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  1. TheBoyBeevers

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Still in it, would give it another 10-15 mins after HT and keep it tight, then look to bring on another attacking option and open it up a bit more.
  2. TheBoyBeevers

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Yup, even Fletcher as our intended outlet is dropping into the middle bank of five to almost make it a six at times when we don’t have the ball. Joao would come in handy, but at the risk of leaving Fox 1-1 with Willian as Joao won’t get through half the work that Boyd does.
  3. TheBoyBeevers

    Morgan Fox

    Glad you dug that out pal, was just going to look for the same! I like Pudil, looked good at left sided centre half in our back 3/5, but he’ll never play as an orthodox full back for us again and rightly so. Was great in his first season (although was always a better wing back than full back from what I saw at Watford) but has been absolutely flogged most times he’s played at LB from the middle of his 2nd season on. Not just that his ‘legs have gone’, but his alround mobility has dropped right off making it hard for him to offer anything going forward, and a real weak link defensively.
  4. TheBoyBeevers

    Sending off

    Certainly no excuse as we played poorly, but Grabban also a touch lucky first half not to see red for that tackle on Lees. Raised foot, ugly tackle, no malice I don’t think but still fortunate.
  5. TheBoyBeevers

    Forget big mick

    I think it’s also partly how he handles diva players- his no nonsense management style is great on getting the best out of kids/disciplined players, but harder to apply to the egos that come hand in hand with (even failing) Premiership players who think they’re God’s gift to the world. Can see him ruffling a few feathers, which wouldn’t be a bad thing in the short term at WBA tbf I guess. Good manager though.
  6. According to my quick calculation? As Bolton play Barnsley soon, one/both have to drop points. If Barnsley win, even three wins only takes Bolton to 48. If Bolton win, even 4 straight wins from Barnsley’s other remaining games only gets them to 49. And a draw means that Bolton can’t make it to 50 points. So 3 points from the last 4 games absolutely confirms safety. Depressing end to a miserable season but hopefully the ‘end’ is in sight.
  7. TheBoyBeevers


    Just heard the tea lady won’t be available- out for the season.
  8. To be fair, baggage, attitudes and egos nearly always come with better players. If we ever make it to the Prem, we’re going to need a manager/club that understands that and can handle them effectively. There is no market I’m aware of that has reasonably priced, super talented, competitive players who always put the team above themselves and aren’t money orientated... Megson’s approach is that of an emotional fan, which is why it sounds appealing. But it rarely works in modern day football.
  9. TheBoyBeevers

    Di Piedi Goals

    Pablo Bonvin and Di Piedi in the same team as Danny Maddix. Truly desperate, bi-polar recruitment. Not saying Bonvin or Di Piedi were particularly good, but they must have turned up to training, seen Maddix passing the ball to Tony Crane and wondered if they had died in their sleep and were now in some kind of ‘football hell’.
  10. TheBoyBeevers


    Don’t reckon he’s back up- him and Lees (and Van Aken if we play 3 CB’s) is a solid back line. Loovens is the one that needs replacing. I’d rather we fetch in 1 CB + Venâncio as opposed to having to bed in 2 new centre halves in the summer. Unless Doyen can line us up 2 new quality players
  11. TheBoyBeevers

    Bannan Injury

    I reckon 1 win should be enough, in fact (aside from Sunderland and Brum winning their most recent games) I wouldn’t be surprised if the team in 22nd doesn’t even reach 44 points come May, as most of their respective form is awful. There’s some really weak sides down there. They have to be weak for us to still be 11 points clear of the drop after the season we’ve had!
  12. TheBoyBeevers


    Also worth pointing out that there’s plenty who have said how Van Aken is still so young and will improve etc. Which is true. But Venancio is only a year older than Van Aken and is still very young in CB terms. And yet has already been a club captain, is a leader on the pitch (especially over the last few months when the team has been in disarray at times) and is miles ahead of Van Aken in terms of his defensive game. Body shape better, decision making much better, reads the game better. Not a dig at Van Aken (who I like), more just pointing out that Venâncio still has a lot of development in his game and would be an investment.
  13. TheBoyBeevers


    Not the best on the ball- passing is unreliable at times and wouldn’t say he was a natural fit for how Carlos said he liked his teams to play...he’s far from a ball playing centre half. But he’s a good CB at this level. Doesn’t make many defensive errors, doesn’t take chances, not afraid of scrapping it, still young...if we have the option to sign him for that sort of money, I think (providing the money is available) we’d be remiss not to. We’re in a crazy era where ‘decent’ Championship defenders can cost you a lot more than a couple of million quid these days.
  14. Hutch clearly a man with strong opinions which is good. But...acknowledges that JL did the right thing by making him wait and building him up. But passionately defends Carlos for, by the sounds of it, pretty much doing the complete opposite of what he’s just said the ‘right’ thing to do was... Tbh, the more and more things start to seep out about Carlos, it sounds like he just gave players everything they wanted. Players late to training, players refusing to play u23 games etc, and the lack of management of injured players... ‘Oh, you’ve been out it two months but you want to play? Sure, I’ll shoehorn you in, no problem’. *shunts either Bannan/Lee on the wing, only for Hutch to break down 15 minutes into his comeback*
  15. TheBoyBeevers

    Another awful line up

    I had thought the same, 4-4-2 with Reach and Boyd playing on the flanks.