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  1. Looks like a lot of journo’s are saying that the clause expired during June, but that the intention of it was that it linked to the season which was obviously extended for Barca into August. As others have said, will be a shame if it ends nastily given most people assumed he’d be a one-club legend of the game. I thought he was just playing the situation to get the president gone, and would then ease off.
  2. Was on board with you until the last sentence. Don’t get me wrong, Hooper was crocked (his time at Welly Phoenix has also proven that he is a highly talented boy with a failing body) and the last 12-18 months with us was a disaster, but when he did play, he was miles ahead of almost anybody else at SWFC. Even whilst half fit.
  3. The written report even references that, whilst they won’t comment on the ethics of ground sales in that manner, the EFL accept it is well within the rules and did nor dispute the valuation of Hillsborough. We, exactly as you say, simply munted the transactional execution. which beggars belief when you reflect and every single fan was aware we were going to breach without some sort of extraordinary transactional income during that period. The length of time to get something done seems to be....staggering, for what was essentially a near enough ‘internal’ transaction.
  4. Just finished both docs. As a football fan, not just Wednesday, embarrassing. Looking at that written evidence, we utterly bungled the attempted sale (I mean, regardless of ethics, we fked the logistics) and then the EFL made an even bigger mess of the investigation and the IDC make an absolute mockery out of their attempts to pursue the club for misconduct, basically saying they barely even bothered to investigate the grounds for that charge whatsoever. Shameful all round. I don’t know what’s worse- the embarrassment heaped on SWFC and our own mismanagement, or t
  5. <Insert comment about how nobody is worth £41m> Can see why they’ve gone for him. Fits the Pep build. Very good on the ball, technically very good and (unlike Stones) he can defend a bit as well. Don’t think he’s a really top-end centre half on what I’ve seen, and also don’t know about the balance between him and Laporte. Assume that’ll be the first choice pairing and it’s a bit lightweight for me. Maybe I’m old fashioned but you don’t see too many Premier League title winning sides without a dominant CB (VVD, Kompany, Vidic, Terry, off the top of my head). Even Pep’s most s
  6. Actually, dredging the memory banks now, Josh Wilde made it to 2nd year as well, got the boot the same year as Cottingham and Jack though from memory.
  7. Cottingham and Barnett played in the academy from that lot, alongside Palmer. Barnett was a good little player too, thought he would make it. Outstandingly talented creative midfielder that seemed to just wilt away when others at a similar age kicked on. Such is academy football.
  8. Mark Reynolds at LB. Away at Dagenham and Redbridge. Frightening.
  9. Champions of England and defending cup holders. played the percentages, didn’t quite come off. dial it back, lad.
  10. My thoughts exactly. I’m genuinely interested in knowing what we’d be pursuing them on here. It’s pretty scummy and unbecoming from a club in Leicester’s position to be pulling that kind of stunt over (absolute tops) a couple of million, but that’s the morally bankrupt world of football. And the higher up the pyramid you go, the sharper the sharks’ teeth become. You could even draw parallels between what Leicester did with Hirst, and our own actions around the sale of Hillsborough to circumnavigate P&S rules.
  11. We had our two years as media darlings for Carlos’ first two seasons, with Sky Sports hanging on his every word. So I don’t begrudge other clubs having that same attention after we blew our chances, especially not Norwich who are a decent club when it’s all said and done.
  12. At those prices, any aside from FF, and Bannan. Forestieri’s market value would be at bottom dollar at the moment, so wrong time to sell.
  13. Proper player. Key part of our plans for next season, need to land on a system (like tonight) where we can consistently get runners around and beyond him. The ‘one up, one off’ is the way Bruce looks to be going, and Fletch is the one up, just need to make sure we sign somebody over the summer who can play the same role effectively given Fletcher struggles with his body at times. Nuhiu, love him or hate him, isn’t that man over a 46 game season.
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