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  1. Mancienne has had to grow up very quickly - playing alongside the worst central defender in the champnionship - he's had to!
  2. He never played left wing at Watford - they never played 4-4-2 - and when they played with wing backs he was never chosen to play there either He played up front before Ighalo (but often missed out to Vydra) or he played in the midifeld 3 After Ighalo arrived he either came on as sub for one of the strikers - or he played in a midfield 3. But Watfords system relied heavily on rotation and interplay between forwards and midfield - and there's no doubt he is gifted at that He lost his place because had Watford better players in all the positions he thrived in (Abdi being one of them)
  3. Beautiful picture I love that! The forgotten age of The Beautiful Game
  4. BRISTOL?!?
  5. And for all their hard work - they didn't work as hard as teams today Especially high tempo teams who press
  6. You are just being silly now, aren't you
  7. We were drawing when Abdi went off We lost the game Your desperation to put 2 + 2 together to make a point isn't quite adding up to a logical number
  8. Thought Palmer was solid today Maybe should have covered off the player who scored the winner (the ball was lofted and in the air long enough) - but he was a minor part of that f*ck up - and he could legitimately argue he was holding the defensive line - but because of the way the ball was being set up by Birmingham it might be tough to convince the jury that was the right decision But a decent game from him all in all Westwood had headloss for the first goal but blameless for the winner
  9. Then i misread your post - in which case my apologies I wouldn't say he is awful left - maybe in our system but how many of our players would you say could hold down a regular place in the premier league - in a team of internationals that finished very respectably too? But he played left in a 3 - and thats the key - he thrives in a 3 man midfield - not wide of a 4 nor central in a 2
  10. The root of the problem really was when the ball went wide right (their aspect) and we just stood and watched - the guy even tripped himself up, got up and still was able to stand there with the ball - before rolling it 5 yards for an unchallenged cross into an unmarked player for an unchallenged header into our net Needed to be much more tenacious in addressing the player in possession - and much brighter with our marking and awareness of opposition players Absolutely no blame on Westwood or Bannan - but the other 4 didn't cover themselves in glory at all
  11. I was being sarcastic We need to make up a significant number of points in a tougher division if we are to threaten automatic If CC wants to go "as you were" then it's difficult to see where thiose points are coming from We've brought in some better players of proven pedigree - if CC can't find a better balance that incorporates them then he is either failing and wanst to find the balance quickly - or he needs to revert to what he knows and hope its good enough to get us a helluva lot more points than last season
  12. I think your being daft tbh We know him playing threatens your beloved formation But this is a guy who has playing ina significantly better team than ours - and starred in it - he has been in that team as a pivotal player that cruised to promotion - not 6th in a weak division He has just played 32 premier league games - he's not a f*cking mug He is PROVEN quality but if we insist on playing a system that he can't thrive in then i agree it's a monumental waste of an extremely good player But if it upsets the balance of what CC wants then fine - cut our losses and move him on