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  1. Do we know for a fact Sam has paid £250 for this test and jumped the queue? You can buy tests for £6 each which work like a pregnancy test, you just drop a tiny amount of blood into it and it tells you if you have it or have had it. Just saying like. Google Surescreen.
  2. Saw him score against Deepcar St Johns junior school from the half way line when he was 9 years old (Beckham style). The rest of us barley had enough strength to float a lofted cross into the box, mind them size 4 mitre balls were like a lump of lead. Like you say though "phenomenal talent".
  3. Richie Barker was a couple of school years behind these boys and was beefier than the lad on the front row.
  4. I’m going to go another 5% FTSE loss today.
  5. Huge amounts will be being made by shorting.
  6. It's supposed to make you feel good about yourself by giving you the opportunity to gift a ticket to a mate. If at rattles your cage just charge your mate 15 quid for the ticket
  7. It’s over. The restrictions are too tight. You can’t have a separate set of isolating rules for football. And they should all be on 80% of £2500 a month.
  8. If that’s the case, and I have to say it’s the most likely scenario in my eyes, I think it will be a massive leveller for us because most teams will have as many out of contract players by then. It might also be a good time for the authorities to have a good look at football finances and P&S of which both are in a mess. Who pays the in contract players wages until then god only knows? Imagine your Rooneys of this world on Income support? What a pickle the world is finding itself in.
  9. How fast do you think this thing is going to disappear? They can’t PP it into next season.
  10. I can’t speak about Westwood but I have a very similar degenerative knee problem to Sam. 100% should it be down to him if he trains or not. Nobody else experiences his pain, knows how long it lasts and understands how he needs to time it so he’s pain free enough to play in games. If this is why GM has ostracised him i’m afraid it’s miss management of the highest order.
  11. It doesn't increase or decrease the risk you know. It's not the outcome that I want. I just find it hard not to lump on if I think the bookies are being too generous.
  12. Cash out advice? Like many others in this thread I had a wager on us at 20/1 with Bet365 to go down. Our odds for relegation have since been slashed to 11/2 but I am only being offered double my stake as a cash out. Surely 20/1 down to 11/2 warrants the risk almost quadrupling? Or are cash out figures always poor / non reflective (another revenue stream for bookies)?
  13. Monk makes Jos look like Pep.
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