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  1. Shame JL thinks Penny is a greater attacking threat.
  2. Bukta

    Jos To Blame

    Yet makes some awful decisions with what he has left to work with. No identity. No direction. No clue.
  3. Bukta

    Team for QPR

    Do you really think this is his own idea? Seriously?
  4. His current injury is completely unrelated to the one a had at the back end of the 16/17 season. It's the type you get when you are an elite sports person. Don't let that get in the way of a good story though.
  5. Bukta

    Lees why...

    Just about word for word what I said to my mate who I go to the games with.
  6. Bukta

    Team for Boro

    I took no pleasure bringing this news but he who laughs last @A12owl
  7. Bukta

    Team for Boro

    He told somebody I know on Friday evening. Didn’t say exactly what it was, just that he may be out for a week or two.
  8. Bukta

    Team for Boro

    I think FF is out injured for this one.
  9. Oh well it’s not like he works tirelessly, chases lost causes, has loads of skill and can create something out of nothing is it
  10. Absolutely not but I would expect him to have the gumption to stop us from playing suicide balls out from the back tonight when it was clearly not working. We gifted Leeds several clear cut chances. There’s a time and a place.
  11. Made in heaven that lad.
  12. Bukta

    Nixon comments

    Somebody who gets everything wrong?
  13. Bukta

    #SWFC have arrived..

    Looks like Palmers brain is already hurting.
  14. Bukta

    Liam Palmer

    So after reading the comments in this thread I’ve no idea if Palmer had a stormer or a nightmare? I’ll go somewhere in the middle and surmise that he did ok.