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    Corruption is rife in every sport going as well as your general occupations. i know an ex Olympic cyclist who 'threw' a race after the eventual winner offered him money to let him past... i know a bloke who works at schools doing refits & he bungs the bloke a brown envelope who gets the quotes/work done so he gets the job. It'll never be stopped. Cash is King.
  2. We called it early on too. we had to have a laugh when it got awarded.
  3. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Will genuinely believes that. i know,scary.
  4. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Seems like Willy watched a totally game to everyone else then.
  5. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Calm down Irvine & crack on with championship manager
  6. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Such a simple theory for a simple guy.
  7. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    You think villa were the better side?

    100% bang on the money
  9. Young George Hirst

    ...And that Mr Chansiri was in attendance via video link. maybe it'll finally get sorted one way or another.
  10. Young George Hirst

    Heard there was a meeting this morning between the CEO,Hirst Jr & Hirst Sr.
  11. Millwall away

    This was bang on to be fair. got parked up in an area like the manor though only 5 mins to ground.
  12. Tonight’s away following...

    Just got in. apart from JP's screamer it was horrendous. a positive it's another ground ticked off & onto 72