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  1. Sharp's jumanji Rhino LOOK OUT!
  2. Stockley from Charlton, Dean from Brum, a keeper from somewhere and a bleeding LEFT BACK!!!!
  3. I'm bloody sick of him. Crap tactics , playing it from the back.
  4. Just the same as every match for me. PLAY YOUR BEST TEAM MAN!!! BPF Storey Dean Hutchinson Hunt Luongo Byers Bannan Johnson Berahino Gregory
  5. Brilliant. Well done Wednesday and Moore. FFS if you can't get up for that game go and do one.
  6. Ooooo. Would've loved Dean for Dunkley and Byers in midfield!!!
  7. That bloody capitulation against Bolton is looking very costly... Well done tonight though, thank goodness!
  8. Phew, thought I'd read that script before!!!
  9. Come on Wednesday, it's bleeding crewe, not Barcelona. Switch on!
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