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  1. Hope this time we can get revenge against Arsenal in the final.
  2. I think Faff man is getting his own little fanclub on here...for all the similar minded middle aged men, who actually think the ginger messiah is actually a character in the bible, and all corners, freekicks and forward passes should be aimed at Chapmans head. (only joking, I like his videos)
  3. If you're not with me.....you must be against me.
  4. Saturday evenings on Owlstalk are reight good. Real Ale/Dark Fruits/Carling influenced posts should be banned.
  5. Yea but 'hopefully' judging him on his football/knowledge and skills. Not relying on immature childish insults.. But hey ho! I know what happens on here. Standard.
  6. Haha....were such an average League 1 club. Not sure who to blame anymore. We've tried everything.
  7. I've only seen him for 2 or 3 games this season and i'm not sure what he offers.
  8. Don't really want a second goal do we guys? Don't get too excited... Steady now....
  9. It really is impossible to do an away match sober. Reading through this thread really reminded me of Madness 'House of Fun'... 3 points for the weekend sir in that there victorian smog infested capital.
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