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  1. Chansiri is so stubborn and lost that much of his family's money that rather than sell us for a loss, I fully expect him to drag us down to oblivion with him out of spite. There's more chance of League 2 or liquidation under his ownership.
  2. We've still got the same gash players. We're going to find it hard to win with this squad, whomever the manager is. Pulis seems more competent than Monk so far, at least.
  3. https://youtu.be/XtlOnnM2EJo Glad we sorted that mess out.
  4. Monk won't be going anywhere. Why do people seem to think Chansiri will sack him? I'll happily eat my words, but it's not happening.
  5. It's depressing to see Pelupessy in most teams, I know we don't have other options, but it's still depressing.
  6. I genuinely believe we would have been pushing for promotion under Bruce.
  7. DO NOT read this Sheffield Wednesday FACT
  8. vs Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe. Who seriously believed that we'd achieve that? Anyone want to take the bet that we'll get 0 points and be Wycombe's first win of the season?
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