a Championship Club we are now a League 1 Club and the rules are different. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/section-4---clubs/ 16.2.2 is the Rule for League 1 Clubs and it states that it is the date it is required to file its accounts at Companies House which is 30 July. The EFL must follow its own Rules and therefore cannot put us under an embargo for non filing of accounts until they are late.
  4. Who says we are? Under the EFL rules we cant be "16.2.2 by no later than the date on which the Club is required to file its accounts at Companies House (in case of League One and League Two Clubs)."
  5. Why would Chansiri publish them now if there is a risk of an embargo when they are published. He can do all the transfers he needs before publishing them on 30 July and then face an embargo.
  6. The prices will be exactly the same as 19/20 - just more Category E, F & G games.
  7. He needs to get as far away from British football as possible for the good of the game,
  8. https://www.skysports.com/watch/tv-guide/01-05-2021
  9. Wednesday v Forrest Live on Sky at 12:30 followed by Swansea Derby
  10. Several times, used to sit in the home end at way matches when we couldnt get tickets in the early 90s. This would often cause abuse when we scored. I remember once at the Sty in S2 I didn't think I would get out alive.
  11. I didn't realise it still happened. At least two Wednesday players did tonight. One of there players had a Wednesday top in his hands (can't blame the fella) and then Che swapped shirts with there number 3 Marvin Johnson.
  12. We were on top tonight, the win was there for the taking and then an unnecessary penalty. Against Forest Odubuajo cost us 2 points. We will never know but we "could" have had 3 points tonight. Odubajolost cost plenty of points prior to lockdown. I dont want him to wear a Wednesday shirt again. 7-2 was the odds tonight for a Wednesday win, at least I got my cashback when I saw him in the starting 11.
  13. A lot of our first team wont get paid anything come 30 June when their contracts run out.
  14. Would anyone on here take a pay cut because a customer of their employer thought they were getting paid to much? He is worth what he is worth, if we cant afford him then we should let him go, if we can then we should ensure he stays. If he goes and we save £2m a year in wages we still need someone better than we currently have so what do people suggest - go out and pay for someone new? Get someone good who is out of contract? How much will that cost? Lets keep Fletcher
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