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  1. May well have been the cause of our 2 - 4 loss to pigs. Just for that show of non-defending he shouldn't see the first team. I've never rated him, I think we can do better. Cut our losses and sell.
  2. Worst thing to happen to this club in recent history.
  3. Then let's an easy save in moment after. No consistency, poor keeper.
  4. Dawson fizzed up already, didn't think it'd take long.
  5. We want to win, we don't give a poo about the pigs.
  6. And you're allowed to. There's a group of fans who, for some reason, think players should be immune to criticism. I hate it when Bazza gets possession, spins around the ball a couple of times then lays it off backwards, but when he does stuff right he'll get equal amounts of praise.
  7. Sorry, thought you were implying Winnall was subbed for Nuhiu then scored
  8. It was Fletcher who was subbed, due to injury.
  9. If only we'd had a competent manager from the start of the season.
  10. He was fantastic while Westwood was injured, there was talk of it being difficult for Westwood to get the No. 1 back off him as he performed that well. The following season he sank into obscurity - definitely an injustice he's not out getting games.
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