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  1. It's tough out there. There has been very no support for our sector other then measures that accumulate debt.
  2. It doesn’t count the ball was played backwards!
  3. On the other hand Hutch who has a much more serious degenerative knee condition seems to be available almost every game. I wonder how much of it is down to mind set.
  4. You can’t damage the knee further after minor surgery, meniscus does not heal after two weeks, two years or two decades. If you are able to play a few weeks after surgery it just means you are pain free and the open wound from the surgical instruments has healed over. Even if it is “that knee” there are still a multitude of other things that can breakdown completely unrelated to the initial minor surgery. But hey, let’s not let that get in the way of a good story.
  5. Well there’s 5 minutes and 23 seconds I’ll never get back
  6. Just checked back to August 1st. Not a sausage. What makes you think I would have been remitted?
  7. What a smashing fella, great servant, quality footballer. Thanks for the memories Atdhe.
  8. Defo. Point I was trying to make is that I don't think we will be on any sort of spending restrictions. Surely someone on here will know
  9. Isn't the -12 points punishment served so our PS position is effectively reset?
  10. “The Wednesday news, we understand, is nothing to worry about. It’s merely a circumstantial matter as the club wait on the fallout of the EFL wrangle before they find out which set of accounts the £60m sale of Hillsborough is to be wedged into.” Can anyone help me out with this? If companies house received our last set of accounts with the sale of Hillborough within them, then how the blinking flip can we undo that and then “wedge” them in this latest set of accounts?
  11. If we have a better substitute then the big fella, I’ll stand outside the town hall With mi goodies out.
  12. Steve Bruce, Iorfa. Both better IMO. You can’t sign every player or manager, we compete with 44 other clubs.
  13. Great to hear that Sam is in a good place right now. Hope he gets a good move this summer. Thanks for the herculean efforts Sam.
  14. He wanted a longer deal than the one he was offered back in Jan.
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