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  1. Adam Reach again

    this one
  2. Derby ticket raffle

    I got onto the second page before I realised that this wasn't about Derby County away!! Genuine!!!
  3. Last night...

    Are you telling me that young Mr P was a bit of a ruffian in his day???
  4. Bullen

    Kinda how I feel tbh
  5. Bullen

    Just a thought. If CC gets the boot, would Bullen do a decent job? We're essentially using the current squad barring a couple of changes this week Would he get anymore out of this lot than Carlos???
  6. Jones - the enigma

    Not in the slightest disappointed. More gobsmacked!
  7. Jones - the enigma

    Imo, he was awful Wednesday night (bar the goal) yet everyone is saying he's unstoppable after yesterday!
  8. Boyd

    What was Boyd like? Heard some positive comments on Twitter but nothing specific
  9. Daniel Pudil

    Always thought that he was one of the most committed and determined players at the club
  10. Sam Winnall

  11. Today...

    The latter I think. Can't imagine they'd travel him down to London if he was still 'banned'
  12. Today...

    88th min winner after coming on for Winnall!!!
  13. Today...

    Need a bit of this today!!!
  14. Frederico Vênancio Initiation

  15. Walked past...