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  1. True, solid championship players, many that left us were lacking. I know I'm in the minority but I rated Forestieri and think that he's the only one I'd miss. I think that Izzy Brown will be the one with the individuality to win games. I'm happy overall.
  2. Players out V players in. Have to say, looking at it like this the club have done great business, reduced the age of the squad, no doubt reduced the wage bill AND have a better squad! Well done Wednesday! (Brackets are goals scored last year). I tried to line the players up on a like to like basis (where i could) Fox (3) - Penney Thorniley - Van Aken Bates - Chey Dunkley Hutchinson (1) - Flint Lee - Bashiru Murphy (9) - Katchunga Nuhiu (7) - Paterso
  3. The new efl app Is crap too. Only commentary no line ups, no stats like last year. Bloody rubbish.
  4. 5 mins of injury time for Wednesday, Birmingham pushing, were holding on and they go to Barnsley for all of that time!!!!!
  5. Been dropped today, or is he injured. Gutted for the lad.
  6. They bloody do it on one of the Wednesday podcasts. The wendnesday week I think. Make me cringe.
  7. Sooooo want ho. To rock up to Hillsborough as our new manager when the time is right!!!!
  8. If points deduction isn't recinded then heart says 17th head says 22nd If they are recinded , then 9th.
  9. Thats not what Ifollow emailed to me. I asked if they did a season ticket and they replied only on audio. They couldn't do a video linked on as sky were showing all saturday matches on TV. This meant they could only show midweek matches, which you could buy for £10 a match. They won't do a midweek season pass for bulk matches. From the horses mouth. (Ifollow)
  10. He would be a great signing!!! Doubt it would happen though.
  11. Nòooooooo. I wanted him at Wednesday. Proper goalkeeper him. Gutted!
  12. My take on it is slightly different. The only striker we have is very, very short on confidence and I saw the game v Walsall as an ideal opportunity to give Rhodes at least the first hour to bag himself a goal against a yeir 4 team. That could have got his season up and running, but instead the manager decided to play 3 defenders and 7 midfielders, almost arrogantly against a lesser team, as it "that will be enough". Poor decision.
  13. Why Chris? You have to live and die by your actions. Why should we be any different? Do Liverpool not consider themselves champions? Do the relegated teams turn up to play championship football and deny what happened last year?
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