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  1. richowl

    Alan Nixon

    DC is back in town tomorrow so we’ll see if there’s anything in it.
  2. richowl

    Alan Nixon

    It’s time for us to appoint a manager with experience in this league.
  3. richowl

    West stand ....

    Correct. plans are in place but we could be waiting years.
  4. richowl

    Carlos Twitter

    How many clean sheets did we keep in the first 2 years? poo loads.
  5. richowl

    Carlos Twitter

    In the first game we didn’t turn up/bottled it. in semi v Huddersfield we go 1 up. Huddersfield on the ropes looking very vulnerable. Off goes fletcher & we play 1-10-0. The rest is history. Over the 2 legs we got what we deserved. fizz all. Only one team went out to have a proper go and it wasn’t us. .....Carlos & training?
  6. richowl

    Carlos Twitter

    Now that is debatable
  7. richowl

    Carlos Twitter

    If Carlos was here Lee & Hooper would be playing even though their fizzed. Training would be non existent. He’d be talking in riddles. no thanks
  8. richowl

    Carlos Twitter

    Don’t want him anywhere near us. his signings & fitness/training (or lack off) has killed us
  9. richowl

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    He was down at the training ground yesterday & looked to be walking fine without crutches so must be well into his rehab.
  10. Trains a no go this weekend then?
  11. richowl

    Blackburn Away

    Enlighten us. (presume you’ve just looked at trainline)
  12. You’d have to ask the senior professionals...
  13. Not much else to add to what I originally said & tbh I don’t really want to delve too much into it. jos has a strict training schedule....