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  1. Something has just turned up again from an interview with Monk that makes my blood boil. "it was a red card, you'd have to ask the ref why he didn't give it" Thing is though, no one ever asks them do they? Would Dom Howson ask? Who has access to them? They seem to get away with stuff like this without question.
  2. "you'd have to ask the referee", thing is though, no one ever does, do they? They always get away Scott free from stuff like this. Who asks them?
  3. Fffffff (blows cheeks). Really? I did not get that at all from the game.
  4. Minute to go (96th) and reach gets frustrated with the crowd for getting on his back for passing it back to centre backs. He threw his arms up in the air to ask what he is supposed to do..... Well Mr reach. Play it bloody forward, you were not being pressured or harried. Take some responsibility!!
  5. Genuine question. I had no idea. Were we trying to get behind them, play in the channels, drill crosses in, play direct, fast break, through the middle? Seriously, non of us at half time could work out what the fizz we were trying to do, then we take iorfa off and move our ball wining midfielder to CB (so he would see more ball (according to Monk!) Inept, ill prepared and tactically null. We never looked up for this, or the Stoke game. The team looks disjointed, poorly balanced and under prepared. No phisicality and lack of speed doesn't help. Not good enough.
  6. Of course but I think you meant other than niggles. No one can be 100%, but if you are seriously in pain (foresteri with his knee as an example) then the level they are playing he would not be able to perform to the standard needed. One turn, one sprint to close down and the injury would errupt. I agree with you about discomfort but that's not the point that was being made. Take Wallace in the play off semi. Knew his groin was tight, played through the pain, overstretched in the first couple of minutes to close someone down and off he goes.
  7. But you can't play with pain. You'd be the first to point out if a player couldn't get to a tackle (couldn't be arsed) or didn't run enough (stealing a living) or couldn't train (commitment isssue). You need to be fit at this level. It's not the dog and duck.
  8. Ha, thanks. It took me 3 attempts to get Odubajo right! So is borner not injured then?
  9. Whose not available for forest? Hutchinson - suspended Odubajo - suspended Is Bornor injured?
  10. Yep. Had a season ticket when I did as a lad. On the kop.
  11. Woaaaahhh. What a silly question? Good grief. I'd rather rugby get wiped from existence if it mean 3 points for us!
  12. Where does this stuff stop? By the officials interpretation of the rules an opposition can stand directly in front of the keeper and as long as he doesn't touch the ball it's okay. Why not three of them? Crap decision and totally wrong.
  13. Difference is when Hull get it down it sticks and they can produce patterns of okay. Wednesday can't get it to stick and that's poor. We just turn it over again and again!!!!
  14. Did the commentator just say we had the oldest squad in the league???
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