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  1. Must win the next 2 then I’ll get excited.
  2. Got to beat the 4 around us & qpr. leeds & Norwich games very tough.
  3. They made a reight mess last year. ripping down advertising/pitch invasions etc Earlier KO this time around....
  4. Must beat the 4 teams around us. draw v stoke & beat QPR. think we’ll struggle to contain Leeds & Norwich leaves us on 71. big ask & we need favours from derby & bristol city with their games in hand... That goal difference won’t help either!
  5. The atmosphere V Brighton in the Semi was outstanding. the whole kop stood... (or at least the top section did)
  6. DC tried to buy out City taxis but the two were miles out in valuations
  7. DC met with Jaguar but couldn’t come to an agreement. If we went up they were under the impression DC would go back in for it but we all know how that panned out...
  8. We need 36 points at least from 17 games.....
  9. We’ll need about 74 points regardless. We’re on 38....
  10. Our goal difference is terrible. we need at least 11 wins & 2/3 draws from our remaining 17 games.....
  11. Big month. got to be looking at 9-10 points from next 5 games.
  12. Deserved win. we won’t be so lucky missing so many chances against better teams though.
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