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  1. Yep. Had a season ticket when I did as a lad. On the kop.
  2. Woaaaahhh. What a silly question? Good grief. I'd rather rugby get wiped from existence if it mean 3 points for us!
  3. Where does this stuff stop? By the officials interpretation of the rules an opposition can stand directly in front of the keeper and as long as he doesn't touch the ball it's okay. Why not three of them? Crap decision and totally wrong.
  4. Difference is when Hull get it down it sticks and they can produce patterns of okay. Wednesday can't get it to stick and that's poor. We just turn it over again and again!!!!
  5. Did the commentator just say we had the oldest squad in the league???
  6. Poor this. Hull are terrible. Can't string 3 passes together!!
  7. I thought they were having multiple cameras and replays on the red button. Also it's not in HD! Have I dreamed that they were improving it from last year?
  8. If your fizzed off With the efl or FA or whoever, and I suggest you should be we should show FF all the support in the world and stand up to the controversial football authorities. By this I mean singing FF's name at the next 6 matches at least so the Quest and sky programs make a feature of it. Then will come out that FF was found not guilty and that the decision is a farce. That would help to clear FF's name when people inevitably look back on this incident. I'd, remember FF fro. 10 years ago- yeah, but he got acquitted in court, I remember that team, Wednesday wasn't it?, that stood by him where the Fans rallied around him. Not the closed door we have done before.... Remember that Italian who pushed the ref over? At Wednesday wasn't he? They didn't back him and he walked out on them. Remember he was a premier league great with West Ham......
  9. Haha. That's almost my number plate!!!
  10. Lovely to see that after all these years. Waited a long time for that! Christ some of those players would be worths king's ransome now!!!
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