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  1. Where did we get 3 million from. Agent work
  2. I’m only saying I believe Palmer is just as good or if same ability.
  3. Why Megson got rid of him and replaced him with Julian Bennett is anyone’s guess. Solid!
  4. Every stand now. In fact a different stand for a different division. Obviously Kop years were the best (premier) but still,
  5. You’d like to go with a player at the back that you’ve probably never seen play before?
  6. Lazarr? I yjought we we were last signing crocks?? Played 3 games didn’t he. Joke. No
  7. Remember being out in town one weekend, seeing him and singing Ginger Keegan with him. looked a promising centre back, only saw him for reserves stocksbridge but still...
  8. Think Owen and Harkness bothnlike going on the wee wee.....a lot.
  9. Ian Hendon. What on earth was he?!
  10. Crackers if you think Hector will sign. His market value will have shot up now
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