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  1. I missed what has been said about his injury. Can someone post what Pulis has said please. Thanks
  2. Would Pulis arrival be good news for those two? Has he gone for a Rhodes type forward before? Think he needs an experienced keeper at the back?
  3. Not pining for him or anything but just curious. Has KL fixed himself up at a club? Not heard anything cheers
  4. What options are there for watching the match tomorrow?
  5. Any option for watching the game tonight?
  6. Sorry if I’ve missed it but is there any coverage on the tv for Saturday’s match, are st holders still given ifollow or anything, or sky showing it? Cheers
  7. Seriously though, if that was a pro footballer, after 2 weeks of off, I’d want my money back
  8. Looked like a sick old man at times today.
  9. How many votes Harris after hearing the commentary!!!!
  10. Whilst manager, he ran a Saturday morning coaching session for juniors and i got a place. He also had a coaching book out at the time and i took it along for him to sign. He did so very happily and covered the pages in filthy finger prints and laughed!! He signed it The Charlton.
  11. What is it with our players slipping? Boots? Pitch? What’s the issue?
  12. Just had a text from a mate who went ’waste of time’ was all he said
  13. Probably my fav player of the past five years or so. So pleased with him and for him today. Really showed a fine attitude and desire to succeed would love him to continue in this vein for the rest of the season and for us to give him another year
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