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  1. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    Take out the blades and the occasion we should be doing whatever we can to get the 3 points anyway..we have already shown this season that we can mix it up..not sure what them blades are expecting..a game of bulldog or 70s murderball?
  2. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    People seem to think if you say something with confidence it must be true. Thought it was all a mysterious ploy to sell him? They do like to gossip in the pubs and clubs don't they.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United

    Expecting pure carnage on the pitch with perhaps a bizarre and contentious sending off or penalty in the first half. Its like going to the dentist or a job interview...sooo much build up...all a blurr and you hopefully come out smelling of roses
  4. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    Sexy b@tch
  5. We will hammer United

    People talk like its 1984 and you can kick and bite yourself to victory
  6. Colin's Comments

    If he wasnt a manager hed be a pub landlord..talking sh@t to drunk people whod listen. Saying that hes a lower league genius who knows his level
  7. Fernando Forristieri injury

    While he was cooking that Pasta last week?
  8. Carlos - A question

    As carlos said nearly half the team were carrying knocks..and the players looked dead on their feet. Game management thats all..nothing to see
  9. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    I usually go by how far the owners can wee wee up a wall
  10. Added time tonight

    When their player gets clipped on the heel..walks two steps forward and flops on the floor..
  11. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Win tonight Draw on sat Set for t derby
  12. Weather forecast for tonight

    No sign yet