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  1. I’m going Iorfa, Dennis, Bannan in that order
  2. Thought he might’ve come in for green but not even in the squad. Strange…
  3. Any links to the vid of the goals v Chester?
  4. Done mine but how do i do my son’s who is on my account? Need to log in as him but can’t. Anyone done that yet?
  5. I always thought we had under soil heating, so how come tomorrow’s match is postponed due to a frozen pitch?
  6. Anyone still waiting for their ifollow code from the club?
  7. Red button on sky or is it ifollow? Cheers
  8. I missed what has been said about his injury. Can someone post what Pulis has said please. Thanks
  9. Would Pulis arrival be good news for those two? Has he gone for a Rhodes type forward before? Think he needs an experienced keeper at the back?
  10. Not pining for him or anything but just curious. Has KL fixed himself up at a club? Not heard anything cheers
  11. What options are there for watching the match tomorrow?
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