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  1. I think Ashley’s (football) reputation suffers more too because of the club he did it with. I’ve got a lot of time for Newcastle fans themselves, but it’s hard to deny they think a lot of themselves. The Ashley MO just didn’t fit with that. They felt they were better than it. They probably were too, but that doesn’t mean the job he did was a disaster.
  2. Simon Jordan’s smirk when he knows he’s got a chancer in his sights is great, seen it a few times and you know he’s about to absolutely bury whoever it is. Frying pan and fire spring to mind for Brum.
  3. I want them to stay in business and afloat, but in a way that maximises our advantage ahead of them next season. So a dragging out of the process that slows up any transfer activity, and maybe gives them a modest points deduction that stops them challenging for the top 6….sort it Carlsberg.
  4. Pitch invasions have always been a thing, and I have no issue with them. What isn’t immediately obvious to me is why people on the pitch are now taking cracks at players. Lots of media blame laid at the Covid door, but I can’t get my head around the idea that ‘people have forgotten how to behave’ and somehow think it’s now ok to start swinging. Is it societal? Is it a seemingly ever rising number of coked up fans being idiots? Is it a copy cat thing now a few people have got the trend going? Or is it that the media (and social media) are making it more obvious? Don’t get what has changed.
  5. Leeds have Brentford away, Burnley have Newcastle at home and only have to match Leeds’ result. Big point that for Burnley tonight to get themselves above Leeds.
  6. Let’s be fair, he’s not a pleasant bloke, but he’s ultimately at work. Obviously nobody should be getting that at work, or anywhere mind. What I will also say though is from that team, Sharp or McTramp are the ones i’m least surprised that somebody would want to spark.
  7. Bit premature of Forest for all this stuff on the pitch, but we did similar (in the stands) after beating Brighton away. It’s almost like (in both cases) celebrating that hope has returned after both watching our clubs let us down for so long. Proper club Forest.
  8. I’ll admit, I was genuinely concerned they’d spozz their way through. They never fail to disappoint though, don’t know what I was thinking
  9. It will be interesting to see whether he changes, or Man City do a little. In theory, it’s just swapping a rotating false 9 for more of a fixed central attacker (not that much of a change maybe) but in practice, their front 4/5 play interchangeably and they all have pass and cross stats like they’re genuine midfielders. Haaland ain’t that kind of player from what I’ve seen, though he’s freakishly talented so maybe Pep thinks he can adjust. Be interested too in what release clause/s are in his contract to ensure he has his options open on a future Real Madrid move. Sounds like that’s very likely to happen in 2-4 years time, but what price do you put on what he’ll be worth then? £150m?
  10. Wade Small versus Birmingham circa 2006. Felt for Storey, guy had run himself into the ground and must have felt like giving NML a battering.
  11. Both teams are great at home and playing in front of a very partisan crowd. I’d have loved to have nicked a draw, but this moves things to about 60/40 them, still tight as owt. Monday night is going to be a very different game in front of 32k Wednesday fans.
  12. Thought we were awful first 70 mins, but watching the way they clammed up in the last quarter (under almost no pressure) gives me a lot of confidence that we can get a result at S6.
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