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  1. It might seem like a lot of money but that is the legacy of what is rapidly becoming "premier B" - the fees and wages have shifted up a level I think Vydra will be smart business for Derby - he gives them something they don't have with his pace, running in behind and potential to score 20 goals/season in the right team With the money some championship clubs have i'm surprised none of them have tested Hull's resolve to hang onto Curtis Davis
  2. Anybody thinking this season would be easy needed a sharp reality check List season was a weak division but this season it's considerably stronger.
  3. Didn't we outplay them first half, go a goal down against the run of play to a fluke then keep going to equalise in the 93rd minute? That doesn't sound like a team with the face on
  4. Yes Free agents can be signed at any time up to registration deadline in march?
  5. Best wishes to your Dad Heres to a speedy recovery
  6. I thought Watford were wrong to get rid of FF (and Vydra on loan) and especially Abdi - i thought they were bang on when they let Pudil go on loan I think he's a very capable championship left back - dependable generally with good intelligence and delivery - but one-paced and i think would get caught out way too much in the premier He will not let anybody down over the season - will need to upgrade of we get promoted but he's far from alone regarding that
  7. Ivwe literally no idea what you are on about And i suspect that makes me several steps ahead of you!
  8. Although he did last season
  9. Perhaps why Barca have been so predictable and unsuccessful
  10. I was an advocate for signing Jedinak - would have been perfect Unfortunately it seems some of our fans cant handle the fact there are better players out there who don't play for us - "where would he play" etc etc Same as Bannan/Lee - it's almost sacrosanct that they play central - we have a better player so one of them must make way I said that last season was an unusally weak championship - we'll need to do better just to stand still Some fans got totally carried away
  11. The flair players win promotion The rugged "beasts" stop you getting relegated No problem with upgrading our flair players - the problem is that they aren't being used correctly
  12. RIP Ron
  13. Will it make you happy if we do the "right thing" and make an example of FF - but he goes to a rival, fires them to promotion while we languish in the championship? I keep saying but if we wanna mix it in the top league then these wage issues will be ever present So best we get used to it and hopefully our hierarchy will get to grips with the totally fcuked up politics of high level football
  14. In 3 seasons at Udine FF never played even 1 minute for Guidolin and was allowed to leave for Watford on a free Can't think hes desperate to sign FF - but football is a strange animal...
  15. TBF Hoots - thats probably because you haven't met most of Owlstalks posters... Never a mistake nor misjudgement between them Never...