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  1. Pearson is a leader. Just what we need. Maybe DC would change his ways, which is exactly what we want and need. How many times have we said he needs to listen, not to have a yes man and needs to be advised. This could be a gift horse!!!
  2. Maybe linked to Rooney B loody spitting everywhere!!!
  3. Desperately want Pearson. If not him then I would like to go in a different direction with fink.
  4. Nope Cowley. He was asked about Wednesday and he started with "I think we showed.. errr... they showed... " and continued. Clutching at straws but it was there to see, well hear.
  5. Need rallying at half time. They need to treat this like a cup final, up the energy and turn it into a fight.... we definitely won't do that!!!!
  6. Pelupessy didn't have a clue where that was there!
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