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  1. Standidno

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    We aren’t paying 60k a week
  2. Standidno

    Getting the best out of FF

    Dunno why it’s debated he’ll be off by August 9th latest.
  3. Standidno

    Team vs Lincoln

    Won’t be at all surprised to see a hood few leave to ease financial pressure. yes, expect to see Bannan, Hooper, Westwood n maybe Fernando leave.....
  4. Not that I want to quote this sorry. we need to take off the blue n white tinted specs and realise we need to make cuts. Good offers for players will be seriously looked at. I expect serious offers for the like of FF, BB and the like. We shouldn't be surprised to see a couple of these leave. the injured lot, and ones who frankly aren't that good I think we'll be lumbered with I.e fletcher, jones, Abdi etc etc
  5. Loans this pre season chaps and maybe next. Balance the books
  6. I reckon we'll prob take around 10million. Buisness is buisness and and we need to balance the books unfortunately.
  7. Sibon should only slightly be forgiven for that shambles of a performance he gave consistently in 99/2000. As for Ashley Westwood and Ian Henson. So depressing.
  8. Standidno


    I'm 50% Leeds and 50% Barnsley fan mate. That's fact. Nando to Leeds.
  9. Standidno


    Of course he's a great player. Our best player. Fact is, he wants away and he's done very well since returning from injury to get his move away.
  10. Standidno


    Absolute quality since he came back. Back from injury, performing, scoring can only mean one thing. playing for a move away...... Bye bye fernando, bye bye.
  11. Standidno


    Be off in summer. Enjoyed his cameo mind you. Good luck Nando.
  12. His touch is golden.....
  13. Standidno

    Lee Cattermole

    You actually talk sense when it comes to finances (loans) but when it comes to football (on this occasion) absolute flipping poo !
  14. 100% this Can see potentially FF and Westwood and certainly Rhodes going.