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  1. You'd rather have Hooper than Bright and Williams? Really? Not in the same league!
  2. Ha. The professional footballer doesn't cease to exist when he hits 32. Chrikey, you'd write players of that have gone on to do amazing things post 32! Open the mind a bit.
  3. My mate and I used to work at runnercare near redgates and this kit was delivered to our shop too early and in error. The 20 away shirts were numberer in the packets from 001 to 020. We were contacted and not allowed to sell them for over a week as they shouldn't have been released. I got serial number 002 and my mate got 001. True story, thought I'd share.
  4. I think if Chansiri got Sheff Wed TV going it would be an income spinner. £100 per year subscription, £10-15 per match home or away. Buy cameras and set up for Hillsborough and hook on to other grounds steam with our JP and RON as travelling commentators. I bet a huge number of fans would go for that. Just worked out that at £10 a game with subscriptions of £100 per season and just 4000 supporters buying would be worth over £3m per year.
  5. I liked the stadium Mock up that Lee Strafford published years back. Can't find the article though.
  6. Ok. Let's humour it. DC says he wants to out more money into club but authorities won't let him. Sell the ground to DC Cabs, Elev 8 or whoever for £80m (going rate set by Derby). Then simply 'gift' the stadium back at a later date. Gateway to investment?
  7. Possibly, but is it wrong or even not allowed? It's wrong that parachute payments are in but they don't seem to have an issue with that rather large donation. Okay then what about DC puts all ticket prices to £100, but all tickets come with a chairman 'help' of £60 towards the face cost of the ticket. Fans pay normal price and DC subsidises with a £60 donation per ticket. Therefore we only sell normally amount of tickets. Again just looking at ways for the owner to put in more of his money which he states he wants to do.
  8. Ah well. Just a thought. I don't see what is the difference between my £40 and Atti's, DC's or that is DC's family. Does he even have to declare its him? I'm quite certain that the EFL don't keep tabs on me, knowing when I used my card or bank account to purchase a ticket. I was just suggesting a way he could put more money into the club as he's stated that he wants to but can't find a way.
  9. Or sell the shares as mentioned above but then buy them back again.
  10. I have asked a couple of times but not had a response (that I have seen). Is there a reason that DC can't buy up all of the spare unsold tickets for home matches, effectively making them full houses (ticket sales wise)? This way we would have nearly twice the revenue as to what we get now. An example. If by Thursday we have 17000 unsold tickets DC buys them up and gives them to charitable organisations (that's more than half a million per home match - (worked out at 30 X 17000). Now they may not necessarily come, but so what? This enables DC to pour more money into the club which he has said he wants to do but can't. Is there a reason that he, or his family, are not allowed to purchase tickets and thus putting money into the profits of the club? If he can, he would be able to buy up all of the hospitality boxes too.
  11. Stop points scoring. He's done exactly what we asked for.... eventually. Let's all move on and lift the mood at Hillsborough.
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