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  1. Very questionable substitute replacing Bannan with Nuhiu. Refs a cočk
  2. Very worried about Dawson, really weak in the air
  3. Luongo is starting. Formation looks to be 4 - 5 - 1 as Bannan, Reach, Luongo, Pelupessy and Harris all starting * didn't see you mentioned Lee too. Oops
  4. Hopefully he's learnt that we need new strikers in come January. Winnall/Rhodes/Nuhiu are not good enough for a side supposedly chasing promotion. Fletcher is our only outlet and it's painfully obvious we miss him when he's out. I hope Monk can get something out of Forestieri when he's back so we at least have a decent option/pairing for Fletcher.
  5. Worried me a few times today by dribbling at the back, also failed to contain the threat on the wing where anyone could have seen any goal from Fulham was going to come from. He played really well against Huddersfield, but obviously two different teams. Let's hope he finds form.
  6. We had a good first 20 minutes (where most of our chances were), then a brief spell at the start of the 2nd half, but overall really didn't look threatening. If we're going to have less possession we need to be more clinical with the chances we do make. Very stressful leaving it until the 93rd to convert. Despite that I'm happy with the result and for Nuhiu. On another note: Fulham are proper sh*t houses
  7. Not sure we watched the same match. Fulham dominated possession and controlled the game, we gave the ball straight back to them every time we had it and we rarely created a chance because of it. There was nothing in it in regards to goal scoring opportunities, but we didn't know how to get into the game. A piece of class from Harris and a good finish saved it.
  8. The only one I'd want at the minute is Hughton and that's not on the table. Look at how Stoke are performing after poaching Nathan Jones. Nothing is certain and I think it's too early to say Bullen isn't up to it.
  9. The last time he did that we ended up with Jos, I'd rather have Bully. All complaints and no solutions. I give Bullen a few more games, it's early doors and we haven't won at Deepdale in forever and they didn't score a goal from open play. We're far from the 0 - 3 vs Burton but from the way the forum is going off you'd think we just lost to Bolton U17's.
  10. It's alright saying Bullen isn't going to take us anywhere, but who do Owlstalk think is going to do that? Nobody in the pool of out-of-work managers that's for sure.
  11. Reading through these threads and comments I am in despair with the level of stupidity and infantile knee-jerk reaction of our fans. A big margin of you backed Jos even after his nonsensical freezing out of senior players, playing inexperienced youth who were not of championship standard and dire football which was leading us to relegation. He's the worst manager to ever set foot at Hillsborough in my lifetime but was given a chance by a lot of our fan base, yet Bullen is not fit to be a manger? Bullen is a much better manager than Jos will ever be, yet he doesn't even get a chance because we lost 1 - 0 to the bus that Millwall parked today? It happens, that's football. Bruce was the best thing sliced bread, yet Newcastle are battered by newly promoted Norwich. All out of work managers are deadwood and has-beens, now the season has started no one will be leaving their club if we approach them, so let's get behind Bully ffs, it's early days. UTO
  12. One of those games where the other team wins 2 - 0, two attempts on goal.
  13. You've only posted this to show off the fact you've found out how to work the formatting bar
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