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  1. Honestly we should know by now that Bannan is a very good footballer and excels at passing and keeping the ball tickig over. Despite this he really cant shoot at all and his set-pieces are hit and miss. For one reason or another hes not hit his heights this season, whether its the players around him or not. I still think were lucky to have him and I wish somebody else would step up.
  2. cant believe its the live table..i was just dreaming about being 2 points behind derby tonight
  3. All i have is this thread at the moment. Counting on you guys.
  4. Give over...complete waste of money and time. So we got to have a p@ss up at Wembley...woo di f doo.
  5. I lived there for 10 years. Although i liked it the people i worked with didnt get my sarcasm.
  6. Hes from Nottingham...not known for their sense of humour.
  7. I hope so...itll be like lancing a big puss filled boil youve had to walk around on for the last 3 years. Bring on the perfect storm friday.
  8. I must be one of the few optomistic ones. All depending if we have any more major off field dramas, Chansiris mindset, how he goes about it and if he has any sense. We should have more resources than most of the clubs in that division. Moore knows the division and has a clear plan. He will just need to get the team organised and playing. We have some players that will look good in that division. Lower league players will simply want to play for Sheffield Wednesday. Things change quickly in football.
  9. its not the 1970s, he's not brian t blade at stocksbridge park, he needs the players onside, he considers himself a modern professional manager that tries to stay positive, we dont know whats said in the dressing room, he knows the way to get people onside is through getting results. He needs the players to respect him. Call it naiive but thats the way modern football is.
  10. apologies..i just get fed up with everyones over -reaction to these things..
  11. Its a contractual obligation. No idea what he can say to make people happy or get people on his side..Only results and performances can do that.
  12. I don''t know why people keep saying he needs to call the players out. It's not the 70s or 80s anymore. You cant just absolve blame or call a spade a spade as a manager unless you work int meltin shop ont attercliffe. Wilder got stick for it on here and it didnt work for him. It's a delicate balance and he needs to keep them on his side for the time being. He needs them to buy into what hes doing. There is an unwritten code to keep it in the changing room. Its like people want a personal apology from Moore. I think people are over estimating their importance. Its
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