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  1. It’s not an ideal situation is it? but this is how farcical financing modern day football outside the PL has become.
  2. Let’s say a betting company offer 300k per season for shirt sponsorship. If the football league allow Championship shirt sponsorship to be sold for 500k Chansiri pays 500k for his name to be on it and we are 200k up. Multiply that all over the stadium and we are way better off by having a chairman pumping his own money in to maximise our ffp position.
  3. If he sold it for £2 million per season it would be re-adjusted to circa 500k per season because that’s what the football league say it’s worth. It’s actually very difficult to cheat ffp.
  4. Bukta

    Atdhe Nuhiu Red Card

    I’m going mad too. I was there and I thought it was for a little kick on the player whilst on the floor, kind of dragging his foot past him accidentally on purpose. Sorry I’ve been no help at all have I?
  5. Bukta

    Wigan tickets?

    I'm missing the first three home games due to family holiday so this is my only opportunity to see us in action before September. If any kind Owls who cant make this game would like to buy a couple of tickets to keep their priority points up there, I am a grateful buyer. I'm not expecting my paltry 470 PP to make the cut.
  6. You would have been bonkers not to sign Abdi (who nobody knew would turn out to be a crock). Fletcher also on a free was very tidy business. Agree with Rhodes though.
  7. If winning the Lottery constitutes as succeeding in life then it goes to show you how far society has sunk.
  8. Don't read too much into that. If our marketing dept were on it they would have Hutch in there.
  9. As I said in the op it looks a few weeks old which fits in with this. I’ve had this surgery on both knees and his scars look exactly like mine did after a fortnight. I would think this was all planned as soon as the season finished. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he flew somewhere a day or two after international duty for his surgery. It’s not a massive deal, you walk yourself out of hospital the same afternoon. Just thought I’d mention it on here for everyone’s interest.
  10. Position of them and the fact that the bottom one is a straight line suggests a surgical knife.
  11. Looks like the big fella has had Arthroscopy a few weeks ago (take a look at his right knee). Glad to see he’s using the summer as recovery time.
  12. That’s a cracking read, thanks for the link Lord Nilsson.
  13. Shift another 20,000 kits at £25 profit each and the grim reality is that you only bank another £500k. Put that into real terms, Jordan Rhodes wage for 10 weeks. It’s a drop in the ocean to our problems I’m afraid.
  14. Bukta

    Please mr chansiri

    Whole heartedly agree with your second paragraph. Firstly though It’s more Bannan for me that makes us tick. Naturally gifted footballer who moves the ball so intelligently. And those “Hollywood balls” that end up with a clear cut chances. If they are all still here and fit we’ll not be far off at all next season.