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  1. Showed flashes of obvious talent, and was never given a run of games to settle and prove himself (including being played in at least 3 or 4 positions). But for the sake of balance, he was also absolutely dreadful in the majority of the cameo-type appearances over the last 12-18 months before he was released. He looked some way short and had some glaring inadequacies. The problem wasn’t really that we released him, it’s that we didn’t sign a first team left back in the summer (and instead signed 4 wingers when we’re either playing with conventional full backs or wing backs depending on what mood Moore seems to be in…)
  2. This, but they can fill the media with as much of it as they want, 1) nobody will believe it, and 2) even if they did run it tightly, people know the owners are worth 320 billion so selling clubs will try and rip them off regardless.
  3. As has been said in the thread previously, the football community is very small, and owners/CEOs/COOs/DOFs talk. Wilder’s record was good enough that he shouldn’t have been out of work for as long as he has been already- the wasted cash and final season were (hilariously) terrible but he had enough credit on paper to walk into another high end Champ role. But he’s got himself a rep after the Prince buried him in public (which Wilder can’t seemingly comment on, presumably owing to the terms of his exit settlement with SUFC) and that’ll be very difficult to shift now.
  4. Proper good fight that. Fury is one tough mother.
  5. New Zealand based, just settling down on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a beer.
  6. This definitely belongs in this thread, I’m not prone to hyperbole- it was the single worst performance I’ve ever seen from a Wednesday player. Got so bad it became hysterical. Can still picture (after Reynolds had wildly shanked the ball out of the stadium for the third time in about 10 mins during the first half) Megson stood on the touch line with his hands on his hips just bursting into exasperated laughter.
  7. I, for one, am reassured that the FA continues to focus on the right things. They never fail to disappoint.
  8. I just still can’t really believe it. After watching (for me) 20-25 years of crap. Of watching every ‘nearly moment’ going against us. Stupid red cards, endless penalty heartache, the Lampard goal that wasn’t, Sol Campbell getting mugged etc. Now we’re ole’ing passes with 5 mins still to go in ET in a massive semi-final. The really exciting thing is this squad will be together for our next 3-4 major tournaments. They’re still pretty young. I am so excited for the weekend, but it’s also bloody exciting knowing that this isn’t some ‘last throw of the dice’ deal. We have the potential to use this confidence and momentum and (with the squad we’ve got) establish ourselves as an international side to be feared.
  9. I don’t judge Grealish for winning free kicks. If anybody actually watches him for 10 minutes, the bloke gets lumps kicked out of him. He’ll drift across from left, to right, and through the middle of the park, and he gets smashed everywhere he goes. Control and touch are excellent, and he just draws rash tackles. That said, much as I’d love to watch Grealish as a fan, Foden is (IMO) a class above, or more. Grealish is an excellent footballer, but Foden is one of the few genuinely world class footballers around. We should be building a national team around him for the next decade.
  10. Would presume the cash flow from the EFL will be in relation to EPL solidarity payments or something of that nature. I.e. monies owed as opposed to borrowed. Not that that dilutes the significant concern that we’re having to wait for it to come through and it can’t (by the sounds of it) even clear the salary debts already owed to current and previous employees.
  11. We’re either being sold, or we’re likely to go to the wall. The end game is coming. The sheer volume of cash needed to get us through the next 6-12 months dictates that if we’re struggling to cover our salary bill, we will in all likelihood lose the stadium (given the charge over it) and soon run afoul of HMRC. We have very few assets left that could be sold to quickly generate material sums of cash either. So there is either a bidder in the wings (in which case it wouldn’t be unusual for an exiting owner of an essentially valueless entity to starve their business of cash ahead of a deal), or, far far more likely, we will see a drawn out and protracted liquidation. There won’t be a Mandaric this time. Not in this operating environment.
  12. Hopefully nips it in the bud about Tommy’s favourite position whilst he was still with SWFC. Even he seems to think he wasn’t much scratch at CB until he grew up a bit. Good lad though. Not sure what Megson hated.
  13. It’s also frustrating as players look for any tiny advantage they can get. Rightly or wrongly. Would expect to see a few more attacking players to get ‘caught’ in those sorts of scenarios now.
  14. Foden and Bellingham different class, very exciting that the two standout players in the latter stages of the best club competition in the world are two English kids aged 17 and 20. Also, amidst all the stick Pep got for not aggressively pushing Foden’s rapid development, easy to overlook that he’s now already played 115 games and is still only 20. I think they have handled him exceptionally.
  15. Lots of Blades saying how good it is that it’s a positive ‘peace’ statement. Seems immensely clear to me that he couldn’t factually challenge any of the almost extraordinary statements that the owner made about him, so has resorted (consistent with his media performance over the last few years) to cringey chest thumping about how humble their successes have been.
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