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  1. Yeah. We definitely needed his one goal that he scored at a much lower level!
  2. Thank god for that. Was hoping and praying it wasn't with us!!
  3. Wouldn't be surprised that if Borner hasn't asked for a transfer then we will have to pay up his contract in full. That means we are paying the full years wage up front to get rid of him. Don't think that's that's great deal to be honest.
  4. I would rather have my leg.pulled.off and beaten to death with the soggy end!!! That about answer it?
  5. As long as there is no agent fee - as far as I understand. Which player in these days doesn't have an agent???
  6. Whilst initially mad at the comment, when I'd settled and took stock, I took it to mean something slightly different. I think he was saying that football ownership was so very expensive and the costs had caught him out a little. That the fans money hardly covered anything when compared to hundreds if thousands if not a million outgoings per month on wages, etc. Maybe a lost in translation thing, but I believe he will have missed the contribution terribly since the pandemic. Just my take on it.
  7. For the love of God, why I Harris taking a free kick on the edge of the box in injury time of a game we need to win? Either Bannan or Reach...... surely. What was Bannan, a caption, doing even allowing that? There's more chance me scoring that and I'm nearly 50!!! Decision, after decision! When does it stop? Someone needs to step up and take responsibility (you could argue that's what Harris was doing, but come on!!!!)
  8. We NEVER run aggressively in to their box. Why cross early all the time? Let them bring us down.
  9. How does Woldsmith manage to make himself look so small all the time?
  10. DC has one - Paxio. Can't believe that we think no-one is in day to day charge when DC isn't here. A DOF in all but name.
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