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  1. ...and then proceeded to sign for them In all seriousness one of my all-time favourite Owls players. Total one-off.
  2. Almat

    The Arctic Monkeys

    I absolutely agree, a shock at first but definitely rewards with repeated listens. AM was by far their most successful record in the US (gone platinum) so you have to hand it Turner for not bringing out AM2. In it for the long haul.....
  3. Almat

    The Arctic Monkeys

    Not that I'm suggesting any real comparison but they used to say that about The Beatles back in the day. The reason why T'Monkeys have not only survived the Indie/guitar band cull but grown in popularity (I'm talking Worldwide as a whole, not the UK, AM sold more copies in the US than it did in the UK) is basically because they haven't stood still and are forever progressing their sound. If that means no WYSIATWIN marks 2, 3, 4 etc totally fine with me.
  4. Almat

    The Arctic Monkeys

    Definite proof of their pig loving right there......all their voices are dubbed by the Soccer AM production team (who are all Wednesdayites btw)....
  5. Almat

    Danny Rose

    Bit off-topic but watch that band of blades (j/k) on BBC2 tomorrow at 11.30PM -finally got a BBC Special like that whining son of the ex-Goldman Sachs exec...abart bleeding tarm...
  6. Almat

    Iconic Sheridan

    After looking at that video, it's quite staggering that we hear mutterings about the state of the Desso at certain times of the season...
  7. Almat

    Paul Carrick

    About an hour..... since my post
  8. Almat

    Do we think George Boyd...

    Precisely. And some of his disciples STILL get angry when he's called Clueless. Baffling.
  9. Almat

    Paul Carrick

    How long has this being going on?
  10. Almat

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    IIRC it was FF who got dropped for the game immediately after the 'incident' so really no idea what ppl are going on about. IMO all teams need a bit of loose cannon in the side, someone who is not afraid to tell anyone no matter how far up in the pecking order a few home truths. Maybe it's what we lacked more than anything last season. When you have such an incompetent man manager in charge sometimes it's best that the players themselves police each other...
  11. Mr Horsfall told the court: “He started foaming at the mouth. He seemed mad.
  12. As others on here have already said, just knew this was Bywater before I clicked on the link. I know GKs are supposed to be a bit crazy but Bywater takes it to another level. What a character he is, and like airborne said earlier I just wish it had been him in goal when that Leeds knobhead invaded the pitch. He would probably still be in hospital now!
  13. Almat


    You don't pay to watch players score goals then? Bizarre....
  14. Almat


    Totally agree, some posters on here make me laugh as well. And not in a good way. A striker's main aim is to SCORE GOALS and Winnall does that, end of. Is he a big time charlie? Seriously, why would any true fan of this club care? How many successful footballers aren't? To be any good at anything in life you have to have a bit of arrogance. Maybe extreme confidence is a better phrase. But, just like our managers we sign, our fans demand that they are also nice people. Beggars belief, no wonder we are where we are.....
  15. Can't remember Katona being in Blue