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  1. That's the truly scary bit isn't it? Chansiri, at the time, must have known how much he was going to invest into the playing side and he employs a journeyman loser to be in charge of it. Still makes me shake my head even now...
  2. Almat

    CC on Talksport after 10

  3. Almat

    CC on Talksport after 10

    Or Jos.....
  4. I'll give him a helping hand with his CV. Teams managed 1998–1999 Espinho 1999–2000 Freamunde 2000 Vizela 2000–2001 Aves 2001–2002 Leixões 2003–2004 Vitória Setúbal 2004–2005 Belenenses 2006 Braga 2006 Beira-Mar 2007–2008 Vitória Setúbal 2008 Asteras Tripoli 2009 Marítimo 2009–2010 Sporting CP 2011–2012 Beşiktaş 2012 İstanbul BB 2015–2017 Sheffield Wednesday 2017–2018 Swansea City
  5. Not exactly lacking confidence, is he? If only his career planning was up to the same standard....
  6. Almat

    We were very close

    He's the best manager in the division and I'll say that again even if we lose the next game. What this bloke has had to contend with from day one after taking over from clueless would have destroyed a mere mortal. Jos has calmly navigated the previously sinking ship into far less choppy waters and deserves mahoosive credit for it all.
  7. Almat

    Where can this team finish?

    Automatics. Said so on here towards the end of last season and got laughed at but nothing i have seen this season has made me waver. This league is all about who your manager is (Cardiff last season anyone?) and we have the best manager in the division imo.
  8. Almat

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    I was always under the impression they could retire at 35 but apparently that isn't the case anymore. It's now 55? https://www.lawinsport.com/blog/mills-reeve/item/planning-for-retirement-the-financial-life-cycle-of-a-professional-footballer
  9. Almat

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    If Jos can get Abdi playing at his best it will surely blow all his other incredible 'player conversions' out of the water!
  10. Almat

    Jos on Joel Pelupessy

    I know it's a different area of the pitch but it's also what Williams used to do for Hirsty. A successful football team doesn't have 11 fantastic flair players, it includes players who can help the flair players that are there to perform at their best...for what we paid for him he's a mahoosive bargain imo.
  11. Hip injuries are horrible, really. Did anyone see Andy Murray at the US Open? Poor bloke can hardly walk let alone run. Really hope KL can come through this as he's a brilliant player and pro.
  12. Why bother going to the butchers?
  13. Has someone hacked your account? There have some bizarre posts from you over the last few days. Most un-vulva like.
  14. Illuminated brightly when you realise the team clueless put out against Udders in the second leg play off semi was the same team as put out at Wembley with the exception of one enforced change. Remind me again, how many millions had we spent between the 2 games?