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  1. Jesus Christ, I was just settling in to watch that and then that flipping horrible music kicked in.
  2. Gossip

    I deleted because I didn't want to get into a row about it! I don't know who it is, though.
  3. Five wins in seven games

    36% win percentage so far in the circumstances is pretty good, to say the least.
  4. Many posters on here were ready to call it for Leeds early doors as well.
  5. All I want now is a bit of decent form and creative ambition for the remainder of the season. A bit of positivity to take into the summer. I've gone back and forth on this, but now I think Jos has done enough to deserve a shot next year.
  6. The Run-In (8 Games to Go)

    I'd be very surprised if we went down from here, but I thought the same a month ago. I think we've done just about enough, and been helped out by how bad the teams below us are.
  7. We're getting worse under Jos

    I'm not "losing faith". I was optimistic because of his record. I would still say that he deserves a go at it next season, but not as firmly as I would have said that 2 weeks ago.
  8. Still 7pts clear

    But yes, I agree. I think we'll be OK.
  9. Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    It's too early to tell, surely? There are good signs and less good signs, and this massive injury crisis hanging over us affects everything. I think we probably won't go down this season, and then he deserves a summer transfer window and a shot next season.
  10. Good news (and we need some right now!) If this is Meire's work, I take my hat off to her.
  11. This kind of crazy talk is divisive and unhelpful.
  12. Don’t know why anyone’s worried. Two banks of four and Clueless Carlos will have no plan b amirite.