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  1. George Hirst

    In addition to the league game
  2. George Hirst

    Hate to be pedantic, but only 1 appearance Division 2
  3. Graham Hyde

    Yep, think it was that season. And to think, people moan about our commercial department now!
  4. Graham Hyde

    Good old Julian
  5. Do you really think that DC doesn't put money in to the club for having his name on the shirts?!
  6. Bolton at home the other season, £20 (game we won 3-2). Check the crowd out for that one, it definitely didn't soar
  7. Added time tonight

    Why is that not the refs fault?
  8. I'd imagine it's just another small benefit. Opportunity to purchase for friend or family before 'general' sale
  9. United

    Only charge us that amount if they charge their fans the same. Which I can't imagine them doing
  10. I've no doubt this will sell out, or pretty much close to it. Capacity likely to be around 32/33k especially with reduced away allocation.
  11. I was thinking of Lachman....
  12. Completely agree. Charity shield will be first, within a couple of years.
  13. Steering group meeting

    F off Bez
  14. Steering group meeting

    Geoff Sheard?