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  1. Possums instead of wee wee ups just lets you know it’s a kiwi phone
  2. Scram,I follow you and I get an alarm when you respond or pines topics . Can you stop responding to this guy, your not getting through possum s and brewery’s spring to mindand it’s painful to read
  3. Have yo come to Auckland together coffee served like that. Coffee capital of the world
  4. nzowl

    Luhukay ready to walk?

    Stobbs saddley couldn’t get in the Port Vale team Clare was playing in a division below. They are still learning their trade.
  5. Nice to see how friendly they are as they walk hand in hand
  6. Lived in Nz for twenty years, before that i went to every home game and as many away games the funds would stretch. No matter what people say when we were in the old third division it was awful to watch. I remember winning one nil and roger Wylde time wasting at the opposition corner flag in the first half. Plus you could sit where you wanted to, 9 and 10k crowds left a lot of spaces. So with that background it makes you a bit more philosophical i suppose. It makes me smile when people say its the worst wednesday team they have ever seen, either short memories or they haven’t lived to see bad. Not going to go into team play as its all in th eye of the beholder, but i do find that when they lose owlstalk meltdowns but when we win there is a massive drop in comments (must be less blades winding people up ehh) Watched every game this season on ifollow and a fair share of games over the past two seasons on tv / internet. Plus im over every April and catch 2 or 3 games having said that i still get frustrated. Finnally a couple of things where i feel management errors were made and at the time I thought why on earth did they say it - Promotion in 2 or was it 3 years when DC bought he club. these were comments made by people who dont understand Championship football, and in saying lifted expectation in the masses and pressure on the team. remember as we are told numerous times the players we have brought in were players who couldn’t get in their previous teams, could question whether the are mentally strong enough when push comes to shove, and remember CC saying not bothered about clean sheets in his first year we just need to score more than we concede, make the fans happy, now he talks about clean sheets and how well we have done. One more thing, Remember Kirkland and how everbody on owlstalk reacted to his depression coming out. Again a lot of short memories, because some of the abuse to players and staff is nothing but disgraceful. Somebody put a photograph of CC in his first season and hold it against a picture of him against Norwich. There’s pressure.
  7. nzowl


    As a side issue lived in Cornwall ( Germans ) for 10 years
  8. nzowl


    Andytrig, i know you have to go overseas to Cornwall from Devon (Tamar) but i believe its still in the UK. Have to be outside the UK to watch iFollow officially. cheers nzowl
  9. nzowl

    toilet poll

    Yep .........football season over for the year
  10. nzowl


    Good one, so true - bit of an in joke though
  11. Ken Knighton - Hard as nails. I think he got fined for kicking the door off changing room door hinges at Orient after a loss
  12. Was on SKy NZ and then they took it off for Gillette Saturday. I've just phoned in to give them a hard time for changing. Be my guest to follow suit
  13. nzowl

    Epsode 26 Up Now!

    Good listen as usual. Noticed you have dropped to page 2, are you not able to persuade the powers that be to keep the newest episode at the top of page 1 so you would get more listeners Cheers Nzowl