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  1. On way home

    First half was fine....could have have gone for the second but thats carlos Second half was the worst since he got here..absolute car crash..theres not enough characters on here to go into detail.
  2. Defensively Inept

    Seems like Carlos is the only person that ignores the view that you need strength in your team to be successful.... You have to earn the right to play...not bounce off opposition players continuously...Bannan has a go but look at the size of him
  3. Defensively Inept

    I've backed Carlos and tried to stay level headed about it all. But that defending was like watching the keystone cops...No direction, no strength, no organisation and no desire..The worst half since Carlos arrived. That was simply horrible. For the first goal half the team looked lost. I also get the feeling that Loovens and the other defenders spend half their time covering and helping van aken.
  4. Adam Reach

    Least of our worries
  5. Hardly a crisis

    Id call it a bumpy patch Whether we come out of it better who knows You only have to look at dem blades to see how things can change Saying that the players and carlos arnt above any kind of criticism
  6. Wolves on sky

    We need bristol to win Only for the sanity of some on here
  7. Just saying its not a black and white situation.
  8. That picture was a programme pullout. Still got it somewhere
  9. Leeds clearly came at us and there was gaps eeeverywhere. Not taking anything away from the way we went about it but their defending was comical
  10. I saw him at owls in the park and said 'do you know what youve let yourself in for' Wonder if hes thought about that moment since.
  11. Ask a hundred people watching it real time and 99 people will say penalty. It took clinton and his vhs copy to work out it might not be
  12. Nah im just optomistic by nature..i thought sheffielders were good in times of adversity..apparently not And im very aware that bleating about the situation on here wont make a jot of difference..unless it simply makes you feel better..go ahead knock yourself out neg away ;) And im definatly not embarrassed..saw someone on here say theyd love it if he was sacked on christmas day..most classless comment on here ive read in the last 15 years
  13. I went to watch groningen when i studied there...couldnt believe i saw about 2 tackles all game
  14. Thought we played well second half and deserved to win. Which we perhaps would have if their player hadnt sauntered to the other side of the pitch to come off and add another 3 mins injury time And the atmosphere would have subsequently very different on here. And honestly you cant see where the ball hits him unless you pause the video..which im sure the ref couldnt at the time..