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  1. Great post, it’s all starting to make much more sense now.
  2. How on earth have we managed to cook the P&S books? Genuine question.
  3. Gary Cahill to Swfc - multiple sources. Sorry if this is already out there but I’m on holiday so am not living and breathing it at the minute. Anyway the above is what I have just received from my brother in law who is well connected and is not one to post rubbish. Any one else heard this?
  4. How is that? I’m on Holiday at the minute so a bit out of the loop.
  5. If we are going to miss P&S by circa £20m and be on an umbongo I can’t see the point in selling anyone at all unless ridiculous money is offered to the tune that it takes us out of the umbongo. If Leeds don’t go up they are going for Fernando.
  6. Quality footballer in returns to full fitness and starts to play well shocker.
  7. Agreed. Over the last month I’ve seen some of the best centre forward play from a SWFC player since DH.
  8. Disappointed that we did not go FF and Lazaar on the left today in a game we had to win. Fox has the physicality to be a championship player but is hampered by his decision making which is league 2 standard at best. Boyd has the decision making of a premier league player but is hampered by his speed which again is a few leagues below where he needs to be.
  9. Prefer “cashless” myself. Not so fussed about the “staffless” approach on the North yesterday.
  10. Keeper dives the other way and we’re all waxing lyrical about fletcher. Fine margins.
  11. I doubt it. He tried to carry on so it's not a bad one. FF has recently recovered from two of these in a fortnight. Immense today. Very clever and gifted footballer.
  12. Jos was a disaster of a manager. From Hutch to mushrooms to Westwood to West Brom everything he touched turned to shizzle. I get the "we wouldn't have got bruce argument" but I would have ousted Jos and had Bullen in charge a long time before he was.
  13. Why are people so suspicious that there is something wrong with this? Someone very close to me is in the middle of this very process albeit on a smaller scale (financially). The buyer has had to have a valuation report from a rics accredited surveyor to a) ascertain the current sale value and b) set the market rent for when he/she rents it back to the company. Just because you own a Ltd company it doesn't and indeed shouldn't stop you buying assets from the company you own as long as the price is fair. Let's not forget that you are not just shuffling numbers form one column to another, you personally have to physically stump up the cash.
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