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  1. Added time tonight

    Why is that not the refs fault?
  2. I'd imagine it's just another small benefit. Opportunity to purchase for friend or family before 'general' sale
  3. United

    Only charge us that amount if they charge their fans the same. Which I can't imagine them doing
  4. I've no doubt this will sell out, or pretty much close to it. Capacity likely to be around 32/33k especially with reduced away allocation.
  5. I was thinking of Lachman....
  6. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Completely agree. Charity shield will be first, within a couple of years.
  7. Steering group meeting

    F off Bez
  8. Steering group meeting

    Geoff Sheard?
  9. Steering group meeting

    And 'normal' fans haven't pumped in thousands over the years also?
  10. Steering group meeting

    Alienated, yet attendances have increased since DC took over?
  11. Steering group meeting

    Such as? Expecting something to be said/bad news?
  12. Next season kit

    Draw a picture of what they look like on MS Paint please
  13. Next season kit

    Tick took Sam779777788658938
  14. Kit = Excitement = Planned

    You've been saying for a few years that Chansiri has no record of being a good businessman? He's only been here 2 and a half years, nice to know you were taking an interest in him before the rest of us had even heard of him.
  15. johan djourou

    I overheard some guy saying today that we should have kept Reda Johnson and he'd be worth a place on the bench