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  1. Free https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/barry-bannan/profil/spieler/61561
  2. So you would take 10.1 million?? You checked the market recently? He's 25, English with a fantastic reliability record and great attitude and had lots of national coverage for his Worldies this season He's going to go for way more than that, probably as much as twice that, could be even more. If we sell. Look out for a struggling prem club coming in with a bid that will surprise you massively in January.
  3. I couldn't agree more. crying out for a big nasty two hat back there.
  4. Yes. all the talk about selling reach, FF etc but I think Joao could be the first out of the door. Can't imagine Jos putting up with many no shows like last night. I actually think we'd get a decent fee for him as well (Madine 6 million anyone?). They spend about the same amount of the 90 mins on the floor after all... Nothing to do with his ability, all about application. Jos made a positive difference to him early on but people like Joao will always revert to type when the going gets a bit tough. Massive shame.
  5. It wasn't the fact he didn't have a great game last night (can happen to anyone, especially a youngster) it was more the impression he gave of not giving a throw that concerned me more. Maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there but that's the impression I got. Perplexing....
  6. Looks like their man Clayton anticipated such a happening by jumping behind his colleague on the line and shoving him forward The scene reminded me of rugby union TBH.
  7. Lees is a pretty decent Champ defender but what he shouldn't be trusted with is playing the ball out of defence (unless it's the long ball) or being captain. He's simply not skillful/vocal/inspirational enough. Every time there's a close up on his face during the TV coverage he's got the look of someone who is very nervous. And captains can't ever have that look....
  8. Think I've seen it all now. Been a great GK for us, saved us points etc. But the reason he's a Championship GK is mostly down to his awful distribution. And I'm by no means a massive Dawson fan (he flaps at the high ball way too much for me).
  9. But seriously.....if you take it at Face Value I can see Both Sides. Happy to Testify to that. There's sillyness In The Air Tonight
  10. Middlesborough's defenders simply way too big/physical for him last night (even though he's not exactly a midget himself). He really doesn't relish the physical battle at all. He's an impact sub for me, coming on when those big bad defenders are tiring.....
  11. If he is sold, I'm confident Jos will bring in an excellent loan or 2 (let's face it, he's got a 100% success rate so far....but erred by not having Onomah in the team last night).
  12. Good, he should have a 3 match ban coming his way. Won't help us though as he shouldn't still be on the pitch.
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