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  1. WC1Owl

    A dose of reality

    Here's another relevant point: the apartment building "the 42" in Kolkata is currently India's tallest building.
  2. WC1Owl

    A dose of reality

    Not good last night, but if you'd offered me two points off the playoffs after 8 before the season started, I would have taken it.
  3. WC1Owl


    At fault for the first goal, and not a direct replacement for Pelupessy, but I didn't think he stood out as bad compared to most of the lads last night. Hs got a bit of running, is hard to knock off the ball (when every other player seemed to be allergic to it last night).
  4. Fair point! But the BBC's annual report is intended for public consumption so there are simple summaries. But the key thing is that the BBC is not really allowed to get into debt. So it has to pay its way through the licence fee and commercial income.
  5. The BBC's accounts are published. You could have a look.
  6. Yes, I would be very surprised indeed if the BBC has offered the club a bespoke deal. And in this instance, I have relevant first-hand knowledge.
  7. WC1Owl

    Bannan lauds Joey

    Yep. I honestly think Hutch, who has been a great servant, has run his course as a mainstay of the team.
  8. WC1Owl

    there’s something about Jos....

    ngl was wobbling a week ago, but I'm back on the Job Bus now! 2nd international break - that's the time to take stock.
  9. Pleasantly surprised to find this on the telly when I got home this evening. Relieved to get a win on the board!
  10. WC1Owl

    Danny Batth on loan

    to be fair, I think we were wrong in that assessment, and he's built on his experience since then. He's not going to play much in the Prem, so I can see a Champ club coming in for him.
  11. WC1Owl

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    He's a yank - was on loan at the Sty last season, did pretty well, I believe? (and was then at Ipswich)
  12. Haven't read most of this thread. I would usually say (and said it last season about Carlos) that it would be premature to sack a manager before around the second international break. This time, I'm not so sure. We've had good runs under Jos, but on the whole he isn't living up to his CV. It seems to me that the basics, when your playing staff isn't what you would want it to be in terms of quality, is that you get them organised and working hard for each other, which creates a virtuous circle. And that doesn't seem to be happening. I still think it might be a bit early, to change horses, but I'd have to say I think he's on borrowed time.
  13. WC1Owl

    Reinstate Stuart Gray

    If Fulham carry on the way they're going maybe we could even get his boss.
  14. Anyway, that wasn't a classic, but it's a win and a clean sheet. Matias putting in a proper shift was good to see, and the usual reliables were reliable.