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  1. Bukta

    Please mr chansiri

    Whole heartedly agree with your second paragraph. Firstly though It’s more Bannan for me that makes us tick. Naturally gifted footballer who moves the ball so intelligently. And those “Hollywood balls” that end up with a clear cut chances. If they are all still here and fit we’ll not be far off at all next season.
  2. x2 face value paid.
  3. Anyone know if we can buy tickets for our end from Wolves ticket office?
  4. Reading this post makes me assume that you have no idea about budgets, permitted losses, indeed the whole idea of FFP.
  5. Tell us about the charity and what you are raising for?
  6. Those brilliant balls stand out because thats what they are, brilliant balls. By nature of what a "Hollywood ball" is, more fail than succeed, Iniesta, Erikson, Bannan it matters not.
  7. Always amazes me that people Always amazes me that people begrudge Bannan’s Hollywood balls, just like the one he plonked right on Joao’s head the week before.
  8. Combine this with the most inept council in the UK and it’s not great is it?
  9. Bukta

    Too Late Subs

    Perspective? Can’t see anybody having a hissy fit?
  10. Bukta

    Sorry Nuhiu I was wrong

    What a saturday this is turning out to be decorating to Abba gold and every 30 seconds or so the big fella keeps popping into my head
  11. Bukta

    Nuhiu needs a contract NOW!!!

    Been our best player for a lot longer then two games now.
  12. Bukta

    Morgan Fox

    Fair comment and I agree he gives his all. We need to replace him with somebody who gives the same effort but has talent too.
  13. Bukta

    Nuhiu needs a contract NOW!!!

    Players develop, get better, fitter, stronger and get a better understanding of their role. In all likeliness the big fella will stay at this level for a few years now and we deserve to reap the benefit of the time we have put into him.
  14. Bukta

    Morgan Fox

    Rabbit in the headlights again. At least it will only take a couple of hundred thousand to improve left back in the summer.
  15. Bukta

    Bannan - top lad

    Made in heaven that lad. Nobody else in our side can put it on a sixpence like he did for Joao's goal. We have missed him.