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  1. That’s pretty much how it read to me too.
  2. Bukta

    A new signing

    On the subject of swapping positions I'd like to see if Pelupessy is as bad at RB as he is in CM. He has the energy and can tackle, thoughts anyone?
  3. Bukta

    Van aaken off

    He was watching the game from the south stand today so he’s not exactly been signing on the dotted line.
  4. Bukta

    Onto the FA Cup

    Blinking flip, you been on them Ginger Joe’s? Got help Mrs Rumbelows this evening.
  5. Bukta

    deer Mr Chanseri

    Some things just resonate and make you giggle uncontrollably. This is right up there with Fernando’s bike falling to bits.
  6. I’ve got no idea how it works but somebody on here will know
  7. He has the SWFC house on the Thorncliffe Estate so yes he has two addresses.
  8. FF has a house in London.
  9. I'm going through a similar process myself ATM albeit on a much smaller scale, I am having to pay a chartered surveyor to set the rent value of the building which will be market rate. HMRC and my accountant are insisting on this. This leads me to believe that setting a "peppercorn rent" or a favourable rent will not be in the hands of the Chansiri family.
  10. Since when did playing football elevate you above the law?
  11. Glad to hear that chief. I can remember coming on hear for the first time and it looking a scary place. We don’t exactly bend over backwards to accommodate new posters or welcome them with open arms do we?
  12. Thanks for posting this gillyno9, I’d not heard this so I appreciate you bringing the rumour to the table. Keep posting and you’ll pass the magic 500 mark which is clearly important to some people on here.
  13. I expect he will be still employed by Villa. It’s much better for them to pay his salary every month rather then pay his contract up, then when another club comes calling (ie us) there will be a negotiation between Katrien, Bruce’s advisors and Villa to find a way forward to suit all parties.