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  1. I hope Jos can sort the issue out with Winnall. Keep these five fit & performing and they should all reach double figures. Hooper FF Joao Nuhiu Winnall we’ll struggle to move the others on because of big contracts.
  2. Cheshire for a week like I said last week. Mottram Hall I believe..
  3. Owen stands out by a distance for me (hat trick)
  4. richowl

    Pre season then ?

    I announced it last week
  5. richowl

    Pre season then ?

  6. richowl

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Maclean is still banging them in at 35yrs old. got a hat-trick for st Johnstone at the weekend.
  7. richowl

    Hooper, Fletcher and Lee

    Hooper looked like he was still hobbling about yesterday... Such an important player for us.
  8. Hopefully. 20ew on Higgins @ 8/1 riding on it
  9. Going to Cheshire for a week
  10. You can have pretty much whatever you want in America. i’ve got M385 WFC on retention. It’s going on my new motor soon
  11. Got two copies & match ticket (62 & 72). not signed though. Great item that.
  12. richowl

    Kyle Bartley

    Looks good on paper. shame Hutchinson is a crock & Bartley highly likely to be out of our price range.
  13. En route to Walsall away in 2002 (won 3-0) I told my mates that I was gonna catch the match today.... i did.....