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  1. They were probably still a bit giddy after last week...which is understandable back down to earth after the lord snootys parade and all that
  2. I was a bit impressed with their lack of shithousery. But their keeper tried and it I think the reaction of the crowd scared them off it. Thought here we go another qpr, fulham streetwise ganxta team for a second
  3. The new restaurant at Old Tafford was on Football focus at the beginning of the season...It looked amazing and very sociable.
  4. This is one ignorant thread Can't believe i'm acknowledging it
  5. I wanted the kid to just kick it away. Then he would have bee a proper legend.
  6. same here...im starting to read it through the gap in my fingers
  7. I love how that joke gets repeated every two pages. I like the routine of it
  8. I always found his brother Gene more entertaining...and didn't have 30 thousand scrubbers up his bum.
  9. I can fairly much come to the outlandish conclusion that I won't be going to that one donkey Adams.
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