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  1. Hillsborough looks busy tonight

    Yep. Ran past a bit ago and thought the same
  2. Shirt auction

    Thanks dudes what do you think someone like Hunt or Fox will go for?
  3. Shirt auction

    Hi. Anyone know when the shirt auction starts? And what sort of price they fetched last year?? many thanks x
  4. Morgan Fox

    My new favourite player. Love him!! Going to buy his poppy shirt!!
  5. All four were top drawer tonight imo. And so pleased Jordan scored.
  6. I actually thought...

    Some of it was excellent as well!
  7. I actually thought...

    Second half we made plenty of opportunities
  8. I actually thought...

    ... we played well today. There was some top drawer attacking which should have resulted in a tonne of goals and the defensive side was pretty good
  9. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    i was tucking into the free food and drink by this stage with no 3G or wifi
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    shitty on whose part?
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    one thing I've not seen mentioned is that DC made very clear reference to the fact the Doyen Global and Doyen Sports are now fully separate organisations!
  12. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    yes. Sat next to Malcolm as it happens, wrote the whole thing down in shorthand. Seriously, DC can talk! His first speech lasted an hour - no exaggeration!
  13. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    George Hirst wasn't mentioned but DC did relay a tale about a friend in Thailand who owns a club with a hot young prospect, similarly advised by an elder relative. The friend's experience, especially of the relative's greed, manipulation, lies and disrespect, was a very poor one, and I'm glad that we aren't in that position
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Oh, and Att picks some players to sign!! Like Hourrihane!!