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    150th Year Celebrations

    I pat myself on the back for being a Wednesday fan. That not enough?
  2. I saw someone wearing the Ikea uniform and shuddered. Come to think I nearly ended up working there

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    "What I always find a little uncomfortable is that the German organization, discipline and teamwork we're familiar with - "ants in a colony" - is a legacy of the Nazi period. Although The Nazis were defeated, that mentality lived on. Paradoxically, as a nation we used to be much more like that in character, but then had the sixties revolution - "let it all hang out" - and we're where we are. I'm no imperialist, and we were right to withdraw from empire, but clearly we couldn't now govern half the world's population. We can scarcely govern ourselves these days." We've got very little to sell to the world and we can't just sail around taking anything we want now just by planting our flag there. All we've got is call centres...and some of the poorest countries in the world are even better at that than us.
  4. Come dressed as your owlstalk alter ego

    We are popular in Rovrum

    They're coming for us
  6. Todays phone in..'Which is the best Lord..Lord of the Rings? Of the Dance? or of the flies?'

    Carlos is missing us !

    Thats exactly my point. Why would my opinion of an ex manager be full of praise or hate for him. I get the fact that most people can't seem to see beyond that. He made some mistakes and he did some things brilliantly. Thats just life

    Carlos is missing us !

  9. Roy Keane is one of those mad priests from father ted.
  10. Save your rail tickets, photocopy them and send them into the clubs 'travel' office. Or complete a mileage form if you're driving. Or be happy with a choice of kitkat or twix for your Saturday lunch.

    Carlos is missing us !

    This is mostly either opinion, guesswork, hopeful daydreaming or clutching on straws. Or even perhaps owlstalk myths.

    Carlos is missing us !

    Why are some of our fans so bi-polar in their thinking? He was the manager of football team that made mistakes..Not some foreign dictator who starves half his people.

    Carlos is missing us !

    I agree that he left the squad in tatters and compounded injuries..And the guy was as slick as it comes and obviously amazing at self promotion. We can't compare ourselves with Cardiff..What about the other teams that had spent just as much (if not more) and ended up back in the same division as us. But almost all of our fans bought into project Carlos and the second season he did actually achieve the target of reaching 4th...thats not to be sniffed at, despite not considering our long term future. In my opinion he still is a good manager that had us playing sumptuous football in his first season. His second season he tried a more defensive approach which was two games away from being a master stroke, despite many people moaning about it being difficult on the eyes. And when the squad started to fall apart and he ran out of ideas it was his time to move on. Things like this happen to clubs all the time and most clubs in the Championship have ended up in this position at some point. Sht happens, we move on.

    Carlos is missing us !

    Kind of agree..but you can play it up or down...Hate is a strong word But it's rather immature and stinks of bitterness.

    Carlos is missing us !

    'Why did we just burn that girl at the stake' 'I don't know, I thought you knew'