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  1. Relax people The divisions best player and a decent LB coming up...
  2. Hes been training at Watford since he came back
  3. He's been back over a week now
  4. no idea The mimutiae of deals is where they get delyed and break doown at the 11th hour Hopefully its being sorted as we speak
  5. Watford have signed half of Europe buddy It's why Abdi was told he could leave
  6. I was hoping the first we'd hear publically was when it was announced he'd signed I must admit to being a bit twitchy now its public knowledge Abdi is available Hopefully we get this over the line asap
  7. All his appearances in the premier last season were out wide But its far from his best position - he's a central attacking midfielder An outstanding one at that
  8. Extremely well He's a fantastic player - i always regarded him as the best player outside the premier and i still stand by that He more than acquitted himself out of position in the premier Like i said with FF - i think Watford are mistaken if they let him go
  9. They definitely have sources inside the club - i think they get used as a conduit to leak info. They were the first to report Flores was getting he boot way before it was common knowledge Normally pretty reliable
  10. Pudil is an excellent wing back - better than he is at full back Abdi and FF were awesome in 3-5-2 also Definitely an option if the signings come off
  11. Ekstrand likely to end up at Brighton or Bristol City He turned down Leeds
  12. Is it? Be interesting to compare reveune for the last 2 seasons
  13. But they could still charge considerably more for their tickets But choose not to
  14. I think this is one of the things that the "i'm alright jack" brigade don't get I used to go to every game i could get to - which i often wouldn't know until the day of the game - made about 25-30 games per season home and away I might miss us playing Man U for eg - but i'd still go against Oldham and Luton (for eg) - because they were the games i could get to while the Man U game wasn't I would fully accept i had to pay more to watch games on this basis - i wouldn't bother that my membership might useless for priority because i usually couldn't book in advance And i know there are loads of fans in the same position who just want to go to the games they can get to - and it's really disappointing how they have been almost vlified by not being able to make every game
  15. So many straw man arguments! Nobody who rarely attends expects huge discounts Nobody who rarely attends thinks its a disgrace they have to pay "a few quid extra" (isn't it actually more than double what a ST works out at for some games) If we want promotion it won't be funded and FFP complied with on the backs of disgraceful POTG prices I've said it before but i never thought i'd see the day when some Wednesday fans were so ambivalent about other Wednesdayites being priced out of going to games or when they were so dismissive of prices that are being rightly condemned by the rest of the football community Hey ho...