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  1. The majority of the 1935 Fa cup final programmes are creased down the middle (believe it rained that day and they were folded up and put in the back pocket) if you can find one that’s not creased it’s worth a fortune!
  2. Got the programme from the game that never was because of covid -19. Nottingham Forest at home. (Maybe worth a quid in years to come)
  3. Got loads from the 50’s onwards. most valuable? 1935 Fa cup final.(Amongst lots of 1935 memorabilia) Got a few signed aswell.
  4. He’ll be 3/1 within the next couple of hours
  5. Missed a call yesterday. Received the follow up call today. All sorted in a couple of minutes
  6. And he’s sold off Hillsborough. deep trouble
  7. 9 games in and still 10 points from safety. league one here we come.
  8. 7m over 4 years. sold on the cheap (In today’s market) & not replaced.
  9. Phenomenally talented player. First player on the team sheet for me. that goal v Brighton was unbelievable.
  10. Can you ‘bubble’ yourself with people on other stands/areas etc?
  11. Hindsight eh? my reasoning was off the field issues.
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