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  1. Watched France V Spain last night, both put themselves under needless pressure time and again by playing out from the back. Both have world class stars
  2. Every player should be made to watch that , and Moore! Its how we all feel. Why is it always us in the last bleeding minute? I know other teams conced late bit 4 times out of 5 it's us! Why? Fed up with it. Move Moore on, get next one in and try again. Bluddy weekend and sport!
  3. That's right. Sheffield has the largest retention of people that goes to its universities than any other city in England. I do believe that giving these tickets away cheap is the answer, though £10 a game will not entice many. £5 a game would!! Forward thinking needed!!!
  4. I think we'll see a bit of character and bounce from last week, something we've not had for years! I love the start of season optimism!!!
  5. Well no, but I'm fuming with the fact that we seem to have played like 'it doesn't matter, I'll get another chance against these'. You have to put th away. Its no good being the best team and not winning. Moore needs to play his best team to start with and then make changes, not IMO keep something back and be loyal to someone whose not as good. I can't wait to get shidopo in as Johnson is nowhere near good enough. Lots wrong today, you could see it from the first minute.
  6. What a crap service. I started a chat with their troubleshooting dept, but they just never got back...... rubbish!
  7. Why are there Lways problems. Only white noise here. Fed up of it.
  8. Defo, not seen anything to write home about Wing as of yet.
  9. Great work. I would fear losing iorfa at this point though. I think Bannon and hutch have nailed their colours to the mast and won't move . Iorfa is now the key, I loved it how passionate he was at the end of the Donny match and hope he stays. He has been a cut above this division so far and what a partnership he has with Hutch. If Sims is still around I would have him if he would come. I think he would be, along with Theo and Sodipo the main 3 wingers we have. Brown is a decent back up and I think Johnson and Green are not the ones we need to rely on to be honest.
  10. Farrell Hunt, Lofra, Hutch, Gibson Byers, Adenrian Theo, Bannan, Brown Gregory I would live to see what Theo brings to us, very excited about him. I have seen nothing to suggest that Wing is the one, u've just seen arms flapping around and attitude when things don't go his way. At both Carlton and against Donny the wingers gave both our full backs many more problems than our wingers gave theirs and with that I'd like to see Gibson and wouldn't be adverse to see Palmer come on for Hunt. Palmer is OK defensively but lacks going forward was the mantra last year, though I have failed to see any attacking prowess from Hunt so far. I can't wait to see more of Shodipo (?) and hope he's back soon. Buyers coming on late at Donny allowed Bannon to get forward and they couldn't cope with him, many won't if we do that this season. Kambari has done well so far, but would take this opportunity to see what Gregory brings. Yes, I have seen all our matches this year.
  11. Frightens me to death. Why take the risk- it gifts 1 or 2 chances per match to opposition. Do we gain 1 or 2 chances through it per match? Maybe??
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