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  1. Which you’d hope would have been ‘negotiated’ in favourable terms to the club....
  2. I wonder how much the running costs of hillsborough are. This is something that won’t be the responsibility of the club anymore and fall to DC/his wife/whichever company owns the ground
  3. Think part of their argument is that Covid had unforeseen impact on them. Which is fine, apart from the owner bought them in June!!
  4. Why is there a ‘need’ for this to be dealt with this season? Any ‘offence’ hasn’t occurred in this season so the likes of Barnsley haven’t been impacted by this during this season
  5. 2 years? I thought it was in the accounts in 2018 and on the land Registry in 2019?
  6. Although, weren’t the latest accounts extended by 3 months so the loss was over a 15 month period rather than 12. Obviously the loss on the latest accounts will be huge regardless
  7. Nothing on Sky or Coral either. They won’t be offering a market as they won’t want to get burned. Betfair on the other hand, they win whatever the outcome on the exchanges so will continue to offer
  8. Plus Betfair aren’t a bookie in the truest sense, just facilitating people betting against each other. cant see relegation markets with many of the mainstream bookies, probably because it’s all such a mess and they don’t know what’s happening!
  9. What were the losses the year before the ground sale? Circa £2m profit on the last accounts (including ground sale). Although, P&S losses are not the same as total losses per the accounts. Certain things can be deducted out for P&S purposes
  10. Maybe we (as in the club) do know the decision, but it’s not been announced publicly yet due to waiting on time period for appeals to be allowed......
  11. Hearing not yet finished but they know the outcome already....?!
  12. Maybe they have to wait a set period of time before decisions can be made public? Allowing a set time frame for appeals to be made. The decision above looks like it was announced 2 full weeks after the hearing.
  13. Especially when they’ve said his scan has come back clear.....
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