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  1. We need to use the money on a couple of replacements or it’s a pointless move.
  2. Maybe so but he’ll always possess the attributes to cause teams major problems. he needs to be the main man at a club.....Maybe he’ll get that at reading. Him & the big striker who scored against us Saturday could form a decent partnership
  3. None of our remaining strikers have the talent & technical ability that Joao possesses. Antonio used to receive the same stick about his work rate (some of it justified on both accounts) and we all know how that ended up. 5m-7m is a great price for reading imo.
  4. CC’s training (or lack of) methods were just as bad
  5. It did go under a major refurb & to be fair most of it needed doing. Bruce just pushed for it to be done.
  6. He’s still off though...
  7. Yeah he’s in training
  8. He was having a meeting with DC 2-3 hours ago at the ground.
  9. Jansson & Pinnock at the back. A potentially brilliant partnership.
  10. Penney must’ve impressed Bruce when we played villa last season. He had a fantastic game.
  11. Got a right collection of 1935 FA cup memorabilia. 1st edition book like the one above... 1966 FA Cup memorabilia & loads from the 90’s finals.
  12. What’s that CB like we’ve been linked with plays for st Johnstone I think?
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