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  1. Only 6 players in the championship with more assists than our wee wizard.
  2. Absolutely spot on. This latest set back will also have helped his hip back to 100%.
  3. All he ever needed was a good run in the side.
  4. Towards the end of Jos I booked a weeks holiday in the sunshine over the play off weekend so I’d say it’s pretty much nailed on.
  5. I’ve come to the conclusion some of our fans are a bit “fick”.
  6. I spent Thursday evening in the company of one of our forwards who firmly believes “it’s on”. I reckon Brucie is getting them all going.
  7. Bruce and his boys are averaging 96 points a season. That’s great form in the championship.
  8. Looks about right to me, without looking I would think all three outcomes are a similar price.
  9. An absolute beast today. He must be horrible to play against. I would rest him on Tuesday so he is 100% for next Monday.
  10. Agree, just trying to sort out the confusion on here.
  11. Nail on the head there, we are far too reliant upon one midfielder.
  12. Becoming our scapegoat for whenever we don’t pick up 3 points. Some very clever passages of play again today that unfortunately came to nothing. There are so few players in the league that can do what BB can do. The lads a grafter too. Disagree OP.
  13. Fifa fair play award for catching the ball when an Everton player was down injured.
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