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  1. Anyone seen the Wednesday news from Nixon?
  2. That’s for the season. All league, cup and play off games. About a tenner per match
  3. You can get a season pass from the club for parking in Hillsboro School. Just 100m from South Stand bridge. Cost about £300 per year but it’s worth it
  4. Any ideas? Recall teams agreeing to limit to 2k for both legs in previous years
  5. Evening. What size allocation do you think we’ll get for this game? Cheers!!
  6. Going to win our POTY award this season
  7. Being dense here but no ifollow video available?
  8. Thought he might’ve come in for green but not even in the squad. Strange…
  9. Any links to the vid of the goals v Chester?
  10. Done mine but how do i do my son’s who is on my account? Need to log in as him but can’t. Anyone done that yet?
  11. I always thought we had under soil heating, so how come tomorrow’s match is postponed due to a frozen pitch?
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