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  1. Tv fees

    Does anyone happen to know how much we got for the match yesterday and how much if the replay is televised? thanks
  2. Joao contract

    Exactly this. I could have asked what length deal he signed in 2015, but, you know, just asked how long he had left instead!!!
  3. Joao contract

    Up in the summer or another year? Sods law!!!
  4. Return from injury

    If you could choose who came back in which order, who would you get back first I’d go for Lees, FF, Lee, BB, Hoops in that order.
  5. Venencio

    Not the worst CB performance for Wednesday this season. Decent all in all. Should be proud of his display tonight
  6. German

    Obs we've never had a German manager (i know he's dutch anyway) but can't recall any German players either!! how exciting!
  7. Pearson

    Doesnt want to work in sheffield. Apparently he has stated this numerous times. Its a non starter
  8. McGugan

    you're not wrong - Northnats fitness won;t be bad. In all honesty, who would you rather have in the trenches - McGugan or Buttercup?
  9. McGugan

    Free agent after leaving Northhampton. He was our best player until he fell out with Carlos. Now CC is gone, do you think he could be the answer to our CM problems?
  10. Chicken curry

    Yep. They did three sorts of curry. Could have done with being a touch hotter (spice not temperature) but pleasantly suprised all the same
  11. Chicken curry

    Forgot to say I had chicken curry and rice at the Middlesboro game. £4. Very nice, good sized portions. Hope they continue it!
  12. Is this a good thing.

    Agree with pretty much all that
  13. Mood prediction

    We're feeling nice and positive, especially with Bully, after a thumping win v Forest. How are we going to be feeling at 5 tonight if we get beaten by the Bees??