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  1. I said that today..took no responsibility at all today...likes to jog off when you need people to get stuck in. Can't head, pass, tackle and struggles to get past opposition players.
  2. Have we given up totally trying to pass it through midfield. Or are we genuinely just struggling to find space. Bannan used to do brilliant things in the tight spaces that he could find. Does Monk trust us enough?
  3. You did...You said his only contribution was a penalty
  4. Thats pretty much right. But I have no idea how we can get the ball forward without hoofing it otherwise.
  5. Thats just opinion. We really have no way of knowing either way.
  6. Good analysis there. He dragged us through that game in the second half and was clearly the man of the match as he was the only one willing to take the initiative. As you may or may not know scoring goals shouldn't be his main responsibility.
  7. Maybe 70 minutes with one player less had an effect.. I'm thinking it's weird now people not thinking it had an effect.
  8. Bristol City...was about 3 weeks ago? But don't let that affect your argument
  9. Disagree..Many games this season we've come out a different team the second half and ground the opposition down. Bristol, Luton, Brentford We're a team that thrives on space and when the match opens up we come into our own.
  10. Wish people would stop spouting this as fact. It was 20 minutes in and we were visibly shaken by the decision.
  11. who knows what happens behind closed doors.. Not sure what good would come from our manager naming and shaming players
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