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  1. General_Grievous

    800k for Fred

    No brainier
  2. General_Grievous

    Hooper, Fletcher and Lee

    This is why this forum is wankk these days...
  3. Any idea when any of these three might be back in training? Are any likely to be involved in pre season training?
  4. General_Grievous

    Player Ratings

    You gave the lad 5??? FFS
  5. essentially, we moved to Limb Lane in the summer, and spent a fortune marking the pitches, adding permanent goals, sorting changing rooms and the carpark, tarmacking the access road. Two issues - it's a farmer's field, and plays that way after any rain. No exaggeration to say only one game played on it by our age groups (three teams) in 2018 Professional dogwalkers that let their dozen or so 'clients' craap everywhere. Council really aren't interested.
  6. HSBC pitches are pretty good from what i hear, but our current place - over the road at Limb Lane, is appalling in the winter. We have only played once this year and that was a farce!!! It's embarrassing having to switch every home game. The Mercia/Bannerdale/Abbeydale Grange site was promised to us as part of the whole new school planning process. The FA only supported the construction on the basis that we were given access to the site once the work had been completed (The school opens in Sept)
  7. General_Grievous

    Tv fees

    Does anyone happen to know how much we got for the match yesterday and how much if the replay is televised? thanks
  8. General_Grievous

    Joao contract

    Exactly this. I could have asked what length deal he signed in 2015, but, you know, just asked how long he had left instead!!!
  9. General_Grievous

    Joao contract

    Up in the summer or another year? Sods law!!!
  10. General_Grievous

    Return from injury

    If you could choose who came back in which order, who would you get back first I’d go for Lees, FF, Lee, BB, Hoops in that order.
  11. General_Grievous


    Not the worst CB performance for Wednesday this season. Decent all in all. Should be proud of his display tonight
  12. General_Grievous


    Obs we've never had a German manager (i know he's dutch anyway) but can't recall any German players either!! how exciting!