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  1. Financially we’re ruined for the next few years. relegation would be a disaster. Pulis steadies a sinking ship until financial restraints aren’t there anymore. its poo. But it makes sense.
  2. Hopes up over a player hardly anyone outside Charlton or WBA fans. only wednesdayites.
  3. Start on -12 favourites to go down and a threat of his wage decreasing if/when happens OR carry on with his steady wage where he doesn’t have to up sticks and a fair assumption they stay up! no brainer
  4. Young lad, mates about. move city or stay at home. No brainier for him. off to Brum.
  5. Why another midfielder though?
  6. We’re in the market for frees and loans. Not spending cash given our predicament. wednesdayites live in a fantasy land. Ignorant to our position.
  7. Little Chansiri follows hundreds of players. Coincidence
  8. Anyone else get the message that they can’t use the (my) email? tried 3 email addresses! it’s dog poo!
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