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  1. Sykes

    Team news

    Not as good as he thinks he is, hasn't done much to prove otherwise.
  2. Sykes

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    Did you even watch the game today? Bullen has done an immense job picking up from the shambles that Jos left, the only reason we've drawn tye last two is bad luck, we were all over Birmingham today.
  3. Any other day that's 3 points, just our luck. Even though its a draw it's amazing to see quality football being played again, just goes to show how badly we were set up previously.
  4. This "long term plan" baffles me, I've heard it mentioned a few times now. Please enlighten me what his plan. Was it to take us to League 1? I've nothing against him now he's left but the man didn't have a clue, he was way out of his depth.
  5. Sykes

    Play your Best Players

    You must be the only one who did then.
  6. Something something long term plan
  7. Sykes

    Grim. Dull. Attritional.

    Even more competitive when you're sh*t!
  8. Sykes

    Grim. Dull. Attritional.

    We scraped a win against a side that is somehow worse than we are. I think we'd all take more wins but if that's our style of play then good luck finding them, there's not one team in the bottom half of the table that I'm confident that we can beat, never mind the top.
  9. Behave. Other clubs advertise sponsors, we advertise more ways to get money off our fans and dear leader Chansiri.
  10. Not sure how many noticed but the advertisements are disgusting, a few I've noticed during the game: match day hospitality, silver/gold memberships, walk out with players, kits on sale, subscribe to iFollow, stadium tour, VIP mascots... Some of these experiences are £500+ vat! Thanks for the investment, Mr. Chansiri.
  11. For anyone who hasn't I'd recommend that you read up on our manager: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jos_Luhukay Jos got a couple of 2. Bundesliga teams promoted and was quickly sacked/resigned the following seasons as the teams he got promoted were in relegation battles in their new league, he could never establish a foothold in the German 1st division. The EFL Championship is just as competitive as Bundesliga, nevermind 2. Bundesliga. How was hiring him as the manager of a team wanting promotion to the Premier league justified? If we were going for a foreign unknown manager, why would we go for somebody who's success is inconsistent and in an unequal league to that of our own?
  12. Sykes

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    6th in the table was an extremely false position. 3/5 of our wins are vs Reading, Millwall and Ipswich, some of the poorest teams in the Championship. Forest was one of the worst overall displays I've seen from us this season. Leeds was another attacking onslaught against us akin to scenes we saw again on Friday, only thanks to a Reach worldie did we scrape a point from that one. Credit where it's due, we played well against West Brom going forward but we fell apart at the back yet again and threw 2 points away, we could have had a repeat of this game against Bristol and despite a couple of goals in quick succession from Joao, the defence was very poor and they piled on the pressure after scoring a 80th minute penalty. We then go on to get beaten by Middlesborough, only scoring via another Reach worldie, QPR, Birmingham and Norwich all thrash us. I'm not even going to go into the Utd game as I'm sure 99% of fans have come to the consensus that it was embarrassing. If this continues then lets hope that beating the teams below us and scraping draws is enough to keep us floating above the drop zone.
  13. Sykes

    Derby game in March

    If Jos is still in charge I'd expect much of the same. When we played them under Jos last season we were in a dire situation with our squad but we still made an effort to attack. Fast forward to this year we have more issues with the squad but that's due to the man's tactics and selection. We've gone backwards and need a new guy in charge that can get us playing football because whatever that was last night was horrible to watch.
  14. He's been frozen out for whatever reason and we play Pelupessy in his place. Would you not be frustrated?
  15. Sykes

    Proving his Point...

    Great nit-picking. I hope he does his job, just as I hope Pelupessy, Nuhiu and Baker do when they play, but to act like we don't need better at this level is naive.