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  1. I'd have give it...then sent off the whole defence for making a fuss over it. And sent off Wilder for his moaning.
  2. Just checked mine after paying on Saturday...it says with regards to the Fulham match 'You already have access to this match.' Don't know if it's audio or video.
  3. He'd be better off being a Bobby Nut type character that you roll out at Christmas at the Lyceum and the Childrens Hospital.
  4. The level of abuse that's been written about him on here has been something else.
  5. Bang on...I was trying to remember his name. When he came on as a sub he just used to run most of the length of the pitch flying past the opposition players. JJ-A-Train on compound V Slowest-Sedgewick (we had a line-up of old crocks that couldn't run for years...although the completely ruined pitch could have made it look worse)
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