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  1. Championship

    Hang on, I thought last season was our last chance?
  2. Promotion form?

  3. This isn't going to be relevant to us anyway.
  4. "This thing that I just made up is disgusting blackmail"
  5. No pace

    Is there any way one can mute the word "pace" on here?

    To maximise our chances of hanging on to our best prospects we need to be in the premier league and with a category 1 academy. Pretty sure we aspire to both these things but at this time we might not be able to hang on to Hirst. As Ash says, that's regrettable but I would confidently guess that nobody is a villain here. This is all just part of the game.

    If Hirst wants to make bank, he needs to go to a premier league club. Their business model for kids is very different - they can command significant loan fees and favourable terms on wages for loanees because loaning a Chelsea or Man City kid is a very different business from loaning a Wednesday kid. There's no way we're going to compete with PL clubs on a new contract for a kid who is a way off being championship first team ready. Even the likes of Leicester wont care so much about that as we do, because they will be able to mitigate their investment as described above. It's not an insult to offer him a contract that sensibly matches our strategy, even if his PL counterparts are making much more. It's not a flounce for him to reject it because he thinks he can do better. If he won't sign we'll try and flog him in the next window, with tribunal compo as the backup. This is what everybody expects to happen and nobody's having a meltdown about it except on here.
  8. He looks like a stretched Jordan Rhodes.
  9. The Sanity Club

    sign me up owlsman There's a time to seriously consider a change, and I'd argue that that is at the second international break. At the moment, if Carlos should go, so should Jokanovic, Bruce, Rowett, Grayson, Monk and Stam - all of whom will be under just as much pressure as Carlos is to deliver this season. Of course, when you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous. Edit: I was looking at the September and October fixtures and thinking there aren't a lot of easy games. But I wonder if easy games are pretty much a thing of the past in this division now.
  10. I don't think I answered the question. I think we'll be in contention again. I'd say 50% chance of top 6, 25% chance of top 2, 25% chance of not making the top 6. I think that's a perfectly reasonable position for us to be in. It's simply not realistic to expect guaranteed promotion. If we don't at least finish 3rd or make the play-off final, I can see Chansiri thinking it's time for a change at the end of the season. I think we'd have to be in dire straits for any managerial change to happen mid-season.
  11. I wish I could you a billion upvotes @sonofbert2
  12. Bolton game....my take

    Thanks for this! Hoping for a rebound at Burton.
  13. Team v Burton

    Same team as for Fulham please. Rest Pudil for Bolton - give Venancio a start if Loovens isn't ready...
  14. Boyd and Hunt

    Someone behind me was giving Boyd stick for tracking back, on the rationale that it was Hunt's job.