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  1. Keep telling myself this is a crap signing. Then have to tell myself again, we’re poo and in league one. all in all probably as good a signing as we could expect for a centre forward.
  2. If there wasn’t history Gary Madine would be perfect for us now.
  3. Brilliant servant - for 3 years he was one of the best in the league. all the best
  4. Think it’s more of a protest than anything else
  5. Agree somewhat. think he poo it cos Hooper was injured. if Hooper had played it would have changed how he approached it IMO
  6. Any agent advising any young player at hillsborough - if he’s getting attention elsewhere- should be telling em to get as far away as possible. It’s a ******** poo show
  7. If it come to Sheffield it goes to the Lane. Premiership standard, premier league club. Take off the blue n white tinted specs. It makes sense.
  8. Banished already. An absolute disgrace. It was when it happened to Hirst and this is too.
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