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  1. Adam Reach

    Whos better? Palmer? Hunt? How many good positions did Hunt make a mess of against Bolton?
  2. Adam Reach

    Left wing..best at crossing in the squad
  3. Kieren Lee getting upended in front of the away fans at Bolton away and nothing happening..and everything falling apart after a great day in Manchester.. Joao's second vs Derby was lovely after Derby fans were in our face and giving us sht at the back of the away end Think it'll be mainly and sadly remembered for the pointless hatred shown towards Carlos
  4. Tweet of the year goes goes to this man...

    Wow these previous two posts...Only one way to solve this.................No idea what it is though ;)
  5. Great Pic From Today

    Youve spent too much time in your cell..Have you thought about writing to the British consulate? If it did turn out that it was all about bonuses I think I would have genuinely laughed at how dark that would have been..
  6. Sammy

  7. Great Pic From Today

    Thought the conspiracy theorists could do with a bit of fun poked at them...sorry guv
  8. So what next

    Don't half the people on here want Jos sacked?
  9. How much bonus did he get today then?
  10. Great Pic From Today

    How? Boom tshh or zing zing Any other ideas.?
  11. Great Pic From Today

    Spose sarcasm doesnt come across well on the internet :/
  12. Great Pic From Today

    Look at the scum..all happy they got their bonuses..only there for one reason
  13. Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    My piggy mate asked me 'whos that viking who plays for you'? Adthe nuhiu..hell smash your girlfriend and steal your wife..the next james bond
  14. Sammy

    Warrior...come out and playaaay