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  1. Why not finish the season this Autumn (hoping were on top of the virus by then) and scrap next season.
  2. Honestly, I understand most peoples varying opinions. Like everything it's probably somewhere in between. I think Carlos relies mainly on his charisma and confidence which can get you a long way, but perhaps ultimately not where we wanted to be. Left us with some great memories and some not so great ones. But I reckon it's kinda difficult to judge anything without the full facts about why we ended up with so many bizarre injuries and scatter gun signings. And not even consider selling players to keep the squad fresh and the accounts healthy. It's all a bit mystifying with a large dose of a lack of common sense. I think it all boils down DC having little knowledge of how to actually run a football club. It appears that many people have taken advantage of DC with his money, his nativity and lack of contacts.
  3. Just an idea I had earlier. Why not finish the season off in September and scratch next season. It will give the clubs/country/league chance to get their house in order. But i'm sure the accountants would argue against it.
  4. Are you aware that watching Sheffield United is considerably cheaper than watching us..? And do you think that it's fine that there are very few people that will pay on the gate because of these prices? And do you honestly think you can justify this? Are you aware that you can sell players and value them at a reasonable price because of an amazingly sensible thing called turnover? Did you research about how to run a football club before buying us? AT ALL?
  5. What did you think of Disneyland? Is it as garish as it is in my head?
  6. I'd go for Rhode sand Fletcher up front personally.
  7. This is like a carbon copy of the Jos situation. Like he is under instruction to play him and get him ready as our future number one. See in theory this is a good idea. But Dawson still doesn't look ready for the pressures this brings. Who knows if Westwood has been a [email protected] or not. We've got to be ready to sell him at the moment and cutting wages. It's just at the moment this plan is not working. Got nothing to lose by giving Wildsmith a go and think about somehow think about getting a new keeper if need be.
  8. Why would you want to watch football today?
  9. Nothing to do with you but I'm bored to death of people putting together scraps of information and dealing in speculation. Some [email protected] needs to come out and tell us what is going on. We've got to the point that we need to know. Most people are going to walk away from the [email protected] soon.
  10. He just threw money at it last time and pulled Bruce out of his ass. Talk of appeasement. Both physically and mentally he is miles away from Championship football.
  11. Really enjoyed reading that. We should get this guy on our marketing team. Apart from this bit. 'He failed to beat the system' It aint over till its over baby.
  12. Owlstalk IS full of Victor Meldrews with to much time on their hands to write essays and worry too much about Sheffield Wednesday. As Facebook and Twitter is full of cokeheads and people who get ignored in the real world.
  13. Is this what you call an 'opinion' article? “Opinions are like backsides, we've all got them but it's not wise to air them all in public.”
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