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  1. Should have easily scored or squared it to fletch.
  2. Yea im getting this feeling as well..not the mass exodus people want..boyd will be here next season with palmer, fox, bannan, joey, atdhe and a couple others. Hector is the most important player at this time to tie down..althought that depends on a lot of things
  3. But that great performance deserved more
  4. So hes done a paul daniels and pulled a number out a hat.
  5. I turned it off when they won the freekick..it was in skys script
  6. Bruce is a genius for how well we played this evening
  7. Can one person explain where that 5 minutes MINIMUM came from? Over to lawrie squonk
  8. It did look like an easy chance to score. Or at the worst square it to fletcher
  9. Nothing at all..not one player went down second half..bizarre..i guessed 3 minutes
  10. Alan Partridge commentating would be better than this..its embarrassing
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