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  1. They were today, and they had no idea about the second ticket office
  2. Young George

    Yep, he's either the person who sends me info (which has been correct) or is getting it from the same source
  3. Adults in the family stand aren't the most expensive in the ground. Pay the same price as north stand
  4. Totally gutted.

    Nothing personal, but can you miss a few more please if we win when that happens?
  5. Sean Clare first league start

    Even though there's at least 3 other midfielders who could have played instead of him? Jones, Kirby, Boyd (with Fox at wingback)
  6. Though technically Bullen gave Reach the captains armband first, before Jos had even arrived
  7. George Hirst

    So what is the other side of the story?
  8. George Hirst

    But they aren't free to speak to other teams?
  9. Who's said we're reluctant to invest in Hirst? We've offered a contract of what we feel he's worth. Also, who's the big buck back up player you're referring to?
  10. O'Grady and Nielsen

    Not particularly. You could tell he was more comfortable with his right, but no real awkward moments on his left.
  11. O'Grady and Nielsen

    Personally think O'Grady could end up playing full back due to his size. Looked comfortable on the ball though.
  12. I'd imagine it will be the Friday, as the Middlesbrough game has been rearranged for the Tuesday (30th). Can't imagine we'd play Sunday then Tuesday
  13. Is that not what's happened though? I've not seen the 'conditions' on any swfc outlet such as the OS or twitter? Only aware of them because of them being posted here by someone who had received an email from the club
  14. Did you ask for a refund?

    Same here, as much as he's a pain in the arse at times!
  15. Season ticket refunds.

    Even though refunds were offered before the new CEO came in?