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  1. Lovely to see that after all these years. Waited a long time for that! Christ some of those players would be worths king's ransome now!!!
  2. Bet we could do with those 3points at the end of the season!!
  3. Wickham to Stoke (loan). Would love us to steal this one away!!
  4. Haha, remember those? Kluivert and Seedorf have just been sacked as the head coach and assistant of Cameroon............. Shall weeeee....
  5. For sure. I'd give him a crack at it. Always liked him.
  6. I think so. The same as everyone should have really. Lose the first 8 games I'll be baying for blood. Mixture and he gets time.
  7. That's his bed and he has to lie in it. Personally, I see it like this. He's happy here, always said that. A big fish came sniffing and he looked up. If that big fish swims away I believe we still have the best manager we've had for almost 20 years and I for one would be glad of that. I want him to stay.
  8. You'd rather have Hooper than Bright and Williams? Really? Not in the same league!
  9. Ha. The professional footballer doesn't cease to exist when he hits 32. Chrikey, you'd write players of that have gone on to do amazing things post 32! Open the mind a bit.
  10. My mate and I used to work at runnercare near redgates and this kit was delivered to our shop too early and in error. The 20 away shirts were numberer in the packets from 001 to 020. We were contacted and not allowed to sell them for over a week as they shouldn't have been released. I got serial number 002 and my mate got 001. True story, thought I'd share.
  11. I think if Chansiri got Sheff Wed TV going it would be an income spinner. £100 per year subscription, £10-15 per match home or away. Buy cameras and set up for Hillsborough and hook on to other grounds steam with our JP and RON as travelling commentators. I bet a huge number of fans would go for that. Just worked out that at £10 a game with subscriptions of £100 per season and just 4000 supporters buying would be worth over £3m per year.
  12. I liked the stadium Mock up that Lee Strafford published years back. Can't find the article though.
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