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  1. Ipswich Away Tickets

    Those prices would be a welcomed suprise. we'll charge them an obscene amount for the return fixture so I'm not holding my breath
  2. Just a rumour...

    Took training as normal this morning & is now watching the under 23's
  3. Just a rumour...

    Nothing to see here
  4. Villa away

    These on sale tomorrow?
  5. Carlos out...

    Just read the other threads Mrs Cotton. sorry I upset you so much attending games have this effect sometimes. you have my heartfelt condolences xx
  6. Carlos out...

    How did it sound from your armchair Dot? Decent?
  7. Carlos out...

    Chants started today. normally the start of the end. it's a shame because I the bloke and wish he'd take us up but it's clearly not going to happen.
  8. To all the happy clappers

    Lots of £20 notes been waved about & Carlos out chants on the bottom tier today
  9. Priority Points. Becoming a closed shop.

    There's plenty of games throughout the season where you'd easily get a ticket. those wanting to get tickets for high profile/low allocation games need to go other games too. see you at Ipswich/millwall/QPR in midweek
  10. Abdi

  11. Abdi

    Won 5-0 & I think he scored