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  1. Standidno

    Ground Sold !

    If true ( highly doubt) I’m pretty sure we couldn’t use as a way of getting round FFP, no?
  2. Standidno


  3. Standidno

    1993: A few questions

    Think we should all take a minute to sympathize with OP. Poor Buggar never got to see us post 95. They’ve had to endure endless poo since - bat about 5 or 6 years.
  4. Standidno

    Dear Barry Bannan,

    Take it to the corner yeah, the booking thing grow up. 7 points from 3 games is really good form. Hopefully get the win Tuesday now.
  5. Not confident him coming he’ll need too many assurances from DC. Assurances I don’t think DC can give him
  6. Standidno

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Him and his agent never miss a trick to try and engineer a move
  7. Ins will very much depends on outs and talk of snodgrass, diame etc is laughable.
  8. Yes I imagine the timing of both was exact
  9. Standidno

    Alan Irvine vs Jos Luhukay

    The league one squad he amassed was good enough, Irvine was not.
  10. Standidno

    Alan Irvine vs Jos Luhukay

    Would have to say Irvine, based on the fact I had my last season ticket under his drivel, had to sit through every game. He put me off after 13 years of S/T. i feel for the poor folk that have one at the minute.
  11. Nice one. That means our FFP problems just fade away then........
  12. Standidno

    FA cup KO 12:30

    Taking my nephew to his first game. God help him!!
  13. Standidno

    Westwood starts u23

    Showing everyone’s he’s fit aren’t we? Just in time for the Transfer Window. Business sense Chansiri.