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  1. I'd actually be ok with Pulis as manager. Not my first choice by any means, but he's vastly experienced and knows the game inside out. There's no doubt he can handle the bigger characters who perhaps have too much influence in the dressing room (bannan, hutch, westy etc) and will give us proper leadership. Not got a pretty football style by all accounts but the all in the net is what matters. Not as if we've been blessed with flamenco rhythms for the past few years is it!!! If he was appointed, i would support 100% and actually be confident that he'll do well. To be honest, not too much different to what we got with Bruce in terms of leadership, experience and contacts in the game.
  2. Thought Nando had a good game yesterday. Seemed up for it and typically firey!!!
  3. Palmer RB Fox LB Two best full backs at the club on current form
  4. I mentioed this in the previous post about Loovens coming back. I saw him at the Espnyol game and asked him his plans fo rthe year. Another season at Sunderland? he replied possibly, see what comes up - with a bit of a grin on his face and glint in his eye. Immediately thought of him coaching here!!!
  5. Don;t shoot the messenger and all that but my mate works back office at Ibrox and all the talk in the place this morning is that Gerrard is talking to a championship club to be the new manager. Obviously could be us or Hudds - or someone else for that matter!
  6. Jeez. How many headers did the lad win?? Absolutely awesome performance from him
  7. Met him before espanyol game and he said another year at Sunderland but ‘who knows!’ with a glint in his eye. Made me think at the time
  8. Didn’t go yesterday but heard great things from a few. Lee, Borner, Lees, Harris, Murphy, Fletcher all possible candidates for motm. Is there a vote anywhere?
  9. There is absolutely no way we will even consider signing any player of significance before we get a manager in
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