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  1. Why do they only have 3 weeks (2 weeks in Champ)? The latest talk was end of July is the cut off point. Players out of contract at the end June still receive severance pay for July so likely to play. BTW - Personally I don’t think they should be looking at restarting
  2. Don’t think that’s correct. The government are only paying 80% if employees are furrowed (I.e. would have been made redundant otherwise). The Employer doesn’t pay the remaining 20%. if the employee is still working, then the company pays the full wage
  3. If only someone had told Norwich last season they needed to get 3 points at Hull if they wanted to promotion. They drew 0-0 and it didn’t do them any harm
  4. Glad that ‘foul’ given against Hutchinson after 1 minute is shown. The ref set his stall out straight away with that one!
  5. Rhodes being out on loan could be anywhere between 1.5m and 2m off the wage bill, depending on the exact deal.
  6. Although won’t the salary figure look higher than it actually is, due to the accounting period being extended? Eg, the wage bill quoted will be for 14 months as opposed to 12? Or is that way off the mark Edit - If that’s the case, obviously the wage bill is still ridiculously high!
  7. Also, was that a new keepers top in the background?
  8. I’m confused why Blackburn get their own back, it was £33 at Hillsborough this season for their fans. Arguably still far too much, but nowhere near £40
  9. Brentford fans were happy when Egan and O’Connell left them. They’ve both done alright over the other side of the city.
  10. I don’t know in detail what his contribution has been, as I’ve not watched Sunderland week in week out (as I’m sure none of us have). I’m happy to trust Bruce’s judgment on who he wants to bring in. I don’t think you should write someone off, based on the fact they played for a relegated club. As an example, Paddy McNair was at Sunderland for successive relegations. He was playing at a club pushing for the play offs last season and now been linked with a move to the premier league.
  11. I assume you mean best season with regards to his goalscoring, not his overall performances and contribution. Again, I’m not sure why a defensive midfielders goal scoring record is a big deal.
  12. Yep, Bannan has more yellows over the past 4 seasons. Don’t particularly see Cattermoles disciplinary record as a stick to beat him with.
  13. Not sure why a goal scoring record is important for a defensive midfielder, but each to their own. Although seeing as it’s important to you, he has scored more goals than each of our main 2 central midfielders during his career. For the record, I’m in no way stating we should get rid of Bannan, alongside Westwood, hes the main part of our team.
  14. Someone has already pointed out he scored 7 goals last season - pretty steady for a defensive midfielder. With regards him being slow, I can’t comment on that, as ive not seen him enough to pass judgment. Like I’d imagine most of our fan base haven’t
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