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  1. 2nd test match starts at 2 tomorrow. I hope he turns up listening to Test Match Special
  2. jamese


    My initial guess would be that only shows it as a % if income, and not a monetary figure. Comparing ticket revenue with our outgoings would be a much better starting point
  3. No need to apologise!
  4. Link for the 3rd round draw below. The order of fixtures corresponds with the numbers in the draw tonight https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/46429233 4th round numbers below https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/fa-cup-fourth-round-draw-13819108.amp
  5. We’d have still been drawn against Chelsea if we’d won on Saturday. We were the 5th tie to be drawn in round 3, hence making us ball number 5 in round 4 (regardless of the result)
  6. jamese

    Gary Hooper - why ???

    It’s quite common when players come back that they pick up injuries that are completely unrelated to their original injury.
  7. jamese

    Gary Hooper - why ???

    It’s quite common for players to pick up new injuries when they have been out for a long time, completely unrelated to the original injury
  8. jamese

    bannans assist tho

    To be fair, if you watch Matias, he points in Reach’s direction as he runs past him, making sure Bannan knew the pass was on. Obviously, whether anyone else on the pitch could have pulled the pass off is a different matter!
  9. jamese

    Atmosphere today

    That was the game after Boxing Day. We’ve not lost on Boxing Day since 2011, and haven’t conceded a goal since then either (on Boxing Day)
  10. jamese

    Jordan Rhodes

    Fair point, apart from the fact their manager is German......
  11. jamese

    Jordan Rhodes

    You mean like the British manager at Norwich?
  12. jamese

    New manager - If you was DC adviser

    Remind me, who was in net in the Rumbelows Cup final? Also, you’re right, Danny Wilson would never have got an England cap (as per a later post), seeing as he played for Northern Ireland!
  13. jamese

    New manager - If you was DC adviser

    You mean apart from Danny Wilson and Chris Turner? Also, Waddle and Palmer both have management experience, unfortunately they weren’t very successful.....
  14. jamese

    FA cup KO 12:30

    Nothing to do with that, United are playing on the Sunday