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  1. The more i think about it the more I’d be comfortable with Pulis in charge. Vastly experienced with tonnes of contacts. Did an unbelievable job with Stoke year after year. Totally knows this game inside out. Didn’t work at WBA and Middlesboro but wasn’t awful. What we need is a hard fit fast team. Whether we get the ball forward a little quicker than Pep would’ve done? So what. Score goals and win games
  2. What has Nixon had to say this morning?
  3. If DC stands firm on compo and Ashley walks from this, would you support Bruce continuing in the role?
  4. Nixon says he has something on us in the Sun today. Anyone seen it yet?
  5. With Fletch and Nando fluffing their chance, and Hoops off, should Hector be the first choice pen taker, assuming we re-sign him???
  6. Thought he had a great game today
  7. and the amount of cash on site in one place was eye watering! Wonder if any clubs got hit at the end of bust ticket sale days
  8. good spot! yes, long queues but got the job done
  9. actually came back in after Sterland equalised. Don;t recall a thing about ET
  10. ah was it that one? rememebr it well for other reasons! other than the remarkable score, an old fella had a heart attack and died in the seat directly behind me. Obviously was terrible for him and his family, but i was just a lad and that happening a couple of feet away was pretty traumatic. me and my dad were totally numb through the second half and left a little before the end
  11. chatting about junior football this morning and some games will be decided by coin throw this week after postponements at the weekend. Got me thinking about a replay in the 80 where venue for third match was decided by a coin throw in the boardroom after full time at hillsboro, as we left the ground. We lost! Very vague memory of this so it may have been made up but best guess was v Chelsea in Wilko era in League Cup Any one?????
  12. never really go the constant criticism of Palmer to be honest. In our dark days, he was never the problem but was often used as the scapegoat. Is he up with the best full backs in the division? No. But he's certainly not the worst. He's very rarely injured. He is a model pro. He'll never be the sulky mardy, lazy tvvat that we have employed over the years. We've had a hell of a lot worse, on much more money
  13. They still do that, get picked for free. Or you can pay. The away mascot is the same. Free and picked. Or we can just attack the club rather than looking at facts. Bellendd
  14. Not seen it mentioned anywhere else but I thought the ref’s kit clashed with Swansea yesterday. Anyone think so?
  15. Sam sat on the front seat, arriving like a boss!!!!
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