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  1. Joey Pelupessy

    Some great anagrams available Eyeless Joy PupEpees July PosyJeep Yelps YousJeep Yules PosyJeep Lyes SoupyJeep Espy LousyJeep Yeps LousyJeeps Yelps YouJeeps Yelp YousJeeps Yule PosyJeeps Lye SoupyJeeps Yep LousyPeel Joeys YupsPeel Joey catSleep Joeys YupSleep Joey YupsPeels Joeys YupPeels Joey YupsSleeps Joey YupSleepy Joeys UpSleepy Joey PusSleepy Joey SupSleepy Joey UpsPee Joyless YupPeep Yules JoysPeeps Yules JoyPeeps Yule JoysPees Poesy JulySeep Poesy JulySee Joeys PulpySee Joey SupplySees Joey PulpyYeses Joey PulpYeses Pope JulyEyes Julep PosyEyes Joeys PulpEyes Joey PulpsEyes Supple JoyEyes Popes JulyEye Joyless PupEye Juleps PosyEye Joeys PulpsEye Supple JoysJoules Espy YepJoules Yeps YepJoule Espy YepsJuleps Poesy YeJulep Poesy YesJoeys Supple YeJoeys Pulse YepJoeys Pules YepJoeys Pule EspyJoeys Pule YepsJoeys Yules PepJoeys Yule PepsJoey Supple YesJoey Pluses YepJoey Pulses YepJoey Pulse EspyJoey Pulse YepsJoey Pules EspyJoey Pules YepsJoey Yelp PusesJoey Yules PepsEpee July So SpyEpee Joys Ply UsEpee Joys Sly UpEpee Joy Sly PusEpee Joy Sly SupEpee Joy Sly UpsEpees Joy Ply UsEpees Joy Sly UpJeep El Soys YupJeep El Yous SpyJeep El Soy YupsJeep El Yo catJeep Yelps Yo UsJeep Yelp Soy UsJeep Less Yo YupJeep Slue Yo SpyJeep Lyes So YupJeep Lyes Soy UpJeep Lyes Yo PusJeep Lyes Yo SupJeep Lyes Yo UpsJeep Yule So SpyJeep Lye Posy UsJeep Lye So YupsJeep Lye Sos YupJeep Lye Soys UpJeep Lye Sou SpyJeep Lye Soy PusJeep Lye Soy SupJeep Lye Soy UpsJeep Lye Yo PussJeep Lye Yo SupsJeep Yep Sly SouJeep Sues Ply YoJeep Uses Ply YoJeep Sue Ply SoyJeep Use Ply SoyJeep Yes Lo YupsJeep Yes Ploy UsJeep Yes Sol YupJeep Yes Plus YoJeep Yes Ply SouJeep Ye Lo catJeep Ye Ploys UsJeep Ye Sol YupsJeep Ye Loss YupJeep Ye Sols YupJeep Ye Soul SpyJeep Ye Plus SoyJeep Ye Ply SousJeep Ye Sly OpusJeep Ye Sly SoupJeeps El Soy YupJeeps El You SpyJeeps El Yo YupsJeeps Yelp Yo UsJeeps Lyes Yo UpJeeps Lye So YupJeeps Lye Soy UpJeeps Lye Yo PusJeeps Lye Yo SupJeeps Lye Yo UpsJeeps Sue Ply YoJeeps Use Ply YoJeeps Yes Lo YupJeeps Ye Lo YupsJeeps Ye Ploy UsJeeps Ye Sol YupJeeps Ye Plus YoJeeps Ye Ply SouEel Joeys Spy UpEel Joey Pus SpyEel Joey Sup SpyEel Joey Ups SpyEel Espy Joys UpEel Espy Joy PusEel Espy Joy SupEel Espy Joy UpsEel Yeps Joys UpEel Yeps Joy PusEel Yeps Joy SupEel Yeps Joy UpsEel Yep Joys PusEel Yep Joys SupEel Yep Joys UpsEel Yep Joy PussEel Yep Joy SupsEel Yes Joys PupEel Yes Joy PupsEel Ye Joys PupsLee Joeys Spy UpLee Joey Pus SpyLee Joey Sup SpyLee Joey Ups SpyLee Espy Joys UpLee Espy Joy PusLee Espy Joy SupLee Espy Joy UpsLee Yeps Joys UpLee Yeps Joy PusLee Yeps Joy SupLee Yeps Joy Up etc etc https://new.wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=Joey+Pelupessy&t=500&a=n
  2. My wife might actively start supporting us if we get more in who look like him. 'Who's that?' she's just enquired over my shoulder. 'Our new signing, love.' 'Hubba hubba.' Which is very weird as I've known her 40 years and can honestly say I've never heard her use that expression before Bodes well. I think
  3. George Boyd

    Yes, he goes to my local church, The Poisoned Mind.
  4. Caption Competition

    Lambe to the slaughter...
  5. You can tell the players are already fitter/leaner as they are much more willing to lift their shirts up now. Pudil was doing it repeatedly in the Derby
  6. A question I've been asking on here for ages. And I'm not sure I can name one, TBH. He's massively mis- managed quite a few of our players imo. But the most glaring example of very poor man management was winnall after Barnsly away.
  7. Nah, they've seemingly wanted him for quite a while so it will be entirely their fault when it goes mammaries skywards. And it will....
  8. Jos is already kicking in

    Looks like we've finally got someone in who knows what he's doing and actually talks perfect sense in his second language Thank God whoever was in charge of recruiting him actually bothered to read the CV this time...
  9. Arguably the worst man-manager we've ever had in the hot seat.
  10. Joey Pelupessy

    Makalele would be another example. And Scott Parker. Neither were giants. But they were hard fookers.
  11. Winnall

    And to think some on here turned their nose up at the suggestion we should get Rowett in to replace CC when he was available...