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  1. gutted

    He was offside before that too. When free kick was struck he was offside.
  2. Positives.

    Positive for Carlos... DC has only been a chairman in football terns for 2 minutes and iz a lucky man that the chairman is a bit raw. Others would've got rid by now.
  3. iFollow

    Just come on. 1 min to kick off What a s#^@^ service. Don't they think people love hearing about the match?
  4. iFollow

    Anyone got commentary on yet?
  5. iFollow

    Stars in 6 mins you lobbers. PUT it ON!!!
  6. I think we have to say that we have had a bad start already. But if you look on form of last 6 games as pundits do then its horrific. L D D L W D And one of those draws was a penatly shoot out loss. The win was against L2 oposition. Poor to me.
  7. Harlee Dean

    I would welcome a £3m plus either Joao, fox, McGugan or possibly two of them! That may suit us for FFP.
  8. Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    Totally this. If Carlos thinks that Preston are one of the stronger teams......... they'll be bottom half at best
  9. Realistic Names to be next manager

    Why a neg for this 'barmyarmyowl' ? Just my thoughts. I have another one..........
  10. Realistic Names to be next manager

    Claudio Ranieri McCarthy Nilsson In that order.
  11. Tuesday Night vs. Chezzie

    Cc needs to take a stance on this one. I'd play the exact same team as today. They'll see this as a day off, let the young uns play...... Make em play against the league 2 cloggers and get them playing together!
  12. iFollow

    Thank God for that. 30 secs to kick off and the programme starts. Value for money!!@!
  13. "Don't panic,Mr Mainwaring".

    Thus is my main worry. The club always does this then complain that the player isn't ready for the season and playing catch up. Fed up of the amount of times I hear " the player would've been better with a proper preseason with us behind him." Every year I can remember!!
  14. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    Would like scrams view on this player!!