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  1. richowl

    Sold out

    We paid 28ish for villa (plus the £2.50 from new street -witton)
  2. richowl

    Birmingham away details

    https://raileasy.trainsplit.com/default.aspx i use this site for train tickets
  3. richowl


    Not really unlucky. it was a sitter. that goes in and it’s game over. overall he played very well though. Great to see.
  4. richowl

    Player songs - non existent

    Lucas Joao’s has changed to ‘twist & shout’ at away games this season.
  5. richowl

    Leeds fan in peace

    70ish broken seats In the away end about 2.5k + labour to replace
  6. Easily the worst run catering department at a football ground in the country.
  7. richowl

    Man City at home 2002...

    The game I’m thinking off was ‘official’. Much later than 1991 too...
  8. richowl

    Man City at home 2002...

    Sure the pigs had a strip of the north stand can’t remember the year though..
  9. richowl

    Signed shirt

    Fell onto a winner I think. £70. It came amongst a lot with some old programs too. any ideas where to get it framed reasonably priced?
  10. richowl

    Team for Villa

    Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Penney Bannan Pelupessy Onomah Joao Fletcher Reach
  11. richowl


    So, like i said in the first comment Your claiming the game would’ve panned out the exact same way had Nuhiu found a man & they didn’t go up the other end and score. life is so simple...
  12. richowl


    ‘If they don't score the 2nd then we walk away with an undeserved point.‘
  13. richowl


    We’re massively missing Westwood’s experience, organisation skills & his ability to command the area. when we’re playing (attempting) counter attack football like tonight, Westwood has proved previously he can be a big asset. The future maybe Dawson/wildsmith but Westwood is far superior in every department stated.
  14. richowl


    So your saying the EXACT same pattern of play would’ve occurred had he found a man with the pass?
  15. richowl

    Next 6

    2 of each is my guess & from that lot I’d be happy with it.