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  1. One of the first team told me. He said it’s 100% the reason why he’s been under par this season.
  2. Been carrying an injury pretty much all season.
  3. Was in the hospitality yesterday, all the Charlton fans around us were all waxing lyrical about "that big lad up front" saying that they had never seen any one quite like him and and that we were lucky to have him. They couldn't believe he's not a regular starter. Personally I thought it was some of the best centre froward play I've seen in a long time for us.
  4. On course for 19 goals at this rate. All he ever needed was an injury free run in the side IMO.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, tbf he doesn’t have a lot between the ears but more fool me for believing him
  6. He stood out for me too. Somebody at work told me he’s only 16. Phenomenal if true.
  7. How many points have we picked up in the closing stages anyone?
  8. When you realise that your Chutney habit has been so vanilla all these years. Orange and Beetroot sounds off the scale. Need to mug @vulva
  9. MOM for me too. Read every situation to perfection.
  10. Pretty much my thoughts exactly vulva. The only thing I though we got slightly wrong today was not giving FF at least 20 mins.
  11. It said 5 and 7 on the fourth officials display board.
  12. Blooming fancy dans with their tricks and flicks and goals. Is that you Danny?
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