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  1. Bannan is the problem

    The same happened with Antonio. Some of our fans really don't have a clue.
  2. Bannan is the problem

    Take it your the mug who's posted the same on Facebook/twitter
  3. We'll need to average 2 points a game just to sneak a playoff spot
  4. ...And won once. what does it take for change?
  5. We have a cracking record in this sphere.
  6. Right, I've cracked

    His time was up in the summer. he could've left with his head held high (to and extent bar hull & Huddersfield games). only we can mess up on a mess scale with the resources at our disposal.
  7. Flint

    Says who? Bristol turned down bids of 5m+
  8. It's Kicked off every time I've been to the sty.
  9. Carlisle hopefully to tick a ground off
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Badge

    Our football is that boring even the owl has fallen asleep
  11. How do you boo tactics
  12. Rhodes' has missed two sitters in the last couple of games
  13. Where are those prices?!
  14. Same here. 700 + miles this week. lets hope we get a couple of wins