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  1. Standidno

    Forcing high earners out?

    I have it on Very good fact that Wildsmiths contract contains a clause where his wage rises after every 10 games. having gained this knowledge in of the opinion most of these issues are contractual
  2. So what. We're still bringing em through
  3. Standidno

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Agree with this. Unfortunately he won't get the time, we all know it. He may be no mug but his organisation of a team is horrific
  4. Standidno

    John Sheridan

    Mr Farrell's right, DC should do the right thing and search for a buyer now.
  5. Standidno


    Fletcher, Joao, Nuhiu all too similar. Anyone in U23 or 18 to promote?
  6. We're gonna get battered
  7. Surely been moved on by then. Can't just tip up to a public park can they?
  8. Standidno

    Jos gone?

    Needs to be a yes man under DC. Megson and the Dingle are not yes men.
  9. Standidno


    Fell a little sorry for Jos (albeit not a lot). If he can last out the season - and there will be mounting pressure before the international break - then he could come into his own. Get's rid of all the out of favour staff and starts with his own. It's clear the out of favour's have a negative impact.
  10. Standidno

    Just seen this on FB

    Plastered all over the papers that he was wasn't it?
  11. Standidno

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    Westwood has only ever trained 2 or 3 times a week for us. Maybe Jos wants more committed players.
  12. Standidno

    Just seen this on FB

    That Bloke that left for Man City also got sacked by Man City