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  1. Ive never seen the lion king properly....Ive got an idea what its about but not seen enough to commit myself.
  2. These are the threads I like
  3. We were on the kop for about 5 years...and you hear this kinda crap pretty often...You just think what must your life be like if you need to get that angry at a footballer...and actually single one out
  4. He was crap....In the last few months he was just drifting through games. We used to call him the ghost.
  5. Well at least it can't be another relegation kit.........................can it?
  6. I saw West Brom vs Wednesday highlights on youtube and clicked on it. Saw Kadeem Harris hit the post and I nearly crapped myself. Please don't let this be true. Was so relieved when I saw it was the league game from last year.
  7. I watched 90 percent of the games at the Euros and 90 percent of our games last season. And I can tell you which I enjoyed the most and it wasn't watching our desperate players. Add to that Chansiris dodgy shady ideas which weren't as clever or solid as he thought. It's actually been a pleasure watching neutral games whilst not feeling like you're being taken the P'ss out of.
  8. When a womens name crops up on owstalk all the posters sit up in their chairs and clean their language up..It's hilarious.
  9. With his career coming to an end he has to think about what comes after.. Maye we could entice him into a builders apprenticeship and get him working on the crows nest. Might save us 50 quid.
  10. Could be some mischief from agents or clubs testing the water to see how desperate we are.
  11. As a 19 year old. It's taken a few years but now I fully understand why some players arnt interesting in playing for England. There's a serious amount of bllsht attached to it.
  12. Feels like expose a racist day. I'm just waiting for 'Virtuous signalling' for the bingo win.
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