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  1. He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit
  2. Monk's fault for playing him under current circumstances. Doing a Jos and playing kids who aren't ready for the first team.
  3. Can't get much worse. With Fletcher out injured, I can't comprehend how we haven't signed a striker when our options are Winnall, Rhodes, and Nuhui. That's League 1 front line at best.
  4. Off the back of 5 defeats in 6 I'd be happy for Monk to switch it up, even if for a change in player chemistry. It's not really going to get much worse I know Fletcher isn't fit yet, I was just stating 3 players I'd like in the squad right now.
  5. It's not like we've got options. I'd like to see Westwood, Forestieri and Fletcher back. Before you neg, consider this current teams performances.
  6. Well at least Monk has finally acknowledged that we're sh*t, great timing at the end of the transfer window. Not that we'd have signed anyone anyway.
  7. 5 losses in 6. Relegation form. Stoke Cardiff Hull Blackburn Wigan Some very poor sides there. This isn't a blip. Yet to make one relevant signing this window.
  8. Thought from the title that this was a transfer rumour
  9. Not just saying this, but I genuinely didn't see Pelupessy once all game.
  10. Iorfa. Stopped Maupay scoring into an open net in the first half and denied them all game. Destined for the PL, hopefully with us.
  11. If you have a look on their forum, the first 3 pages of the match day thread are all filled with puns about "MASSIVE" They're beyond bitter
  12. Yeah, very rare he leaves the 6 yard box. I just meant it was poor.
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