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  1. the 1st 1-1 was one of the loudest matches ive been to..the kop was insane..I was gutted whwn reid equalised
  2. i never got over being 0-5 at halftime learnt a lot about life that day
  3. ive got a weird feeling about this..were not as bad as we were
  4. yea he just slowed down and waited for the defender to collide with him. not sure what the defender could do
  5. anyone else see the two dives by werner..absolute scub glad he missed that pen
  6. we were in good form and they didnt know about the -6 not that it makes muxh difference
  7. booing should be left at the pantomime. (or for garry monk)
  8. all mostly appeared in a relativley succesful team and kenwyn scored goals for fun
  9. not too fussed..but he did get ipswich playing some decent football at times. was nothing like his wolves team
  10. di canio.....???..nonsense..the most divisive player in our history. petrescu?? was here less than 1 season.ok ill add cantona regi blinker was generally rubbish after his first game people werent impressed chapman left for leeds
  11. I only came here for a laugh. Now im worried about next season.
  12. your right. lots happened since august..im a different person now..haha..i was probably thinking of heeley, gleadless, maor area and just been a bit contraversial. my mum grew up and moved back at one point to S5..its not a nice area at all..glad she went back to s8...i grew up on lowedges\woodseats..generally blades but i know loads of owls round there.. i live at intake now so cant really talk..despite cocker being an owl.
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