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  1. Dont understand?

    Maybe Bob would like to explain which part of that post is inaccurate.
  2. Dont understand?

    No opinion on the performance, haven't seen any of it yet, but we've kept a clean sheet against one of the top-perforing sides so far, extended an unbeaten run and climbed the table. There have been worse days.
  3. Think I said after Derby that if we were badly off the pace before the next break I could see the arguments for getting rid. But the Derby game gave us some pride back after a tough patch, and it seems we've been pretty solid since then, and are currently on course to match the last two seasons. It would simply be irrational to make a change in such circumstances.
  4. I'd be cautious of making potentially premature predictions myself. Plenty on here wanted to call the season off and just give Leeds the trophy a few weeks ago.
  5. Butterfield

    Filthy foreign muck. There are three permissible actions in proper English footer: (i) Kick it directly forwards (ii) SHOOOOOOT (iii) kick an opposition player up the aris.
  6. Pulis would obviously be an excellent appointment, leaving aside his questionable business ethics. Would find it very amusing though when all the people who've been complaining for a year about negative football welcome hi with open arms.
  7. Ryan Giggs

    Giggs managed 4 games as a caretaker manager 3 years ago. The only more ridiculous suggestion I've heard is Neville.
  8. If not Carlos Carvalhal, Who?

    The moment has passed, but Giggs or Neville?
  9. Just got back

    It's the sensible time to make a change, as I've always argued (although I think I may have erroneously referred to it as the 2nd international break more than once). You've given the current coach a decent shot, you still have a bit of time before the January window for a new coach to assess the squad and make a wishlist, and it's not too late to make a charge up the table. I also don't think it's impossible that we win the next three and everything looks very different at that point.
  10. Just got back

    My heart sank after the penalty incident remembering how we went to pieces after the blunts got an early goal. But we came out of that with some dignity and could have easily nicked the point, albeit that Derby's negativity after taking the lead gifted us the initiative. I try to stay out of the carlos in/out banter on here these days but if we're badly off the pace heading into the next international break, I can see DC making a change. I was telling my Derby mate I went to the game with that I would lay money on it being another foreign manager rather than the likes of Pardew or Allardyce though.
  11. On my way! Only my second game of the season and that was an away victory too (at Fulham) so feeling positive even though I go to derby every year and we never get roger all.
  12. What's the original source?
  13. Sky Championship Table Predictor

    Here's some more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system
  14. Sky Championship Table Predictor

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11076315/sky-sports-championship-predictor-where-are-leeds-aston-villa-and-others-tipped-to-finish-this-season "The Sky Sports predictor is based on a system called Elo, originally set up to rate chess players. It takes into account form, who your team still has left to play, and how well a team has done in previous seasons."
  15. Maybe I phrased this badly. I don't mean physically.