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  1. I think the blow for the media in all this has been softened by the arrival of Vincent Kompany's Burnley.
  2. Interesting snippet of an interview with Vaulks here. Seems that Cardiff stopped playing him so they didn't have to activate a contract extension clause. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61933023
  3. More angry than upset was the 4-0 hammering away at Leyton Orient. Such a miserable performance. Of all the awful performances I have witnessed that was the first, and to this day only, game that I have left early. Think I left after about 75 minutes.
  4. Been to most grounds in North Wales to see Cymru Premier games. In Europe I have been to Barca v Espanyol, Real Madrid V Sevilla and AC Milan V Empoli (possibly the worst game I have watched). When in the US I went to see Seattle V Minnesota Unite, that was good fun. I overhead one woman saying to her friend that she only comes to watch the second half as nothing interesting happens in the first half. They had these really cringe worthy 'super fans' with loud speakers who stand on plinths singing awful songs to get the crowd going.
  5. I am more half full. To be honest, I just want promotion and would be happy if we just lumped it forward all year and won every game 1-0.
  6. If Vaulks injures him sen wi that celebration there is going to be a meltdown on here. DM needs to have a quiet word.
  7. That Leicester shirt is very nice apart from the appallingly large sponsor logo.
  8. Yeah, best we avoid signing any players that are that good they get called up for their national side.
  9. Didn't see Luongo lurking in the background. He seems a no nonsense kind of guy. Hope he does a job for us.
  10. That Hearts top reminds me of that isometric paper you used at school to draw 3D shapes.
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