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  1. Actually, dredging the memory banks now, Josh Wilde made it to 2nd year as well, got the boot the same year as Cottingham and Jack though from memory.
  2. Cottingham and Barnett played in the academy from that lot, alongside Palmer. Barnett was a good little player too, thought he would make it. Outstandingly talented creative midfielder that seemed to just wilt away when others at a similar age kicked on. Such is academy football.
  3. Mark Reynolds at LB. Away at Dagenham and Redbridge. Frightening.
  4. Champions of England and defending cup holders. played the percentages, didn’t quite come off. dial it back, lad.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I’m genuinely interested in knowing what we’d be pursuing them on here. It’s pretty scummy and unbecoming from a club in Leicester’s position to be pulling that kind of stunt over (absolute tops) a couple of million, but that’s the morally bankrupt world of football. And the higher up the pyramid you go, the sharper the sharks’ teeth become. You could even draw parallels between what Leicester did with Hirst, and our own actions around the sale of Hillsborough to circumnavigate P&S rules.
  6. We had our two years as media darlings for Carlos’ first two seasons, with Sky Sports hanging on his every word. So I don’t begrudge other clubs having that same attention after we blew our chances, especially not Norwich who are a decent club when it’s all said and done.
  7. At those prices, any aside from FF, and Bannan. Forestieri’s market value would be at bottom dollar at the moment, so wrong time to sell.
  8. Proper player. Key part of our plans for next season, need to land on a system (like tonight) where we can consistently get runners around and beyond him. The ‘one up, one off’ is the way Bruce looks to be going, and Fletch is the one up, just need to make sure we sign somebody over the summer who can play the same role effectively given Fletcher struggles with his body at times. Nuhiu, love him or hate him, isn’t that man over a 46 game season.
  9. Anyway, thread sidetracked.... I don’t see Pelupessy getting into any first choice 11. Doesn't offer enough on or off the ball, and seems to have not adapted to the much higher tempo of UK football to me. Constantly 1-2 seconds too slow (on and off the ball) which is a real problem with his defensive decision making in particular.
  10. For balance, I thought Semedo was truly awful with the ball. We got promoted that 2012 (?) year because Megson gambled when recruiting that Chris Lines would be able to dictate play and Semedo would play his part by giving him the ball as soon as he won it. Which worked brilliantly, and Semedo was so effective because he was aware of his own strengths and limitations. He was a vital part of that 3-4 year period, but was always the security, never the rockstar. From memory, Jones recruited McCabe and Corry (and later Ross Barkley) as the ‘upgrade’ on Lines and the balance collapsed leaving us having to play 5 in midfield just to stop teams taking the wee wee against us.
  11. Quite like Villa myself, proper club, decent fans. That said, imagine losing £40m in a year and still only being a few points above us when we had Jos trying his level best to get us relegated for half a season
  12. To be fair, you actually have to put in tackles/block crosses to give away set piece opportunities. We were too busy conceding in open play instead!
  13. I like having Hutch and Hector in the spine. Stops teams taking the p*ss. Been a while since we’ve had a few players who really love mixing it and relish a scrap.
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