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  1. Adam Reach again

    Very clever footwork to give himself that half a yard...
  2. Westwood

    Thought I was the only one to notice. Yes, he looked uncharacteristically unsure on those 2 occasions.
  3. Van aken

    My premonitions are rarely wrong.
  4. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Borderline offside but like stated earlier Westie makes a bit of a pig's ear of the initial save. On a far more positive note, that pass from Joost to set up Fletch (should have scored BTW) was Beckham-esque. The lad is a great find, I said it on here after seeing him for 5 mins on his debut..I seem to remember Westwood (along with Lees) dropping a few clangers at the start of last season but he was back to his best soon enough.
  5. Adam Reach again

    Great cross from Reach but that goal wouldn't have happened if Joost hadn't gone on that run out of defence. These 2 could be worth many many multiples of millions in the next 2/3 years...
  6. Gary Hooper

    Wrap him up in cotton wool through the week and unleash him for games. It's not like he relies on tremendous athleticism as he's an odd shape for a footballer but he's clearly got a brilliant football brain and an arse that can knock most opponents clean out of the way. Much stronger than he looks. Very good player and very important he keeps fit.
  7. Adam Reach again

    Good to see the younger end of the squad (Joost and Reach) progressing well. After all, the average age of the team really needed bringing down imo.
  8. Colin's Comments

    I'm assuming this was calculated on the fact CC would have had to have spent some time a club like Toy Town? But maybe you are on the wind up and I'm being whooshed? Antonio Conte has a better win record in the PL than Fergie. Better manager?
  9. Colin's Comments

    I would suggest it's the posters suffering from terminal delusion who are outing themselves, although In your case your coming out in this regard is about as surprising as when Barry Manilow finally came out. Admit it (I know you won't but hey ho) if Colin was an Owl and we were in the PL you'd love him to bits.
  10. Colin's Comments

    It's a ridiculous comparison borne out of utter and bewildering delusion. An affliction that is depressingly prevalent on here. Answer this, oh deluded ones: what other manager past or present would have kept Toy Town up 2 seasons ago? Carlos? Fergie? Mourhino? Not on your nelly...
  11. Colin's Comments

    Totally agree with all this. If he was an owl we'd have been in the PL years ago and all the people who profess to hating him would think the sun shined out of his 'arris. It's that dreaded delusion again, isn't it. but nice to see some owls in this thread who can rise above it all...
  12. Almen Abdi

    Depressingly I would imagine we are stuck with him until the end of his contract. Even if we put him up for free no club in their right mind would take his wages on...
  13. Yes, of those 4, 3 have left and the one remaining can't get a game.
  14. Could be Joost's younger brother...
  15. Almen Abdi

    I distinctly remember talk on the Watford boards at the time that he had a really bad and mysterious foot injury a couple of seasons before we signed him with some posters stating he hadn't been quite the same player since. But I also remember just about every poster saying he was still a great player and they were sad to see him go. I mean, he played 30+ games for Watford in the PL so he must have been fit then. It's all a bit sad, really...