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  1. I thought Lees and Reach were out of contract too?
  2. Anyone else get the message that they can’t use the (my) email? tried 3 email addresses! it’s dog poo!
  3. Gonna put it out there and say this is way more serious than we all think it is.
  4. We’ll be deducted more than 12 points and in the relegation zone. Can anyone see any of our lot pulling there socks up for Monk, the club, the fans? no!
  5. How deluded are we all to think the efl won't have as much muscle as Wednesday. Behave they're making a massive example of us. They've waited for someone to slip up and now they'll show their cards.
  6. Feel sorry for the OP. Poor poopydoo must only have seen us play for last 10 years.
  7. Embargo, deduction and relegation battle. Let’s bottom out and hopefully get someone to come in and find us. Someone that knows how to run a football club. Not this absolute clown. I can’t believe it’s took this long for people to find him out. Too many blue and white tinted specs wouldn’t believe what a clown he was and it’s taken this to realize. No regard for anyone but himself. Doesn’t take advice, just a stubborn arsehole who needs to sell up - which is next to impossible at the moment now. Chansiri Out!
  8. Was he poo or was he the only one who looked threatening and because he didn’t produce when in position it made him look bad? what did Harris do? Ridiculous post.
  9. We spoke and we offered. They turned down. Make if that hat what you will.
  10. It’s a power thing with DC. Only manager he’s hired so far where he didn’t think he was the bigger man was Bruce. Hence bowing to his demands. Can’t see it being the same this time round. Lump on Pulis
  11. Workaholics by all accounts and expect the same from there players.........
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