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  1. swinners

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Larry bloody May.
  2. swinners

    Heres summat radical

    This is along the lines as I have been thinking for more than a while now. DC says he WANTS to out more money in the club but the FFP won't let him. Why's stopping him buying up the (say) 16 thousands spare seats every match. This way he is putting in more cash as he says he WANTS to. Also, he could donate them to various causes if he found a way how to do say 10 thousand 'usual ' tickets that never go in good time.
  3. Went to a hospitality meal one christmas boxing day, though can't remember the year. Won a raffle and was presented by the shirt by Richard Wood in the lounge. Told him I wish he wasnplauing as he was injured. Left us shortly afterwards.
  4. swinners

    FFP and avoiding an embargo

    He's English too. With the ruling about English players in the top flight this could increase his value too.
  5. swinners

    FFP and avoiding an embargo

    That depends on if we get a transfer embargo. If we do you can bet your life that players like Wallace, Nuhui, etc will get signed on for another year. If we don't then happy days. Go again.
  6. And people are saying to throw silly money at Hirst. that would have the same effect but lower down the club.
  7. swinners


    could he be Semedo reincarnated?
  8. And now it is time to get behind the new manager altogether. No better time!!
  9. swinners

    FFP question.

    I meant buying the tickets as a way of getting money that he says he wants to invest. I didn't mean for him to then pass tickets on. Ie. 27000 tickets on match day, meaning he can then 'purchase' the other tickets 12000 ish and the empty boxes. They don't have to be used. But I take your point about loans. I just assumed he meant gifting the money.
  10. swinners

    FFP question.

    And. Where are his friends?
  11. swinners

    FFP question.

    But he said that he wanted to put more money in but wasn't allowed. He also said that if It was a case of him spending his money then that would be no problem. Wondered if there was a rule about him not being able to snap up the majority of the unsold seats.
  12. Just a quick question. If Chansiri wants to plough money into the club but is not allowed and the finanial sustainability is in question, then why can the chairman not just buy up all of the spare seats (tickets) and all of the corporate boxes per match? Is there a rule about that?
  13. this. he is an under developed kid who has a bit of prospect about him. that is all. he is not Neymar ready for action. This kid is definitely not yet ready for men's football. if we out him I he would be lost or broken. I want him to do well too, but giving him, say 15k a week at his stage of development is not just madness it would be negligible.
  14. so. 2 loans in and the 4 players you named to come back in. thats more than 60% of the team changed. id say a million miles off. The team is so disjointed from what the fans want to see. obviously they are playing to what the manager is asking. a 1-0 smash and grab attempt at home to Bristol City is just not good enough. this 1-0 (trying) attempt to win games like the old Italian teams used to do is boring and a waste of resources.