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  1. scram's post in Badge Sellers at Hillsborough . was marked as the answer   
    Badge Boy bought them all
  2. scram's post in 'KR' was marked as the answer   
    It'll be a staff member
    Players have squad numbers
    I know we were looking for a new physio fairly recently?
  3. scram's post in Demolition Dave was marked as the answer   
    Delivered when it mattered most
    Well done DJ and we move onwards and upwards
  4. scram's post in MEDICS & PHYSIO was marked as the answer   
    Thats all i said isn't it?
    Personally knowing something about many of the clinics that are "en vogue" at most times - knowing players that have been to them (including, sadly the ones that had to retire) - doing research in this area continually - and having met/seen some of the feted super medics - then i'd say a little more about it than your average football fan.
    One of the main reasons a player will go abroad is because the procedure was carried out when they were in a different country and its not at all unusual for somebody to remain under the care of the specialist who carried out the procedure - i have already said that it makes sense for players to be treated where they feel comfortable as a huge part of rehabilitation is based on trust and confidence.
    But that wasn't the extent of the original question - it was more on the lines of whether we had medical facilities and expertise here - well we do - as good as anywhere - but it became "de rigueur" to send players abroad and there is often no sensible reason to do so other that "its the thing to do". Not a decision based on strong clinical reasoning.
    Now, i can go on and give loads of testimony on this from world renowned experts - so yes, it is an area i know quite a bit about - do you want me to apologise for that?
    So, rather than be a glib and patronising - why don't you state the case of why i'm wrong?
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