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  1. The slight worry for me is that for it to count as a genuine transaction I assume that the EFL requires some assurance that the leaseback relationship will be on a commercial arms length basis. And of course, we can only do it once. It's doubling down on spending to get promoted with all of those risks - but the very real question is, what's the alternative?
  2. Surely a typo and it's £1.4M. Would take it.
  3. Bolton players refusing to play as they haven’t been paid.
  4. It's not out of the question that his goals could have made the difference.
  5. I'm reading equivocation or uncertainty into "as it stands". Am I over-reading? If this is true, I couldn't be more delighted for him. He gets another crack at the PL next season as well as his Championship winner's medal and a possible double figure goal tally this season. And we get paid - everyone wins.
  6. Honestly, if Leeds win the playoffs and go up that way, are they worse than Fulham last season? I don't think so, myself. Other than the occasional team that runs away with it, I don't think the league varies in quality much from one season to another. At the end of every season people warn that this was our chance and next season will be impossible, and then they say the same thing 12 months later.
  7. Bit surprised by the negativity here. L**ds outclassed a Wednesday side running on fumes. No shame, for me.
  8. I tend to disagree with the generality of the proposition that the championship will be harder next year, which crops up towards the end of every season. But agree we have challenges rebuilding the squad in the face of P&S restrictions. In conclusion, I think we will finish somewhere between 3rd and 16th.
  9. I said on the other thread that we shouldn't offer him a new contract. But if we do, and he stays fit next season, I'll be delighted to have been wrong.
  10. Gave it to Double M. The makeshift midfield 2 exceeded my expectations.
  11. Gutting to lose like that. Is it mathematically over? If we play for pride now, and to try and get that top ten finish, so be it, what's happened since Jos was sacked has been a credit to everybody at the club.
  12. Fair point. Maybe they're message board unicorns.
  13. As good as we all know Hooper is, with his wages and his injury record, and our P&S situation, it would be reckless to offer him anything more than a pay as you play deal.
  14. I confess I didn't run all the scenarios.
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