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  1. I'm at work counting the seconds down
  2. Haha I only saw the top of your message and then an hour later scrolled down. And....just seen the date
  3. Like when you've been out with a beautiful girl and you only remember the funky times you had with her and forget that she was really a horrible person...the memory plays you like that. Damm ***** wouldn't even meet my mother...er...
  4. No not a wind up, one of the best matches I've ever been to. Pubs were incredible before, the Derby fans were baying for Wednesday blood, the atmosphere was electric, jumpers for goalposts, Waddle threading passes that were smaller than the eye of a needle, going 2 goals up and then 3-2 down, the ball bouncing in off of Woods back, f@@kin Gabbiadini and Kitson, my mate throwing a pie into the Derby end, thinking we were out and being rescued by Warhurst..All topped off by being chased by Derby fans cos I had an FC Porto top on.
  5. Only one id take is Swarbrick...If only for one match a year.
  6. No..I wouldn't want them near S6. Unless it really was for a sh@g
  7. Takes some people forever to get over things on here. Act as if he's an ex wife or something. Talk about carrying baggage. I forgot about Jos 2 weeks after he left
  8. All that money for a 5 second snort and chuckle for them They'll never learn..you can't educate stupid History shows it'll come back to them in the end
  9. Selfish scrubbers Like all the ones smoking in the toilets
  10. Going on bladesmad to validate these figures
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