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  1. Standidno

    Worst Signing Ever

    If you think Abdi i would be inclined to say you've not been a fan that long.
  2. Standidno

    Away games, a closed shop?

    04.30 to queue for Brentford away in play offs.
  3. Astute business this last window from DC. Extend B.B. and LJ deals giving em some value. Should get 15m for both next summer plus about 8-10 for FF. problems solved!
  4. Got to be oh so very careful. Next season could be catastrophic
  5. Standidno


    Don’t think he’s touched ball in second half
  6. In all fairness, it’s pretty clear Jossy likes to play with a big target man. So as a central striker I can’t see him getting a shout.
  7. Standidno

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    Alcohol ban on coaches? Eh?!
  8. Standidno

    Sheffield Wednesday's next 7 games

    Any more than 10 and it’s a bonus.
  9. Or. We get him to sign a new deal, meaning his value goes back up, could get a decent fee again in summer whereas we’d have got nowt before....... well played DC
  10. Standidno

    FF Was dropped from the team

  11. Standidno

    Sean Clare

  12. Standidno

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Expires June 2020 I believe
  13. Standidno

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Less time left on his contract