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  1. WC1Owl

    7 from 9

    Yep, Bully and the players can be proud.
  2. People saying that the law shouldn't be involved in anything that happens on the pitch - there's obviously no such doctrine. People drawing the comparison with what would be criminal physical assaults if they didn't happen during the game - there's established precedent that playing in the game indicates consent to assaults incurred in the course of the game. Obviously there's a limit. There's no equivalent doctrine as far as I know for racial abuse. All of that said, it seems obvious to me that this conduct (saying for the sake of argument that it happened) wouldn't have led to criminal proceedings had they not happened so publicly.
  3. WC1Owl

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    hot take: I'm going to wait and see.
  4. WC1Owl

    Extended Highlights

    This was my first game in person for a while. I don't think the YouTube video is going to capture the true feeling of watching a pretty abject Rotherham side go ahead as freezing rain blew into my face.
  5. We're suffering from a perfect storm combination of a brutal long-term injury crisis (which you can argue is partly due to excessive recruitment of older players, but I don't think that's the full story), failing to get promoted after spending heavily (which happens to many clubs - look at Fulham and Derby: you can come back from this) and a manager who came in brightly but ran out of ideas (and his successor being given a pig in a poke). There's not much point dwelling on the past IMO. And I also think that the collective Owlstalk obsession with transparency can effectively never be satisfied (fwiw I don't believe Michael Brown - surely you'd rather have Westwood on a contract so you can sell him). It's common in this division for teams to do well for a couple of years then have a couple of off years. We have no divine right to be doing any better. I think it's most likely that we've missed our shot at promotion for at least another couple of years, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to burn Hillsborough to the ground.
  6. WC1Owl

    Man of the match

    This. We've obviously got a lot of work to do, and desperaely need the creativity of FF and MM back, but there were positives to take from tonight. And it chagrins me to say it, but in full flow the blunts look pretty great.
  7. Hard to see any positives in that display. Went for Bannan, although maybe I shouldn’t have considering how much of the ball he had and how little we accomplished with it. Midweek games in London, we seem to always suck.
  8. We've been over this enough times at this point...
  9. They've been amortising in the books over the length of their contracts - there's no accounting hit when they leave. It's all upside in saved salary.
  10. WC1Owl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    We were off our game in too many areas, and some of the passing around the back was wildly reckless. But Boro are a Tony Pulis team full of experienced pros and they Pulised us.
  11. WC1Owl

    It's a car crash of a season?

    I missed last night because my Sky is on the fritz. By all accounts we were pretty good for most of the game and have now held two of the strong favourites for automatic promotion in the space of a week. A quarter of the season gone and we're a point off the playoffs. I would have taken that any point in 2018. Emotionally, one feels that we're prone to glass chin moments, but the stats seem to show that we're actually pretty resilient. And I think it's right that our young players will, on balance, improve over the course of the season. And a few of our old stagers may have peaked (thinking of Pudil and Fletcher in particular) but still have plenty to offer. If we can make it to 6th while half of Owlstalk says we're in a false position or papering over the cracks, I'll be pretty satisfied. I acknowledge, though, that there's plenty of strong competition, so we could easily fall off the pace.
  12. WC1Owl

    10 Games In...

    The field will start to spread out soon enough. 2nd international break is where it should be clearer where we stand. We have a run of 7 games in that tiime including the current league leaders and third in the league at home and the blunts away. If we're in touch with the top 6 at that point I'll be very happy. I'm not going to make any predictions. I really think it could go either way. 2 games out of 3 I'm happy with how we're playing but we're prone to the odd shocker and we need to stop that.
  13. WC1Owl

    In other games today

    hang on, how come we have to play the top team twice in a row? Fix.
  14. had a wobble a few weeks ago but am all in now. Team Tache.