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  1. What a load of tosh. Bribes were common place in the 60's, the authorities just went to town on Wednesday because of the high profile players we had who were involved.
  2. I'm afraid that monk is just not good enough sadly. Bizarre formations, bizarre player positions, even more bizarre tactics and don't start me in the bizarre tactical substitutions. Notwithstanding man management and getting the players to play decent football or having mental strength or physical strength in games for thT matter. No, sorry. Not buying it. Monk is not good enough for us. Change required and a good manager is a must.
  3. A new manager who is appointed early is, in my opinion, a must. Here's why I think it would work. A top manager (let's say Pearson) is needed to come in and recruit well. How many times have we heard a manager say "this squad is inherited and they are not my players" early manger appointment would avoid this. How many times have we heard "I needed a pre-season with the full squad and then things will be better" Early recruitment is needed to avoid this. A new manager would get at least the first season as a virtual 'free hit'. If we struggled or went down it would be that a 12 point (hopefully less on appeal) deduction was root cause and now the new manager has has a year with the squad it is time to build upon that. If we come mid table or even (dare to think) do well and push for play offs the man would quickly become a legend. In my opinion a new manager would get this transfer window, the winter one and at least the next summer one to build his squad and this could bring us the success we need to build and go forward. If Monk stays (again, in my opinion), recruitment wouldn't be of enough quality, tactics would be poor bringing around a sacking in November / December. A new manager would then say "these aren't my players, we need time and of course a preseason with the squad to make this better". I believe that Chansiri needs to act just like if it was a business (a failing business with lots of vacancies need key and quality personal to get that business going again). Our key personnel are obviously quality players, but the number one key personal is without a doubt the manager and we need a good one and fast. I don't subscribe to "we can't pull a decent manager" theme. Money talks and one would come if the terms were right, especially if the above is right.. A free season to work with (hopefully a good one) and building opportunities to embed a playing philosophy (hopefully, free flowing and entertaining) knowing they had time on their side. A perfect opportunity for a top, top manager. Come on Chansiri, make it so.
  4. Give it a rest. The manager is pants, at best. Now the judgement has been given (-12) we can move on and imo go get a manager that will do us justice. If you think about it positively then a manager might think, "minus 12, that means I'll get time, ie more than a season to put my stamp on things.". Step forward Pearson. This is the time for change Chansiri, take it!!!
  5. To the tune of DI CANIO FISAYO F - we're Fiesty I - intelegento S - Sheffield Wednesday A - all Wednesday Yoooo, oooo, oooh F, I, S, A, YO!!
  6. Over worried maybe, but this is still not posted on the official website. Why are Wednesday so crap with giving information out? Why are they so worried to keep us informed?
  7. Worried. Still nothing on official site.
  8. So, when we find out our fate which approach will Wednesday take towards the transfer window.? Late dealings - as usual, or sorted early. Every season we get the same excuses..... I haven't had. Pre-season with the squad and that is crucial. If we get players in late as we normally do then we won't have a pre-season again!! If we change managers, then sure that has to be done first and quickly!!
  9. Pearson Holllway Either of those and I'd be confident and happy, Nilsson and I would be ecstatic.
  10. I reckon they did, just with the other chief in place. As soon as this one came into power I think he thought, "right, let's make a name for myself. He agreed it and I don't agree with it! " and here we are... Might be why it is long and drawn out.
  11. Thing is, Fulham need to win because West brom lost last night to chuffing Huddersfield! There's still a chance for them to make autos. This has to fire them up and we could be like lambs to the slaughter. We have never been a team that would go and battle, bite and scratch at opponents. If west brom only got a point yesterday Fulham would've been a different animal.
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