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  1. Keep this between me and you, torry, but I've heard he uses iFollow and a vpn.
  2. He's probably on about 10% of the salaries our so-called star players are on - Fletcher, Abdi, Rhodes etc. It's surely a no-brainer to give him another 12 months now we've seen what he can do with a manager who doesn't view the back-up players as something he's stepped in?
  3. Happy Birthday TC.

    Treading on Kenworthy's (already injured) toe when they were both being talked to by the ref at Bumhole Lane will live on in my mind till I die.
  4. Looks as camp as a row of tents in that pic....
  5. Some great partnerships here http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/funny_old_game/1704104.stm Extract: When Celtic were doing badly under John Barnes, they had Olivier Tebily and Rafael Scheidt on their books. If only Weir had gone to Celtic It was suggested they ought to sign David Weir, then of Hearts and now of Everton, so they would have a three-man defence of Weir-Tebily-Scheidt. But, like Pele's shot from the half-way line, the most memorable combination was one that nearly happened. In the late 1960s Aston Villa had a trio of midfielders who really should have been given the chance to play together, but never did. Their names - Jimmy Brown, Oscar Arce and Barrie Hole. Work it out for yourselves.
  6. On a related note, I've always the German word for bra. Büstenhalter
  7. Not sure what SAG would make of this appointment....
  8. I wasn't expecting the next word, TBH.
  9. ...and judging by the photo with George on George's birthday he's shrunk about 4 inches since his playing days. Unless George is 7 foot now.
  10. We could really milk this appointment.
  11. Or Goodbye Christian.....thanks for the mammaries. Goes on a bad run and he's guaranteed to have knockers on here.
  12. It's HITC so could be round uns http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/03/12/its-complicated-no-love-lost-between-sheffield-wednesday-and-lee/