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  1. From what I’ve seen so far it’s a good way of getting the ball to key players like KL and BB. There was a time when Palmer or Hunt would just play a hopeful ball down the line or into the channel. It’s progress for me.
  2. If I buy this pass can I watch the game on my iPhone in Switzerland?
  3. So the report identifies a major contributing factor to the lack of egress being the narrowing of Leppings Lane, largely due to double stacked coaches. This narrowed the available egress space from 17m to 8 meters. "Using Point C, 8 metre width line, the available flow rate is now around 656 ppm" As we all know Leppings Lane is temporarily closed by SYP which allows for these generous flow rates. So now we will be exiting almost half the ground onto the pavement on a busy dual carriageway. The pavement is 3m at its widest point and almost half that in other areas (at the side of the superstore). If we apply the same flow rate calculations to the 3m pavement we will have a flow rate of 246 ppm, this means it will take 61 minutes for everyone to exit the ground safely from the Kop and North stands. SYP need to temporarily shut Penistone Rd so we can use the whole carriageway for egress or they have just made the safety of supporters exiting the stadium from the Kop and North stand a whole lot worse.
  4. I'm beginning to think we already have one. I'm also beginning to believe.
  5. Mine too.... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.footballparadise.com/dan-petrescu/amp/
  6. He looked reyt fit on Saturday.
  7. Completely different scenario. It would be like repossessing the house from yourself. A third party (bank) is involved with the aforementioned.
  8. Pointless calling back the loans unless there are sufficient funds to fulfil them. Bit of a pointless point.
  9. Sky Sports have not owned Sky Bet for a number of years now. In fact it’s changed hands a couple of times since.
  10. So tell us how you managed to get the deal over the line
  11. Great post, it’s all starting to make much more sense now.
  12. How on earth have we managed to cook the P&S books? Genuine question.
  13. Gary Cahill to Swfc - multiple sources. Sorry if this is already out there but I’m on holiday so am not living and breathing it at the minute. Anyway the above is what I have just received from my brother in law who is well connected and is not one to post rubbish. Any one else heard this?
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