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  1. My interpretation of what was said was that FF was speaking in Spanish, but then used the N word in English
  2. Think staying in touch/matching Villa until the last 2 games is key. They then finish off with Norwich and Leeds
  3. Win on Saturday and we’ll be, at worst, 2 points off the top 6
  4. A villa win tonight would be a much better result than a Forest win, keeps everyone closer together (although a draw would be best)
  5. Didn’t sell out at Bramall Lane. 29k at the City Ground last Monday for the derby against Frank Lampards Derby County
  6. Hang on, 5 mins ago you were saying there’d be 27/28k there?
  7. Will def be more than 28000 there, stop talking silly
  8. Attendance at Bramall Lane earlier in the season was just over 30k, somewhat short of a sell out as Utd fans seem to be suddenly claiming
  9. No chance it will be below 28k
  10. Pretty certain he’s not played in a Sheffield Derby yet. Both him and Fessi to boss it on Monday
  11. Yep 27k in 2002. Don’t disagree with what you’re saying
  12. 28k at Bramall Lane in 2012. There’ll be more than that there on Monday
  13. 2nd test match starts at 2 tomorrow. I hope he turns up listening to Test Match Special
  14. My initial guess would be that only shows it as a % if income, and not a monetary figure. Comparing ticket revenue with our outgoings would be a much better starting point
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