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  1. You really gotta stop using that side passage cos you might get attacked by a Luton fan
  2. Reset the points every season First come first served
  3. Wh th f does that mean? You talking in tw@tter speech now? You don't sound like the brightest bulb in the box
  4. Great post but would have been better voiced by Morgan Freeman over the tune to the Last Of the Summer Wine.
  5. Leeds could do with a proper geographical rivalry with Bradford or Huddersfield instead of some Love/Hate crush on a European giant from Lancashire
  6. Leeds are hated because a large section of their fans are just gobshte morons stuck in the 1980s. Literally no other reason. And the rest of them wallow in it. They seem to try and justify this to themselves by calling anyone else jealous.
  7. I was merely pointing out the reaction it will get. The Leppings Lane end needs knocking down as soon as possible. For various reasons.
  8. Imagine telling your young self what the internet exactly is..It would blow his/her mind. But then telling him/her self that half of it's content would be absolute dumb as f drivel. I'd use this thread as an example as not to get too excited.
  9. When eventually the leppings lane end gets bulldozed we will sadly be national headline news again. With all sorts of mud thrown our way. All all the public and people who don't know the realities of it will be outraged that it's still standing. We need to close that book soon. Even if we only have 3 sides of the ground for a short space of time.
  10. From my view near the front of the kop it looked as though there was very little space in the middle to get any passing going. But then again all we could see was legs and bodies. thats why our tactics were reverting to give the ball to Harris. Which is an upgrade on give the ball to JJ.
  11. To be honest i've never stood in that corner of the stadium (Corner of away end/North Stand) and i've only seen people on it a couple of times. In the 80s when away teams would pack that end of the ground and when we were promoted vs Wycombe. What's the point of it now? Couldn't they just get rid of it? It will never be used again.
  12. They had the habit of falling to their knees every time we tried to win the ball off of them
  13. I felt like that about Butterfield. Genuinely looked like he didn't want the be with us.
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